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How to Calculate Zodiacal Sign of A Place/ Country/State


Raghavendra Khare, India

SA Volunteer: Mrs Golldy Mishra

Take the longitude and latitude of place in question. Convert them in to degrees. Out of them, use North and East co-ordinate with plus (+) mark and the South and West co-ordinates with minus (-) mark.

Zodiac sign= 9(Latitude – Longitude)

Then make the resultant figure within 360 degrees, after deducting or adding, as many times the value of 360 as possible. It must be within 360 degree and with plus mark and then convert it into Zodiac sign, providing 30 degree for each sign. The value we get should be increased by the nearest Navamsa-pada. This is the Zodiacal sign of place. But for the use of political purposes we should extend it up to last limit of star but within same sign and coordinates of capital should be taken into account.


  • India- New Delhi (28N39 or 28.6139, 77E13 or 77.2089)

Zodiacal sign = 9(28.6139 – 77.208

= 9 (-48.595) > -437.355 making this figure within the range of zodiac and with plus sign

= – 437.355+360> -77.355 + 360= 282.645, convert it in to zodiacal sign; in sign degree and minute; we get

=9-12/38/42; Now increase this value up to last limit of star but within the same sign to get zodiacal sign of a country.

Hence we get= 9-23/20th; Capricorn sign, Shravana star


  • USA – Washington D C (38/53/52 N, 77/02/11W)

Zodiacal sign = 9 (38.8978 – (-) 77.0364) > 9(38.8978+77.0364)

= 9 ( 115.9342)

= 1043.4078

= 1043.4078 – 360 – 360 = 323.4078

= 10-23/24 Say 10-30th ; Sign Aquarius of 30th degree for the use of country purpose and 10-26/40th degree for the use of only place Washington.

  • A place of Peru in South America.

Latitude= 13S19.2 or 13.32S and Longitude= 76W30.6 or 76.51W

Zodiac sign= 9(-13.32-(-) 76.51)

= 9(-13.32+76.51)

= 9(63.19)

= 568.71-360

= 208.71

=6-28/42/36 Say 6-30th.

The Libra sign with Gemini navamsa and Vishakha star.

The dates of liberation for most of countries are in proper order with their capital`s zodiac sign! The moon sign in these dates are mostly 1st, 5th, 7th and 9th from capital`s zodiac sign, the trine and 7th places. Some time it is 10th but it is also logical as 10th house is a house of kingdom or ruler.

1-India– New Delhi, (28N39 & 77E13)

The zodiac sign Capricorn 9-12/54

Freedom date- 14/15-8-1947 at 00 hour. The Moon sign cancer is 7th from the sign of capital.


2-Pakistan– Lahore, capital at the time of freedom 31N35 & 74E18, the zodiac sign of place Pisces 11-5/33

Freedom date- 14/8/1947 about mid night, the moon sign was Cancer with Pushya star. A trine sign with star from sign of Lahore


-Some astrologers are making confusion over the time of freedom of Pakistan. Let us see what the Wikipedia writes about this ‘Two self governing countries legally come in to existence at the stroke of midnight on 14/15th August 1947’. I think Pakistan also has same ascendant at its liberation time as India.


3- Bangladesh– Dacca, 23N42 & 90E25, sign- Cancer 3-29/33

Freedom date- 16/12/1971 about 17 hour, I am not sure about time as I have noted it from some magazine. The whole day was ruled by Scorpio sign (7-14/56 at 17 hour) a trine sign from Dacca.

4- China-Peking, 39N & 116E28, sign – Taurus 1-1/30

Republic day- 01/10/1949, 15/15 hour, the moon sign (9-10/01) and ascendant (9-12/51) both are Capricorn, trine sign from Peking.

Here I am working mostly with current Capital of countries. I can’t find exact detail of for all the countries. Some may got change so some of my findings may be go wrong but some of may be come in my favor.


5-Burma (Myanmar) – Naypyidaw, 19N45 & 96E06, sign- Taurus 1-02/51

Freedom from UK-4/1/1948, 4/20 hour! The moon sign at Virgo

(5-24/48) trine to capital`s sign, if the time known to me is correct than the ascendant Scorpio is 7th from place sign.


6-Bhutan-Thimphu, 89E53 & 27N32, sign- Virgo 5-8/51

Freedom from India-8/8/1949 at 00/30 hour. The moon sign Capricorn

(9-9/29) is exact trine with place sign. If the time is correct than Taurus ascendant is also trine from place sign.


