HOROSCOPE OF SRI BHARAT P. SHIRODKAR By H .R. Seshadri Iyer M.A Jyothisha Rathna /Vidya Visharada

astrology 56

Natal Chart

Date:          January 21, 1947

Time:          2:31:00 pm

Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)

Place:         72 E 50′ 00″, 18 N 58′ 00″

               Mumbai, India

Altitude:      0.00 meters


Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vyaya – Pushya

Tithi:         Amavasya (Ra) (89.97% left)

Vedic Weekday: Tuesday (Ma)

Nakshatra:     Poorvashadha (Ve) (0.63% left)

Yoga:          Harshana (Su) (20.28% left)

Karana:        Chatushpada (Su) (79.94% left)

Hora Lord:     Mars (5 min sign: Cp)

Mahakala Hora: Mars (5 min sign: Vi)

Kaala Lord:    Moon (Mahakala: Moon)


Sunrise:       7:18:44 am

Sunset:        6:21:09 pm

Janma Ghatis:  18.0110

Ayanamsa:      23-07-03.20

Sidereal Time: 21:51:53

Body                    Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna                   14 Ta 27′ 31.33″ Rohi               2    Ta   Ta

Sun – PiK                7 Cp 22′ 47.07″ USha             4    Cp   Pi

Moon – AK            xb   26 Sg 34′ 59.01″ PSha      4    Sg   Sc

Mars – GK                3 Cp 41′ 36.48″ USha       3    Cp   Aq

Mercury – PK             6 Cp 03′ 30.54″ USha      3    Cp   Aq

Jupiter – DK             0 Sc 30′ 56.85″ Visa           4    Sc   Cn

Venus – AmK             20 Sc 43′ 54.12″ Jye        2    Sc   Cp

Saturn (R) – MK         12 Cn 43′ 14.76″ Push    3    Cn   Li

Rahu – BK               15 Ta 57′ 14.68″ Rohi        2    Ta   Ta

Ketu                    15 Sc 57′ 14.68″ Anu             4    Sc   Sc

Uranus (R)              25 Ta 08′ 24.19″ Mrig        1    Ta   Le

Neptune (R)             17 Vi 40′ 13.47″ Hast       3    Vi   Ge

Pluto (R)               19 Cn 20′ 32.40″ Asre          1    Cn   Sg

Maandi                  28 Ar 49′ 31.95″ Krit           1    Ar   Sg

Gulika                  17 Ar 11′ 08.33″ Bhar            2    Ar   Vi

Bhava Lagna             25 Ar 08′ 24.77″ Bhar      4    Ar   Sc

Hora Lagna              13 Le 12′ 22.52″ Magh      4    Le   Cn

Ghati Lagna              7 Cn 24′ 15.79″ Push        2    Cn   Vi

Vighati Lagna            8 Cp 23′ 42.11″ USha      4    Cp   Pi

Varnada Lagna           14 Li 27′ 31.33″ Swat     3    Li   Le

Sree Lagna              12 Ta 12′ 04.56″ Rohi         1    Ta   Ar

Pranapada Lagna          8 Cp 42′ 02.16″ USha    4    Cp   Pi

Indu Lagna              26 Ge 34′ 59.01″ Puna         2    Ge   Ta

Bhrigu Bindu             6 Vi 16′ 06.85″ UPha      3    Vi   Aq

Dhooma                  20 Ta 42′ 47.07″ Rohi      4    Ta   Cn

Vyatipata                9 Aq 17′ 12.93″ Sata      1    Aq   Sg

Parivesha                9 Le 17′ 12.93″ Magh      3    Le   Ge

Indra Chapa             20 Sc 42′ 47.07″ Jye       2    Sc   Cp

Upaketu                  7 Sg 22’  47.07”   Mool    3    Sg  Ge

Kunda                    1 Ar 09′ 18.08″ Aswi        1       Ar   Ar

Yoga Sphuta              7 Cp 17′ 46.07″ USha      4    Cp   Pi

Avayoga Sphuta          13 Cn 57′ 46.07″ Push      4    Cn   Sc

Vimsottari Dasa ():

