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Guru & Guide: Ashok Upadhayay

The Learned should make themselves familiar with fundamentals of astrology through other works, here only the specific principles will be explained.

Laghu Parasari[1], Chp: 1 Shl: 4

Hidden secrets of astrology rarely come out, it is said many village astrologers possess snap shot prediction methods which have for generations given them success. Some of methods work 60%, some 80% or some 100% but they will not reveal it normally. Here is one method that was taught to scribe via the publisher by Shri Upadhayay. There is more to this method; this is just a brief introduction to this method, the classical logic behind it would be exposed in a separate write up, which deserves more space if it has to be understood in clarity.

Snap Shot Technique:

‘If Jupiter is placed in Moveable Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) it would spoil/destroy/delay the results of the 12th house from it’.

Scribe was taught only the above one sentence & the following is further exposition on it. 99% of the astrologers when they hear a principle like this immediately form a negation towards something so simple, they do not test it on several charts & pass verdict. Scribe committed the same mistake. In addition, it is not being said that this is a 100 % method but we have found success on it with around 60-70 charts. It is felt that this method can be used in Western Astrology also, so it would be fruitful if western astrologers test this & present their kind feedback. Presented below few charts:-

Chart 1: Marriage & Business – posted on yahoo groups

[1] An ancient work on Sage Parasara’s astrology

chart 255

Jup is the natural significator (karaka) for 9H of fortune (bhagya), the 9H also represent religious ceremony like marriage, this Jupiter being exalted in any chart would normally make us thing the native would get superb results in the above areas of life & also the other areas of lordship he represents. Here in this chart Jupiter is lord of 1H of Life & 4H of Destiny. Incidentally, the native got married at a very late age of 42 & has faced a loss in share business to the tune of Rs 16 lakhs ($ 40,000 USD). Lets apply the rule of Jupiter in Moveable sign, here Jupiter is in Cancer so it should spoil/destroy or weaken the 12th house from it which will become the 7H of marriage & business which fits in with the above mentioned technique.

Chart 2: Spirituality Adventurer

The native of this chart is a man who had travelled all over India for nearly 15 yrs meeting spiritualists, yogis & miracle men. Scribe looked at his chart and asked him one question ‘What exactly are you searching for? He had no reply & he knew it was his moment of awakening. His Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 9H, it will spoil the 12th house from it which is the 8H of occult where Rahu Moon are situated which means he will be taken for a ride by all these so called occultists & he admitted that after all these years this is exactly

chart 256

What a father goes through when his 20th month old son loses speech in an accident only a father who has undergone this pain would know. Jupiter is in Cp in the child’s chart, it is a moveable sign, so it should destroy the 12th from it which is the 2H of speech, additionally it is a maraca sthana[1], and this Jupiter sits in the ‘Phalam’[2] house of 6H of accidents. On 19th of April 1999 around 12 noon, accident happened and the child lost his speech, this was posted on yahoo astro groups in Aug 2007. If we use one of the methods embedded in Chandra Kala Nadi, without using dasa or transit we will get the date of accident as 21st of April 1999, still 2 days beyond the date of the event.

This same Jupiter is in the 2H of speech in the Navamsa harmonic chart in a fixed sign; in scribe’s humble view, this incident could not have been avoided.

Chart 4: Exalted Jupiter separation from father

Around the period the native was born the natives parents got separated. Jupiter is in Cancer in exalted form in the 12H, so it would destroy the 12th house from it which would be the 11H where Moon (mother) is placed. 11H is the house of family of native’s father if we take 10H as father. The mother and father were separated within few months of marriage. Therefore, this Jupiter in the 12H destroyed the family life of native’s father who became more of an alcoholic.

chart 257

The 11H is also the house of maraca of the father if we take 10H of father, if we take 9H as father as many astrologers do, then 11H is the 3rd house of longevity of father, thereby we can conclude that this Jupiter in the 12H will affect the longevity of father. When will this be affected, let us use Yogini Dasa but before we use that it is the belief of scribe that any Dasa Only brings about the ‘Condition & the Environment’ for the event to take place. To find out what the event will be there are other tools.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

Sat MD /Moon AD: 2007-June-27 to 2007-Aug-27

Saturn is the 7th & 8th lord from Jupiter & Moon is in the 12th house from it, which is the house it is destroying & is the house of longevity of father; thereby in Sat MD Moo AD the death of father took place in the time frame of 2 months of this AD.

Observations on Using Yogini Dasa with Jupiter in Moveable Signs:-

  1. Take Jupiter as the Ascendant.
  2. Jupiter is spoilt naturally by Rahu (Dragons Head) so Rahu inadvertently can show up in Yogini Dasa sequence when the Jupiter giving event happens.
  3. Planets in 12H from Jupiter note it down
  4. 12th lord from Jup (in Chara signs) must be noted.
  5. See the planets associating with the 12H & 12L from Jupiter; they will pop up in the dasa sequence MD/AD/PD.
  6. At times planets influencing/aspecting this Jupiter also contribute in the dasa sequence.

Chart 5: Natives father never worked in life – posted on yahoo forums.

Jupiter is Aries a moveable sign in the 12H of the chart of this native, which means it will destroy ‘One of the Significations’ of the house 12th from it which is the 11H here. This 11H in turn is the house of wealth, sustenance, livelihood for the father of the native if we take 10H as house of father. For those who take 9H as father, we can see that 11H is the house of purusharta (efforts) of father. The native’s father never ever worked in life thereby not earning any money and for 15 yrs the family has lived in utter poverty is what was posted on yahoo forums. This shows us how Jupiter has destroyed one particular signification of the 11H, you can further note that Moon which is in the 11H is the natural karaka for mother and is also the MK (Jaimini) doubly indicating mother, we can assume that all this surely has caused concern to his mother or harmed the significations of the mind.

