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Jyotish Kalpadrum

Prasna Related with Child Birth.

(Page 58, Chapter related with child birth Prasna, Jyotish Kalpadrum)

1. When female nativity asks about the child birth, if at that time the Rahu is situated in lagna or Arudha lagna, predict the female is pregnant. Its certain, may be the pregnancy has happened only a day before.
2. If Moon is situated in Lagna with benefic planets, child birth will happen certainly. But if Moon is in 3rd, 5th or 9th house with Sun and Venus child birth will not happen.
3. If Jupiter is situated in Lagna or Arudha or in 5th, 7th house in friendly sign child birth will happen, but if in inimical sign children will die at young age.

Deity reorganization from birth horoscope (Page 103) – Jyotish Kalpadrum

1. If Jupiter in 9th house person would worship Lord Rama.
2. If Moon in 9th house person would worship Lord Shiva.
3. If Mars in 9th house person would worship Lord Rama.
4. If Mercury in 9th house person would worship Goddess Durga ( Note: This is different from other classics, they suggest Lord Vishnu).
5. If Venus in 9th house person would worship Lord Vishnu ( Again different from other classics).

Yoga for homosexuality – Jyotish Kalpadrum

If Mercury and Saturn are in 7th house and they are aspected by Sun and Mars, the native becomes homosexual.

Childlessness – Jyotish Kalpadrum

If in Male chart Venus is situated in 5th house in Aries or Scorpio sign, the native will have very less sperm count.

If in female chart Mars is in 5th house in Taurus or Libra sign the lady will be devoid of child birth.