Horoscope From a Nadi Text – Part 4 Translation & Commentary by Late R Santhanam

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We now take up a horoscope having Taurus ascendant as discussed by the sages in an assembly headed by Devi Parvathi.

Following is the horoscope:

  1. Birth surroundings: Sage kausika opens the debate. This is the horoscope of a male. His residence will be in a north-south read street. The entry to the house will be from the west— houses in the opposite line will be dilapidated (or uninhabited). There will be houses in only one row. There will be a temple in the northern side, dedicated to Lord Ganesa. A dilapidated temple of Lord Karthikeya will also be there in the north-eastern part of the town surrounded by gardens and water resorts. On the western side, there will be a high: – may. A tank, and a temple for Lord Siva, adoring deer-skin as his robes, will also be found in the town.
  2. Father of the native: We now describe the father of the native.

He would take to a virtuous path, be fair in complexion and would suffer from windy disorders. He would be friendly to all and would help those in distress: He would work under a king, would have expertise in two branches of learning and would be honoured by the king. Goddess Lakshmi would dwell in his abode (i.e. he would be wealthy). He would be a pious person, and would have a band of servants.

He would keep up his words, enjoy ownership of conveyances and would be a globe-trotter. He would be easily irritable but quickly pacifiable, would be free from evil disposition, would bath in sacred rivers and can reveal the events that might occur in future (Le. be an able astrologer). He would be bold and can speak with dual meanings.

He would own plenty of cultivable lands, would honour saints and would excel his father in prosperity. His progress would be undiminished.

  1. Paternal Uncle & Aunt: Now we speak of his co-born (i.e. the natives paternal uncle and aunt). The father of the native would have one brother and one sister both of whom would be long-lived. The said brother would have various kinds of business activities inclusive of agriculture and lead a honorable life. He would be firm in disposition, would not speak untruth, and would acquire a lot landed properties. His possessions like quadrupeds would keep o increasing. He would be capable of mesmerizing even his enemies would not keep the company of base men, would be fond of food good quality and would be a great devotee of Lord Siva. He would be endowed with a spouse, two sons and four daughters. Progeny exceeding this figure would be destroyed. He and his family would live together with the father of the present native.
  2. The native: He will be the third issue of his parents. Lists to us about the horoscope, mother, and the mother of elephant-face God, Ganesa.

The native will be fair in complexion with a mix of dark hue. Will have a flawless physique. His fame will spread everywhere. He will complete every undertaking of his and will be dear to virtuous men.

  1. He will be accomplished in two branches of learning, will, like Manmatha, the god of beauty. A pious person, he will be he to one and all and will enjoy good food.
  2. He will not indulge in taking loans. In times of difficulties, will understand his limitations, will have necessary expedients face any emergency, will enjoy pleasures from females and will kind-hearted.
  3. His livelihood will be through royal patronage, and he will have a wide authority and be fond of amassing wealth. Even in night will go to any place lonely without fear (i.e. he will be quite and will not fear an attack). He will acquire a great deal of Including horses and elephants and will be specially arson.

He will have long hair on his head. He will honour the decisions of elders and will not wish ill of others. His physique will be of *** in constitution. He will have a progressive family and will beautiful house. His good qualities will beget him royal position.

He will have no elder (living) co-born, but will have one brother and one younger sister. The said younger brother would be proficient in various kinds of education. For some time he will live in other countries. He will inherit properties from outside circles.

Marriage: The native will marry in his 18th year. His spouse will be dark in complexion. She will be obedient to the native and will fortunate. Many ornaments will be acquired by her. Progeny & Related Blemish: We shall now narrate about IS planets (relevant for progeny) are not endowed with Strength. Even if he begets progeny, they will only quit the world.

Sage Atri interrupts and wants to know the reasons for the concerned.

Reasons cited by Kausika are: The 5th house belongs to Mercury and is aspected by Saturn while the Sun and Venus are with Mercury. Apart from these, Ketu is in the 9th.

In his previous birth, he was wealthy with an array of immovable is life-style was in for praise even by men of royal clan. That birth, a destitute woman approached him for food. He had given her blows instead of food, upon which she cursed him that he would lose all his wealth and would slide to poverty. And that in the next birth he would be childless.

