Horoscope From a Nadi Text – Part 6 Translation & Commentary by Late R Santhanam

chart 227

Case No 6:

We are now taking up the following Nadi Horoscope with Virgo Ascendant as presented by Parvati to the sages assembled for discussions.

  1. Sage Vashista narrates to Parvati. This is the horoscope of a male child. The street of birth will be spread from north to the south. The house of the birth will have a west facing entry. Temples dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva etc will be located in the northern side of the Street. The birth will be in a Brahmins family in a remote village with gardens, wells etc I shall throw enlightment of this native’s parents, co-born, spouse, previous birth, future birth, etc.
  2. Father: The child’s father will be fair in complexion. He will have good conduct, wisdom and patience. He will provide food to this who approach him, be friend in royal circles and will protect people. He will honor the advices given by elderly people will enjoy power with authority and be friendly to all.
  3. He will not carry any evil thoughts in his mind and will make friends with good people. He will gather jewels, will sell away his landed properties, be fond of curd, milk and the like and be bold in disposition.
  4. He will have a piercing mind to go deep into a given situation and will enjoy food comforts, will have list for women, will keep up his word and suffer from windy disorders. He will have business activities in the village concerned, be devoted to Lord Siva and will render service to the gods in the village-temples.
  5. He will have six brothers. Only two of them will be blessed with longevity. Both of them will be separated from the native and their father.
  6. The Native: The native will have a tall, slender physique. It will be blood read in complexion. With bilious excess. He will not think ill of others and will be educated, be dear to the king. Will not cheat others and will not indulge much in acquainting himself with Vedas and Sastras.
  7. He will be short-tempered and be attached to other’s females who in turn will be attached to him. He will be inimical to some of his relatives, will take royal men into his fold and will speak tactfully. He will prosper through his spouse, be fond of flowers and will gather ivory and ivory-made articles. He will also take to bad path, will protect his co-born and will hold a post of authority in the village administration. He will help others and will amass huge wealth in the later days.
  8. He will procure a house with artistic trappings. He will believe in god and be devoted to temple affairs. His relatives will praise his status. He will be influential and exceedingly attractive. His family will earn respect and honor. His parental properties will multiply. He will attain a status beyond that of his father.
  9. Co-born: The subject will have one younger brother and one younger sister endowed with longevity. His younger brother will be intelligent and will be associated with the king, secretive in disposition and be disposed to read betwixt words. He will be educated and will live by agricultural lands.
  10. His physical complexion will be fair. He will be slender, tall and quite charming in appearance. He will improve his properties of quadrupeds consisting of goats and cows. He will be firm in his dispositions.
  11. He will be mature and tactful in speech, will not be close to his kinsfolk and will maintain a distance from them. He will live like the lord Indra (with all pleasures at his disposal). He will have only one marriage and two sons and a daughter. His wife will be long-lived.
  12. Native’s marriage: The native will marry at the age of 17. The bride will hail from the southern direction. She will be good-looking, like by the native. Sweet in speech and will be disposed to enjoy abundant pleases. She will be patient and highly charitable. She will not befriend those who hail from low strata of life. Nor will she mix with mean people. She will receive praises from all concerned, be chaste, highly intelligent and short-tempered.
  13. At this stage Goddess Parvati wants to know the source of marriage, upon which the sage clarifies thus: Since Mars is in the 2nd and Saturn is in the 7th, the bride will hail from the south from among maternal relatives.
  14. Native’s mother: She will have enemity with her kinsfolk and be endowed with good qualities and charitable disposition. But she will become a victim of unnecessary blames by her relatives. She will be respectful of elders. Her maternal family will be wholly destroyed which would be reduced to calumny and be a victim of enmity with relatives. Enemies for her mother’s family would be numerous.
  15. Native: There will be no luck for him to beget a male issue. He will have two daughters. The presiding deity, Mother Parvati, wants to know why he will not have a male issue. Vashista explains thus: Rahu in the 5th with the aspect of 8th lord Mars will be a blemish for male issue. In the previous birth, he was living happily with all comforts. Once he killed a cobra that was moving near his house. That blemish will start operating in the current birth and he will have no son. Again, in that birth, he had illicit union with a Brahmin woman with accumulated a great sin.
  16. Remedy: To overcome the blemish of destroying the cobra, a remedy is now suggested. There is a fig tree near the tank in the northern part of his village. He should install the idol of cobra under the said tree attended by related rituals. If this is done, he will beget a make offspring with a long span of life. Else, he will never have a son.
  17. Parents Death: The native will lose his father in the 9th year during the Sun’s Journey in the Gemini. His mother will pass away in his 34th
  18. Native’s death: He will dies in this 54th year with Sun transiting in Sagittarious, I,e in this second month after completing his 53rd
  19. Others: From the age of 17 till his death, he will live like a king. He will enjoy all kinds of wealth and earn wide fame. At the age of 29, he will construct a house due to his own efforts and will acquire huge wealth and underground treasure. He will never be in financial debts.
  20. In his moon’s dasa, Goddess Lakshmi will bless him generously. The native’s status will surpass that of all his kinsmen.
  21. Venus dasa: At the time of his birth, balance of Venus dasa will be 17y 11m 0d. During this dasa, his family will enjoy wealth but he will lose his father (in the 9th year, as stated earlier). His relatives will turn into great adversaries of the family. The family will experience various kinds of difficulties.
  22. The native will marry in the dasa of Venus. He will meet Kings. This dasa will involve him in royal service. The family will incur some debts. The native will be mentally worried. His brother will fall sick. The occurrence of events in Venus dasa will go against the wishes of the native.

