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Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

This section will cover add-ons to previous articles & also incorporate thoughts on some verses which needs aggressive testing by astrologers working together as a fraternity rather than with the need to malign others methods. The style in which these would be presented will be informal. The last issue had a technique that was unheard of in Indian Astrology where we use only dasas coupled with transits to time events but from basic Rasi Chart to timing event to the year and at times to the day is unheard of and one faces lot of skepticism in the last 2 years due to it.

Chart: Thumbs down by Every Indian astrologer

In the Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) we had mentioned that for fruitful application of the distinction between each 12 year cycle yogas and transits full knowledge is needed. But as of today none of us know the secrets of how to use & apply yogas and transits, especially the Vedha part of transits. By grace we had stumbled upon a shloka[1] of Narada Rishi who laid down the importance of vedhas without which predictions cannot be made, current knowledge on vedhas, yogas as to when it will apply and additional rules of which transit will block the result of a house year that is under consideration is not known. The most precise question in yoga is will it get activated or not in this lifetime, does it have dormant energy, if it is active then by when will it start giving results. These basic rules of shloka today’s astrology unfortunately does not have making it a handicap to us students.

This is the chart of Mr. Amitabh[2] Bachchan who never got a prediction from a single astrologer known to the media whether he will become the Legend that he is today, so as this is a tough chart let us all make an attempt to use yogas. Example the prominent in his chart is Gajakeshari Yoga[3], often quoted by astrologers and also when it does not work in a chart the same astrologer says ‘Ohh Gajakeshari Yoga is not to be given too much importance’. But how do we students reconcile when to use it & when to ignore, that remains unanswered.

Gajakeshari Yoga

Jupiter is exalted in 6H a bad house and forming Gajakeshari Yoga with Moon, so as it is in bad house astrologers will reject it. But there are few points:-

1)  Gajakeshari Yoga can give results at the age of 32 as that is the age of Jupiter this is to be noted. That means what ‘Gajakeshari Yoga will get Activated at the age of 32 & from then it will remain active’ unless opposed by others.

2) How strong is this Gajakeshari Yoga, Jupiter is exalted in Navamsa, and also in Puskara Navamsa which is most important, it is in the 1st navamsa so 1st decade of life or as it is in 4 number navamsa the 4th decade of one’s life (30-40) gets the energy.

3) Next most important point is Gajakeshari Yoga gives more effects for the sign Scorpio which in Amitabhs case is the 10 sign of career so when we see such a chart we note this point of Sc.

4) Most important point as energy implementation theory of grahas is Jupiter is behind the moon and not ahead of the moon, if it was ahead it would be some other meaning altogether and not so strong, here Jupiter is behind Moon, so Gajakeshari Yoga will be effective & the energy will go from Jup TO Moon, note this.

5) The Bhrighu Rule is Moon in the 9H will give result of career in the 32nd year of a person’s life.

6) The moment you see a chart like this where 4 planets are placed in the 8H, especially 10th lord, your eyes should calculate in a sec that as per BCP 8H is 32nd year of one’s life and the Nectar of Life is sitting in the 9H of Bhagya (Start of Prosperity) and 9H is the 33rd

So with BCP too you get ‘around’ 32nd and 33rd year as the key years when Rise of Fortune will start from the not being able to act actor to the great artist that he became even to surpass many legends by winning “Greatest Star of the Millennium” by BBC online poll.[1]

Now let us see what happened in his 32nd year & the movies that gave him his start (bhagya)

32nd year= Oct 1973 to Oct 1974= Super Hit movies like Zanzeer (1973), Abhiman[2] (release July 27, 1973), Namak Haram (release date Nov 19, 1973) & won him the Filmfare award for best supporting actor

33rd year= Oct 1974 to Oct 1975, the BCP goes into the 9H of Real Fortune where the Gajakeshari yoga is getting activated fully, see what Wikipedia says ‘However 1975 was the year when he appeared in two films which are regarded as important in Hindi cinematic history. Deewar (release 24th Jan 1975) & Sholay (release on Aug 15, 1975) all in his 33rd year.