7-Nepal– Kathmandu, 27N42 & 85E19, sign- Libra 6-21/27

Republic day- 28/5/2008 at 23/26 hour, the moon sign was Aquarius

10-21/15, an exact trine position from place sign! The ascendant was at given time Capricorn 4th from place is not enough good for country also Square aspect may create conflict.


8-Afghanistan– Kabul, 34N30 & 69E08, sign-Taurus 1-18/18

Freedom from British rule- 19/8/1919 time is not known, so I assume at 12 noon. The moon sign was Taurus 1-11/02, the natal sign from place sign with natal Tara. Here natal Tara is not good for Kabul as it is too sensitive.


(The India`s relationship is much cooperative with the countries having earthy sign with moon star. The Russia and Afghan are examples of it. The Saudi Arabia`s capital Riyadh also has Virgo sign with Hast star and India`s relation with it is not bad though even a Muslim country.)


9-The USSR– Moscow, 55N45 & 37E34, sign- Virgo 5-13/39

Established 30/12/1922 assumed time 12 noon, the moon sign was Taurus 1-00/25 a trine sign!

When it disestablished 26/12/91 the moon sign was at Leo 4-18/31 at 12 noon the 12th from sign of Moscow!! The 12th moon was started from morning of 25th of December. There was released in bulk of some countries from USSR on the 25/12/1991. The incident of bulk released of countries beyond astrological explanation at least for me. The major and important country should fulfill the rule. Some other countries also get their freedom from USSR on totally different date, these are fulfilling the rule. Let us see –


  • Armenia– Yerevan, 40N11 & 44E31, sign-Aquarius 10-21/00

There was something happened related with its freedom on the date of -23/8/1980 moon sign Sagittarius, 11th from place. After it, it took 10year for its freedom.

Establishment- 21/09/91, moon sign Aquarius (10-3/14app.), the same sign as place!

Final – 25/12/91, the moon sign was Leo (4-3/20app.), the 7th from place sign!!


  • Georgia-Tbilisi 41N43 & 44E47, sign-Pisces 11-02/24

Date of declaration- 9/4/1991 assumed time for all these cases is 12 noon. The moon sign is Capricorn 9-17/53 the 7th from place sign!

Final-25/12/1991 the moon sign Leo 4-3/35 approximately, the 6th from place.


  • Belarus-Minsk 53N55 & 27E33, sign- Scorpio 7-27/18

Date of declaration-27/7/90, moon sign Virgo

Final-25/12/91, moon sign Leo, 10th position from place sign, perhaps according to rule.


  • Kazakhstan-Astana, 51N10 & 71E25, sign Virgo 5-27/45

Declaration- 16/12/91, moon sign Pisces 11-22/31, the 7th place from capital`s sign.

Final- 25/12/91, the moon sign Leo is 12th from place?


  • Turkmenistan-Ashgabat, 37N58 & 58E20, moon sign Virgo 5-26/42

Declaration- 27/10/91 moon sign Taurus 1-29/56, it may change if time is after my assumption.

Final- 25/12/91 moon sign Leo 12th to place?


  • The Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan`s dates are not fulfilling my rule.

Other than 25th December 91


  • Azerbaijan-Baku, 40n25 & 49E50, sign-Capricorn 9-05/15

Declaration-30/8/91, moon sign Aries 4th from place

Final-18/10/91, moon sign Capricorn 9-28/54, same as place sign.


  • Ukraine– Kiev 50N27 & 30E30, sign- Virgo,5-29/33

Freedom- 24/8/1991, the moons sign Capricorn, a trine place from place sign!

There is two more dates available for it, related with its sovereignty first is 1/11/1918 the moon sign was Virgo (5-17/45) same as place sign, and second is 30/12/1922 when it became a member of soviet union the moon sign was Aries till 12 noon after it  the Taurus.


  • Moldova-Chisinau, 47N00 & 28E55, sign –Virgo 5-12/45

Declaration-23/6/90 the moon sign was Virgo (5-18/55 app.) same as place sign!

Final-27/8/91 the moon sign Pisces (11-2/14 app.), the 7th from place sign!!


10-Cambodia-Phnom Penh, 11N33 & 104E55, sign-Scorpio 7-29/42

 Independence from French 9/11/1953, the moon sign Scorpio

(7- 21/01 app.) Same as place sign

Monarchy restored– 24/9/1993, moon sign Leo (4-17/53 app.),

The 10th place from place sign.


