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Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings


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With Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi & Sage Bhrighu we start this huge task of revealing these secrets of the Founder of Vedic Astrology Sage Bhrighu. Astrologers have tried their level best to decode his system, which gives the most brilliant and snap shot predictions. What will be revealed here will be in a series of articles mostly containing Bhrighu methods and at times bringing in hidden meanings of other classics from a Bhrighu basis which have escaped the eyes of the best so far? It must be warned that though it will look easy to predict but verbatim usage without dhi (wisdom) & without combining it with other techniques is not advised though in our experiments we use it verbatim to make the parameters of success more difficult. This has been tested on several blind charts leading to stunning predictions.

Indian Astrology is not for the light hearted or householder, so if you are still at that stage of your astrological journey where you read your own charts or those of your loved ones & get effected you are requested to ignore these methods as after practicing on 100 charts extreme harsh events open out too easily as compared to what takes normal astrologer an hour if he is lucky.

Bhrighu is the son of the Creator of Earth Lord Brahma having born out of his mind as per Indian Mythology, Saral in hindi language means Easy & Paddathi means Methodology, so in effect this can be translated as Bhrighu Easy Methodology Series.

Need For BSP (Bhrighu Saral Paddathi)

For several years we sent many high profile people to very popular Indian Astrologers, many of these men reported back that the most important event of their lives were not predicted by these astrologers, we felt sad as we had sent them with high recommendations and these astrologers were our heroes & these contacts started deriding these astrologers. Then the search started & hence in order to create better astrologers who can predict the ‘Biggest Events Of One’s Life’ with good success these techniques will be enumerated here.

The Story

Years back a dream had come wherein we meet a teacher and try to show him a chart, the teacher says no need to see the whole chart just tell me one planet and in which house it is situated without even telling me the sign or the Asc sign and I will predict 7 events of your life. If one masters the techniques presented here apart from having a great grasp on basics of astrology, ‘we can hit the ground thrice and say this with certainty that you can make phenomenal predictions of the Main Story Of A Chart’ provided you follow rules of Jyotisha Purusha (Soul of Jyotish).

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi (BSP) - 1

‘Wherever Saturn sits he creates Ups & Down in the 4th house from it, in minimum any one signification of that house’

1)  This becomes his Karmic House called as ‘Shanis Previous Lives House’

2) He will first create Up & then Down in the significations of the house or at times even the reverse, basically he will Create Fluctuations.’

In order to get the exact import of the above, Indians should remember it in hindi ‘Shani apne chauthe ghar mein Uchh Neech Karega, us ghar ke kisi ek bath ko bigade ga ya sarvanash karega.’

Chart 1: Lord Rama

Lord Rama

BSP-1 : Without getting into details of Sun being in Pisces etc as per a shloka & other details of the authenticity of the chart[1], let’s take this chart which from time immemorial is the accepted chart, lets concentrate on where Saturn is placed, it is in 4th house, 4th from it is the 7H of marriage which becomes ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’. His marriage life was filled with huge ups & downs and he had to let go of his wife Sita Mata on basis of suspicion. Over there Mars the 5L of children is placed he had to fight battle with his own children, Mars is also 10L of father & Karma, he had to fight a huge war with Ravana. 7H is the house of pada prapti/position, he was to sit on the throne of his Ayodhya Kingdom but he got exile of many years roaming in the forest. When we learn astrology everyone teaches us that Jupiter’s aspect will save the house it aspects. One can see that the aspect of exalted Jupiter along with Moon could not save this 7H & the planet Mars in it due to Saturn’s 4th influence. This shows that Saturn implements itself in the 4th from it and creates ups & downs in one’s life.

Chart 2: Indira Gandhi


Natal Saturn in 1H, 4th from it is ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ in 4H of mother, throne, grihast ashram (home life). You can see that she lost her mother at young age, she lost her throne in a most shameful manner, her home life was destroyed – husband away and died early, daughter in law biggest enemy. The lord of her 4th House is a Venus, a woman & placed in

6H of enemies with Rahu (secret enemies), can you imagine the back stabbing she has faced in her life & her revolt against is what gave her the name Iron Lady Of India.

