Horoscope From A Nadi Text – Part 2

Horoscope From A Nadi Text – Part 2

Translation & Commentary


Late R Santhanam

Extracted From: Practical Vedic Astrology

SA Volunteer: Senthil Ananth, Singapore & Anil Bhoot, India

Proofing: Aniket Baviskar


We have another Nadi horoscope with Taurus ascendant which is featured in the Nadi discussions between the Sages and Goddess Parvathi.    

  1. The Mother quotes a horoscope having the Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Aries, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Leo, Rahu in Sagittarius, Ketu in Gemini, and Ascendant in Taurus and wants to know from the-Sages about the future events thereof.
  2. The Sages proceed thus:

This is the horoscope of a male native. His birth street will be east-west spread and the house north-facing. Temples in the surrounding directions are:

West              Vishnu
East                Ganesa
N. East          Kali
N. West         Siva

On the western side of his house, there will be a garden and tank. In that small village, his house will be of a firm roof (not a hutment.)

  1. We will speak of the native’s parents, uncles, their past lives, and their prosperity in the present lives, their next births etc. His father will be bold, endowed with a fertile imagination, sacrificial in disposition, liked by others, will offer food to those who come to him, will have conveyances, self-earned wealth etc., be compassionate and patient.

He will lend protection to those who seek asylum. He will have servants and also abundant wealth of cows and oxen. He will construct gardens and wells. He will have every undertaking of his fait accomplish. Some formal knowledge of rendering justice could also be found in him.

He will be well related to the virtuous. He will be affectionate to the lot of indigent and downtrodden, and will keep everybody in his fold. But he will not enjoy powers. He will have no liking for women and be not lazy in his duties. When it comes to dealing with enemies, success will always be his.

The native’s father will further be of the following disposition: He will perform charitable acts, will live a worthy life, be free from mean qualities, will keep up his word and be sweet in speech.

He will gather cultivable lands in abundance and will ever enjoy the benign looks of the Goddess of lucre. He will have to[1] mother in-law. 

He will suffer from dental maladies and be weak-bodied. Mental distress will ever be with him. He will honour the devotees of Lord Siva. His physique will be as dark as clouds.

  1. The native’ father will have one elder brother, who will have passed away before the birth of the subject native. He will further have one short-lived sister.
  2. The subject native will be born to the second wife of his father (That is, his father would have two wives like his father-in-law).
  3. The native will have a dark and stout physique. He will be devoted to Lord Kartikeya and will be well-educated. He will be the head of his village and enjoy fame. Many will like him. He will be devoid of evil desires, will enjoy happiness and self-respect and be endowed with the ability to differentiate between good and bad acts.
  4. Addressing Mother Parvathi as sister of Lord Krishna, the Sages go ahead: He will multiply his property of cultivable lands. He will be less fortunate in respect of progeny. His conduct will be high appreciated by the elders around. He will be ever fond of eating class food and will possess the knack of winning over his enemies by tact and will keep up his promise. The ruler will like him.
  5. He will have servants and plenty of quadrupeds. He will never fault others His fortunes will never perish. Day by day, his progress the ascendancy. He will be good at heart in general and passionate liking for women.
  6. There will be what is called Padma Rekha (lotus symbol or line) and a whirl on his palm. He will be fond of consuming honey. He will own two beautiful buildings.
  7. We will describe about his co-born. He will have no elder brother but a younger one who will be blessed with longevity.
  8. Father’s Previous Birth: The father of the native in his previous life was a Soodra in a village south of Chidambaram (Mythologically housing the Great Silver Assembly Hall of Lord Siva). He lead a happy life with wife, children and opulence when he committed a grave mistake. He chopped off an Aswaththa tree (the holy fig tree under which horses are supposed to happily rest, hence Aswaththa. Aswa means horse.) standing on the bank of a river. That act enmeshed him with a Blemish. As a result he died without having his spouse and progeny by his side.

Similarly in this birth also he will die when his people will be away. This will be because of chopping off an Aswaththa tree in the last mundane journey.

  1. The native’s father in the current birth will acquire progeny through Second wife (i.e. the native’s mother) because of his acts of charity. (Otherwise, according to Hindu scriptures, one will not have progeny or will lose his progeny, if he fell an Aswaththa tree.) Yet the father will face many ordeals and disputes before he dies.

(Note: Jupiter rules, it is significant to note, horses, progeny and Aswaththa (fig) tree.)

  1. Father’s Next Birth: It will be in a big town located in the north of Chidambaram. He will have various kinds of business activities and will have country-wide fame.
  2. The Native’s Previous Birth: He was born in a rulers descent and had multiple sources of activities. He lived amid incomparable opulence. Then he acquired an oddity of throwing mud-balls fixed to his arrows through his arch. One day a parrot was flying away leaving its young ones in its nest, in search of grains. The subject threw such an arrow on the mother-parrot which died instantly. He took pity and buried it. Next day he again visited the site out of repentance to offer milk to the dead soul. Meanwhile the young ones died starvation deaths.