Now the most important aspect, 32nd year is 8H of death, the 33rd year – 9H lord Venus goes into 8H of death where there are 4 planets, in an actor’s chart especially this chart you as a movie director sees these 4 planets and you always give him roles where he dies in the movie. Then notice the years 32,33 – it comes to 8H then you see to it that you give a character where he dies as it will be one of the most memorable deaths in the history of Indian cinema, if you see 8H being activated which is 12th from 9H of Gods, then you give him the role of an atheist. Who can forget his atheist character where he challenges God in Deewar, till date no one Bollywood actor has been able to emulate his atheist character and death scenes of Deewar where he dies in the arms of mother (4L Ven is also 9L of 33rd year) and also his death in Sholay for his best friend – 4L of Venus, let’s not forget that the word used is Bandu for 4H, which means close friend.

His famous accident happened in 41st year which is 5H, there A8 (chronic) is placed and its lord Mer is placed in 8H of chronic accidents in the sign of Virgo – stomach. He was punched in the stomach.

The movie was Coolie, where he played a laborer which was released in 42nd year of 6H of servant, Jupiter exalted in Gajakeshari Yoga, it was a huge success. Lastly take the movie that is the favorite of all those who never got love ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikander’ released in his 37th year, that is 1H, lord is Saturn and placed in his 4H of heart. Saturn is retro, it was a very sad movie he never got his love, it touched everyone’s heart and he gives up everything for his friend (4H of bandu), the 4L goes into the 8H of death, his death scene was the most monumental ever.

Not Asked For Prediction

You wake up & get out of bed in morning, you see the newspaper next to the table, on it is written, Amitabh Turns 66 today, you instantly make calculations so he is in his 67th year now, which means you remember his chart and notice that Rahu sits in his 7H and 7L goes in the 8H of chronic diseases along with 3 more planets in the sign of Virgo (stomach). The day of his birthday is Saturday you remember Saturn is his Asc lord (body) & also 12L of hospitals. You blurt out ‘this year & also next his health is not good Dad, bad survival issues, he would go to hospital’. The Old man replies ‘Morning morning astrology starts and atleast say something good about someone especially since he has not asked you’, your head hangs in shame and afternoon our friend Babban Kumar Singh calls up saying that ‘Amitabh has been hospitalized due to stomach problems’[1]  people start praying again and media goes haywire. You call your father and remind him of your prediction he dismisses it saying Amitabh is an old man so can fall sick.

Amitabh Verse

We were sitting with Shri P.M.Padia the guru of famed US astrologer, James Braha who is regarded as one of the first people to introduce Vedic Astrology in US. Padia Saheb asked us to load the magazine on his PC & started browsing the magazine, he came to this verse and asked us to explain it. The verse is present in the Vol 2 May Issue on Page 226 in the Palm Leaf Section & is reproduced below.

जीवांशकर्क्षादि केद्रसंस्थः निशाकरो वास्य सुतो थवापि

तदधिगच्छन्ति विनाशमुग्रा दोषा यथाब्जा हिमसन्निपाते

  • If Moon or Mercury occupies the quadrant from the Navamsa Rasi of Jupiter, even severest dosha will vanish.

यदा जीवस्थितांशर्क्षात् भवरश्यंशगः सितः

  • If Venus is posited in the 11th Navamsa from the Navamsa of Guru, the doshas are alleviated.

Similarly, it is written that if Mercury is posited in the 11th Navamsa from the Navamsa of Jupiter, then the dosha vanishes. These Shlokas are important to know if remedial measures will work or not work.

When a verse is not understood by application its worth is not there, when some light is seen its importance comes into the picture and this is what happened; now we don’t remember from where we had picked this verse. See the Navamsa of Amitabh and bear in mind that Bhuvan Deepika calls Navamsa as the ‘Fruit of Ones Horoscope’.

Verse 1: If Moon or Mercury occupies the quadrant from the Navamsa Rasi of Jupiter, even severest dosha will vanish.

Application: The navamsa Rasi of Jupiter is Cancer and in Rasi chart Moon is in quadrant, doshas (evils) will vanish due to mother’s blessings, noteworthy is his mother was a great sadhak.