Chart 3: Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru


How do you predict the most important thing in this person’s life from his chart that ‘his future generations will get destroyed’ (Iski Aane Wali peedeya barbadh hojayegi). Now see 4th from Natal Saturn becomes the ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ which is 5H of love affairs and children. We all know what the 5H of affairs stands in this chart.

Now see 5 H is children, see his daughter’s life was only full of tensions & so her end, Beant Singh shot her thrice using his side-arm and Satwant Singh fired twenty-two rounds into her using a Sten submachine gun.

Most important over there sitting in the Saturn’s Karmic House is Sun who is natural significator for ‘Lineage’ & here 2L of family, we all know the Cursed Life & End of his whole Lineage. Saturns Karmic House makes all this reading simple & in a second.

Chart 4: Worm in Brain – Posted on Forum Msg 16809

This was posted on astro forums of a man with worm in brain since 5 years.


Sir I come across a chart his name is sumit & his dob is 22/07/1979 t.o.b 14:47, Ludhiana (Pb). sir he is in great financial problems these days. I apply dwisaptati sama dasa in his chart & find its starts in 16-12-1999. In 2000 he found worm in his brain. He took medicine for it for about 5 years. Is it all due to chaturdasi birth or curse on Guru. Will you plz some remedies for this guy.

Posted on Forum Msg 16809

BSP-1: Saturn is in 10H with Rahu (remedy won’t be found) and 4th from it is the 1H of brain and it becomes ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’. Rahu is a snake, a worm also moves like a snake, Saturn spoils the 4H from it where in the 1H of brain is situated and also aspects its lord Mars by 10th aspect.

Now the question to be asked is when would the problem occur, this is the tricky part, in our short experience of timing this method we have found that at times when Tr Saturn aspects ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ the event is triggered, which can happen many times in Saturn’s round of 30 years.

The mail mentions that in year 2000 native found worm in his brain, if we assume it is after May 2000, then Tr Saturn is in Taurus activating the 1H – Saturn’s Karmic House and its lord Mars.

Chart 5: Coiled Birth Data from L.C, Croatia

Friend from Croatia writes: she is so talented for music, and she played violoncello, teachers from Russia, USA called her willing to pay for her scholarship, but, no, she found some drug addict, aggressive man, got pregnant and has daughter now. For one side she seems so talented but when you come to logic or reason – she seems dumb…. Like until some 11 or 12 years of life she was like grown person, then got into puberty, she ran from home when she was 16 years old, parents didn’t know a full year where she is or is she alive or not – she broke all connections with family.

BSP-1 : See Saturn is in the 1H and 4th from it is the 4H of ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’, now what is 4H, it is the house of Grahast Ashram & Sukha Stana (happiness), you can see both are destroyed with lots of Ups & Downs in that area of one’s life.

Timing: The above mail says when she was 16 years (2002) old she ran away from home, then Tr Saturn was in the 7H of Ta aspecting the 4H which is our ‘Saturns Karmic House’ and the event got triggered.

Chart 6: Sarah, Duchess of York

She was married to Prince Andrew, on 7/23/1986. It was hoped that marriage to fiery Fergie would tame him but they played hard together and separately, and parted on 3/19/1992.  An official palace announcement of their divorce came on 4/16/1996.

BSP-1: Saturn in 3H destroys 6H which is 4th from it thereby becoming ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’, now here Moon lord of 10H of sukha of marriage (happiness of marriage) is placed, 6h is the house of divorce & separation is what we should not forget.

Timing: Now see the marriage ended on 19th Mar 1992 when Tr Saturn was in Capricorn, aspecting the Karmic House in her case (6H) & sukha of marriage Moon, and also 4th from Tr Sat will be the 7H of marriage, thereby bringing Ups and then Down in her marriage life.

