Horary Astrology–Be your own Oracle By Ron Bippus

Horary[1] is the branch of astrology that deals with astrologically derived answers to personal questions. It generally looks at only two houses and therefore provides very quick answers. The 1st house represents the querent or person making the query or asking the question, and the quesited[2] house is the house ruling the matter asked about. Astrology was seen in ancient times as a divine art. The astrologer was respected as the interpreter of god’s will as read from the position of the planets in the sky. This is where the term divination comes from, reading the divine will of God. People who are spiritually inclined therefore experience no conflict between religion and astrology. Up to about the 1880’s only the classical methods as developed by Greek and Arabic astrologers were used for chart analysis, so there was little difference between western natal and horary astrology.

In 1880, a young British astrologer by the name of William Allen joined the Theosophical Society. This was an organization founded by Russian psychic and medium Helena Blavatsky. Since Mr. Allen’s Sun was in the sign of Leo, he changed his name to Allen Leo. He proceeded to popularize natal astrology by combining it with the newly developed psychology. To make astrology easier to learn, he created the concept of natural planetary rulerships of houses and the alphabetical zodiac. The alphabetical zodiac is the formula: Sign=House=Planet. Since this makes house and sign meanings vastly different, these new rules can’t be applied to horary charts. In classical astrology, the planet that rules a house is the one that rules the sign on the house cusp. Planets in the houses are of secondary importance but also need to be considered as significators.

The question of what constitutes a planet brings us to another major controversy in horary astrology. Do you include the more recently discovered planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto or not? I definitely believe they should be included, so that the Moon does not become Void of Course until after it has made one of the five Ptolemaic aspects to one of these planets. The Moon is VOC when it has separated from an aspect to another planet, nor does it while being in its sign apply to any other. I always look first to the classical rulers, giving secondary or co-rulership to the modern rulers. The modern rulers are very useful in medical or decumbiture questions, finding lost objects, and in mundane astrology.

Horary astrology is a branch of Judicial Astrology, and the same analysis techniques can be applied to all five branches. These are: Horary, Electional, Decumbiture, Inceptional and Mundane. Electional is the creation of a chart which allows a successful conclusion to the start of any projects such as surgery, marriage and business starts. Inceptional astrology looks at actual marriage charts, business incorporation charts or project starts to predict the outcome. Decumbiture is an analysis of a chart for the first moment the client realizes that he is sick. It helps to diagnose the illness and suggests methods of treatment. Horary is concerned only with two houses, the 1st and the quesited house and their rulers. Therefore, horary results in very sharp, quick and hard answers to the problem, much like a charcoal outline drawing of a person. Natal astrology looks at the whole chart and is therefore more like a photograph of the client and his surroundings. In order to judge whether the answer is yes or no, the astrologer looks at the aspects between the ruler of the 1st and the ruler of the quesited house. If there are applying easy aspects or translation of light between the rulers then the answer is Yes! Applying squares and oppositions still give a yes answer, but the effort may be far too costly. Separating aspects give a No! Answer.


