Hora Lagna–Death Not Wealth

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One of the most ignored concepts today is the usage of Hora Lagna that has been mentioned in traditional as well as Jaimini Astrology. Most of the members of internet forums know that Hora Lagna is to be used only for timing wealth but this is far from truth & becomes an eye opener if one goes through the text of Suka Jatakam by Suka Rishi. Following is the verse from the said manuscript and our interpretation is an attempt. If there is mistake kindly point out and forgive.

होरे चरेऽर्कसं थे जन्मेशे वापि सौम्यदृगधीने।

केन्द्रगतैः पापैः स्याज्जातकस्य विंशतेर्मृत्युः॥२॥

– शुकजातकम्

hore care’rkasaṁ the janmeśe vāpi saumyadṛgadhīne |

kendragataiḥ pāpaiḥ syājjātakasya viṁśatermṛtyuḥ ||2||

– śukajātakam, Chapter 5, Shloka 2

If Hora Asc is in Chara Rasi (Moveable Sign) and Sun is with Hora Asc Or Ascendant Lord not aspected by a benefic planet and malefic planets is in quadrants (kendra) to Asc then native will die at the age of 20.


  1. Hora Asc should be in Moveable Sign
  2. Sun placed in Hora Lagna (Asc) OR
  3. Asc Lord not be aspected by benefic
  4. Malefics in Quadrants (kendras) to the Ascendant [1]
rashi peter afarian

Above data is from Lois Roddens Astrodata bank ( with AA ratings, this software is an excellent tool for research astrologers with many painstainkingly collected data. The American teenager who was killed on July 28th 1996, 00:45 AM as a passenger in the front seat of the car driven by his friend, Jason Veilleux, whose car slamped into a telephone pole.

In above chart Hora Asc is at 13 Cp

The conditions :-

1)  Hora Asc in 5H in Cp, being in a moveable sign is satisfied

2) The condition of Sun placed in Hora Lagna is not satisfied

3) (alternate condition) Asc Lord should be not aspected by benefic planet; here Asc Lord Mercury is with 6th lord of accidents Saturn and does not receive any benefic aspect. Additionally if we notice the Hora Asc is getting direct 7th aspect of Asc Lord who is with Saturn.

4) Additionally malefics should be in quadrants, here Sun as the 12th lord of misfortune is in quadrant 10th house (Kendra) along with moon who is dispositor of the above malefic mercury & Saturn thereby carrying its energies.

Thus, all conditions are satisfied. Let us see what happened in the life of the native then at the age of 20. He was killed on 28th July 1996, 00:45 AM as a passenger in the front seat of the car driven by his friend, Jason Veilleux who allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. The young men, hockey teammates, were on their way home from a Steve Miller Band concert early on Sunday morning. They had been drinking. Veilleux and the other passengers were not seriously injured.

On 28th August 1996, the native would be in his 20th year and exactly as per the verse given in ShukhaJatakam, he died exactly at the age of 20.  It is also noteworthy for Vedic astrologers to note that he was passing through Saturn/Mer when the death happened, both planets which have showed in our analysis above. One can see this dasa pattern from natal ascendant and from hora ascendant also.

If the English translation of the above verse is correct & presuming our implementation is correct then we can come to a temporary conclusion that the verse from shukajatakam is valid. But can we do verbatim application of this. It only establishes that the yogas given in old books seems to have some truth behind it. The astrological community young and old must examine this closely & collectively to bring more light on such yogas. Further testing on charts of Jason Aucone from Astrodatabank, we can see that there is slight modification of the death age to the 17th & 18th year, indicating that other factors are also contributing.

If readers can test this verse from ShukhaJatakam on more charts, & respond back it would be beneficial for all.

There data is

rashi aucone

Above data is from Astrodatabank, Aucone Tason T, an American honor student and athlete killed in an auto accident about 7:00 PM, 5th Sept 1994, Beverly, MA in his 18th year. He was born on 17th May 1977, 01:45 am, Beverly, MA, USA with daylight savings

In above chart Hora Asc is at 11 Cp

The conditions :-

a) Hora lagna is in Capricorn a moveable sign is satisfied

b) Sun is not with Hora ascendant

c) (Alternate condition) Asc Lord Saturn does not have any benefic association/aspect

d) Malefic Sun is in quadrant to Asc thereby satisfying the above conditions given in the verse. Though Sun is with Jupiter in the 4H of vehicles (he died due to vehicle accident) one should note that Jupiter is the 11th lord of accidents (11H is secondary house of 6th house of accidents).