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Is It Wrong To Call The Sun a Graha (Planet)

The Moon is treated as feminine even by scientists. The pronoun “she” is used instead of the noun ‘Moon’. How a planet be male or female. The Infinite article is used before the Moon and the Sun. But in reality every planet has a number of moons in the solar system. There are number of Suns in universe, say astronomers.

Americans call all Europeans as western people though Europe is in the east to America. Japanese are called as Far eastern people though they are in the west to the people in Florida. Are these not anomalies.

In Chinese astrology there are 108 stars. But they are not at all physical matter in the universe. They are hypothetical and arrived at by five elements combination.

The word operation, Constitution, Father etc, give different meanings in different places.

“Operation Theatre” does the word ‘operation’ gives same meaning?

The word Constitution in politics is different from the word constitution in the medical science.

Every Science and treatise has its own terminology. The word “GOODS” in Economics is not same as the word GOODS in Accounts. Computer HUB is different from Hub in a bicycle.

The word father in “Father in a church”, “the father of a nation” does not denote the father who really gave birth.
The meaning of RICE in a Hotel differs from that of in a grocery shop.

The cine star is not at all a permanent one. It fades away.

In Sanskrit Bhaga’ means vagina. Bhagavathi means revered or respected woman. But a crooked clever scholar will explain the word “the woman with vagina”.

In Telugu ‘poolu’ means flowers. But in Tamil it means penis. The word facial has different meaning in different contexts. One should not apply as per his own wishes.

Besides the custom and tradition, the context, the environment etc., also should be observed.

Let us examine the word “Burn”. If we lit a paper or an article with the help of a match box it will be burnt into ashes. But it is not the case with the burning a C.D. The person without common sense may through the c.d. into a fire, if we ask him to burn the c.d.

The word ‘match’, gives different meaning in ‘match box’, ‘cricket match’ and ‘marriage match making ‘.

On seeing the news in a paper that “India Won Australia” “Pakistan Won Sreelanka”, No body assumes that winning Country is won the defeated country, in a political battle or war. Common sense is needed.

For correct understanding of anything, the acquaintance with the subject, getting into that environment, knowing the terminology etc., is a must.
Besides the custom and tradition, the context, the environment etc., should be observed.

Graha means which catches or shows influence.

Though, the word planet has been taken as synonym for Graha the definitions and meanings are different.

It is no matter  whether it is big, large, small, little, tiny, self luminary or not, with or without physical  substance ,  but  only  the  qualification  is,  showing  influence on the living beings, on the earth.

This is the definition of a Graha. These nine, Ravi (though modern astronomers call star),Chandra (who is called a satellite), the brilliant Sukra, Big and large Guru, the tiny Budha and Kuja, Sani who is irregular in shape, Rahu and Ketu who are not seen and has no physical body— all these are called grahas in vedic astrology.

All grahas receive light and energy from Sun. Sun also catches energy heat etc from Major and fixed stars like the other eight planets.

It can be traced by observing the heat produced by the Sun in different seasons. The Sun is influenced by the stars. In May and June Sun produces heavy heat because he is influenced by the stars Krittika and Rohini (Karthari).

Generally people think the Sun is nearer to the earth at that time. If it is so the Sun is nearer to the earth in the month of October also. Then he is not so heat as he is in May.

The nodes also show their influence on the Sun and the Moon besides on the earth. It can be understood by the word “Grahana”. Grahanam means to catch or to get into hold. The nodes catch the Luminaries. Then latter’s influence is not felt on the earth. Graha + na (No influene).

One should not keep one’s finger on the terminology of any subject.

Sun also is a graha only.

In vedic astrology, There is also a discussion in Astrology and Ayurveda, about the balagrahas which hurt the infant and children in various stages. And we find some aprakasaka grahas also in astrology.

There is a saying in Sanskrit “Jamaatha dasamo grahaha”. This means the son-in-law is the tenth graha. Here the human being son-in-law is called as graha as he influences the wife’s family positively or negatively, based on his nature. He is not a planet.

In the word ‘Vigraha’ idol in Temples etc., we see word graha. It means Visishya Grihnathi. The figure influences the devotee excessively.

In Vedic astrology we find another term ‘Dhanya’. Every graham is being represented by a Dhanya. Among them Rice and wheat are called as cereals. Black gram, Toor gram, Green gram and Bengal gram are called as pulses. Beans are some way different from pulses. Sesame is called as seeds. We extract oil from sesame and not from other pulses or cereals. Horse gram is very different from all these.

But in Vedic Astrology all these are called as Dhanyas. That is its own terminology.Since Thousands of years, The Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are being called, collectively, Grahas. Who are we, to ask not to call them Grahas.

Dog is Dog. God is God.

Cereal is a village in Alberta in Canada. Rice also is called cereal. What a wonder.

Shall we ask the people of Cereal not to call their village, Cereal?   

The Zodiac is divided into 12 signs (Rasis). In Vedic Astrology, only 27 constellations (Nakshatras) are taken, which constitutes the path, in which the Earth moves. Every constellation is a group of some number of stars. All these stars move along with Signs towards east. But the so called star, the Sun appears to be moving in these signs from east to west.

The stars move with the 12 signs whereas the Sun moves in these 12 signs as the other planets do, in an opposite direction the stars move. That is the difference between the stars and the Sun as per Vedic Astrology.

The Enemy of every Science is Closed Mind

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