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Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System

The pioneer of this Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System is Late Sree Brij Gopal Sastry. He taught this system to
Mr. Krushna. It is really a wonderful system. Mr. Krushna, by his hard work and research
activities developed and propagated this system.

The results indicated by any house can not be judged by the house or the planets situated in the
house or planets aspecting the house or its lord and its position etc. ( this is the system generally

Greater accuracy can be obtained by using the method of the Upachaya Houses. Upachaya
houses are the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th places from any house. They play very important role in the
result of any event.

Among these upachaya houses 6 and 10 are main and 3 and 11 are secondary one.

The planets and their samdharmies play very impotant role in giving the results. There are two
types of samdharmies. One is natural samadharmi and another one is Functional samdharmi.
Venus and Saturn, Mars and Sun, Mars and Moon are Natural samdharmies. Two plnets in
same star, same sign, same navamsa becomes samdharmi for each other. There are certain
clarifications and exceptions.

To know the longevity death etc., we have to study third house. Ashtamadashtamam. From third
house and its upachaya houses, the longevity and health can be judged, along with the timing of
This system uses a separate Ayanamsa called Krushna’s Ayanamsa. According to this system
the value of Ayanamsa for 2001 is 22:50:31.

The following procedure should be adopted:

STEP 1: Cast the charts using Krushna.s Ayanamsa.
STEP 2: Find the Main Period Lords and the Sub lord periods for each chart.
STEP 3: Find the Main Period Lords and the Sub lord periods for the date of the events.
STEP 4: Go to the house of the Main Period Lord (Mahadasa) and find its Samdharmi.
The result is generally linked with the Karaka of the main period lord or its Samdharmi.
It can be in the house where it is placed.
STEP 5: Find the house(s) that the sub period lord rules and the housewhere it is placed.
The sub period lord generally gives the results of the 4th or 8th house position from it or
the 4th or 8th house from its placement. If any planet aspects houses A,B or C, then its
Samdharmi will give the result of the event.
STEP 6: Look at all the houses for which the sub lord can possibly give the result as well as the
Karaka related to the main lord by using House .B. as a sort of dial and rotate it around the chart
to interpret the different Upachaya patterns that result.

DOB 29-12-1955 , Native died on April 15, 1991:   Running Dasa Venus- Moon

Pisces Lagna,Kuja Meena,Ketu Vrisha, Guru Kanya,Rahu Chandra Sukra Sani Vrischika, Ravi
Dhanus, Budha Makara.

Focus House

In this chart Venus is the lord of the 3rd and the 8th house and resides in the 9th house.
The sub lord Moon is the lord of 5th house and situated in the 9 house.

Similarly the sub lord, Mars, is lord of 2nd house and 9th house.

The main lord or its samdharmi represents the karkatva (significators) of the houses. In this case
the main lord Venus indicates karkatva for the 8th house (B) and 1st house due to its lordship and
also the 2nd house due to its placement in the 9th house.

Now if we change the House B focus to the 8th house, the Moon is the lord of house .D. and
Mars is placed in house .E. For the result of the 8th house, the Moon is the significator having a
total of 20, the highest point value for that line. (see Figure 4 highlighted in pink line). This
situation can give the results of the 8th house in the Moon sub period on 15th April 91. Mars
doesn’t have more points, so if it concerns the death of the native, it can be possible in the sub
period of the Moon.

Longevity is judged from the 3rd house (focus house is 8th), house B is 8th house, and house C is
12th house. If we take all these houses and calculate the points in row 17 of the work sheet, the
significator having the maximum points can give the result for house B. This is our law.

Now if Sani in the 6th house (one of the dusthanas) aspects all these houses A,B & C it is
disqualified to give death there is a special case-such as Sani having lordship of D or E. It
therefore means it gives auspicious or benefic results.

Let Us examine Smt. IndiraGandhi’s chart

Focus House-2

Here in this chart Lagna Sani Karka, Kuja Simha,Ravi Budha Vrischika, Sukra and Sukra
Dhanus, Chandra Makara, Guru Vrisha, Ketu Mithuna. For longevity we have to study the third
house as it is Ashtamadashtamam. She died in sub of Rahu in Sani mahadasa. Here the focus
house B is Kanya. From that 8th is Mesha. From that sign 3,6,10 and 11 are Upachaya Houses.
Based on these houses we have to predict the death. According to this system the event takes
place in the sub of concerned planet. Sani is ashtamadhipati from lagna. From focus house Kanya
8th lord is Kuja. A,B,C are main upachaya houses. Budha the lord of B and D is in Vrischika
rasi, ruled by Kuja and in the star of Sani, Anuradha. Lord of A also is Kuja. Both Mesha and
Mars in Simha are aspected by Rahu from Dhanus. Lord of C and E is Sani. So death has come
in Sani Rahu. Here in strength table Kuja got 33 points.

Thus we can easily predict her death in Sani Rahu period.
Like this to know the longevity death etc., we have to study third house. Ashtamadashtamam.
From third house and its upachaya houses, the longevity and health can be judged, along with the
timing of event