11- Bahrain-Manama, 26N02 & 50E33, sign-Leo 4-20/42

Termination of special treaty with UK-15/8/1971, the moon sign was Taurus (1-22/49), the 10th place from place sign.


From next case I am giving moon position at 5/30 hour for the sake of my convenience.


12-Brazil-Brasillia, 15S45 & 47W57, sign-Capricorn 9-19/48

Independence from Portugal

Declaration-7/9/1822, moon sign Taurus (1-9/00 app.) a trine sign from place!

Recognized- 29/8/1825, moon sign Aquarius (10-23/42), 2nd from place sign

Republic-15/11/1889, moon sign Cancer (3-24/18), the 7th place from place sign!

Current constitution– 5/10/1988, moon sign again Cancer (3-18/17), the 7th place from the zodiac sign of capital!!


13- Chile– Santiago, 33S26 & 70W40, sign-Pisces 11-5/06

Freedom from Spain-

Declaration-12/2/1818, moon sign Aries, 2nd to place sign

Recognized-25/4/1844, moon sign was Cancer (3-8/00 app.) a trine sign from place sign!

Current constitution-11/9/1980, moon sign was Virgo (5-16/52app.), the 7th sign from place sign!!


14-Canada– Ottawa, 45N24 & 75W40, sign-Aries 0-9/36

Statute of Westminster?-11/12/1931, moon sign was Sagittarius (8-21/38 app.), a trine sign from place!

Canada act– 17/4/1982 moon sign Capricorn (9-13/34), the 10th sign from place sign!!


15-Cuba-Havana, 23N08 & 82E23, sign –Scorpio 7-19/39

Independence from Spain 10/10/1868, moon sign was Cancer (3-10/09 app.) a trine sign from place!

Republic from USA-20/5/1902, moon sign was Libra, the 12th sign from place sign, after this something bad happened with Cuban so they have done a revolution on 1/1/1953


16-Ecuador-Quito, 00S09 & 78W21, sign-Pisces 11-13/48

Declaration -10/8/1809, moon sign was Cancer (3-15/50 app.) a trine sign from place!

From Spain-24/5/1822 moon sign was at extreme junction of Gemini and Cancer at 5/30 hours, if Cancer it is a trine sign from place.


17-Egypt-Cairo 30N02 & 31E13, sign-Pisces 11-19/21

Freedom from UK 28/2/1922 moon sign was Pisces (11-00/43), equal to place sign!


18-Fiji-Suva, 18S10 & 17E27, sign-Taurus 1-00/27

Freedom from UK-10/10/1970, the moon sign was Capricorn

(9-12/29), a trine sign from place sign!

Republic– 28/09/1987, the moon sign was Scorpio (7-5/34), the 7th place from place sign!!


19-Falkland-Stanley, 51S42 & 57W51, sign-Taurus 1-25/21

Argentine invasion 2/4/1982, moon sign was Cancer 3rd to place sign.

Libration– 14/6/1982, moon sign was Aquarius 10-24/35 app. The 10th place from place sign!

Current constitution-1/1/2009, moon sign was Aquarius 10-10/38 app again the 10th place from place sign!!


20-Finland-Helsinki, 60N10 & 24E56, sign-Aquarius 10-17/06

Autonomy from Sweden-29/3/1809, the moon sign was Leo 4-13/22 app, 7th from place sign!

Declared from Bolshevik Russia-6/12/1917, the moon sign again Leo 4-15/53 app, the 7th sign from place sign!!


21-Gambia-Banjul, 13N28 & 16W36 sign-Capricorn 9-00/36

Freedom from UK-18/2/1965, the moon sign was Virgo 5-5/54 app, a trine place from place sign!


22-Ghana-Accra, 5N33 & 00W15, sign-Taurus 1-22/12

From UK declared- 6/3/1957, moon sign Aries, 12th to place?

Republic-1/7/1960, the moon sign was Virgo 5-4/57, a trine place to sign of place!

Current constitution-28/4/1992, the moon sign was Capricorn 9-7/36, a trine sign from place!!


23-Haiti-Port-au-prince, 18N32 & 72W20, sign-Cancer 3-00/52

Independence-1/1/1804, moon sign Leo, 2nd from place.

Recognized by France– 17/4/1825, the moon sign was Pisces 11-24/40 app, a trine sign from place!


24- Hong Kong– 22N16 &114E09, sign- Sagittarius 8-13/03

Handover to china- 1/7/1997, the moon sign was Aries 0-28/00 app, a trine place to place sign!


