Karve Guruji – An Exposition By R.G.Krishnan, USA

Karve Guruji (respectfully called in this manner by his devotees) is a well known person in the astrological world. He, Karve Guruji along with his daughter Pinki and son Sandeep visited our house at Murphy, Texas and stayed with us from May 22nd until May 30th, 2009.  We consider this as our good fortune and a blessing that a highly spiritually elevated person like Karve Guruji could spend his time with us and perform his daily poojas in our house. This was his second visit to our house. He had earlier visited our house for the first time in 1995 and stayed with us for a week.

          Karve Guruji is a blessed soul who got divine vision in his childhood and is also a self realized person. During his stay with us from May 22 to 30, 2009 we had several occasions to chat with him whenever he was free from his daily poojas. On each such occasion, I took the opportunity to ask him as many questions as possible about his early childhood and as to how he got “Siddhi” that is super normal powers and high degree of intuition with the help of which he is able to comprehend date and time of birth of any one who meets him or talks to him over the telephone. I also asked him questions about his Guru from whom he got the astrological knowledge.

          Karve Guruji is a very humble person and as such he did not want any publicity about him. However we tried to reason out with him stating that he owed to the Astrological world to tell about him and to spread his message of love to all human beings and to bring to their notice the Divine mantra he got in his divine vision.

          He replied stating that all things that happened in his life were by the will of God and that he did not plan for it nor will he take any credit for the various things that happened in his life.

I asked probing questions to him, to his daughter Pinky and to his son Sandeep and the information gathered from such questioning is given below which I share with the readers of the Saptarishisastrology magazine  



Karve Guruji’s Birth & Early Childhood.

Shri Karve was born on an Ashadi Ekadasi day, (the exact year of his birth is not known as he was born in his parent’s home at Pune (old name Poona) in a middle class Brahmin family household. In those days births that took place in homes were not recorded by the local Municipality. Due to this reason he did not have any birth certificate. His father was a pious Vedic Brahmin and his grand father was also a pious Vedic Brahmin. They both devoted their entire time in doing prayers & meditation and spent a considerable part of their time to go to Varanasi [old name Benaras] and to do ‘Tapasya’ (penance) there.

          In his early childhood, he was guided by his parents in doing daily prayers and other Vedic rituals as done in any Brahmin family. When he came of school going age he went to a nearby Municipal school at Poona itself. However he did schooling for two years only and then dropped out of school as the school education did not interest him.

His First Exposure To Astrology:

          In his early childhood, some time in the year 1938 or 1939, he happened to pick up a used book from an old books shop. He said that something made him pick up this book as it fascinated him from the very beginning. In that book he found horoscopes of Lord Sri Ram and Lord Sri Krishna were given with some astrological comments. That was his first encounter with Vedic Astrology.  Reading this book was a thrilling experience to him and he felt that as if that he knew the subject (may be from his past births). With great interest he read the book over and over again as the two horoscopes made a big impact on his young mind. He soon memorized these two horoscopes along with the astrological comments on them as contained in that book.

The details of these two horoscopes are as under:


Sri Ram’s Horoscope:

Sri Ram was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra in Kataka Rasi (Cancer Moon sign) Kataka Lagna (Cancer ascendant), with a Jupiter exalted and well placed in ascendant (Lagna). Saturn exalted and well placed in 4th house, Mars exalted and well placed in the 7th house, Venus exalted and well placed in the 9th house, Sun exalted and well placed in the 10th house along with Mercury, Rahu in 6 and Ketu in the 12th house. Thus lord Rama had 5 planets in exaltation signs and one planet in own sign. He told me that this horoscope made big impact in his mind and it seemed to him that he was familiar with astrology as he could understand the book very clearly.



Sri Krishna’s Horoscope[1]

Lord Sri Krishna’s horoscope has the following placement of planets:

He was born in Rohini Nakshatra in Vrishabha Rasi (Taurus Moon sign), Taurus ascendant (Vrishabha lagna). Sun strongly placed in own house and in the 4th house in Leo sign (Simha Rasi), Mercury strongly placed in Virgo sign (kanya Rasi), Venus strongly placed in own house in Libra (Thula Rasi), Mars exalted and placed in Capricorn sign, Saturn strongly placed in own sign Aquarius, Jupiter strongly placed in own house in Pisces, Rahu placed in 6th house from ascendant and Ketu placed in the 12th house from ascendant. Thus Lord Krishna had in his horoscope 5 planets well placed in own sign (Swagrahee) and 2 planets well placed in exaltation signs. These two horoscopes made a big impact on his young mind and he read this book with interest over and over again.  Around this time he felt a deep urge to learn more and more about astrology by reading more books and by discussing the matter with astrology knowing persons.

[1] Publisher: It may interest readers to read another very interesting variation of Shri Krishna’s Horoscope via this article in Outlook Magazine

Shortly, after this book incident, in the year 1939, he met his first Guru by the name of Hari Bhau Dikshit. He gave him the initial knowledge in Astrology. Later in the year 1945 he met Sri GaneshViswanath Joshi. He was a born blind but knew astrology and was a bachelor. He used to sit in a temple all day long every day and tried to guide astrologically the various persons who came to seek his guidance. By the blessings and guidance of Shri Joshi he developed his knowledge further & could also astrologically guide persons who had come to him with their problems.