This completes its readings at this point.


Now given below are astrological reasons for some of the important events explained above sub headings are indicated for easy correlation with the original reading. We may naturally face some impediments in analyzing certain events, because we have before us only the rasi chart without longitudes.

Father fair in complexion: Venus and the Sun who are planets of radiance along with Mars and Jupiter aspect the 9th house. These make the father fair skinned. Saturn’s aspect on the 9th and the possible combustion of Venus, can partially reduce the brilliance. But there is no reference to this issue in the Nadi.

Man of Wisdom: Jupiter and Saturn who are in mutual exchange aspect the 9th.
Royal Association: Venus, the 9th lord, is with the Sun both of whom lend an aspect to the 9th.
A powerful position: The 10th (Authority) from the 9th (father) is the 6th house of the native’s horoscope. The 6th is hemmed between Jupiter on one side and Saturn on the other. These two are the major planets. Please note that when a house is surrounded by Major planets, the results concerned will reveal in an effective manner.

Friendly to all: Saturn is in the 11th from the 9th. The 9th lord Venus is a close ally of Saturn. Hence the house occupied by Saturn will give favorable results concerning the 9th house. For Taurus ascendant when Saturn is in the 9th, the person will make useful friends through whom he will prosper. In some cases it could be one’s older brother contributing to gains:

Gathering Jewels: Venus, a significator for jewels, aspect the ???th. The lord of 4th indicates ornaments. The Sun is the lord of the 4th counted from the 9th. He is with Venus. The conjunction of Venus and Sun carries with it two important aspects.

  • Venus gains the Sun’s good role.
  • The Sun’s liability will be through Venus.

Sells away Lands: Mars ruling the 12th from the 9th aspects the 8th. Mars is the planet controlling lands of the native. The adverse nature of Mars for Taurus deprives the father of lands. But the aspect Saturn on the 9th does not deceptive father of wealth of other kinds. Saturn is the best planet for Taurus. Jupiter’s aspect on Taurus would also prove a minus point for father, as he is the lord of the 8th house seen from Taurus.

Bold in Disposition: Ketu is in the 3rd from the 9th.

Lust for Women: The 7th from Taurus (Father’s ascendant) is occupied by Sun and Venus. Whenever this combination occurs in the 7th or the ascendant, the subject concerned will be libidinous.
Food Comforts: Mercury and Moon aspecting the 2nd from the Mercury is also the owner of the said 2nd.

Keeping up his words: Jupiter aspects the father’s ascendant otherwise, Saturn aspecting Taurus should make father a liar.

Windy Disorders: Ketu in the 3rd from the 9th is capable of giving disease to father, like rheumatism, arthritis and paralysis. Adding to this, Saturn, Signifying such diseases, aspects the 9th house. Debilitated Jupiter aspecting Taurus is also an indication for Sickly father. The conjunction of the moon and mercury in Sagittarius, the 8th from 9th will also contribute to father’s suffering from windy diseases, Mercury is another planet like Saturn for disorders of nerves, joints, movements and the like.

Separation of Brothers: Ketu in the 3rd from the 9th will not allow the father to remain in union with his co-born.

So far in the present analysis we have traced Ketu in the chart to give the following effects to a person, in this case, father.

  1. Separation from Co-born
  2. Prosperity
  3. Boldness
  4. Windy disorders
  5. Events of the Native.

Tall, slender Body:  Saturn aspects Virgo, the ascendant of the native under discussion. Jupiter in debility and aspecting the ascendant checks one’s being fat.

Blood red Complexion: Saturn’s aspect should make one dark bodies. In this case, there should be other contributory factors which are not on record.

Well-educated: The Moon and Mercury are in the 4th house while the 4th lord is aspecting the    ascendant.

Attached to Other’s Females: Saturn is in the 7th.

Inimical to Relatives: Jupiter, the 4th lord is with Rahu. The 6th lord Saturn denoting enmity aspects the 4th (relatives).

Taking to Bad Path: Lord of the 6th aspecting the 10th lord. The lord of the 8th also aspects the 9th, house of poorva punya. Not only this, the 9th house deals with one’s meritorious and sinful acts of the current birth. This aspect of Mars leads to one’s committing sinful acts. But Saturn aspect on mercury has a certain advantage after being highlighted infra.

Protecting Co-born: The lord of 12th is in the 3rd is not welcome for this aspect. And such native will shin his brothers and sisters. There must be some redeeming features which cannot be known with the available data.

Huge wealth: Saturn ruling the 5th aspects the 10th lord. ___. Saturn himself is in an angle. The 10th lord is also in angle with the 11th lord.

