Jacko’s – Birth Time Rectification

Jacko’s - Birth Time Rectification

Micha Felner is well known for having developed new fascinating methods for financial astrology but his more important contribution is his own software for rectification of birth times. Micha Felner is originally from Israel and is now living in Amsterdam. He is a member of ISBA, the International Society of Business Astrologers You can contact Micha at His website is


Jacko’s – Birth Time Rectification

The Case of Michael Jackson


Micha Felner, Holland

Readership Level: Advanced

Following M. Jackson mystery death, a debate regarding his exact birth time began. Different charts had been suggested as the real one chart together with very convincing arguments. Because M. Jackson was born only once, I thought it will be useful to run a methodical rectification case by the Solar-Lunar method.

Here is the list of events for the rectification

Release “Off the wall” album – 8/1979

Release “Thriller” album- 12/1982       

Winning the Grammy award – 26.2.1985

The buying of “ATV music” – 1985

Wrote “We Are the World” – 1985

MJ seen for the first time wearing a surgical mask in public – 1990

MJ being accused in molesting 13 years old boy by his father – 8/1993

MJ being arrested – 20.11.2003

What Is the Solar-Lunar Method

The solar-lunar method is a basic technique that gives each planet rather a solar or lunar identity.

chart 111

In the diagram above, the dividing line divides the wheel into 2 symmetrical parts, so each planet represented on both sides. In that diagram, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto appears as a higher level of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. By the Sun-Moon polarity represented by Cancer-Leo signs, we can see that it takes 30 degrees to change from a Solar phase to a Lunar phase.

This principle applies for each one of the planets by giving them solar or lunar identity

A Day Or A Night Chart

It is all determined by the position of the Sun above or below the horizon.

If the Sun is above the horizon, it is a day chart.

If the Sun is below the horizon, it is a night chart.

In a day chart, each planet in the chart will have a Solar or a Lunar identity as it appears in the half side of the Sun in the diagram above. (Day)  

In a night chart, each planet in the chart will have a Solar or a Lunar identity as it is appearing in the half side of the Moon in the diagram above. (Night)


In a day chart (Sun above the horizon):

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto will have a Lunar identity.

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune will have a Solar identity

In a night chart (Sun below the horizon):

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto will have a Solar identity.

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune will have a Lunar identity

The Rectification Process – The 2 Main Cycles

Unlike many others rectification methods that are looking for the right ASC and MC, the following rectification method is about 2 main others degrees.

One is the Focus degree.

The second is the Karma degree.

Focus Degree Calculation – Example (see diagram below)

The Mc is at 0AQ44

Adding 90 degrees bring us to 0TA44

The Asc degree is at 21TA45

The midpoint between (MC + 90) and between the Asc is 11TA15

This is the focus degree of the 1st house.

30 degrees farther on is the focus degree of the 2nd house, and so on.

By this method, the focus degree is the center of the house.

The Karma Degree Calculation – Example (see diagram below)

The Midpoint between the Focus degree and the Moon-Node is The Karma cycle degree.

By the above focus degree calculation example, the focus degree is at 11TA30

The Moon-Node is at 15VI

The Karma degree cycle will be at 13CN which is the midpoint between the two.


chart 113

In both cases, the focus and the karma degrees, these degrees create a 12 houses degrees cycle, means that the 2nd house focus degree will be at 11GE30 and so on

It means that the 2nd house karma degree will be at 13 Leo.

The Rectification Process – Verifying the Events

When we are verifying the events, the focus will be on the position of 6 major transit positions:







Stage 1

Looking at 1979 event – most of the major planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is at the degree 17.

As it is the first main album release, we can assume that the focus degree is at 17 degree or at 2 degree (45 degrees cycle)

Stage 2

If the Focus degree is at 17 or 2 degrees, what are the possibilities for the Karma cycle degree to be?

The Moon-Node in MJ chart is at 23LI.

So, the possible degree for the karma cycle is

 20 or 5 (45 aspect)

 when calculating midpoint between 17 and 23    


12 or 27 (45 aspect)

when calculating the midpoint between 2 and 23

After a quick check of the events above and the main transits planets positions, it was mostly clear that the 20/5 appearances are much more dominant.

That is leaving us with 12 possibilities, in the range of 24 hours rectification, as the focus degree is at 17 degree and the karma cycle is at 20 or 5 degrees.

Stage 3

Going into the second event – 12/1982 we are trying to find out:

Can we get another confirmation to the degree 17 as the focus degree?

Can we have an idea what is the 1st house sign which will lead us directly to the exact birth time as we know already the exact degree?

The 6 main positions are:

Uranus – 6SAG

Neptune – 26SAG

Pluto – 28LI30

Uranus/Neptune – 16SAG

Uranus/Pluto – 17SC

Neptune/Pluto – 27SC

We can consider 2 transits out of 6 around the 17 degrees as a kind of confirmation for the 17 degrees as the focus degree.

We can not have any idea by this 1982 event what is the 1st house sign of MJ

Stage 4

Now we are coming to one of the most important years of MJ life the 1985 year.

In that year he received the Grammy award, he bought the “ATV Music” and he wrote the song “We are the world”

Looking at the Grammy award date – 26.2.1985

The 6 main positions are:

Uranus – 17SAG

Neptune – 03CP

Pluto – 04SC

Uranus/Neptune – 25SAG

Uranus/Pluto – 26SC

Neptune/Pluto – 04SAG

The most interesting position is:

Uranus at 17SAG

Regarding Uranus at 17SAG

If we compare the 1979 first main album release to the Grammy award event, this is the only main transit position that repeat itself.