The 10th House – Job Questions


  1. The 1st house, its ruler and the Moon signify the querent, the person making the query or asking the question. The 10th house and its ruler signify the job, employment or promotion enquired about. The Sun is the natural ruler of career or positions of authority. Planets in the 1st and the Moon are additional significators for the querent and planets in the 10th are additional significators for the job.
  2. If the ruler of the ascendant and the Moon both aspect the Sun and the ruler of the 10th or either one of them, then the querent will succeed.
  3. If the ruler of the 10th aspects the 10th house cusp or is in the 10th, then the querent will have the position or title he seeks, but not very easily. He has to work hard at it and lobby all his friends to support him.
  4. If none of the significators aspect the ruler of the 10th, then see if the ruler of the 1st or the Moon is in the 10th. Then the querent will achieve what he desires, as long as the planet is not impeded.
  5. If the ruler of the 10th is in the 1st, and it is a faster planet than the ruler of the 1st, though no aspect exists between them, then the querent will achieve his goal. The goal is achieved more easily when the ruler of the 10th is in the 1st and will conjunct, sextile or trine the ruler of the 1st. The planet most closely aspecting the 10th house cusp describes the work to be done and the level of success achieved.
  6. If the ruler of the 10th is in the 1st and aspects the Benefics Jupiter or Venus, then the querent will obtain his goal with ease.
  7. If the ruler of the 10th aspects the Malefics Mars or Saturn and if either of them is in the 1st and in the sign they naturally rule, in exaltation, oriental and direct and not opposite each other, then the querent will achieve the position he desires. However, he will have to campaign or lobby very hard in order to do so.
  8. If the ruler of the 10th is in mutual reception with the ruler of the 1st or the Moon, or in reception by some other essential dignity, then the position will be achieved easily and very profitably.
  9. If any planet translates the energy of the ruler of the 1st to the ruler of the 10th, then the matter will be perfected, or the position obtained through the help of others and not through the querent’s own work. In this case it is best to ask if the querent knows such a man as the planet describes, and let him use this person to achieve his goal, which is then most likely attained.
  10. If the ruler of the 10th does not apply to the ruler of the 1st, but the ruler of the 1st applies to a conjunction of the ruler of the 10th without the impediment or frustration of another planet, then the office will be attained, but the querent will have to work hard for it.
  11. If there is no aspect between the ruler of the 1st and the ruler of the 10th and neither of them aspects a Benefic but a Malefic instead, then the position may still be attained.
  12. If either of them aspects several other Malefics, the last of which finally aspects a Benefic or the ruler of the 1st or 10th, then the position will be attained but with infinite complexities and the lobbying of many people. You can tell the people to be approached by the planets involved and the houses that they rule.
  13. Those planets that sextile or trine the ruler of the 10th are good for the querent’s goals. If these planets make applying aspects then these people may be great friends to the querent. If any of the preceding planets is in the 1st or 10th, or if it is a Benefic, it indicates the attaining of the position, whether any of them are in reception or not.
  14. If the 10th house contains a Malefic that rules or is exalted in the sign on the cusp, then the matter will be perfected whether the planet is in reception with the ruler of the 1st or the Moon or not.
  15. In any question, if a planet that is a significator of anything is in an angular house, then it hastens the matter. In a succedent house, matters go slower, and in a cadent house matters may go slowest of all before they are finally completed.
  16. Cardinal signs act very soon, Mutable signs are of medium speed, and Fixed signs take the longest.

Job Question #1: 3 Sep 2007, 9:20   ,Swansea, Wales

Swansea Wales

When will I get another job? The querent told me on the phone that he had been fired from his job the previous Friday and wanted to know when he would find another job. He had only worked at that job for three months. The Midheaven of the question is at twelve degrees of Cancer, indicating twelve weeks or three months since the last job change. The chart has Libra rising, ruler Venus retrograde in Leo in the 10th house of employment. The chart has the malefic star Vindemiatrix, the star of death, conjunct the ascendant. Something has just died, in this case the job. The Moon ruler 10th is at zero degrees of Gemini, conjunct the malefic star Alcyone in the constellation Pleiades, the weeping sisters. His loss of employment left him with financial problems to weep about. The Moon is in wide but mutually applying sextile to Venus ruler 1st, the orb is seventeen degrees. The Moon is in a mutable sign but succedent house indicating a medium time frame. Venus is in a fixed sign but angular house also indicating a medium time. Therefore, a medium time standard of weeks applies. It took seventeen weeks before he finally started another job on the 14th of January. Moon will conjoin Mars ruler 2nd house of money in sixteen degrees or weeks; therefore, it will be that long before he starts earning money. The new job required a lengthy six month training course, Jupiter ruler 3rd of education in dignity in the 3rd will trine Venus in six degrees or six months. This indicates that length of time until he graduates and a permanent position is finally secured.

Job Question #2: 7th Mar 2008, 13:00, Toronto, Canada

conjoin Mars ruler

Will my friend change jobs or not? The phone call came from an old client regarding her friend. The friend’s 1st house is the radical 11th, and his 10th house is the radical 8th. Venus ruler of his 1st is in Aquarius in his 10th, the radical 8th. Venus and Saturn ruler of his 10th are in applying out-of-sign opposition. Therefore, he is angry at his employer because of low pay and poor working conditions and is considering leaving. Venus is peregrine at 23 Aquarius but will be exalted in Pisces. Therefore his job will improve soon, in seven degrees or seven days. Venus makes no aspect to Uranus co-ruler 10th but the Moon co-ruler of his 1st is in tight applying conjunction to Uranus. He had been offered a job by another company and was seriously considering changing employers. However, after an interview with the new boss the next morning, he really disliked him. Venus separates from a conjunction to Neptune ruler of his 12th of self-undoing, the radical 10th. He would be better off staying with his current employer. Neptune is in Aquarius in his 10th, indicating the best job is the old one. He had a talk with his current employer after work the next day and was given a promotion and a raise in pay, effective a week later. Moon is in applying conjunction to Uranus, orb one degree or one week. He stuck with the old job and is very happy now.

Using Horary Astrology is one of the best tools that one can use in ones practice to bring out the best predictive ability in oneself especially for job related queries that often we find in our practice.