          Around this time the number of people from all walks of life seeking astrological guidance from him was increasing day by day and he did his best to help them astrologically. One such person was Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan, father of Super Star Amitabh Bachchan who had come to Poona to attend one “Kavi Sammelan” (Meeting of poet artistes) in the year 1942. He had told Karve Guruji that his wife was expecting a baby and wanted to know about the future of that baby. Karve Guruji told him that a son will be born to him soon who will have a very bright future and that he will become a famous person down the road & will be visible throughout the world. Later a son was born to him who was named Amitabh Bachchan and every one knows about Amitabh Bachchan now is a super star of Indian Hindi movies

          In the year 1943 Lata Mangeshkar then a teenage girl met him and wanted to know about her future. Karve Guruji told her that she will become a famous person down the road and her name will be practically in the lips of every citizen of India. All of us know about the singing sensation called Lata Mangeshkar. Around this time many astrology knowing persons used to meet him and discuss astrology with him. In the year 1944 one famous astrologer of that time by name Sahu Modak met him and discussed astrological points with him.

          In the year 1944 One Inspector general of Police in then Bombay Presidency( now called Maharashtra State) by name MaruthikarNarainkar Kamte met him and took him to Yerawada Jail to meet Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was lodged in that prison (jailed by the British Rulers for taking part in freedom movement). Karve Guruji told Mr.Nehru at that meeting that he will be the first Prime Minister of Independent India and that day is not far of.  Every one knows that India became independent in the year 1947 and Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Around this time the father of Sri Shantaram had met him and told him that he is worried about the future of his son. Karve Guruji told him not to worry as his son will make a big mark down the road and will become very famous all over India. Everyone knows about V.Shantaram a highly successful Movie figure.


          Around this time, many Hindu Sadhus and Sanyasis & some saintly persons from Muslim community, used to meet him often and all of them used to tell him that he is a blessed person & that he will be able to see God in a divine vision very soon.

Shortly after this on 8 Aug, 1945, he had a “Divya Dhrishti” (Divine Vision) at a Vishnu temple, at Poona. In that Divine vision he could see in the Idol, the God Vitthal, God of Pandharpur temple – God Balaji of Tirupathi temple and God Srinathji of Dwarka temple. They all appeared before him as if he was watching a TV screen.

This was his first divine vision and during that divine vision he experienced a blissful state of mind and a feeling of happiness of the highest order never so far experienced in his life. Soon after this incident many Hindu Sadhus and Sanyasis used to meet him and told him that he will be able to see many more such “Divya Dhrishtis”(Divine Vision) in his  life.

          On 18th August 1952 at 7 pm, through the help of one Sanyasi, he could get a grand divine vision in which he could see Lord Vishnu in Vishwadarshana. It was like watching TV screen and during this Divine Vision the mantra “Om Shri Vishvadarshan Devatayai   Namaha” was given to him. Since then he has been reciting this mantra in his daily pooja & he continues to do so even now.

          He has since asked several persons who sought his guidance to chant this mantra daily as a remedy to overcome their problems as this mantra will help to invoke the blessings of the Almighty God.


His Marriage & Family Life

               Karve Guruji got married in the year 1957. Since he did not have a formal education he did not work on any job. He used the family fortunes for making his living and the family fortunes gradually got dwindled. His family consists of three sons and three daughters. Although he never worked on any job, by the grace of God he has been running the family comfortably until to-day without any problem as most of the people who sought his guidance generally helped the family by giving some donation.


Karve Guruji’s Trips Abroad:

               He was invited by Arsha Vidya Gurukulam at Saylosburg PA, USA in the year 1995 to attend an astrological seminar. As part of that trip he visited Texas and stayed with us in our home for about 15 days. Subsequently he has been visiting USA almost every year during summer. He has also visited countries in the Middle East. During 1997 he was invited by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to Nether lands and there he was conferred the title of “Satpursuha’’ by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

          Karve Guruji is a tireless person. It is amazing that at his age (estimated to be about 80 yrs old), he observes fasting on every Monday which means that he will not take even water after he gets up until he finishes his daily pooja and after that he will take a small quantity of special food prepared for such fasting days. He observed this fast during his stay in our house and we were amazed to see his energy level was the same as on non-fasting days. He attributed this to “Daiva Shakthi” that is divine help. I have heard of Sages living in Himalayas living on pure cosmic energy as they live in caves in remote areas where food and water is generally not accessible. Likewise may be Karve Guruji is able to absorb energy from the cosmos (cosmic energy) on such fasting days. It was really amazing.


Karve Guruji’s Message To Readers Of Saptarishis Astrology Magazine

                                He says that the mantra he got in the divine vision namely “Om Shri Vishvadarshan Devatayai Namaha” should be chanted for overcoming all problems by each and every one irrespective of the religion they may belong, as this is a universal mantra for all religions and Gods. The flyer given by Karve Guruji is attached for information of all readers at the end of this write up.

May God bless Karve Guruji with long life so that he can be a source of inspiration to the younger generation?


For the benefit of those readers who wish to call Karve Guruji they may call his daughter Pinky Karve in India, I have given below the cell (mobile) number & landline number of Pinky Karve in India. Before calling her the readers are advised to keep a copy of their horoscope with them for ready reference to enable them to double check the placement of planets in the horoscope which they will hear over the telephone during their telephonic talk with Pinky or Karve Guruji. 

Pinky Karve (aka Sanjivani Karve)—mobile (cell):9769753139; Landline 91-22-24362998:   e-mail—

 His Message



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