Interview of Mr & Mrs PVR Rayadu In Saptarishis Astrology



Introduction By Chandrashekhar on Mr and Mrs Rayadu

  1. What triggered you to take Astrology as a subject.
  2. Please tells us about your ancestors who are in astrology/philosophy and what is their influence on you.( related to jiddu Krishnamurthy)
  3. How philosophy is helping in astrology.
  4. There are different paths of yoga, how do you think astrology is helping in gnana yoga.
  5. how did bharati garu got passion in astrology.
  6. Some of the illustrations moments of your predictive career (kindly give some examples of predictions with the charts and brief analysis)
  7. Some of the predictions made by Mrs Rayadu
  8. What has been the failures of Mr and Mrs Rayadu in astrology and astrological predictions
  9. Who was your Guru
  10. Pls tell us about some wonderful experiences you had with Late D V Subba Rao, what were his strengths and weaknesses.
  11. Kindly tell us some of the famous predictions of Subba Rao
  12. what is the best topic you like in astrology and why.
  13. Your books ‘how to read a horoscope ‘ and marriage matching bought laurels to you.
  14. in a horoscope if multiple marriage is promised then how marriage matching is useful. Especially when a divorce is indicated in the chart.
  15. Rayudu Garu is for analasys and Bharati Garu for REMEDIES.
  16. questions regarding nadi principles for marriage, tatwas,etc.
  17. We have dictums but there appropriate time/condition of application

Is not given – Problems in Prediction and what is the solution.

  1. Your son Kamesh learned astrology from parents and now learning with p.v.r. Narasimha rao (maker of jagannatha hora software ) in US. Knowledge of astrology is passed to next gen.
  2. bharathi garu – how did u learn/know about remedies.
  3. when should we do remedy to see the results or to over hurdles/problems to some extent.
  4. You have ventured out in Nadi astrology quite a lot, would you like to reveal some techniques to us that you have found working in practice
  5. In your era who were the greats of astrology and what techniques/abilities were they famous for.
  6. Exceptions can be gathered for each Asc only after decades of practice, would Mr and Mrs Rayadu like to list out exception AND special rules for Each Asc which can be looked upon as a guide for the future generation.
  7. While looking at a chart which are the transits you never fail to notice that you have found working superbly in practice
  8. Which is your favorite dasa, some pointers in deciphering the results of those dasas that you feel is not known to many or overlooked often.
  9. Can you list down 2-3 charts in your experience that you found something rare in them, some rare combination that gave result.
  10. Among the regional astrological literature that you have studied, which work has impressed you most and why.
  11. Is it very difficult to remain humble in astrology, a trait not found in most of the successful astrologers. You by far have been very humble compared to your success of your books
  12. What remedy do you prescribe for Sadesathi
  13. What remedy do you prescribe for Marriage
  14. How does one become a good astrologer

Any astrologer who impressed you with his prediction either on your chart or on someones chart. What was the prediction (display chart too)

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