25-Iran-Tehran, 35N41 & 51E25, sign- Scorpio 7-8/24

Islamic republic-1/4/1979, the moons sign Taurus 1-8/33, the 7th sign from place sign!

Current constitution– 24/10/1979, the sign of moon was Scorpio 7-11/10, equal to zodiac sign of place!!


26-Iraq-Baghdad, 33N20 & 44E26, sign-Sagittarius 8-20/06

Free from ottoman empire-1/10/1919, the moon sign was Sagittarius 8-00/19, equal to place sign!

There is also some dates related with its sovereignty and not fulfilling the rule due to none of them is final till date. The history related with it may be known to learned readers.


27-Irish– Dublin, 53N20 & 6W15, sign- Virgo 5-26/15

Proclamation of the Irish Republic-24/4/1916, the moon sign Capricorn 9-1/04 app, a trine sign from place!

Declaration of independence-21/1/1919, the moon sign Virgo 5-5/08 app, is equal to place sign!!

Adoption of Anglo-Irish treaty (a bad event of veiled slavery)-7/1/1922 the moon sign was Aries 0-2/20 app, 8th from place sign!!!

Establishment of the Irish, free state-6/12/1922, the moon sign was at Gemini 2-11/34 app, the 10th sign from place sign!


28-Jordan– Amman, 31n59 & 35E56, sign-Aquarius 10-24/09

From British League of Nations mandate- 25/5/1946, the moon sign was at Aquarius 10-21/42 app, equal to place sign!


29-Kenya-Nairobi, 1S16 & 36E48, sign- Aries 0-17/24

From UK- 12/12/1963, the moon sign was at Libra 6-12/48 app, the 7th sign from place sign!


30-Kuwait, 29N22 & 47E58, sign-Libra 6-12/36

From UK-19/6/1961, the moon sign Leo falls in the Badhak house of Kuwait so ultimately it gone in the grip of Iraq.

From Iraq- 28/2/1991, again the moon sign Leo, equal to Badhak house for place and now it is in the grip of USA.


31-Lebanan– Beirut, 33N54 & 35E32, sign-Pisces 11-15/18

From French League of Nations mandate

Greater Lebanon– 1/9/1920, the moon sign was Pisces 11-16/14, equal to place sign!

Constitution-23/5/1926, moon sign Virgo 5-15/34, the 7th sign from place!!

An another date of reorganization 22/11/1943, the moon sign at extreme junction of Leo and Virgo at 5/30 hour, after it, at Virgo the 7th place from place sign!!


32-Libiya– Tripoli, 32N52 & 13E11, sign-Virgo 5-27/09

Recognized by Italy– 10/2/1947, the moon sign Virgo 5-25/41 app, equal to place sign!

From UK- 24/12/1951, moon sign Libra is 2nd to place.


33-Mexico, 19N03 & 99W22, sign-Pisces 11-15/45

From Spain 16/9/1810, moon sign Aries, the 2nd from place but its reorganization date is 27/9/1821 and the moon sign was Virgo 5-25/38 app, at the 7th from place sign!


34-Morocco– Rabat, 34N02 & 6W51, sign Aries 0-07/57

From France-2/3/1956, the moon sign Libra 6-23/04 app is 7th from place sign!


35-Nigeria-Abuja, 9N4 & 7E29, sign- Aries 0-14/15

Declared and recognized- 1/10/1960, the moon sign Capricorn 9-26/13 is the10th sign from place sign!


36-Panama, 8N58 & 79W32 sign- Gemini 2-16/30

From Spain-28/11/1821, the moon sign Sagittarius 8-25/28 is the 7th sign from place!

From Colombia-3/11/1903, the moon sign Pisces 11-25/26 is 10th from place sign!!


37-Paraguay-Asuncion, 25S16 & 57W40, sign-Capricorn 9-21/36

From Spain 14/15-5-1811, I think it was at 00/00 hour and the moon was at Capricorn 9-27/43, equal to place sign!


38-Philippines-Manila, 14N35 &121E00, sign-Leo 4-02/15

Self-Government- 24/3/1934, the moon sign was Gemini but its reorganization become possible on 4/7/1946 and the moon sign was Leo 4-20/00 app, equal to place sign!


39-Portugal– Lisbon, 38N46 & 9W9, sign-Gemini 2-11/15

Republic-5/10/1910 the moon sign was at Libra 6-8/15 app, a trine sign from place!