Chart 6: No Bhagya in Marriage

chart 259

This chart was posted in 2003 in yahoo astrology forum, the native has Jupiter in Capricorn a moveable sign in the 4H, so the 12H from it will be destroyed which is the 3H, which in turn is the 9th from the 7H of marriage indicating the future/ fortune (bhagya) of one’s marriage, an often-ignored house by most astrologers in respect of marriage. As soon as the native married within 1 day the native was told by the spouse that he married her for her monetary benefit only. She left the spouse immediately thereby demonstrating that the bhagya of marriage got spoiled with Jupiter in the 4H in sign of Capricorn. This way the 1st marriage of the native has unfortunately got spoilt.

Chart 7: Bollywood Actor Sanjay Dutt’s association with terrorists. (Data from K.N.Rao’s article)

Jupiter is Libra a moveable sign, so 12th from it will be destroyed which will be 11H, which is the house of one’s contacts/friend circle. Here Rahu is placed and rahu[1] is significator of terrorists & additionally Rahu indicates foreign to oneself. Therefore, when we see a chart like this we must warn the native to be cautious of his friend circles. After the 1993 serial bomb blasts that rocked mumbai he was investigated for holding unauthorized guns. The rifle was destroyed by Yusuf Nullawalla, Kersi Adjenia, Rusi Mulla and Ajay Marwah in accordance with Dutt’s request as per media reports. The drama of arrests and release followed for years.

Now use Yogini and see that this Jupiter destroys 12th from it & spoils Rahu.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

 Rah MD/ Rah AD:  2006-March-02 to 2007-Dec-11

When we thought all was over, then on 28th November 2006 when this Rahu’s MD & AD were running a TADA court found him guilty. It is not about racism here, one can learn that this Jupiter has destroyed Rahu giving negative results from terrorist links from rahu, others will go scot free but the native should have been warned years back by astrologers who wrote on him that his ‘Friends’ would cause him the trouble. As usual, the most important prediction that a native needs to hear is never mentioned by astrologers, we all know.

Chart 8: Troubled life forever.

[1] In Indian astrology Rahu is foreigner though loosely practitioners take it as muslims.

chart 261

The chart belongs to a man whose life has always been full of troubles and struggles, happiness eludes him though he earns well in a foreign country. See Jupiter is in the sign of Libra; he will spoil the 12th house from it, which is the 1H. Now what is the 1st house, it is the house of ‘Ones Whole Life’, some ancient granthas have said it is the house of one’s profession though general astrology that we practice we take 10H as profession. Another way of looking at 1H is it is the 4th house of Happiness of one’s Profession. This native has had a troubled profession for all his life, his whole life has been extremely troubled with loads of difficulties. This 1H, which is spoilt due to Jupiter, has the sign Virgo, so its lord Mercury will show its results more dramatically.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

Merc:  1999-04-26 to 2004-04-25

During 1999 to 2004 period of mercury who is lord of 12th from moveable sign Jupiter, the native’s life was nothing short of hell, bad married life (1H shows wifes marriage), career full of troubles with continuous injustice from immediate superior.

Chart 9: Spoilt relations with parents effecting whole outlook of person

chart 262

The native of this chart would not like to reveal full chart details for publication. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the 11H, so 12th from it some signification will be spoilt. This would be the 10H of the chart; it indicates ones father and ones karma, career etc. Natives relations with father are so spoilt that even though they live under same roof they do not talk. From here Moon is debilitated in the 6th from it, we can get clue further on the relations. The 10th House has Arudha Lagna (AL) which shows maya (illusion of life) but this is half truth, the arudha is the ‘Manifestation’, the ‘Sprout of the Root externally’ and this being the arudha of the Ascendant signifying ‘Self’, this Jupiter exalted will spoil the ‘Self’. All these incidents have affected the natives ‘Self’ and mind badly thereby effecting the complete life. If this point is ignored a vital part of the chart is missed. Is exalted Jupiter a great thing or does it destroy a certain part of life, we must probe further in another write up. Now let us time when the disruption of relations between child & parents happen through Yogini Dasa

Event 1: Native had fight with parents and due to stress had to be hospitalized.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

Rah MD/ Merc AD:  2004-Feb-22 to 2005-April-02

In our rules we said Rahu will act as the spoil sport in the case of Jupiter, here native was running Rahu Mahadasa & 12th Lord from Jupiter is Mercury, its antardasa was running when the big fight happened.

Event 2: Big Fight, which created the Crack, not yet healed.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

Ven MD/Sat AD:  1998-Dec-23 to 2000-Feb-22

Our Observation 1 was to take Jupiter as Ascendant, applying it in this chart, we see Saturn R is in 2nd House so as per Bhrighu Samhita, when a planet is retrograde it should also be checked from previous house as it gives results of previous house also, so Saturn moves to 11H with Jupiter and will take part in the drama that Jupiter is giving. From Jupiter Ascendant, the 8th house has Venus with Ketu [1](it shows fights) and the 8th Lord is Saturn, so now we can see that Venus, Saturn will come into the play.

It was in Oct 1999 fight happened between parents, child got involved, dramatic unmentionable events happened and after that things have never been the same in this child’s life. The dasa was Ven/Sat/ Sun. Exalted Sun in the Phalam house from Jupiter Asc.

As per native this is the most significant event of one’s life, scribe could not predict it when he saw this chart first time & do not know if anyone did predict ever. Someone once said ‘If astrologers cannot predict the most significant event of one’s life which would alter the course of life, then they should give up astrology’ at times scribe feels this is the bitter truth most seasoned astrologers have realized.

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