Lal Kitab Remedies – For the Uninitiated By Rabinder Nath Bhandari, India

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Rabinder Nath Bhandari was born on 26th Dec 1950 and is a science graduate from Punjab University. He has been studying astrology since 1978 in which 28 years he has spent in extreme deep study of Lal Kitab. Being well versed in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi & English he has delved deeper into Present day Palmistry along with Indian Samudrik Shastra apart from doing vast amount of readings for people. His interests likes in nature photography & the exactly how nature is simple, this simplicity reflects in his persona being an extremely humble and loving human being. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on Lal Kitab alive today.

beemari ka bagair dwayee bhi ilaaz hai

(Disease can be cured without medicine)

magar mout ka koyee ilaaz nahin

(but to avert death there is no medicine)

duniyavi  hissaab   kitaab   hai

(these are worldly calculations)

koyee daawaa e khudai nahin

(not a final verdict of almighty)

Above quoted lines are printed at the top of front page of LAL KITAB, which convey their message very clearly to the reader or follower of this system of prediction. So, I am giving at the beginning of this article on remedies an example case, showing the strength of the first line i.e.

beemari ka bagair dwayee bhi ilaaz hai

         (disease can be cured without medicine)

Example Case

On 4TH April, 2009, I received a phone call from a lady, who was weeping while talking to me and said that her husband had met with an accident, received head

injury and is now admitted in a Hospital at Chandigarh.  He is lying in a subconscious state and attending doctors say that his life is at risk and they will have to perform an operation of his brain. But she trusted me and asked for some remedy, if I can recommend something for avoiding this operation and to protect his life.

On that day, I advised her to do some charity at temple. Next day, she came to me early in morning asking for remedial measures. After reading planetary influences and also his palm lines, as his hand prints were already with me in my computer, I advised her to donate or  take  ½ kg, Barley grains and approximately same quantity of Jaggery (gur – a sweet product made from sugar cane juice) in the evening time within two hours after Sun set to some religious place, and advised her to repeat it for three days continuously at the advised time and stop after that, because it is very clearly mentioned in LAL KITAB, as for any turmoil in brain or brain fever, Rahu is mainly affecting planet, just like molten LAVA beneath earth layers, so with the help of this remedy, ill effects of planet Rahu can be totally controlled, and may be helpful in treating such cases. In this case, according to the hand lines or horoscope of native, rahu was the main affecting planet to the brain but longevity of the native was not hampered.

She started performing the advised remedy from the same day evening and on the third day evening time, when she last visited the temple and returned back, native started giving some response and after a weeks time, he was discharged from Hospital and got cured without any operation.

I understand that when there is only ill health indicated, it can be cured by performing very simple remedies.

Birth Chart and Annual Chart according to LAL KITAB are given below:

astrology img 41

In the annual birth chart, we can very clearly see that Sun and Rahu are again in 8th house, which is supposed to be the big loss causing return of planet rahu over Sun as per natal chart.

From, palm lines of native, you can very clearly see the points, which I have marked both in Left and Right hands, most adversity is shown in Left Hand, influences of which can be cured with the help of remedies, where as in the right hand, there are signs of longevity, protection and life line is uninterrupted except head line, which wears an island on it (4), which will affect natives brain power for some time.

Above quoted example shows that:

Beemari Ka Bagair Dwayee Bhi Ilaaz Hai

         (Disease Can Be Cured Without Medicine)

To understand remedies, first of all it is a must for the reader to understand the basics of remedies and items related with concerned planets, for which I am giving below first of all some charts for ready reference:

Table No: 1 – For Single Planets

Ill Influences Of Planets Can Be Cured By Donating Items Of Concerned Planets / Through Worship Of Concerned Divinity Quoted Against Name Of Planet

  Name of Planet Color of


Gender of


Divinity Remedy for


& other


General items for


1 Jupiter Yellow Male


Brahma Ji Haripujan Yellow gram Pulse, Gold
2 Sun Wheatish Male


Vishnu Ji Katha


Wheat,  Red Copper
3 Moon Milky Female


Shivji Aradhaya Dev Pujan Rice, Milk, Silver
4 Venus Like curd Female


Lakshmi Ji Public Service Ghee, Curd, Camphor, Pearl White
5 Mars Red Male


Hanuman Ji Gayatari


Red Masoor Daal

(pulse of red color)

