Horoscope From a Nadi Text – Part 1 Translation & Commentary by Late R Santhanam

chart 221


Jupiter in Taurus, the Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Capricorn, Mercury along with Rahu in Pisces, Saturn and Ketu in Virgo, the Sun in Aries, and the rising sign being Cancer- with which a horoscope, please discuss the life events of the native concerned.

So asks Goddess Parvati.

  1. Sage Kausika replies : This kind of horoscope belongs to a male child. The house will be in a street spread from east to west. The house itself will be south-facing. There will be a temple in the east devoted to Bhadra Kaali, and other in the west being the abode of goddess Mariamma (a form of Sakthi, worshipped by populace in the Southern India). Further, there will be Ganesa’s temple in the north-eastern direction. A forest and a river could be found in the south. In a village so described will the native take birth in 2nd room situated on the left side of the house with a collapsible roof – (meaning the roof will not be so strong).
  2. The native’s father would have a fair-complexioned physique, body could be thin. He would endlessly be troubled by bilious complaints. He would be good to all and would be charitable in disposition. He would bear no enmity for anyone. He would feed the poor. Being rich, he would not underestimate anybody by caste. Being civilized he would be praised by his kinsfolk. He would be affectionate to wife, would not have a brother-in-law and would earn a lot of land properties.
  3. The father of the native would have many servants. He would not be in royal service but would be ever intent upon increasing his landed properties. He would be a devotee of Lord Siva. Although he would have insignificant inheritance from his ancestors, he would possess it with reverence. He would have a defective finger, would lend his ears to others, but would be free from greed or evil thought. He would suffer from piles, and would have some defects in the body.
  4. His illnesses would arise due to the sins committed in the previous birth as well as in this birth. He would in the current birth join his wife disregarding (even) the two Thithis – Ekadasi and Amavasya. As a result, he would be afflicted by-sexual or urinal disorders in the current birth.
  5. The native would have one long-living co-born out of eight. He will be the 6th issue of the family.
  6. The subject will be always happy. He will increase his-landed properties, be fond of milk, curd, ghee, etc. and be free from confusions in thinking. He will renovate his house. He will become famous for his good acts.
  7. He will be well-educated, fond of his spouse, will help others, will own quadrupeds, be truthful, virtuous and be fair in complexion. He will possess a lean body, will walk fast, be endowed with presence of mind, pure-hearted, and will visit pilgrim centres. There will be marked rhythms in his speech. He will be fond of others women.
  8. The native will marry a girl born in the same village, from among his kinsmen. He will have a son and three daughter endowed with longevity. He will however lose three (more) children.
  9. The native’s mother will be black in complexion, with delicate body. She would be very fortunate, would bring up children well and be endowed with virtues.
  10. She would have one brother and six sisters. Two of the said co-born would see growth of their race (i.e. will acquire male progeny), while the other five would have destruction of their races (i.e. will be bereft of male issues).
  11. At this point of discussions, Maharishi Jaimini raises from his seat to query as to how this Cancer native having Mercury, significator of maternal uncle, in the company of Rahu, in aspect to Saturn, the 8th lord could have a maternal uncle.
  12. Sage Viswamitra (or Kausika) clarifies: Before the birth of he native, the maternal uncle would die in a boat accident. So there is nothing wrong in inferring that there being a maternal uncle. Further, the family of the native’s mother would not grow (by children and grand children). Other sages render their agreement to Viswamitra’s conclusion.
  13. Since the maternal uncle in question would be short-lived, his home would collapse; his entire properties would be destroyed.
  14. The native in his last birth belonged to Chola (or Chozha) Kingdom. He had abundant properties, had children, did a lot of charity and was devoid of any questionable qualities.
  15. In the present life, he would lose his father in the 30th year. The native’s Venus Dasa, Moon bhukti will prove fatal for father. The native will lose his mother in the 39th year. Then, he will be in Venus dasa, Saturn bhukti.
  16. The native will die in his 63rd year, with transit Sun in Gemini, in Sukla Paksha, on Chaturthi (4th day- of a lunar fortnight).
  17. His next birth will be in Virinji kingdom, in a family of merchants. Then also, he will have wide business activities, will highly prosper, and be famous.
  18. Devi Parvathi wants to know of the remedies for the illness of the father of the native in the present birth.- Sage Viswamitra goes ahead with his delineation: He should have Nava Graha Pooja performed at home as prescribed by Sastras. (The text further suggests preparation of some traditional medicines. I am not able to give exact English terms for the same). If these remedies remain undone, the native’s father will only increase his diseases.
  19. The native’s wealth will grow like waxing Moon. Hence he will experience no poverty. There will be no danger to his family. The family will prosper gradually. He will be of great help to others. His paternal properties will be expanded, and the native will himself earn abundant landed properties. The net value of the native’s properties will be equal to two thousand gold coins.
  20. At birth the native will have a balance of 16y 7m 6d ruled by Mercury dasa (Vimsottari) in -Mercury dasa (itself) the native will construct a wonderful house. His co-born will also acquire landed properties. Day by day, the native will experience auspicious events. He will be troubled by some sickness, but the same will not be in existence for long. The native will have misunderstandings with his relatives on account of wealth.