Damage Proceeds: Not only this, there is another aspect of this birth. He also killed a snake that was creeping in last birth. That also became a blemish to his liability.

In last birth, he lost all his wealth, was in the grip of utter poverty stressed. Then he developed deep devotion to Lord many of Siva’s shrines. He also visited Sethu, took bath in the sacred sea and had offered prayers to Lord Ramalingeswara there. Then he returned to his birth place and breathed his last.

  1. Remedy: We will suggest a remedy for overcoming the blemish of childlessness during the current birth.

He should visit Tiruvalangadu along with his wife, take bath in the sacred river and offer prayers to Lord Siva adored there. He should worship the lord with Bilva leaves and get Sahasranama Archana for the lord performed. He should also get an image of snake made of silver which should be donated along with sandal paste, flowers, betel leaves, and areca-nuts to Brahmins versed in 4 Vedas. Upon narrating his misdeeds of last birth and a desire to get rid of the punitive stance of destiny, he will be blessed by Brahmins.

Resuming home, he should observe fasts on Shashti for 1 year. After these he will obtain long-living children Comprising of a son and two daughters.

  1. Mother: The present native’s mother would be of a complexion with a mix of dark shade. She would have a lean physique and would have speech defects, would honour Lord Siva’s devotees would offer food to the hungry. She would be an obedient person in nature. Windy disorders would trouble her. She would have two mothers and would be learned in Vedanta and Sastras and be ever for She would not have a strong 3rd house and would consequently have no younger brothers. Only two of her younger sisters would be with longevity.
  2. Deaths: The native will lose his father in his 33rd year during the transit Sun in Sagittarius. His 40th year will cost him his mother when the transit Sun in Virgo. His own death will take place in year, in the month coinciding with the transit Sun in Sagittarius the day ruled by Chaturdasi of dark half due to some very harsh *********.

Life-span: At this stage, sage Jaimini objects to mention of long life span being attributed to the subject. Clarifies the le the debate: The ascendant lord Venus obtains a beneficial yoga by his being within the first four signs from the rising sign Taurus. Jupiter occupies the 7th. These two Yogas will bless with longevity.

  1. Mars Dasa & Remedy. In the dasa of Mars, being in as lord of the 7th, the subject will be troubled by dental and disorders and will resemble one who is in the grip of a devil.

With the malefics in the 7th at the time of birth, he will overcome this phase in the dasa and there will be no fear of any Short life (and the evil blessings, promising its non-occurrence).

In order that the evil mentioned above is surmounted, we suggest a remedy. He should perform Nava Graha Santhi, and visit shrine of Lord Subrattmanya in Tiruttani for seven consecutive days led by the star Krittika (i.e. in seven continuous lunar months). Then he will be free from the impending danger.

When explaining the details, the sage concerned proceeds thus: The nava dhanyas (nine kinds of grains) should be spread on the earth. On this surface, Kalasas (pots, made of bronze, or copper or mud are usually recommended) should be installed and worshipped along with a homa (fire sacrifice). On a golden sheet, a hexagonal diagram must be drawn and the following Moola Mantra should be recited one thousand times: Om, Aim, Kleem,- Sav, Av, Ree, Saravanabhava.

Reciting this Japa for one thousand times will remove blemish concerning ill-health in Mars dasa. If he does not undertake to do this remedy, his troubles will only multiply.

  1. Other Matters: Now about his prosperity. He will never knob others property. Kings will honour him. He will have abundance of landed properties and all kinds of wealth. He will live along with his brothers, perform special rituals in temples. Because of his mother’s good s of previous birth, the subject will be blessed with extensive prosperity.
  2. From the time of his birth, Moon dasa rules for a period of * years and 9 months.
  3. His father would prosper. Inauspicious events would occur = circle of his kinsfolk particularly in mother’s circle. His co-born wiII prosper.

Thus end the original Nadi’s discussions by sages.

Editorial Notes:

The events foreseen by the sages can be understood with the wing limited astrological explanations. For the sake of easy reference, paragraph numbers given supra are given below.

  1. The description of the surroundings of the native’s home are beyond our reach of understanding, even if we have a detailed horoscope. This is a peculiar gift available in Nadi Granthas.
  2. Father: He is fair complexioned, because the 9th lord Saturn’s dispositor Moon is exalted and is in aspect to Jupiter. This, yoga also gives father a disposition to help others and be friendly with them.

