Gossip & Grahas By Saptarishis Astrology

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

This is theory part and scribe dislike philosophies since these days any creative mind in astrology comes up with some theory or the other without support of shlokas. We have seen many Paramparas come up with absurd philosophy and many Indian gurus based abroad come up with any kind of  logic and love inserting words like souls movement, the soul feels so and so in such and such rasi or nakshatra. All this sells very nicely to modern Indian/foreigner who can be easily fooled and even if they know its wrong but they look for structured course material so that they can teach it further and make money. Anyways today we decide to go against our rule of philosophies and post something that we learnt from a rare unpublished work of a yogi. The book is not important but maybe the message from it and correcting our karma is important. At one point of time this scribe had used this technique successfully in his life but now he is unable to do it.

What is the effect of Gossip, how it translates into karma, which planet controls it. These questions are unanswered by our ancient authorities but the crux is Saturn loves honesty, Saturn is a yogi, Saturn is a practical person and Saturn loves discipline. To not do gossip one requires control over ones sense organs (A Yogi has control), to speak the truth one requires lot of strength which only Saturn can give. If we remember well Mahatma Gandhi had Saturn in the 2nd house and he took a vow to speak the truth. If ones Saturn is afflicted and it associates with the 2nd or 3rd house then such people do not speak the truth.

Most Important Point

Imagine 3rd house to be the house of communication, it is the arudha of the 2nd house of speech, hence becomes doubly powerful. The 11th from it is the gain of it (also the loss of it). Over there is the sign Aries where Saturn debilitates. This Saturn is special since it has the worst aspect of it that is the 3rd aspect on the 3rd house of communications. At the same time Saturn destroys any one signification of the house 2nd from it so it will be the 2nd house of speech.  One must remember that Saturn’s debilitation energy is carried towards the 3rd house, it is like he is looking at what we speak (gossip, truth, untruth, our harshness or politeness) from the corner of his eye, like a secret check.

Maybe we are getting results of our gossip via Saturn in the broad sense. Obviously it will change on individual charts. As astrologers we get a lot of people coming in our lives, has any astrologer ever told us or his clients what are the illeffects of gossip, how it is translating as karmas, what will be the effects of gossip and in which dasa or transit it will give results.

Let us think on this and even if we do not come up with the correct answer, let us atleast follow the 15% discount formula. Don’t we all love discounts and while receiving discounts we want 50% but while giving the maximum we would give is 15% to a client. So let us all get up every morning for the next 15 days and say today I am going to talk 15% less on irrelevant topics, today I am going to gossip 15% less , today I am going to speak 15% less hurting others. Today I am going to give myself 15% discount. Pls do this for 15 days and see the magic of how you feel especially if ones Saturn is having any kind of association with the 3rd house/lord or the 2nd house/lord.

This writer has observed very closely few charts where natives were very heavy into gossip and then during adverse transits of Saturn where certain houses got activated like 2nd or 3rd the natives faced huge scandals due to over talking or due to their gossiping nature. Incidentally those charts belong to astrologers hence they have not given permission to share here.

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