40-Saudi Arabia– Riyadh, 24N39 & 46E46, sign-Virgo 5-10/57

Kingdom founded-23/9/1932, moon sign Gemini 2-7/44, the 10th sign from place sign!


41-South Africa-Cape town, 33S56 & 18E25, sign-Sagittarius 8-8/51

Statute of Westminster– 11/12/1931, the moon sign was at Sagittarius 8-17/38 app, equal to place sign!

Republic-31/5/1961, the moon was at extreme junction of Scorpio and Sagittarius at 5/30 hour, after it, the moon sign Sagittarius is 1st to the place sign!!


42-Tanzania– Dodoma, 6S10 & 35E44, sign-Pisces 11-12/54

From UK

Tanganyika-9/12/1961, moon sign Sagittarius 8-7/50 is the 10th sign from place!

Zanzibar-10/12/1963, the moon sign was Virgo 5-18/54, the 7th position from place sign!!


43-Tunisia-Tunis, 36N50 & 10E09, sign Sagittarius 8-00/09

From France-20/3/1956, the moon sign was Gemini 2-12/27, the 7th sign from place sign!


44-Sri Lanka-Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, 6N54 & 79E54, sign-Gemini


Free from UK

Self Rule- 4/2/1948, the moon sign was Scorpio, the 6th position from place. The 6th house also stands for terrorism and we all know about history related with Sri Lanka. It saved only by the grace of God from LITTE.


45-Vietnam– Hanoi, 21N02 & 105E51, sign-Aquarius 10-16/39

From France- 2/9/1945, moon sign Gemini 2-21/07 app, trine from place!

Reunification- 2/7/1976, moon sign Leo 4-10/19 app, the 7th place from place sign!!


46-Zimbabwe– Harare, 17S50 & 31E03, sign-Capricorn 9-10/03

From UK

Self government – 1/10/1923, the moon sign was at Taurus 1-20/49, a trine sign from place sign!

Proclaimed-11/11/1965, moon sign again Taurus 1-20/15, a trine sign from place!!

Recognized– 18/4/1980, the moons sign again Taurus 1-15/52, a trine sign from place!!!

This is an astonishing and beyond belief case!


  • It is true the most of countries got their freedom during the moon transit of trine and 7th house from their capital`s zodiac sign but the 10th sign, the house of ruler, also attracts much for these type events so also the 2nd and 6th sign as these are trine from 10th
  • Only few countries are escaping from this rule and the percentage of them about only 10%. Please observe the list below-

47- Albania– Tirana, 41N20 & 19E48; zodiac sign- Libra, 6-13/48

Freedom from Ottoman empire – 28/11/1912, the Moon sign was at the junction of Gemini and Cancer, 2-29/30. The sign Gemini is trine to place sign and the sign Cancer is 10th from it!

Current constitute– 28/11/1998, moon sign Aquarius, 10-26/44 is trine from place!


  • Angola– Luanda, 8S50 & 13E20, zodiac sign- Virgo 5-10/30

Free from Portugal- 11/11/1975 and the moon sign was again at junction of Capricorn and Aquarius, 9-29/21. The sign Capricorn is trine to place and sign Aquarius is 6th from place! Only exact time can decide. The 6th sign also has power to give authority as it is a trine from 10th house, though it has some bad significance too.


  • Aruba– Oranjestad, 12N31 & 70W01; zodiac sign- Aries, 0-22/48

Autonomy from Netherland- 1/1/1986; Moon sign-Leo, 4-16/38; a trine sign from place!


  • Austria- Vienna, 48N12 & 16E21, zodiac sign-Capricorn, 9-16/39

Independence, Austrian state- 27/7/1955, the Moon sign- Libra, 6-15/27, a 10th sign from place!


  • Bahamas– Nassau, 25N04 & 77W20, zodiac sign- Libra, 6-21/36

Free from UK- 10/7/1973, the moon sign-Libra, 6-28/55!  If it moves to Scorpio at the exact time so it will be 2nd from place sign, a sign of 10th triploid!


  • Barbados– Bridgetown, 13N00 & 59W32, zodiac sign=Capricorn, 9-22/48

Free from UK- 30/11/1956, moon sign-Libra, 6-22/00, a 10th sign from place!


  • Cameroon– Yaoundé 3N52 & 11E31, zodiac sign- Capricorn, 9-21/09

From France & UK- 1/1/1960, moon sign-Capricorn, 9-19/41, equal to place sign!

1/10/1961- moon sign –Gemini, 2-9/52, the 6th sign from place.