Ven  Ven 1927-03-07  Sun 1930-07-08  Moon 1931-07-08 

     Mars 1933-03-06  Rah 1934-05-06  Jup 1937-05-06 

     Sat 1940-01-07  Merc 1943-03-07  Ket 1946-01-06 

Sun  Sun 1947-03-07  Moon 1947-06-26  Mars 1947-12-26 

     Rah 1948-04-30  Jup 1949-03-24  Sat 1950-01-12 

     Merc 1950-12-26  Ket 1951-11-03  Ven 1952-03-06 

Moon  Moon 1953-03-06  Mars 1954-01-06  Rah 1954-08-09 

      Jup 1956-02-05  Sat 1957-06-07  Merc 1959-01-07 

      Ket 1960-06-06  Ven 1961-01-06  Sun 1962-09-09 

Mars  Mars 1963-03-07  Rah 1963-08-06  Jup 1964-08-24 

      Sat 1965-07-30  Merc 1966-09-09  Ket 1967-09-06 

      Ven 1968-01-30  Sun 1969-03-31  Moon 1969-08-08 

Rah  Rah 1970-03-07  Jup 1972-11-20  Sat 1975-04-12 

     Merc 1978-02-17  Ket 1980-09-08  Ven 1981-09-27 

     Sun 1984-09-27  Moon 1985-08-21  Mars 1987-02-17 

Jup  Jup 1988-03-06  Sat 1990-04-24  Merc 1992-11-08 

     Ket 1995-02-11  Ven 1996-01-19  Sun 1998-09-21 

     Moon 1999-07-09  Mars 2000-11-08  Rah 2001-10-15 

Sat  Sat 2004-03-06  Merc 2007-03-10  Ket 2009-11-20 

     Ven 2010-12-29  Sun 2014-02-26  Moon 2015-02-08 

     Mars 2016-09-12  Rah 2017-10-22  Jup 2020-08-27 

Merc  Merc 2023-03-07  Ket 2025-08-06  Ven 2026-08-03 

      Sun 2029-06-01  Moon 2030-04-06  Mars 2031-09-09 

      Rah 2032-09-06  Jup 2035-03-22  Sat 2037-06-29 

Ket  Ket 2040-03-07  Ven 2040-08-06  Sun 2041-10-07 

     Moon 2042-02-08  Mars 2042-09-12  Rah 2043-02-06 

     Jup 2044-02-24  Sat 2045-01-30  Merc 2046-03-10 

On verification of the Birth time we find that you are born at 2.31pm on 21.1.1947 and accordingly we furnish the following readings. To follow this please note the following periods since birth time. Till 1 month Sukra dasha rules, later till 6 years Ravi dasha, then at 16 Moon dasha, at 23  Kuja dasha , at 41 Rahu dasha, then at 57 Guru dasha ,and at 76 Sani dasha and later on Budha dasha. At present you are passing through Rahu dasha, Rahu bhukti from 27 .2 .70 to 9.11. 1972.

General Characteristics D-1

Rahu in lagna aspected by Guru and Shukra cause mixed personality as Tamasic , Rajasic , and Satvic influences are there. The first two predominate with lust in life also prominent. As Sukra the stoola lord of lagna is aspecting lagna he gives you yoga (materialistic wealth) but his dasha is over before your birth when this good was enjoyed by parents. Moon the sookshma lord being in 8th is rather not beneficial especially for health in early years before the 16th year. The general disposition of planets indicate long life exceeding 70.

As Moon the karaka for mother is aspecting the 2nd ,the house of family members ,it is not conducive to the health of mother. As Sani and Rahu are on either side of this house it killed the father in Rahu bhukti of Ravi dasha. The same is also not good for financial position till at least Rahu-Sani i.e your 27 year. The same bhukti is also not good for the life of some family members. But Budha and Rahu being both situated in good houses and being the sthoola and sookshma lord of this house promotes your financial position in this Rahu dasha especially on and after Budha bhukti i.e after 31 .Your 32 nd year is noted for this good benefit.

 Sukra, karaka of wife in the 7th, the house of wife is said to cause affliction in matters of married life and worse still being with Ketu. Thank God their dashas do not operate in life. There is the presence of Guru to remedy this defect. Kuja lord of this house being exalted in 9th with birth yogi Sun and also in his star shows the best of luck after marriage with one who is lucky in life. Guru as lord of the 8th and 11th  in 7th house with enemy Sukra who is trying to fructify more than one marriage  in Guru dasha (after 41) and so it is better to scrutinize the horoscope of the coming partner for her longevity.

All functional benefics in the 9th promote your wealth and fortune and prosperity in life. As Sun the Birth Yogi is himself the sookshma lord of the 9th in 9th House he does excellent good during his periods. As his dasha is over watch his bhuktis for benefits.

Sani lord of the 10th house being in 3rd and* in enemy’s house but vakri and his own house *shows low start in life which gradually grows in service. Rahu the other lord of 10th is in lagna aspected by Guru and Sukra promotes service conditions in this Rahu dasha. Guru lord of 11th aspecting  the 11 gives you easy money especially in Guru dasha after 41. Likewise does Sani dasha as lord of the sookshma bhava is in its own star.

So are the life effects as seen from the rasi chart D-1. But this will not suffice as crores of births of all species on this earth born around 2 hours of this birth time have the same rasi chart. As births differ every minute it is spurious to gamble all from such a common rasi chart . Particular lives will have to be read out from minute positions of lagna and  planets and this we take up hereafter under our new techniques(NTP) . So we take up ;-

Periodical and Particular Aspects

For further Education D-24

Please note it is now Rahu dasha, Rahu bhukti running till 9.11.1972. Rahu in 3rd here is no good for further study so leave off all hopes of it.

