Jaimini’s Navamsa dasa ADHYAYA 2 – PADA 3

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विषमे तदादिर्नवांशः॥१॥

अन्यथा आदर्शादि॥२॥

These are two lines available in Jaimini Sutras which throw light on Navamsa Dasa.


Verse 1: If the birth falls in an odd sign, the Navamsa Dasas commence from it.

NOTES and Interpretations: Commencing from Janma Lagna if Janma Lagna is odd. The dasa signs are direct and regular from Janma Lagna. If the Janma Lagna is Gemini, the commences from Gemini followed by Cancer, Leo, Virgo etc. Each Rasi contains 9 Amsas or Navamsa and hence each Rasi dasa count is taken to be 9 years making a total 0f 108 years. The Odd signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aqarius.


Verse 2: Dasa commences from the adarsa signs of Janma Lagna, if it is an even sign.

Notes and Explanations: Abhumukha, Sammukha, darpana are the words synonym with adarssa. Various explanations given by different authors. I am taking the explanation of Sri Irnganti Rangacharya and follow his explanations. Other vies are also given after the explanations of Sri Ranghacharya.

Since Darpana is another word synonymous aith Adarsa, Raghavabhatta and Nrisimha Suri call is as Darpana dasa. We will also adhere to this naming convention. Commence Darpana dasa from the Sammukha sign of Janma Lagna if Janma Lagna is an even sign. (This is the meaning of the 2nd stanza). Hence the even signs – Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces come under the 2nd verse. The sammukha sign of Taurus is Libra. For Cancer it is Aquarius; For Virgo it is Gemini; For Scorpio it is Aries; For Capricorn it is Leo and for Pisces it is Sagitarius. Here also the order of the dasa is regular. That for Taurus Janma Lagna, the darpana dasa commences from Libra and goes on with Scorpio, Sagittarius etc.

The duration as said earlier is 9 years to each dasa.

In female horoscope, it begins from Janma Lagna if it is an even sign and the order of the dasa is reverse. If Janma Lagna is odd, it begins from the sammukha sign of Janma Lagna and the order of the dasa is reverse.

Other authors/commentators explain thus : As far as the explanation to the first verse is concerned all authors agree that the Dasa will commence from Janma Lagna if Janma Lagna falls in an odd sign. The difference of opinion is only in respect of the 2nd worse and that is due to the various interpretations used in defining the word ‘Adarsa’.

If a movable sign is Lagna, then the 8th Rasi from Lagna becomes the commencement Dasa. If Lagna falls in a fixed sign the commencing Dasa will be the 6th Rasi from it. If Lagna falls in a common sign, the Dasa commences from the 7th Rasi from it. These are called Abhimukha Rasis and their explanations have been given in the earlier sutras.

The Adarsa (facial) is the other sign owned by the Lord of the ascendant excepting for the luminaries and Saturn.

Adarsa sign for various Ascendnats are as below:

Aries  – Scorpio; Taurus – Libra; Gemini – Virgo; Cancer – Aquarius; Leo – Capricorn; Virgo – Gemini; Libra – Taurus; Scorpio – Aries; Sagittarius – Pisces; Capricorn – Leo; For Aquarius – Cancer; For Pisces – Sagittarius.

Some authors take Adarsa to mean the 7th house for dual signs using the Abhimukha (fromtal) principle for all signs except the dual signs where the opposite signs are taken. However, the Iranganti Ruse of Abhimukha principle does not satisfy the basic need that the Navamsa dasas should begin from an odd sign. The Adarsa (facial aspect) principle is more popularly used. Ngachara is of the firm opinion that the for dual signs the 4th sign is the sammukha sign as per Katapayati for ADARSA is (Aa=0; da=8; sa=3; Therefore 580/12=40 and expunging multiples of 12 we get 4).

This is an Ayur dasa.

Also no explanation has been given by any authors to the calculation of Antardasa and further sub divisions. We will take it as Antar dasa is of 9 months duration and Pratyantar dasa is of 22.6 days.

Some other authors have interpreted adarsa to mean the 4th house (Adarsa=580/12=4) stating that for even signs ascending the Navamsa dasa begin from the 4th house.

Fatal dasa signs in darpana dasa: (According to Iranganti Ranghacharya)

  1. Death is probable in the 5th or 9th dasa signs of the commencing dasa sign, if they are connected with the malefic planets by aspect or association.
  2. If the dwara and bahya signs are afflicted with the malefics, death is probable in the bahya AD of the dwara dasa sign.
  3. If the dwara dasa sign and the lord of the dwara dasa signs are afflicted with malefics, death is probable in the dasa sign occupied by the lord of dwara dasa sign in the dwara dasa sign
  4. Death is probable in the 8th dasa sign if it is connected with malefics.
  5. The 8th dasa sign occupied by the waning Moon is fatal.
  6. The 8th dasa sign aspected by Venus is fatal

There is also another rule which states that unless Navamsa dasa sign contains or aspects Yama in the 3rd house from Arudha Lagna, death cannot come.

During the Navamsa dasa of a particular sign, if its Dwara and Bahya are in malefic signs or afflicted by malefics, death is indicated.

Explanations of dwara and bahya:

The sign from which a Dasa commences or any dasa sign which begins under judgement is called dwara sign.

Count as many signs from the dwara as it has gained from the ascendant. The sign arrived at is bahya. If Aries ascends and the dasa is of the 4th sign Cancer, the dwara is Cancer and the Bahya is Libra (four signs from Cancer).

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