6 Mercury Green Emasculated Durga Ji Durga Paath Pulse Moong full  (green), Emerald
7 Saturn Black Emasculated Bhairon Ji Worship of


Full black pulse (Daal urd-maash)


8 Rahu Blue Emasculated Saraswathi Ji Kannya Daan

(Bearing expenditure of girl`s marriage)

Blue Sapphire,


9 Ketu White Black


Emasculated Ganesh Ji Donation of Kapila Cow Seasame (Black and White) – TIL in Punjabi

Articles Representing Conjoined Planets (More Than One Planet)

Conjoined Planets Related Articles
Jupiter –Ketu Yellow Lemon
Jupiter – Moon Banyan tree
Sun – Moon Horse and cart, Litchi fruit, Milk of Banyan tree.
Sun – Venus Shining red, burnt earth, bronze bowl, Multani Mitti (gaachni).
Sun – Mercury Green mountains, red alum, white glass
Moon – Mercury Mother – Daughter, sand in river water, parrot, swan, well with downstairs
Moon – Saturn Black ink, Baoli (water storage well), reversed weapon which strikes in forehead, tortoise, spoiled milk, bus or vehicles of iron, poisoned milk, cursed well
Venus – Mars Earthen tandoor, sweet pomegranate (Anaar), Geru (ochre)
Venus – Mercury Constituents of Sun, Libra (weighing scale), sand, floor machines
Venus – Saturn Ghee (clarified butter) and black pepper, burnt black brick in brick Killen, black shining dry mountain
Mars (mangal bad) – Mercury Magnifying glass, shining red garments of girl, flower of pomegranate.
Mars (Mangal Nek) – Mercury Subhra (Red cloth which is non-shining of the bride, at the time of marriage), blood red color which is not shining, parrot with girdle around its neck.
Mars – Saturn Dry palm date (chhohare), coconut fruit (unpeeled)
Mercury – Saturn Mango tree
Mercury – Rahu Nelar, which is common on banyan tree (Moon and Jupiter) and spoils its fruits
Mercury – Ketu Barry (a hunter bird) from whom even the elephant dreads.
Saturn – Rahu Sarpmani, which sucks out the snake poison from the snake bite.

(This Chart Proves Helpful In Treatment Of Conjoined Plants Through Items Quoted Against These)

Curing Ill Influences Of Planet Through Habits Of Native:

if the Sun is weak, excess intake of common salt should be avoided, one should correct his nature by controlling his temper, he must follow old traditions laid down by our ancestors and pay respect to his parents, must do charity and refrain from accepting donations or charity.

Every individual when observed closely indicates the dominating planet by choice of color in general use, his character, behavior with relatives, his personal behavior and eating habits etc. The native will not be in the habit of using items related to the dominating planet in excess, where as on the contrary, if any planet is very weak, he will be used to make use of items in excess, related to that planet. For example, if the Sun is the dominating planet, the native will avoid excess use of common salt and will not like to eat salty preparations. Similarly, if the Mars is weak, the native will be used to eat sweet preparations in excess. However, if the Mars is dominating, the native will avoid use of excess sweet preparations.

In similar manner choice of colors influences up to a great extent, so there is a great stress paid on use of or to avoid some colors according to planetary placement in birth chart or according to palm lines in the hand of native.

Human behavior of a person in worldly matters, and with his fellow beings or relatives is also under the influence of dominating or adverse affecting planets. So, it is also advised in Lal Kitab, repeatedly not to behave against the fixed norms for planetary behavior, according to their placement in Birth Chart.

If any one want to correct or ward off ill influences of negative planets, it is a must for him to refrain from intake of items e.g. if the Sun is weak, excess intake of common salt should be avoided, one should correct his nature by controlling his temper, he must follow old traditions laid down by our ancestors and pay respect to his parents, must do charity and refrain from accepting donations or charity.

