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Kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha is said to be formed if all the planets are situated on one side of Rahu/Ketu axis and five houses on the other side of Rahu/Ketu axis lie vacant.
Strictly speaking Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha does not find a place in classical astrological literature. How this yoga gained currency and gathered a sinister meaning is still a unsolved riddle. As far as the definition of Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha as given above generally holds good but it does not mean that the said Yoga is so dreadful as projected by fellow astrologers so as to create a sense of fear in the minds of common men…
Some of the learned persons opine that if all the planets are situated between Ketu and Rahu this yoga does not exists. But irrespective of whether the planets are between Rahu and Ketu or Ketu and Rahu the Yoga technically exists…
The general belief is that Kaasarpa Yoga/Dosha is evil restraining all other good yogas present in the horoscope and those having Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha in their horoscopes will have set-backs and reverses in life… Some of fellow astrologers have seen saying that this yoga is capable of nullifying the most powerful dhanayogas rendering a rich man poor…. But in my personal view it is not so and i do not agree with this statement… To prove my point i shall be providing live examples….
In interpreting Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha, consideration should be given to the houses which are mainly involved, eg, 1st and 7th, 2nd and 8th, 3rd and 9th, 4th and 10th, 5th and 11th, 6th and 12th…
In each case the results could be different depending upon other horoscopic factors ie if Rahu/Ketu axis involves 1st and 7th house it is not good for marital happiness but this is natural behavior of case lord of 7th house or Venus is powerful and placed in any of favorable houses the evil results should not be predicted,.hence one thing is very much clear that kaalsarp yoga/Dosha does not cause any debacle but it is node’s natural behavior. Had kaalsarp yoga/Dosha damaging effect then in presence of strong 7th lord or Venus these are nullified is an indication that kaalsarp does not harm but other planetary position in a horoscope can be the cause of harm…this rule is applicable to each and every house.
Kaalsarp yoga/Dosha has its bright shades also. It makes one industrious, hard-working and aware of one’s own mental abilities… It raises the native to top position in one’s respective field provided of course other Raja yogas are present in the horoscope…
One thing worth mentioning is Rahu-Ketu axis favour rise in mundane life while Ketu-Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters…
Note: After reading above two paras one can conclude that Rahu-Ketu-Rahu axis is not bad at all as it is being labelled… One thing is worth remembering that suffering due to any reason strengthens the mind and mellows one’s outlook. This is blessing of Kaalsarp yoga/Dosha.
There are some important factors to be noted and given due importance:
(1) In kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha horoscope, the evil gets intensified if the lagna is between Ketu-Rahu. But in case lagna and its lord are strong and well placed these results should not be pronounced.
(2) The evil gets neutralized if lagna is between Rahu-ketu and lord of lagna is well placed in the horoscope…
(3) The yoga can be considered as defunct even if a single planet is with Rahu or Ketu or outside the Rahu-Ketu-Rahu axis. Thus, it is very much loud and clear there is no place for “aanshik kaalsarp yoga/Dosha”….
The original sloka refers to ‘agre rahu’ ie Rahu must be the main or prominent planet meaning by the yoga is effective only if planets are between Rahu and Ketu… Another factor worth remembering is if the planet/planets associated with Rahu or Ketu are strongly disposed by being in its sign of exaltation or in its mooltrikona or in its own house the impact of Rahu and Ketu is nullified.

(4) In case all the houses on either side of Rahu/Ketu axis are occupied/tenanted by planets, the yoga thus goes under the name of “Ashatlakshmi Yoga”. As the name suggests a native born under such configuration enjoys all types of worldly comforts.
The common fear that if Kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha is fully present in the birth chart the effects of other good planetary combinations get nullified, where as this statement does not have any logic since kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha itself does not harm but problem arises when the other planet/planets are not in state of delivering good results.. I have seen horoscopes having complete kaalsarpa yoga but the native to whom chart belongs have progressed in every sphere of life… I am providing live example in this regard…
NOTE: Here the studies have been restricted to the outcome of Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha only…
Chart No.1, Male Native,
DOB:04/05/1973, TOB:01:15AM

astrology 001

This native has Rahu in 12th house and Ketu in 6th house and rest of the planets are scattered from house 1st to 5th house thus a complete Kaalsarpa yoga (as defined) is present. Native after doing his post graduation appeared for Punjab State Services and cleared the examination for selected and doing very was during Rahu’s this period native got married was blessed with a daughter and a son..very shortly he will be promoted as SDM..
Chart No.2, Female Native..
DOB:04/05/1973, TOB:21:30PM,
POB:Jullunder (Punjab)


astrology 002

Chart belongs to a female native..Rahu is in 2nd house and Ketu is in 8th of the planets are disposed in sign Capricorn to sign Taurus hence the conditions for kaalsarpa yoga are fulfilled… Native did her graduation in medicines from India and for her higher studies she moved to Canada did her MD in Gynaecology and well employed in a hospital in Canada.. Happily married to a well qualified doctor and having two kids…
Chart No.3, Female Native.
DOB:15/02/1985, TOB:03:35AM
POB:Rampuraphul (Punjab)

astrology 003

The native of this chart is having Rahu in 5th house in sign Aries while Ketu in 11th house in sign of the planets are in sign Scorpio to sign Pisces thus the conditions are met with kaalsarp yoga exists in chart. Native did her BTech in computer sciences and after then went for MBA after completing her studies she is employed in a MNC and drawing a handsome package.
Chart No.4, Male Native.
DOB:19/09/1933, TOB:20/10PM


astrology 004

This chart belongs to a male native with sign Aries rising in lagena. Rahu is in 11th house in sign Aquarius while Ketu is in 5th house in sign Leo. Rest of the planets are disposed between sign Virgo to sign Capricorn thus the conditions for kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha are met with. Native served in Indian army and retired as chief of Army.Was decorated with highest order of recognitions. After the retirement he got coveted political post and his last posting was as governor of Punjab and Chandigarh…
Conclusion: In all the horoscopes discussed complete Kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha is present. Inspite of kaalsarpa yoga all the natives did well in all the spheres of life. Hence it can be deduced that if otherwise horoscope is strong and it contain positive yogas kaalsarp yoga/Dosha fail to do any harm..

Chart No.5 Female Native, DOB:14/09/1982, TOB:4.53AM IST POB: Anandpursahib (Punjab)

astrology 005

The chart belongs to a female native, born with sign Leo rising in ascendant. Rahu is in 11th house while Ketu is in 5th house, thus a complete ‘Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha exist, but all the houses on either side of Rahu and Ketu axis,( from 12th house to  house to 4th ) thus giving rise to “Ashatlakshami Yoga” hence nullifying any bad effect if indicated by ‘Kaalsarpa Yoga/Dosha’. Native holds a PhD degree in engineering, employed as a professor in an reputed engineering college. Happily married and very well settled in life.

Conclusion : Thus it is evident from the above cited examples that “KaalSarpa Yoga/Dosha, which does find any validity in classics should not be considered as dreaded as it is treated.In case other planetary combinations are missing at the same time ascendant and its lord are weak and ill disposed one is likely to suffer and that too not due kaalsarpa yoga/Dosha but due the weakness of referral houses and their lord…

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