  • Costa Rica– San Jose; 9N56 & 84W05, zodiac sign- Leo, 4-6/09

From Spain-15/9/1821, moon sign- Aries, 0-19/49 a trine sign from place! But also Badhak sign for place.

From Mexico-1/7/1823, sign-Pisces, 11-16/18, the 8th sign?

From America_ 21/3/1847, moon sign-Taurus, 1-11/00, the 10th sign from place!

Recognized by Spain– 10/5/1850, moon sign- Aries, 0-8/13, a trine sign from place!!

  • Djibouti– 11N36 & 43E10, zodiac sign- Gemini, 2-15/54

From France- 27/6/1977, moon sign- Libra 6-15/18, a trine sign from place!


  • Dominica– Roseau, 15N18 & 61W23, sign-Pisces, 11-00/09

From UK- 3/11/1978, moon sign- Scorpio, 7-20/16; a trine sign from place!


  • Dominican Republic– Santo Domingo, 19N00 & 70W40,

Zodiac sign- Gemini, 2-27/00

From Spain– 1/12/1821, moon sign- Aquarius, 10-3/23; a trine sign from place!

From Haiti– 27/2/1844, moon sign- Taurus 1-27/01 up to noon; it is 12th from place after it, 1st to place sign

From Spain– 16/8/1865, moon sign- Gemini, 2-3/05; equal to place sign!!


  • El Salvador– San Salvador, 13N40 & 89W10, sign- Libra, 6-25/30

From Spain– 15/9/1821, moon sign- Aries, 0-19/49; the 7th sign from place!

Recognized by Spain– 24/6/1865, moon sign- Gemini, 2-25/21; a trine sign from place!!

From the Greater republic of central America– 13/11/1898, moon sign- Libra, 6-21/31, sign equal to place sign!!!

  • Faroe Island– Torshavn, 62N00 & 6W47, sign- Sagittarius 8-19/03

Home rule– 1/4/1948, moon sign- Sagittarius 8-15/29; a sign same as place sign!

  • Green land-Nuuk (Godthab), 64N10 & 51W44, Zodiac sign- Aquarius 10-23/06

Ceded to Denmark (treaty of Kiel) – 14/1/1814, moon sign- Libra, 6-13/15; a trine sign from place but also a Badhak sign for place!

Status of amt-5/6/1953, moon sign-Aquarius 10-28/47, but after about two hour it was at sign Pisces so either it is equal to place sign or 2nd from place.

Home rule– 1/5/1979, moon sign-Gemini 2-14/55; a trine sign from place!!

Further autonomy and self rule-21/6/2009, moon sign- Taurus 1-14/55; the 10th position from place sign!!!


  • Grenada-Saint George`s, 12N03 & 61W45, sign- Aquarius 10-4/12

From UK– 7/2/1974, moon sign-Leo 4-00/38; just entering in to the 7th sign from place.


  • Guinea-Bissau – Bissau, 11N52 & 15W36

Zodiac sign- Sagittarius, 8-07/12

From Portugal, declared- 24/9/1973; moon sign- Leo, 4-6/48; a trine sign from place!

Recognized– 10/9/1974; moon sign- Gemini 2-2/20; the 7th sign from place sign!!



  • Guyana-Georgetown, 6N46 & 58W10, sign-Scorpio 7-14/24

From UK- 28/5/1966, moon sign- Leo 4-26/15 the 10th position from place!


  • Honduras-Tegucigalpa,14N06 & 87W13, sign- Libra 6-11/51

Something important- 15/9/1821moon sign- Aries 0-19/49 the 7th sign from place!

First Mexican empire-1/7/1823, moon sign Pisces

Declared as Honduras-5/11/1838, moon sign- Gemini 2-7/34; a trine sign from place sign!!


  • Ivory Cost (Côte d’Ivoire)- Yamoussoukro, 6N51 & 5W18

Zodiac sign- Cancer, 3-19/21

From France– 7/8/1960, moon sign- Capricorn, 9-23/01; the 7th sign from place!


  • Indonesia– Jakarta, 6S10.5 & 106E49.7, sign- Gemini, 2-1/24

From Dutch & Japanese-

Declared-17/8/1945, moon sign-Scorpio, 7-13/43; the 6th sign from place

Acknowledged– 27/12/1949, moon sign-Pisces, 11-11/01; the 10th sign from place!

  • Korea– Seoul, 37N35 & 127E00, sign- Capricorn, 9-5/15

Independence declared-1/3/1919, moon sign- Capricorn, 9-25/00; same as place sign!