Verse 2: If Venus is posited in the 11th Navamsa from the Navamsa of Guru, the doshas (limitations) are alleviated.

Application: In his D9 Venus is in the 11th Navamsa from the Navamsa of Jupiter, 8H is the house of sustenance of marriage, inspite of the hurdles & scandals he has faced he has never let go of his marriage to Jaya. 8H is also the gain of wife and here it is Venus (wife) in 8H, so after marriage there would be 100% increase in Fortune which is what happened to him, before his association with Jaya he was no were and as soon as he got engaged to her his rose from Zero to Hero. 

If it was not for Shri Padia’s insistence that we open Amitabhs Chart, this verse would have gone unnoticed as were trying to open another chart on his PC. It is unfortunate that though Padia Saheb has been a personal friend but due to other factors he has not been able to write for us to far. Lets pray he writes for SA and some gems come out as he has a knack of making astrology ‘Easy’ which aligns with our Vision too.

Chart 2: Case of Border Asc & Chart Rectification

Case of Border Asc & Chart Rectification

ative works in scribe’s office and does not believe in astrology but approaches for a chart reading of his uncle. There were around 8 people in the room when Kundan asked us to see the chart.  It was a border ascendant & your reputation is at stake. He was asked if his uncles wife is beautiful with round face (moon deb in 7H), he said absolutely correct, does he have many daughters, he said yes 3 daughters (Ven deb in 5H of children). Ta Asc looked convincing but what would clinch the deal then it flashed us what was the basic query on which Kundan had approached us, it was should the person do business of bicycle spare parts or a grocery store. He did not indicate that his uncle had already decided to do grocery store. Now see right now it is Sept 1st 2008[1], its natives 55th year which comes to 7H of business. The question was about business see, so Ta Asc can be further taken ahead. We saw Moon at 3.31Sc, debilitated and used BCP-2 the date came to 19th/20th Sept 2008, so we asked him did your uncle have a huge fight with either wife or business partner or any relationship on this date. He called his uncle, number was busy, after 10 mins Kundan might have spoken to his Uncle and said ‘Sir, Nishane Pe Lag Gaya in his Raj Thackeray style’ (it hit the spot). He said with extreme enthusiasm Uncle confirmed big fight happened exactly on same day. He was further told that as Moon is placed there in the 7H the native will put grocery store only & he would make his wife sit on the cash counter. After some weeks Kundan reported that it had happened word to word but he did not tell his uncle & kept on repeating Sir you removed the date in 30 secs that was so fast. Jay Weiss must be thanked for the software.

Experiments with Rising Nature of Signs

Chart: 98yr old gets Vision, chart of our author Norah Nasturas’s Mother

Norah as you know is our author and one of the team members of Saptarishis Astrology. This is what Norah wrote:-

Rising Nature of Signs

Hi S….

\only checking mails

Mom is ok, surgery was Tuesday 11th Nov 2008, we went yesterday Wednesday to see the doctor he find everything ok she is happy, she can see, the doctor says in some days will be better. Monday we need to go again to see him i am going out now, sorry i will write more long this afternoon


Now see 98th year will be the 2nd house as per BCP and the sign is Taurus and as per BPHS Verse 8. Chp 4 it is a sign rising with its back (Preestodaya). Now note this reverse aspect of its rising, see 2H is eyesight & it is the sign Taurus which again stands for eyes in Natural Zodiac. So the strengths of Venus in this relation (eyes) will be more stronger compared to other Venus of Taurus of other Asc. This Venus joins the 6th lord of operation Mer who is dispositor of A8(chronic) and is with A6 in the 9H of blessings along with Sun whose signification stands for eyes as we all know. Now calculate the date for all the 3 planets, to make it short let’s take Sun as it is close to Ven the dispositor of a reverse rising sign, there are two dates it will give one through straight calculation and other through reduction from 30 degrees due to Pristhodaya effect of Venus who is 5 deg away.

Sheersodaya Calculation Sun: 3° 24’= 28th Jan 2008

Pristhodaya Calculation Sun: 30 – 3° 24’= 26 °36 = Converted to days from her last birthday = 6th Nov 2008 whereas she had a successful eye operation for cataract on 11th Nov 2008.