Windy disorders: 6th from the 9th happens to be Gemini, an airy sign, which is occupied by Mercury.

Expertise in two branches: The 4th from the 9th Aries aspected by Mars. The 4th lord from the sign occupied by Saturn that is Venus, is in Gemini, a sign of learning and is along with Mercury, a planet of wide learning. Saturn, the 9th lord is also aspected by Jupiter.

Wealthy: The 10th lord Saturn is aspected by Jupiter. The 1st from Saturn is occupied by exalted Moon.

Cultivable lands: 4th from Saturn is occupied by Mars.

  1. Father’s co-born: The good effects attributed occur due the 11th lord Jupiter being aspected by Moon in exaltation. But the will not survive because Jupiter as 8th lord aspects the 11th house

Fair Complexion: Ascendant occupied by the Moon in strength in aspect to Jupiter while its lord is with the Sun. Dark hue clash because of Mercury’s association with Venus. His enjoying beauty of Manmatha (the Hindu God of beauty, son of Vishnu attributable to this yoga.

Famous: The lord of the 10th is aspected by Jupiter.

Piety: 9th lord is aspected by Jupiter.

  1. Livelihood through Royal Patronage: The ascendant sacred leaf.

Sahasra Nama Archana = Reciting Lord Siva’s 1008 specified different names like Maha Vishnu Sahasranama for Lord Vishnu.

Ramalingeswara = The main deity’s name in Sethu (Ramesvaram), where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Siva before crossing the ocean to enter Lanka.

Fasting on Shashti: In a year there will be about 24 Shashti ‘ his (6th lunar ‘day of either fortnight). This Thithi is normally recommended for pleasing Lord Subrahmanya or Karitikeya. Hence the sages recommend this vow forwarding of progeny-related blemishes.

Fortunate: Lord of 9th aspects the 9th house.

  1. Inheritances: The 8th lord aspected by an exalted planet and is in an angle. The lord of ascendant is in the 2nd along with Sun, the lord of the 4th.
  2. Early marriage: Ascendant and 7th are well fortified:
  3. Remedy for overcoming childlessness: Tiruvalangadu a town in Tamil Nadu between Madras and Arakonam railway junctions (covered by Southern Railway). The temple of Lord Siva- is famous for its special powers concerning progeny.

Bilva leaf or the leaf of wood-apple tree has its scientific as “Aegle Marmelos” and is dear to Lord Siva. These leave particularly used in His worship. Lakshmi is also said to reside in this

  1. Father’s death: In the 33rd year, the native will be in Jupiter’s dasa, Jupiter’s bhukti, as the Moon’s dasa balance is given ty 9m. Jupiter is the lord of the 8th, capable of causing grief by family deaths. He aspects the 9th lord Saturn (father).

Mother’s death: In the 40th year, the native will be in Jupiter’s dasa, Venus bhukti. The 5th lord rules mother’s death as often observed. Venus is with the 5th lord Mercury. Thus a planet placed with 5th lord has a say in mother’s end.

Own death: Occurs in the 66th year, when the subject will be Saturn dasa, Jupiter’s bhukti. One’s life-span cannot be decided by us. Yet, the 8th lord’s role of Jupiter is to be noted. He is related to Dasa lord Saturn as well.

  1. Mars Dasa: The remedies suggested for Mars dasa are: a Graha Santhi and visiting Tiruttani (one of the six ancient subramanya temples in Tamil Nadu), for seven consecutive Krittikas.

The hexagonal diagram is not clearly explained. Yet as I understand it is obtained by intersecting two triangles. The Mantra should be properly recited after initiation by a competent *preceptor. Krittika is the Janma Nakshatra (birth star) of Lord Subramanya or Kartikeya, son of Lord Siva. He is praised as the chief of gods and he led gods war against demons. Tiruttani is a place famous for lord Subrahmanya. A hexagon is apparently ted because the said God is six-faced.

Native’s prosperity: Landed properties, firm progress etc. This is due to Venus – Mars Mercury conjunction in the 2nd in Gemini, while Jupiter aspects the exalted Moon in the ascendant, and Saturn in the 3rd house.

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