Provisional government– 13/4/1919, moon sign-Virgo, 5-01/35; a trine sign from place!!

Libration– 15/8/1945, moon sign- Libra, 6-15/50; the 10th position from place sign!!!

Govt. proclaimed– 15/8/1948, moon sign- Sagittarius, 8-4/37; this 12th position of moon proved bad for Korea as it divided within a month!

North Korea invaded the south– 25/6/1950 and the moon sign was Libra (6-00/58) the 10th place from Seoul`s zodiac sign so it remained safe without any loss of its boundary.

Fighting ended on-27/7/1953, moon sign-Capricorn, 9-14/56; same as place sign!


  • Lithuania– Vilnius, 54N41 & 25E19, sign-Sagittarius, 8-24/18 Independence restored– 11/3/1990, moon sign- Leo, 4-22/59; a trine sign from place sign!
  • Malawi-Lilongwe, 13S57 & 33E42, sign- Capricorn, 9-21/09 From UK– 6/7/1964, moon sign- Taurus, 1-4/03; a trine sign from place sign!
  • Mali– Bamako, 12N39 & 8W00, sign- Libra, 6-5/51 From France as the Mali federation- 4/4/1960, moon sign- Gemini,             2-20/26; a trine sign from place!
  • Malta-Valetta, 35N53 & 14E30, sign-Libra, 6-12/27 From UK- 21/9/1964, moon sign- Aquarius, 10-27/30; a trine sign!
  • Namibia– Windhoek, 22S34 & 17E05, sign- Aries, 0-3/05 From south Africa– 21/3/1990, moon sign- Sagittarius, 8-24/02; a trine sign from place sign!
  • Nauru-Yaren, 0.5273S & 166.9367E, sign- Capricorn, 9-22/43 Freedom -31/1/1968, moon sign-Capricorn, 9-29/32. It may be 2nd from place sign only exact time can decide the situation.
  • New Hebrides– Port Villa, 16S38 & 168E01, sign- Leo, 4-18/09 Independence– 30/7/1980, moon sign- Aquarius, 10-9/00; the 7th sign from place sign!
  • Niger– Niamey, 13N32 & 02E05, sign- Cancer, 3-13/03 From France- 3/8/1960, moon sign- Scorpio, 7-22/35; a trine sign from Place!
  • Norway-Oslo, 59N56 & 10E41, sign- Gemini, 2-23/15 Restoration from German– 8/5/1945, moon sign-Pisces, 11-2/03; the 10th position from place!


  • Peru– Lima, 12S2.6 & 77W1.7, zodiac sign- Scorpio, 7-14/52 From Spain- declared-28/7/1821, moon sign- Cancer, 3-5/32; a trine sign from place! Consolidated– 9/12/1824, Moon sign –Cancer, 3-4/43; a trine sign from place!!

Recognized-14/8/1879, moon sign- Gemini, a 6th place from place sign?

  • Poland-Warsaw, 52N13 & 21E02, sign- Capricorn, 9-10/39

1st Republic– 1/7/1569, moon sign-Virgo, 5-12/44; a trine sign! I am not sure about this moon`s position as it is too old. If the software is correct in calculating so old dates only then it is true.

2nd Republic– 11/11/1918, moon sign- Capricorn, 9-18/52; same as place sign! People`s Republic– 31/12/1944, moon sign-Cancer, 3-5/24; the 7th sign from place!!