The BCP calculator released on download section of the magazine does not contain this method of calculation whereas our private test version created specially by Jay Weiss (Sweden) has this Pristhodaya version and you can’t make Jay do anything unless you share the methodology which we had to way back in July/Aug 2008.

In last email she was asked which eye the surgery was done, she said right eye, as you can see the BCP House is 2H of right eye.


Chart: Mentors Torpedo

The boy in question is not able to start his career with the business he wants to do and even though married has not been able to start earnings, 1.5 years back we had predicted that when in his 33rd year (9H) – Aug 2007-Aug2008 his Bhagya (Fortune) will rise as Mer is exalted, incidentally nothing happened and few weeks back mentor reported back this. Now back then when we had predicted we did not know the riders of other parts of astrology e.g. 6th from Jupiter will be a spoilt/blocked house (BSP-2) Since this natal Jupiter is in the 4H and retro, the 6th from it is the 9H where Mer is exalted and hence the bhagyadaya (rise of fortune) is blocked hence nothing happened in the 33rd year. In the 33rd year Tr Jupiter was in the 12H and 10th from there is the 9H of 33rd year hence as we learnt in BSP-2, this house will get spoilt. Note here that Tr Saturn and it destroys one house from it, on this in Vol 5 the BSP-3 will be revealed. At the end of the day we have not been able to predict on this chart and failed miserably.

Feedback from Authors Only

In order not to create fake feedback only feedback of some of the authors that has some relevance is taken in regards to BCP methodology & also to encourage those many others who are not venturing into something new due to varied reasons.

  1. Alok Jagawat – Author Saptarishis Astrology

He has addressed our reluctance in calling it Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi instead of our 2 year name of Chandra Kala Nadi Progression.

—– Original Message —-
From: pdp <>
To: Admin <>
Sent: Wednesday, 27 August, 2008 8:37:25 AM
Subject: Re: pdp <> Subject: Re: Vol 3 release Schedule

Dear Sir/Madam,

I personally congratulate you for this brilliant issue of yours. I was already working on secret principles of Bhrigu after observing a Brighu Shastri Shri. Prahlad Rai of Jaipur. He was using the exact method been mentioned by you. His father was a very famous astrologer and he learnt this method from Somebody in Orissa. He was so adept at this method, that he predicted everything just after a single look at the horoscope. He also wrote his own Bhrigu Nadi which rests with his son. I have seen that booklet many times. It carries transit charts and reference numbers. Each number carries a prediction part in other book.

His son learnt this method from him only and I was surprised by his predictions. During a course of one month I used to sit with him and I watched him very carefully. I tried to use Shri Patel Ji’s method of Jupiter Saturn rotations on houses in D-1 chart. I knew the subtraction method done by him but I always wondered about other numbers and subtractions. Your article cleared all my doubts related to this work.

I believe that one should have correct knowledge of astrology to use this method. This gives accurate predictions if it is used properly with placement of planets and number of rotations. With this addition one can make correct predictions to insane degree.

As you have already shared it I would make it a point to share my personal expertise with you people.

Best wishes and Regards,

Alok Jagawat. 

PS: You have mentioned a classic combination at the end of my article and have given example of Shri Patel ji’s chart. Is it mere coincidence or you did it purposefully ?

  1. DiNorah Kitchener – Author Saptarishis Astrology

In previous issue we said Norahs usage of Profections the French method & BCP is the same but it seems it is not as it difficult to understand language that is separated by countries but thanks to be bonded by love of astrology.

From: Kouka <>
To: SA <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 9:14:45 PM
Subject: you challenge me


Dear S….,

i was this morning to take my car for service, was 1h20 min to wait, then i take with me theprints of the 1st and 2nd part of the B.C.P and i was very suprised with the 1st chart,( now i understand why you were asking about my mom) then i do other calculations by hand, was not PC, or calculator, etc


I tell you here what i find.