Neptune was at 17SAG in 1979 event

Uranus was at 17SAG in 1985 event.

We like to make an assumption that 17 in mutable signs will be the 1st house sign.

In that case we have 4 possibilities for the 1st focus degree:

17 Gemini




Now for the first time we will use the solar/lunar principles to figure out which one of these 4 possibilities is most likely to be the right one.

We have to assume that Uranus transit was solar to the 10th house as it was creating and advancing MJ status.

By that:

Gemini 1st house is a night chart as the Sun is below the horizon.

Uranus transit will be in that case Solar in the 7th house

(Uranus is solar in a night chart)

Because the 90-degree aspect turns the phase of the planet, it will be lunar regarding the 4-10 houses.

So, we have to drop that possibility.

Virgo 1st house is a day chart as the Sun is above the horizon.

Uranus transit will be in that case lunar in the 4th house

(Uranus is lunar in a day chart)

So, we have to drop this possibility as well

We remain with 2 options only: SAG or Pieces 1st house sign.

17 SAGS in a day chart comparing to 17 pieces in a night chart

The main problem to find which the right one is the fact that each transit we will check will have the same outcome.

(See the 2 pictures below)

chart 114

A solar transit is activating the house.

A lunar transit brings a passive energy into the matter.

How can we separate between these 2 possibilities?

Now it is the time to use the Karma cycle.

Stage 5

In the 17 SAG option, the karma cycle is 20SC

(The midpoint between 17SAG and 23LI)

In the 17Pieces option, the karma cycle is 20TA

(Because it is a night chart, and the position of the Sun in relation to the Moon-Node is a day chart, we have to make to Moon-Node degree to be a night chart as well-means to be 23CN

By that the karma cycle is the midpoint between 17PI and 23CN

Now we have 2 options which are in opposition between one another one is a day chart – 20SC

One is a night chart – 20TA in regards to the Sun position in Virgo.

If we will check transits to this cycle, we will have different interpretation by the solar-lunar method.

Here we come.

Regarding the 8/1993 molesting accusation:

In general, we are expecting to find solar transits to the 8th house, and lunar transit to 5th / 11th houses.

These accusations could hurt MJ reputation badly, and that is what the lunar transits to 5-11 houses should show.

In addition, we may find solar transits to 1-7 houses and lunar transits to 4-10 houses as it puts in risk MJ’s career.

Here are the positions of the main transits:

Uranus – 19CP

Neptune – 19 CP

Pluto – 22SC

Uranus/Neptune – 19CP

Uranus/Pluto – 20SA50

Neptune/Pluto – 20SA50

To begin with, all the positions are around the degree 20 which is the karma cycle in both possibilities.

We will focus first on Uranus/Pluto and Neptune/Pluto midpoints both at 20SAG.

For the 17PI focus degree possibility which makes the karma cycle to be at 20TA (A night chart)

Both midpoints are on the 8th house degree of the karma cycle.

Because it is a night chart:

Uranus/Pluto midpoint – both planets are solar and activating the 8th house.

Neptune/Pluto midpoint is mixed, Neptune is lunar and Pluto is Solar to the 8th house.

We always consider Pluto influence to be stronger than Neptune, so it is the solar Pluto to the 8th house that dominant the picture again.

chart 115

Pluto at 22SC is a bit out of the picture as we are discussing the 20-degree cycle.

However, for this possibility the Moon-Node/MC-1 cycle is at….

22TA, as we take the MC 1st house degree which is 21PI as the MC is at 21SAG.

Because it is a night chart, it is the solar Pluto that activating the 7th house degree, and by that 4-10 houses will be lunar.


This is what we are looking for.

The 8th house and 1-7 houses are having solar transit at the same time.

This is not only “BAD”.

This is really “BAD”.

To complete the picture, on 20.11.2003 when MJ was arrested Pluto is at 19SAG and moving forward to 20SAG announcing one of the most embarrassing happening in MJ life.

Again the 8th house degree of the karma cycle had been activated.

At that time, the Moon-Node itself is at….  20TA!

This can explain the difference between the 1993 event when there was no arrest involved and the 2003 event.

In 1993, regarding the midpoint Neptune/Pluto at 20SAG, the Neptune is lunar to the 8th house, which makes it to be solar to the 5th house.

So, there was a way out then.

In 2003 solar Pluto to the 8th house is stand alone making the lunar influence to the 5th house, so there was no escape this time.

What would happen if we take the other option of 17SAG which makes the karma cycle to be at 20SC – A Day chart.

In that case, in August 1993:

The lunar energy will be on the 2nd house- 20SAG.

By that, the solar energy will go to the 90 degrees phase, to 5-11 houses.

By that it should be a supporting reputation event, and it was not.

The same is about 20.11.2003, when Pluto was at 20SAG.

Pluto is lunar in a day chart and on the 2nd house, sending solar energy to the 5th house.

So, it is not making any sense as well.

By that we can determine that the 19:40 PM is the right time for

MJ which was born on 29.8.1958 and died on 25.6.2009

ASC – 13PI

MC – 21SAG

Focus – 17PI

Karma – 20TA

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