That blemish caught hold of him. In that very birth, he was childless. He took bath in Sethu, worshipped Lord Siva and quit the world.

  1. Because of such meritorious deeds (before death) he will enjoy all kinds of wealth in the present birth.

In the present birth he will marry in his fifteenth year (15th year). His bride will be from his sister’s side.[2]

The bride will be somewhat irascible in temper but be sweet in speech. She will be dear to her husband. Her fame will spread to all four directions and she will be fortunate. She will be black in complexion but will be easily comparable to Rathi, (the charming spouse of Manmatha, Hindu God of beauty).

She will have plenty of ornaments, be intelligent and will two brothers and two sisters.
16. The Native’s Mother: She will be short-statured, fair complexion and will have some sort of minor abdominal pains. She will not think of harming others, will not tell lies, be dear to her relatives, will enjoy pleasures of material nature, be some diseased, and be garrulous.

  1. Deaths: The native will lose his father in the 11th year[3]. His mother will pass away when he will be thirty-seven[4]. He will himself die in his 56th year[5] with the transit Sun in Gemini because of rheumatic disorders.

[1] In the text it is given as ‘to’ probably Santhanam meant ‘Two’. – SA

[2] As per BCP (Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi), 15th year would be the 3rd house where Venus karaka of woman is sitting and also it is the house of siblings (the rishi says that the bride would be from sisters side). This does not work 100% but at times it has been observed that whenever the BCP focus house has a connection or trine to Venus or 7L marriage takes place, sometimes it happens in D9. The problem with this technique is probability increases. – SA

[3] As per BCP , the 11th year would be the 11H and over there the 8th lord of death like calamities from natal Asc is sitting in the 3rd house from 9th house, 3rd house is death. This Jupiter is also the 12th lord from 9th House of father and also the 3rd lord from 9H of father, one must note the power of this Jupiter as it disposits Rahu of the 8H. – SA

[4] As per BCP, the 37th year would be the 1H, it is aspected by debilitated Moon so something can happen to Mother, then see its lord is Venus, so something connected with a woman, then see it is with 4L of mother, in this case Sun, in the 3rd house of death and in the 12th from 4H of mother, so something to do with mother can happen in the 37th year. – SA

[5] As per BCP, the 56th year would be 8th house of death where debilitated Rahu sits, which is trine to badhak lord Saturn (rheumatic disorders) , the lord of the 56th year is Jupiter aspected by 12th lord of exit Mars who is also the 7th lord of maraka. Rishi says Sun will be in Gemini when this event happens, Sun is the timer of the month, in Gemini it would aspect the 8H of 56th year.  Now use transit approximately in 56th year Saturn who is originally sitting in the 12H of exit would have transited on Jupiter the 8th lord of death and also lord of the 56th year. As mentioned in the original BCP articles series published in earlier volumes of SA, one has to combine BCP and transits together to get effective timing. Also as mentioned earlier whenever in the BCP cycle Rahu Ketu is crossed by the BCP focus year it shows great karmic results either good or bad (observe if the result is obstructed by influence of any transiting graha) but very karmic, the word very is to be noted. – SA

  1. Progeny: He will acquire eight children in all. Only daughters and one son will survive. The remaining five will die prematurely.
  2. So says Parasara. Jaya Muni (or Jaimini as is commonly interpreted) interrupts wanting to know the reasons behind such calamities concerning children.
  3. 20. Parasara enlightens that this will be due to murdering parrot in the previous birth. He suggests a remedy to be done in current birth – to visit, accompanied by his wife, Tiruvannamalai, take a dip and offer prayers to Lord Siva (locally known as Annamalai). The image of a parrot be donated to Brahmins reciting Vedas, along with flowers, sandal and betel leaves. After these remedies, one male child and two female issues will survive.
  4. In his twentieth year he will obtain Raja yoga effects and will live a majestic life like the lion. Parvathi wants to know more of the Raja Yoga. The sage clarifies: The native will take up the position enjoyed by his first cousin and will destroy his enemies. The Raja Yoga will be because Saturn ruling the 9th and 10th is in the 10th place in Aries with reference to the planet Mercury. This yoga will enable him to obtain positions with wide powers. He will repair dilapidated temples, and will construct tanks and gardens. He will follow the path shown by the virtuous.[1]
  5. Right from birth to death he will have no difficulties. His fortunes will increase. He will not oppose his elder brother (i.e. first cousin)
  6. We narrate the effects of Ketu in Gemini in this nativity. His bride will have no parents at the time of marriage. Excepting a sister, she will have no more co-born then. She will hail from the western direction. The advent of spouse will introduce more and more fortunes in the native’s life. His father will face early death.