Debilitated Jupiter aspecting Virgo ascendant seems to be capable of gibing much affluence to the person.

We have seen two horoscopes at least who have debilitated in the 5th. Those natives grew in wealth. [But they had this in respect of progeny] I know of another wealthy person – wealthy person for that matter – having Jupiter in debility in the ___th from his Gemini ascendant. The family has tons of money).

Underground wealth: In this case Mars ruling the 8th is important as he aspects the 8th as well as the planet Jupiter signifying wealth in general. In these days, this aphorism cannot be casually added.

House with artistic Trappings: Classical books are full of praise for a well placed Mercury in the 4th house. A strong Mercury can give a wonderful house which is specially notable for its artistic surroundings, rich interior decorations, large gardens and the like.

Influential: Rahu in a trine from the ascendant will help a person get into influential circles.

Attractive : Mars in the 2nd will give one a charming grace and he will look far younger than what he really is. His age will be difficult to be guessed. People born in Virgo with a favorably placed Mercury will be quite handsome with attractive features.

Good status : Mercury is with the 11th lord and aspects the 10th, Gemini.

iii. Co-born: One brother and one sister : Venus a female planet, and the sun, a male planet are in the 3rd. The 3rd from mars is also possession of two planets viz. the moon and Mercury. (This assessment may not always work).

All pleasures at Disposal: The 3rd is occupied by Venus denoting enjoyment of pleasures by brother. The 2nd from the 3rd is Sagittarius which is occupied by mercury – another plus point. (That is a strong Venus in the ascendant and Mercury in the 2nd bless the person concerned with almost every kind of material enjoyment).

Native’s marriage.

At 17, the native should be for most of the time in Venus Dasa Mercury Bhukti. Mercury is the lord of the ascendant. Saturn remaining in the 7th is capable of giving marriage at the age of 17, or 35 etc. depending upon the horoscope, as observed often by us in my writings.

The sub period lord Mercury being with the moon assumes much significance. A planet that Joins the Moon or the ascendant or its lord ( or Venus gains the power of deciding timing of Marriage.

Good looking spouse: Saturn if weak in the 7th cannot give a charming spouse. He should otherwise enjoy strength. Venus with the Sun is another liability in this regard. The 7th lord Jupiter is also with Rahu. There must be some relevant but unknown factors with the Navamsa positions and with Venus.

  1. Native’s Mother.

Enmity with Relatives: Rahu in the 2nd from the moon sign which is the 4th from ascendant itself, leads to strained relationship with relatives as far as the mother is concerned.

Subject to Calumny: Ketu in the 8th house will bring bad name to the person. This yoga operates from the 4th house.

Vi. Deaths.

Father: The native in his 9th year will be in Mars sub period on Venus Dasa. Venus aspects the 8th at birth. If this aspect were alone it would be good. The Sun’s sole aspect on the 9th should also be considered good for a long life to father. The aspects of Mars and Jupiter on the 9th house, Taurus, are not good for fathers’ longevity. Mars and Jupiter in order own the 7th and 8th for Taurus and would avail the first opportunity to kill. To add to this the proximity of Venus with the Sun should be noted as a disadvantage.

Mother: Moon dasa, Venus bukthi are relevant in the 34th year for death of mother. The available data does not lead to conclusive evidence.

Death of Self. The native is said to die in his 54th year. Further the Rahu is aspected by the lord of the 8th house placed in the 2nd house. Thus the native will enjoy only a medium span of life. Rahu is with the 7th lord, Jupiter, who has killing powers for Virgo native should be one of the factors. He will die in the Rahu dasa and Venus Bhukthi. The nodes in the 2nd – 8th from the moon are not very good for longevity. This Rahu assumes killing power from both the places. Saturn in transit would possibly in Capricorn – the sign occupied by Rahu and Jupiter.- at the time of the event, Sade sati operating for the 2nd time is also another reason. Rahu in Transit could also reach his natal sign during 54th year. Of course we need more data including transits to discuss a sensitive subject like longevity.

When Saturn is in the 3rd from Rahu (or from Ketu), at birth time, there is a clear possibility that after nearly 54 years, these two meet again in the sign occupied by natal Rahu, That should be a period of danger like great disease. (In rare cases this union can miss) And the subject then is in the dasa of Rahu or of Saturn, the harm will be more pronounced and sure.

Native’s Venus dasa: For Virgo ascendant, Venus is quite a favorable planet and his dasa should prove beneficial. Bur the Nadi attributes more evil effects than good. This is because Venus is significantly malefic from the Moon sign. Sagittarius. I have always followed the ancient’s instructions of giving attention to the Moon sign also. Unless the Moon sign and the ascendant are understood together, we may not get a right view of the horoscope.

Venus may also be longitudinally close to the Sun. combust Venus seldom delivers fully good effects.

Native’s Moon Dasa:

This Dasa is said to give him abundant wealth. The Moon is extremely well-placed as the 11th lord, joining the lord of the ascendant and 10th, i.e. Mercury. The Moon is further well aspected by Saturn. The lord of the 5th house.

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