Chart 7: Loni Anderson, American Actress

She had an early marriage to Salesman Bruce Hasselberg that lasted three months and produced a daughter, Deidra Hoffman, in 1965. Her second marriage was to actor Ross Bickell on 1/28/1974; the marriage lasted for seven years. After six years together, she married Burt Reynolds on 4/29/1988 which was her 3rd marriage. In January 1994, they entered a bitter divorce battle with custody and money fights. Reynolds in turn flaunted his extramarital affair and accused her of being a lousy mother. In her book, Anderson does not conceal the history of her own love life, including an affair with actor John Gavin and a romance that developed into a sex addiction for her former WKRP co-star Gary Sandy. In 2008 she married Bob Flick.

BSP-1: 4th from Saturn which is ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ becomes 2H of family life and Jupiter placed there is 5L of love and 8L of scandals & sustenance of marriage. So ups and downs in these areas of life. She had 4 marriages and 3 divorces; one can see that Saturn’s Karmic House is the sign Virgo the natural sign of divorces.

Timing: During her second marriage divorce in 1981 Tr Saturn was in Virgo her Karmic House, during break up with Burt Reynolds on Jan 1994, Tr Saturn was in Aq in her 7H of marriage throwing 75% aspect on natal Saturn & full Nadi aspect on 2H of Saturn’s Karmic House. For this Saturn’s Nadi aspect method readers may kindly refer to C S Patels books Nadi & Navamsa, Sagar Publications.

Chart 8: Mafia Don, Louis Ferrante

Mafia Don, Louis Ferrante

Mr. Patheya wrote on forums ‘I have partial data about a person who has erstwhile been a notorious mafia don belonging to the infamous Gambino family crime network. As per the sources I have collected on him, it was by mid-90s that law and the FBI caught up with him and he was given a 10 years’ sentence.’ His time of birth is via birth certificate in his hand as per our personal email correspondence with him.

BSP-1: Natal Saturn is in 7H and ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ becomes the 10H of ones karma or profession, as you can see from above here is Ups & Downs in those areas of his life.

Chart 9: Huge Family Wealth at stake

Huge Family Wealth at stake

The native is dedicated astrologer & businessman, his father’s partner has siphoned off 500 odd crores of their wealth ($100 million dollars).

BSP-1: Natal Saturn is in the 11H and ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ would be the 2H which is the 4th from it. 2H is the house of family & wealth and here at stake is family’s wealth. He has been advised to take a dry coconut (khopra), cut the top part, mix dry wheat flour & sugar & fill the dry coconut, then put the lid back on. To take this to the west of his house and wherever he finds a tree to dig little & bury this coconut covering it with a very small layer of mud. The remedy is of Saturn & gotten by our mentor from a very old pandit whose predictions were most accurate & a pious man. This flour & sugar will be eaten by black ants who are represented by Saturn in Indian astrology. If can’t do the above ritual then one should just feed sugar molecules to ants.

Something must be said here which has not been mentioned by others. Astrologers often say Saturn delivers ones karma but which karma no one says. From above notes if one knows the person lives of the above charts One can easily make out why Saturn is causing trouble, whether a bad event is a result of bad karma of previous birth or present birth – from placement of Saturn & Saturn’s Karmic House but this must not be explained here as it can hurt a lot of peoples sentiments, what though can be said is how to guide yourself and your clients.

Guidance: Where you see Saturn placed in a chart, that house & it’s Karmic House, you must advice clients not to create any new bad karma on these 2 houses especially, if so done & Tr Saturn ignites then its havoc time. For past karma one can resort to remedial measures but in Saturn’s case mantras work less effectively as compared to real karma of helping others & keeping pure heart (note heart), unfortunately astrologers who sell mantras in their consultations do not reveal this to amateur astrologers & clients.


Note 1:

On 8th Nov 2003 The Times of India, a prestigious newspaper carried an article on Lord Rama’s Date of Birth. Here Natal Saturn is retrograde moving in the 5H and as per retrograde theory it can give results of the 4H, if you see ketu has come in lagna and Mer in 9H with Rahu in 7H – these are the changes.