Discussions in the Nadi are thus over.


Now, I am giving below some editorial notes for the various original Nadi’s reading, marked by the respective paragraph numbers as marked by me in the original readings.

  1. The translator of this original Nadi work fixed the date of birth for the native of the horoscope given in the original Nadi as 23rd April 1894, with the following Navamsa diagram:
chart 222

The surroundings of birth village described in the text are difficult to be explained by ordinary astrological rules, particularly without planetary degrees. A certain degree rising at birth when related to the ascendant lord seems to give such clues, as could be seen in Deva Keralam (Chandra Kala Nadi), -which has been published in three volumes with my English translation & notes.

  1. Thin-bodied father: Debilitated Mercury in 9th, while the 9th lord is aspected by the Moon in debility. Further when the significator Sun goes to the 12th place from the 9th lord, the father of the native may have weak body.
  2. Defective finger to father: When the 3rd counted from the sign occupied by the 9th lord is weak, in debility etc. one can foresee some deficits about leg, hands, fingers, etc for father.
  3. Sexual union: Should be prohibited on Ekadasi (of both the fortnights) and on Amavasya (New Moon) day. Otherwise, such unions will cause venereal/urinary disorders.
  4. Co-born: Six Co-born are said to be lost by the native. Note nodal influence on the 3rd, including on Saturn-Mercury. Saturn as 8th lord in the 3rd in Virgo is-generally capable of causing loss of co- born or grief on account of them.
  5. Well-educated: 4th from ascendant is aspected by exalted Sun; the Moon has Venus in the 4th from her.

Fond of spouse & trouble-free marriage: Exalted Mars in the 7th aspected by Jupiter. Further,- if Mars is alone and is exalted in Cancer, there is no Kuja Dosha. There is also an aphorism in Brihad Daivagna Mano Ranjanam, specifically referring to Mars in the 7th in aspect to Jupiter causing no matrimonial harm.

But the longevity of spouse is not known. Note Venus in 8th from ascendant and in a sign prior to the one jointly occupied by Rahu and Mercury, the latter in debility.

Speech: Venus aspecting the 2nd house gives one a talent of the poet in speech. So also the strength of the 2nd lord Sun.

Further, Venus in the 2nd house, for any ascendant including Leo, is quite favorable for Matrimonial harmony and financial progress. Such a native will also be highly educated.

Visits to Pilgrim Centres: Nodes connected with the 9th house (or with the 9th lord) will cause pilgrimages.

This Yoga is also favourable for spiritual learning, studies Guru Kula Ashrams (in the hermitages of traditional preceptors) and for acquisition of knowledge in Sanskrit, Vyakarana (grammar), Meemamsa (philosophy), Tarka (Logics), Tantra (worship of Siva and Sakti and obtainment of super-natural powers) and such other subjects of ancient origin.

Fond of other women: When Venus is in the 8th in Aquarius: (or Capricorn), the person will be ill-related to others’ women. Even if Venus is in such a Navamsa, of Saturn or be in a sign of Mars the native will have illicit ties.

  1. Marrying a relative: The 7th lord Saturn aspected by Mercury (the significator of one’s kinsfolk in general, and a maternal uncle’s progeny in particular).
  2. Loss of Children: Debilitated Moon in 5th house; Saturn Aspecting the 5th house having debilitated Moon; significator Jupiter is related to debilitated Moon by aspect.
  3. Boat accident to Maternal Uncle: The sage conducting the analysis explains the reason sufficiently. We can take a clue from this that if Mercury signifying maternal uncles is in a watery sign related to malefics (like Rahu, Saturn, Mars etc.), danger through water be predicted for a maternal relative.
  4. Fatality to Father: Saturn placed in the 3rd house will complete one round in about 30 years and will come back to 3rd house (natal sign occupied by him), aspecting the 9th, around 30th year. Venus placed in the 8th house is bound to bring grief in family in his dasa. The Moon becomes sub period lord being related to Jupiter by aspect. Jupiter is 9th lord.

Fatality to Mother: A planet in the 4th from the Moon is the prime killer of mother. Here Venus is also the dasa lord. In the 39th year, transit Saturn will be roughly in the 7th aspecting the 4th from ascendant. Note Mars, the 5th lord (death-dealer for mother) is in 7th.

Native’s Death: Is said to be in 63rd year. At that time he will be in Mars dasa, Saturn bhukti. When at birth Saturn is in 11th from Moon, he will come on to the Moon sign in around 63rd year. Saturn bhukti incurrence is also significant. We can get vital clues about death, based on Saturn’s movements with reference to natal Moon Of course that will be one of the clues.

  1. Wealthy: For Cancer ascendant, Ruchaka Yoga caused by Mars will bestow a great deal of wealth, in preference to other ascendants concerned. Even in case of Aries, this yoga gives limited effects concerning wealth.

In practice, Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas like Ruchaka, in the modern context are meant for financial acquisitions, though not for literal kingship as applied to royal-folk, in olden days.

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