Key Notes–2 By Saptarishis Astrology

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

Ketu & Change

In previous Publitorial we mentioned of how Ketu symbolizes Change and that is the reason Ketu in the 2nd House of Obama made him do his famous enthralling speeches of Change Lets revisit it in different context yet keeping the same symbolism in tact

Ketu & Change

The chart belongs to the famous Rock artist Prince who has changed his name twice. First from Prince to a Symbol – Artist Formerly Known as Prince and then back to Prince in May 2000. The first house shows ones Name it has ‘Rahu’ (note this) and here his 1st house lord is with Ketu (change) in 7H of publicity, so he ‘Changed’ his name twice. His Lagna Lord is in the 7H so conditional dasa Dwi-saptati Sama Dasa is applicable, when he changed his name back to prince his 1H of Rahu (indicating name) was running in May 2000 with MD lord of Moon who is lord of the arudha of his chart (1H again) – both 1H (name) associated planets.

Moon MD/ Rah AD:  1999-10-24  –  2000-12-07

Madoff & Kumaraswamiyam

The ancient tamil classic by son of Lord Shiva, Shri Muruga says that the letter Ma (for Madoff) is ruled by Magha. Now on 11th Dec 2008 when the whistle was blown on the biggest financial scam, both Venus and Rahu were transiting Sravana Nakshatra and aspected Ma (letter) and also Magha nakshatra its ruler. Venus is Money and Rahu means Scams, both these planets aspecting Ma & Magha contributed in the Financial Scam for Madoff.

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