So, first of all, more stress should be paid to correct those habits, which generally destroy good effects of planets on native, which are generally indicated, while interpreting a Birth Chart according to Lal Kitab, which I will like to say as Lal Kitab Warnings, which should not be ignored, before advising any Lal Kitab remedy.

Few examples from Lal Kitab:

Example: 01

Sun in 11th house:

Sun in the 11th house is quoted as fully religious minded, but selfish with luxurious life. If native is a vegetarian and religious, will be a man of power and authority, and live a long, happy life.

But it is also quoted in the same chapter:

Zubaan Teri Gost Ka Khaana Jo Maangey

Likhey Khud Lawalidy Vidhaat Kalam se.

If a person, in whose Horoscope, the Sun is placed in 11th house and is a meat eater, will be like eating boiled  flesh of one’s own kith and kin and  will remain issueless up to the age of 40 years and at the end, he will lose his male child).

This is a warning to a person born with the Sun placed in 11th house of Horoscope, which is very clearly mentioned in Lal Kitab, which I have found and observed many times come true. Logic behind this is explained in a unique way in Lal Kitab, as Saturn is the real significator of 11th house (own house of Saturn) but Jupiter also exercises its powerful influence here (fixed house of Jupiter).The 11th house is treated as Court of Jupiter, where Saturn takes an oath to decide all matters in a judicious manner.

In this case, the Sun is expected to be fully religious, but when native behaves against the expected planetary behavior, by indulging in bad vices represented by Saturn, i.e. eating meat etc, Saturn will write a decree for his father, the Sun. In Lal Kitab, there are mentioned Baits of Sacrifice for every planet which means that a real planet spoils the effects of other planet instead of its own, in this case the Sun will take benefit of this and push forward Ketu to be punished or in other words, ill effects of Sun will be transferred to Ketu. This is the main reason for trouble to ones male child which is represented by Ketu. So, before performing any remedy for this planet, it is must for a person with Sun in 11th house to refrain from use of meat etc. 

Example: 02

Sun in 10th house:

Placement of the Sun in 10th house of horoscope, it is advised to native that he should not wear dark blue and black color clothes and avoid moving bareheaded. White and wheatish color turban or cap will give auspicious results. Source of light in western wall of his house will give adverse effects. He should avoid stay for long time with his in-laws and keep good relations with them. Hot tempered nature will spoil him.

Why all this is quoted in this house alone?

Reason for this can be very well explained in the light of Lal Kitab. As 10th house of horoscope is the own house of Saturn, when Sun comes to the house of Saturn, it will make Sun a weak planet. So, to protect Sun, first of all, remedies are done through colors of malefic planets, i.e. Saturn & Rahu, the native is advised to wear white clothes instead of Black And Blue colored clothes and keep head covered with white cloth. Secondly, to correct Rahu, help through behavior with relatives of Rahu is advised. Next, native is advised to control his temper and reduce the use of common salt (salty items), which are representing items of the Sun.

If native follows above guidelines in his life, when the Sun is placed in 10th house, he will be a successful person. There are more remedies, which may be performed in addition to changes as quoted above, but these changes will give him a great relief.

Example: 03

Venus In 10TH House:

According to Lal Kitab, native with Venus in 10th house of horoscope gets very many occasions for indulging with other women, but there is a warning “will be deprived of children and there will be no conception for a period of 12 years from the day of sex with other women”, where as on the other hand, it is also quoted if such person maintains good character, Venus will give good results and will live a luxurious life. This is a clear example of behavior (karma) of native, which spoils or improves the results of the concerned planet, by obeying guidelines given in Lal Kitab, in relation with planetary behavior.

There is a great number of such remedies, which are quoted in Lal Kitab in connection by linking every planet with every house of horoscope and also by paying attention towards ill influences of other planets on concerned planet, which are very much logical in their explanation, when someone tries or makes an effort to understand these remedies. Every remedy works effectively when performed strictly according to Lal Kitab direction.