Natal Saturn

Note 2

Sky Charting or Archeo-Astronomy

Courtesy: Mr. Bharath Gyan

This is a technique of charting the future or past sky using a scientific tool. This tool helps to arrive at planetary positions given a date in future or past and vice-versa i.e. given a set of planetary configurations, arrive at the date either in future or in the past.

Such tools are collectively called Planetarium software. There are probably over 50 such different software available. Each software can be used specifically for a particular application, like, plotting the current night sky chart, predicting eclipses and the likes.

When spacecrafts are launched to visit far-off planets like Jupiter and Saturn, it would take a travel time of well over 12 years for the spacecraft to reach these planets. This software helps determine orbital positions of the planets when the spacecraft reaches their orbits. For this, a high level of precision is required in the software.

Unlike any other civilization so far, the literature of the Indian civilization is characterized for being embedded with night sky observations. Feeding the observations of the planetary configurations into the Planetarium software gives us the English calendar dates when these configurations could have occurred in the past. When these dates are logically arranged along with the events, it helps us to scientifically assign dates to events mentioned in Indian legends and historical texts, and validate them.

Thus the astronomical remains left behind in our literature can be analyzed scientifically to arrive at historic dates for various events. This approach is parallel to archaeology where physical remains are analyzed to arrive at historic dates and hence gives rise to a new branch of scientific dating which may be called Archaeo-astronomy.

Various modern day researchers have made use of this software to arrive at such historic dates for various events described in the Indian literature. We have collated the outputs of such credible work which are worthy of standing up to cross validation.

In the context of the Historicity of Rama, the works of Shri. Pushkar Bhatnagar, as brought out in the book “Dating the Era of Lord Ram” forms the basis of what is presented here to understand the dates of the events in Rama’s lifetime.

[ + ] Sri Ram Navami - Birthday

Sri Rama Navami is the birth day of RamaSri Ram Navami - Birthday

Rama was born on the Navami tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra masa

(9th day of the increasing phase of the moon in the lunar month of Chaitra).

At that time, the nakshatra was Punarvasu, and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Pisces respectively. Lagna was Cancer and Jupiter & Moon were shining together. — Ramayana 1.18.8,9

The Conditions can be Summarized as Follows:

  1. Sun in Aries
    Saturn in Libra
    Jupiter in Cancer
    Venus in Pisces
    Mars in Capricorn
    Lunar month of Chaitra
    9th day after New Moon (Navami Tithi, Shukla Paksh)
    Moon near Punarvasu Nakshatra
    (Pollux star in Gemini constellation)Cancer as Lagna(Cancer constellation rising in the east)
    Jupiter above the horizon
  2. Sky Chart
The observations on the left, when entered into Planetarium software gives us the above Sky Chart, which in turns gives forth the below mentioned date. 

[ + ] Birth of Bharatha

The Sky Chart of Bharatha’s birth is depicted on the right.

This is about 16 hours after birth of Rama.

Birth of Bharatha – 11th January 5114 BCE, 4.30 a.m.Sky Chart

[ + ] Pre Coronation Eve

King Dashratha to his courtiers –

“This month of Chaitra is beautiful and holy. The woods and trees are full of flowers. At this time coronation of Rama is most appropriate.”

— Ramayana 2.4.21-22

Astrologers have told me that my nakshatra has been surrounded by malefic planets like Sun, Mars and Rahu. Under such planetary configurations, the king either dies or falls in some deep conspiracy. Thus, before I face any such problem, you take over the kingship”

— – Ramayana 2.4.18

“Today the moon is on Punarvasu nakshatra and tomorrow it will meet the Pushya nakshatra. In that Pushya nakshatra, I am eager to hand over the kingdom to you.”

King Dashratha with Rama
Sky Chart

Planets located together in Pisces constellation

4th January 5089 BCE

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