My father died in sept 21 1991


1991 – 1910 = 81 = 9H

Her 9H Sagg, the 7H of the 9H, the 3rd Gem = Mercury

Mercury is 22*07 Sag

22*07 by 12.17 = 268 days, the sept 21 was the 267 day of my mom year ( if i do the exact calculations)


You give me here the answer i was looking since many years, i thought the solution was with

Profections, i see now this method is more accurate and is possible to use when is not time

of birth as i have very often people dont knowing TOB….

Then you can imaging how happy i am, finally i find the solution for one of my BIG questions about accuracy of Astrology

love you, Big Hug i always say SA is GREAT, you are always looking for very interesting information and what is the most important you like to SHARE with others, i am glad to be your friend.

i will send you more comments later, this was the 1st article i had read in this issue. i think i will have more “surprises” and challenges with this 3 issue…. i am very happy and i had lot of fun, time waiting for my car was very short….


PD i need to take a more deep look what you says about retrograde planets…


oh, i do for Obama too, for this year – 2008 – 1961 = 47 = 11H – Leo, the 10H of the 11H is Taurus Venus 8*27 Ge 8*27 by 12.17 give me 98 days, that will be Nov 10, 08,    6 days after elections. and Ve rules in Natal his 5H Tau and 10H Libra.(Gambling and Career, it show him as the winner of the big price….)


now i go


Mybe calculation are no ok, i need to check, i will see with the Weiss table you talk in the article

PD2,  What is the rules of the 6th ring of Saptarishis???? Page 271 and how many rings are ??? what you are talking about? i don’t have idea what is….

  1. Ankush Singh – Author Saptarishis Astrology

He report telephonically that in Gorakhpur , India his native place there is an astrologer by the name of Yogendra Pandey who is master in Yogini Dasa and follows a different system of calculation of yogini dasa not known to us, this astrologer had taught the same Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi-1 method 4 years back to Ankush. Though we did mention that transits is to be used but for the sake of keeping it simple as   it’s a new concept we didn’t stress on transits but Ankush said that Shri. Pandey uses transit a lot e.g if the BCP house comes 7H of natal chart and if Tr Jup is in Sag in 11H and Tr Saturn in 7H, mark this for predictions.


  1. Revati – Thomas Pascal – Germany

Dear S…,
I have read carefully the Saptarishi Article on ‘Bhrigu Chakra Pada’ (easy progression method) and I am really fascinated. What a high and deep level of knowledge, what a practical and easy-to-use method.
The method of Rhythmic Astrology is an excellent addition to this technique described.
Your magazine definitely is increasing the level of Vedic Astrology! My respect and congratulations!
I wish you much success with Saptarishi, continue like you did in past!


Dear S…,
I am glad to have finished the very first part of my big compilation ‘Principles of Vedic Parashara Astrology’. This work is finishing – finally – a three-year period of most intensive studies of BPHS and other ancient classics.

I included Bhrigu Chakra Paddathi in my compilation because it is based on Parashara’s teaching on Sudarshana Chakra Dasha, Lagna progression. It is really a very fascinating – and appreciated by Parashara – method.
Many many successes for you and your Saptarishis team, THIS magazine – in quality of articles and layout – is brilliant!

Once more, best wishes and much success for you and your team!
Have an Exalted Day!

Humble Note of SA: In our humble opinion Sage Bhrighu is before Sage Parasara’s period, so if we take this method to be ‘The Bhrighu Method’ then Parasara’s teachings can be based on Bhrighus and not the other way round.

A close friend and gentleman called up and said as a whisper ‘You should not disclose such techniques as it is not good for your well being.’ Would not like to name that person nor comment on it now but after 2 years of close friendship we realised we don’t know how to judge people.


As an ending note, there is no use to astrology if one does not understand timing of nature, when a new thing is revealed nature is saying (90%) of the time that the period when it is revealed is the period ordained for it to come out and its fruits enjoyed with ‘Ease’, if one tries to study, understand, apply it later then the Tr Sun has moved into the other sign and things can be a bit difficult later is what is ones observation of scribe. Did you ever wonder that you have heaps of old magazines but unable to read it completely inspite of trying so hard.

May The Force Be With All

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