As every body part is linked to some planet, so there are a number of remedies which can be performed through the concerned body part:

In Lal Kitab, relationship of Planets with various body parts of human beings is very well explained; e.g.: (Nine planets as quoted on face in Lal Kitab) ________

Jupiter _________________: Nose and forehead

Sun______________________: Right eye ball

Moon ___________________: Left eye ball

Venus ___________________: Cheeks

Mars +Ve________________: Upper Lip

Mars –Ve________________: Lower Lip

Mercury________________: Teeth and frontal part and tip of nose

Saturn__________________: Hairs of eye brows and eye lashes specially

Rahu ____________________: Chin

Ketu_____________________:  Ear Similarly, every part is representing some planet, and there are a number of remedial measures quoted to ward of ill influences of different planets, as an when required by linking that remedy with concerned planet and house of horoscope with that body part, which prove very effective in giving curative results, few examples of which are quoted below:

  1. Application of Saffron or Turmeric Tilak (Dot) in central part between eye brows on forehead (to improve the position of Jupiter, when it is ill affected by Mercury or Rahu or when Jupiter is giving negative results due to it’s weak placement).
  2. Cleaning of nose early in morning with water and keep nose dry (a remedy for Jupiter).
  3. Cleansing teeth every morning with fresh water immediately after getting out of bed (a remedy for Mars –Venus, through by curing Mercury).
  4. Use of Alum (an item of Mercury planet) for cleaning teeth for 43 days is recommended (to correct ill influences of planet Mercury).
  5. Piercing of nose is recommended (a remedy of Mercury).
  6. Piercing of Ears is recommended (a remedy of Ketu).
  7. Tie up pure white silk thread on both toes of feet (a remedy of Ketu).
  8. Let the rain water pour onto summit of head of the native, because it is written in a symbolic way i.e. Brahaman di bodi minh mangdi, which suggests for a remedy of moon to ward of ill influences of Jupiter’s placement in 7th house of horoscope.

And there are many more remedies quoted in a similar way, having a link with body parts, which when performed according to Lal Kitab directions, works wonderfully and results are astonishing.

So, from this, it is evident that it is also of much importance to be careful in knowing the link of planets with body parts and adopt concerned remedial measure in the same way as per laid down guidelines in Lal Kitab.

Effects of plants / animals/ pets/ main entrance of residential place/ metals and utensils used in daily routine life of a person are also to be studied accordingly to select a proper and permanent cure for ill influences of weak planets. In the similar way, native’s behavior with his relatives linked with various planets is also supposed to be maintained accordingly as per Lal Kitab guidelines.

There are so many other warnings related with our daily routine work, which are also helpful to common man for smooth sailing of life of a person:

When the general remedy is of no use, the under noted remedies will be helpful within a time of hours:

  1. Mars Negative: Sugar and sesame combined balls (rewaries) to be thrown in running water.
  2. Jupiter: Application of Saffron on forehead, tongue, umbilical point is recommended.
  3. Sun: Put Jaggery (gur – an sweet product made from sugar cane juice) in running water.
  4. Moon: Place milk or water in a pot towards head side of bed during night time and put it in Keekar (Acacia tree) in the morning time.
  5. Saturn: Donate Mustard Oil after looking in it, the shadow of your face should be seen in that mustard oil and then it is to be donated. (Chhaya Paattar Daan).
  6. Venus: Donate Cow or Millet (Jowar / Churry).
  7. Mars Positive: Give sweets or sweet meals in charity or flow Jaggery in running water.
  8. Mercury: Punch (make a hole) a copper coin and flow it in running waters.
  9. Rahu: Donate white color radish with leaves or flow wooden charcoal in flowing waters.
  10. Ketu: Serve dogs with bread from your food.

General Indications & Helpful Remedies For Destroyed (Ineffective) Planet Of A Person:

This is a very important point, which was first of all quoted in Lal Kitab 1940 version on page 48 (from line 3) to page 50 (up to line 2) and in Lal Kitab 1952 on page 183 in one table.