       Sani in 3rd is no good to younger coborns and more so being aspected by Kuja karaka but the same Kuja gives you enough courage to face any situation with all boldness.

Aspect of Kuja on the 4th house is not good to the health of the mother and to your happiness in life but does good for the acquisition of landed property. That its lord Sun being Birth Yogi in 9th with other good planets shows fortune coming to you but the same Sun as karaka of father being in 9th the house of father causing bad karaka bhava that killed father in Ravi dasha.

But your prospects improve later and will improve still further and will aid you to have some assets in life. Even Ketu the sookshma lord being exalted in 7 with Guru and Sukra is promotive of this good. Unfortunately their dashas are either past in childhood or before birth and so their extreme good cannot fructify now but watch their bhuktis for minimized good. As Sani is in 12th from the house of mother the coming Sani bhukti after 29th proves bad for the health and longevity of mother.

As the 5th house is in a childless sign and Guru, Karaka of children is also in another childless sign it shows bad for progeny especially for male issues. Anyway it is very limited confined to one or two. As Budha and Sun the two lords of this house are together in 9th they do good to those born. That Rahu the present dasha lord and Guru the next lord are both in childless sign it even threatens barrenness and if Sarpa shanti is performed you may have one or two daughters only who will shine well in life. But so far as your luck due to Poorva Punyam is has to be considered and it augers well both in the present dasha of Rahu and the coming one of Guru too. Aspect of Sani on this House though not good to children is excellent so far as your wealth and professional matters are concerned as this Sani is lord of 9th and 10th.

There is no other long term bedridden sickness in life but you should be careful of sex complaints. During this Rahu dasha there may be slight complaints of blood pressure and hearing.  As Guru is aspecting this Rahu there is nothing to fear on these counts.

Rahu in lagna and Guru in 3rd exalted and Sun in 11th show mixed results in this matter. Rahu in lagna threatens the partner’s life and health while Guru and Ravi on either side speaks of a good Sankya Yoga so your marriage can be realised in Rahu dasha Guru bhukti and a love marriage at that within a sub community outside yours. If executed it brings good luck and prosperity. As Rahu is in the star of Moon who is neecha with Ketu, your Rahu dasha Moon bhukti shows danger to her but the happy aspect of Guru soothes it and again in Guru dasha Moon bhukti the same trouble repeats itself at the age of 53.


Rahu in 2nd in the house of Budha who is in 7th but in Astha puts you in an ordinary position. As the Sun is Birth yogi the Astha dosham gives some yoga too in this period of Rahu. In the coming Guru bhukti after Nov. 72 there will be some change for better, likewise in the next bhukti of Sani too. When Budha bhukti comes after 31 a new opportunity in life comes up that lifts you still higher. Thus in this Rahu dasha we see a lot of changes in profession and each one for the betterment. Guru in 3rd aspected by Sukra causes inimical atmosphere in profession and in Guru dasha after 41 but does not ultimately harm you as he is exalted and in his own star. Sani in 3rd or even Guru dasha, Rahu bhukti by 56 will retire you from service and thereafter to a retired life.

Finance D-11

Rahu in 2nd though exalted gives money but being in 12th causes equal expenditure with the result that there will be no savings in the Rahu dasha until 41. It is in Guru Dasha that you become a man of assets as this Guru as lord of this lagna situated in 5th is aspecting the lagna. It is good for your income . Even Sani dasha after retirement is good for finance and it is only Budha dasha which is showing expenses.

Rahu in 2nd.  in a maraka house and Sani in 3rd. from this lagna so watch Rahu dasha Shani bhukti showing danger to mother at 31

Spirituality. D-5             

Rahu exalted in lagna blends both material and spiritual in his dasha as he is also aspected by Guru the spiritual and philosophical giant of all the planets .Thus there is in Rahu dasha the blend of both spirituality and philosophy that continues in the dasha of both Guru and Sani till 76 followed by the development of Gyana and Buddhi in the last dasha of Budha. This aspect in life is especially remarkable .

Children D-7

Rahu in lagna here shows Sarpa dosham for which due shanti done will bless you with one or two daughters. Guru in childless sign and in enemy sign is not good in Guru dasha for new birth. Sani in 2nd. as lord of this lagna promotes the good of the new born children in Sani dasha which continues to be good later.

General Happiness and comforts of conveyances .D-16

Rahu in 12 is not good for this Rahu dasha. Guru in 2nd. with moon and Kuja is better  in Guru dasha, Sani in 4th. Is all good and Budha dasha also good but they will not give you the good conveyance of a car.

Finally your longevity D-8

Budha and Ravi in 3rd.  watch Budha dasha Ravi bhukti at 82 and note there will be a slight upset in Sani dasha Moon bhukti at 68.

Om Shanti, Shantih, Shantihi

May God Bless You

H.R. Seshadri Iyer


College of Astrology

#4 Karnic Road Shankar Puram

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astrology 57