  • Rwanda-Kigali, 1S57 & 30W43, sign- Gemini, 2-12/00 From Belgium- 1/7/1962, moon sign- Gemini, 2-5/07; same as place sign!
  • Saint Helena– Jamestown, 15S56 & 5W43, sign- Sagittarius, 8-28/03 East India company rule end– 22/4/1834, moon sign-Virgo, 5-20/30; the 10th from place!
  • Sao Tome and Principe– Sao Tome, oN20 & 6E44, Zodiac sign- Aquarius, 10-2/24 From Portugal- 12/7/1975, moon sign-Leo, 4-7/26; the 7th from place sign!
  • Senegal– Dakar, 14N40 & 17W25, sign-Capricorn, 9-18/45 From Mali federation- 20/8/1960, moon sign-Cancer, 3-9/47; the 7th from place sign!
  • Somalia– Mogadishu, 2N02 & 45E21, sign- Pisces, 11-00/09 Union and Independence– 1/7/1960, Moon sign-Virgo, 5-3/22; the 7th sign from place sign!
  • Suriname– Paramaribo, 5N50 & 55W10, sign- Libra 6-18/00 Within the kingdom of the Netherlands- 15/12/1954, moon sign-Leo, 4-9/16; a sign from Badhak house is bad and the event is also bad, give away its sovereignty to other country. Independence– 25/11/1975, moon sign-Cancer, 3-26/51; the 10th place from place sign!
  • Swaziland-Mbabane, 26S19 & 31E08, sign- Libra, 6-22/57 From UK- 6/9/1968, moon sign- Aquarius, 10-10/33; a trine sign from place!
  • Sudan– Khartoum, 15N38 & 32E32, sign-Libra 6-27/54 From UK & Egypt- 1/1/1956, moon sign- Cancer, 3-21/00 app.; the 10th position from place sign!
  • Sweden-Stockholm, 59N21 & 18E04, sign-Aries, 0-11/33 Swedish-Norway union ends– 13/8/1905, moon sign-Capricorn, 9-3/23; the 10th position from place sign!
  • Comoros-Moroni (11S41 & 43E16), zodiacal sign-Scorpio 7-15/36 Freedom from France on 6/7/1975. The moon sign at 5/30 hour was Taurus (1-10/35), the 7th from place sign stimulating zodiacal sign.
  • Macau-22N10 & 113E33, zodiacal sign Sagittarius 8-17/33 Transfer of sovereignty on 20/12/1999. The moon sign was Aries 0-23/35, trine from place sign.
  • Macedonia-Skopje (42N00 & 21E26), zodiacal sign-Libra (6-05/15)

Freedom recognized on 8/4/1993. The moon sign was Libra (6-13/37) equal to place sign.

  • Puerto Rico-San Juan (18N27 & 66W06), zodiacal sign- Gemini 2-24/33

From kingdom of Spain on 10/12/1898, the moon sign was Libra of 6-14/02 at 5/30 hour trine to place sign.

  • Palau or Belau-Ngerulmud (7N21 & 134E28),

Zodiacal sign-Capricorn (9-25/57)

Compact of free association with the united states-1/10/1994, the moon sign was Cancer of 3-16/20, the 7th from place sign stimulating zodiacal sign.

  • Slovakia- Bratislava (48N09 & 17E07), zodiacal sign –Capricorn of 9-9/18

From Austria-Hungary as Czechoslovakia on 28/10/1918, the moon sign was Cancer of 3-27/59, the 7th from place sign stimulating zodiacal sign.

  • Soloman Island-Honiara (9S28 & 159E49), zodiacal sign Capricorn of 9-6/27

From U K on 7/7/1978, the moon sign was Cancer of 3-5/35, the 7th from place sign.

There are some other countries got their sovereignty at the time of 2nd and 6th transit of moon from the zodiac sign of their capital. I am listing below in short.

Argentina- 2nd, Bolivia-6th, Belgium-2nd, Brundi-2nd, Israel-6th, Qatar-6th, Turkey-6th, Benin-6th, Brunei-6th, Canary Island-2nd, Central African Republic-6th, Chad-2nd, Cook Island-2nd, Gabon-6th, Mauritania-2nd, Mangolia-6th, New Zealand-6th , Romania-2nd, Tuvalu-2nd, etc.


  • There are some countries those have no such type records on Wikipedia.
  • Some case are still undecided for me as on the dates of their, getting sovereignty, moon position is changeable from about noon, though these are not as per my accordance at 5/30 hour.
  • The case of 3rd, 11th, 4th, 8th and 12th transit of moon are very little. There are some but as I know their history is not good after this event of freedom. See the case of ‘Syria-Damascus, 33N30 & 36E18, sign- Pisces got freedom from France on 17/4/1946, the date ruled by Libra moon, the 8th sign from place’, and we know what is running in this country. I don`t know like this for other countries.
  • What comment made by me on such type evil transit of moon is not fully decisive! There are many other important astrological factors; those regulate the destiny of any country. Such as ascendant and other planetary position.


As I think the square sign from capital`s zodiac sign create tension though these attracts much for any event. The 4th sign has most such tendency and least 10th sign, the 1st sign is both trine and square, also has some such nature if afflicted and the 7th sign too. India got independence during 7th transit of moon on the cost of its divination. The trine sign are good if receiving benefic influence. The 8thand 12th sign are always bad. The 2nd and 6th have mixed nature. The 3rd and 11th sign are bad if these are the sign of functional malefic planet otherwise may be neutral. The Badhak sign also has some malefic nature to the country.

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