General Indication of Debilitation Helpful Remedies in Such Condition
1 Jupiter Loss of hair on the summit of the head of such person without any illness. Habit of wearing round weeds necklace around neck. Loss of gold; false rumors may become the cause of calumny. Stoppage of education without any reason. To apply yellow “Tilak” on the forehead or turban. Starting of work after cleaning nose, and keep the nose dried up all day will be helpful. From the childhood, day from which water in the nose dries up automatically, the Jupiter will be considered as active.
2 Sun Death / Loss of Sun colored (Red) Cow or of brownish grey colored buffalo. Loss of power of giving motion in the parts of body and flow of saliva from the mouth continues.


Put some sugar or sweet thing in mouth and drink some water before starting daily routine work.
3 Moon Death of Horse and Milk animals. Water pond or well may dry up. Loss of sense of feeling and touch in the body.


To receive blessing of others by touching their feet would be of great help.
4 Venus Thumb of such person may become worthless without any disease or skin may be affected (SKIN DISEASE) Taking care of ones clothing (dress) would be helpful.
5 Mars Death of child soon after birth. Loss of eyesight of one eye. Joints may become motionless. Color of blood may appear to be like of a dead man. May have sexual strength, but with no ability to reproduction. Use of white surma (stibnite – Antimony sulfide) will be helpful. The remedy quoted in Mangal Bad – Mars negative will also be of help.


Mercury Damage of teeth. Unable to differentiate fragrance or bad odor. The sex power of such person proves deceptive. Get nose pierced. Keeping teeth clean will be helpful.
7 Saturn House may fall, buffalo may die, incidence of fire. Loss of hair from body without any illness, particularly from eyebrows. Use Meswak (tree branch or bark of a tree) for cleaning teeth.
8 Rahu* Pure black dog may die or may be lost. Loss of nails of hand, mental disorders and unnecessary enemies. Staying with joint family and not spoiling relations with in laws. Keeping up summit (Choti) in the head will be helpful.
9 Ketu* Nails of feet may be lost. Troubles of urinary tract or rheumatic disease. Death or trouble of children. Get the ear pierced. Rearing of Ketu will be of help. (Here Ketu may be quoted as: 1. Son in law staying at in-laws house. 2. When brother stays at sisters house. 3. Daughters son staying at maternal house.

Except these above three worldly representative, a two colored i.e. black and white Dog is also treated as Ketu’s representative.

There are so many helpful remedies quoted in Lal Kitab, but always keep in your mind, the first line of Lal Kitab i.e.

Beemari ka bagair dwayee bhi ilaaz hai

         (disease can be cured without medicine)

magar mout ka koyee ilaaz nahin

(but death can`t be averted)

For the last line, I am giving birth details of a person, who is not in this world with us and his hand prints were not available for Astro Palmistrical readings, but still I am giving his birth chart and annual chart with available details of his last days because it is quoted in Lal Kitab :

      Magar mout ka koyee ilaaz nahin

                        (but death can`t be averted)

astrology img 42

This boy consumed poison on 12th June, 2009 at about 3:00pm and left this world on 22nd June, 2009 after struggling for life at 5:00 AM.

Lal Kitab clearly points out to the astrologer to consider the longevity of native first and if he finds some adversity therein, it is the moral duty of astrologer not to disclose this time (time of death) before hand, because this may put the concerned person in a state of worry, because there may be some error while doing calculations, because it is also quoted in Lal Kitab in its very beginning i.e.

         Duniyavi  hissaab   kitaab   hai

(these are worldy calculations)

koyee daawaa e khudai nahin

(not a final verdict of almighty)

So, it is a request to all and specially to learned astrologers, who understand this system of prediction to be careful while selecting and recommending any remedy by considering permanent effects (planet effect) and curable effects (rashi phal effects) i.e. From right hand and from left hand readings respectively and follow laid down rules according to Lal Kitab.

Khush raho aabad dunya,

                                                       maal o jaan badhte raho

Madad malik apni dega,

                                                     neki khud karte raho……

These lines are from Lal Kitab, as blessings to all from our respected Pandit Rup Chand Joshi Ji (writer of Lal Kitab) and also an advice to do good always.

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