Notes by R Santhanam:

These following points are highlighted by me, as to the Nadi arrived at a specific conclusion.

Temples: The reasons for location of the various temples are difficult to be explained even with the most detailed horoscope. For ones birth may not exactly highlight such extraneous factors. However, the 4th lord could describe one’s home surroundings. Sun is with Mercury (Vishnu), Venus (a female deity, Kali) and sided by Ketu (Ganesa). The Sun himself represents Lord Siva and aspects the 9th (ruling temples). Of course these arguments may be far- fetched but the clues given by me could serve the reader at some stages later.

Father Is Bold: Normally Jupiter in the 11th house gives no courage to father. But he is aspected by Mars. Also Ketu is in the 3rd house from the 9th lord, Saturn.

Fertile Imagination Of Father:- Jupiter aspects the Sun who is conjuct Mercury.
Conveyances To Father: Two excellent benefics, viz. Mercury Venus in the 4th from Saturn and in good aspect to Jupiter from Pisces.

Self-Earned Wealth of Father: The 9th house aspected by Venus and Mercury apart from the significator, Sun.

The native’s father will have two mothers-in-law, i.e. the native’s’ mother will have a step-mother[2]. Mother’s step mother is indicated by the 6th from the 4th, i.e. 9th from the ascendant. The relevant clues are difficult to be dug out with such a brief horoscope as we have in the present case.

Father will have two Wives: When the 4th lord aspects the 9th,’ I have seen in some horoscopes, the father is twice-married. Here, also it is so.

Additional clues one can use in this direction are:

  • Saturn and the Sun in mutual aspects from dual signs.
  • The 6th house having any two of Saturn, Jupiter and a node.
  • Venus in a dual sign while the 9th lord opposes him (from: a dual sign.)
  • The lords of the 4th and 9th joining in the 6th house. (Not in the 8th/12th house).

Stout body for the native: Ascendant lord Venus and the Moon are simultaneously aspected by Jupiter. Both Venus and Jupiter are in watery signs (indicating stoutness).

Well educated: Mercury joining the ascendant lord while the 7th lord is in the 4th house.

Fame and Headship: Mars aspecting the 10th from the ascendant, and placed in the 10th from the Moon sign, Scorpio. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 9th from the Moon, aspected by Jupiter is also a contribution of significance.

Properties Improved: Mars in the 4th from the ascendant, and aspecting the 4th from the Moon.
Eating Superior Food:   2nd lord Mercury joining Venus.

Imperishable Fortunes: Three favorable planets aspecting the 9th house. One way Saturn aspecting the 9th and its lord mars also be helpful.

No Elder Brother: Jupiter in the 11th house aspected by Mars as many times observed in my writings.

Spouse: Spouse with excellent attributes is not understandable with debilitated Moon as we have a brief horoscope with us. Venus joining Mercury and aspected by Jupiter could be an asset in give cases. But then Jupiter is the lord of the 8th for Taurus.

Early Death of Father: At the outset, the 9th lord is debilitated. In the 11th year, the 8th lord Jupiter will possibly be in Capricorn, the 9th in transit aspecting the natal Sun.

In the 37th year possibly Saturn will transit on the 4th lord Sun, or in the 4th house itself.
The native’s life-span is said to be 56. That is, Saturn will not complete his second round. He will be in Capricorn probably influencing the natal 8th lord’s position.

Blemish about progeny: In item 14 of this chapter, the subject’s sins concerning a parrot have been narrated. Remedy is suggested under item 20 supra. The remedy of visiting Tiruvannamalai is generally applicable to childless couples who should perform prescribed worship (ignoring donation of parrot).

Raja Yoga: Saturn ruling the 9th is in the 10th counted from Mercury also is an excellent planet for Taurus. This contributes to Raja yoga according to the Nadi. From this, a hint can be taken – for any ascendant one favorable planet occupying good position with reference to another favorable planet gives Raja Yoga. For example, for Leo ascendant Mars in the 10th from Jupiter or vice versa.

[1] The reasoning could have been more elaborate for us lesser mortals. In this case it is the 9th lord of bhagya Saturn is in the best kendra to 5th lord of purva punya Mercury. In 20th year Saturn would be in the 7H or 8H, taking approx 2.5 years per cycle. If it is in the 8H it activates its original Saturn position thereby activating the natal promise of the yoga as described by the Rishi. 20th year as per BCP would be the 8H where Kodanda Rahu is placed, itself a Raja Yoga in certain areas. Rishi also talks about repairing of dilapidated temples. 9H is temples and it being Saturn means not in a good condition. – SA

[2] Not sure if this is interpreted correctly, it can also mean the father married twice – SA