Let’s talk about Future By Nandakishore Jatakdhar


Today, we have gathered here to know about our future. Astroscience is the only science to know about our future. The effect of the planets are felt on the earth i.e the individuals on the earth. Hence the days are named as per the planet names, individuals carry their routine on these days only.

In all there are 12 planets.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus (Harshal), Neptune and Pluto.

In all there are 12 Rashis (signs).

Mesh (Aries), Vrishabh (Taurus), Mithun (Gemini), Karka (cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo),  Tula (Libra), Dhanus (Saggitaurus), Kumba (Aquarius), Meena (Pisces).

These 12 rashis are 12  equal parts of the Earth, making it 360degree.

Every rashi is imaginary and as each house has its lord, so also each sign has its lordship.

Mars is the lord of the Aries hence Mars is hot tempered, speaks upfront and is arrogant.

Venus is the lord of Taurus, these persons are adamant, stubborn and worshipper of art.

Mercury is the lord of Gemini, these persons are smart, intelligent but selfish.

Moon is the lord of Cancer, such persons enjoy to rule and command over others.

Mercury being the lord of Virgo is intelligent, attractive, humorous and of confused mind.

Venus being the lord of Libra is artistic, adamant.

Scorpions are industrious, revengeful, arrogant and often stings.

Jupiter being the lord of Sagittarius the person is learned, intelligent and helpful.

Saturn being the lord of Capricorn is hard working and sensitive.

Saturn being the lord of Aquarius, are intelligent, research oriented and selfish. Jupiter being the lord of the Pisces, the person is of confused mind and unable to take decisions.

Human life is dependent on the nature of the individual and the events of life are dependent on the planetary effects on the individual. We now see how such events happens?

Horoscope is the chart showing planetary positions  at the time of the birth. As Sun rises in the East so also the individual’s birth is from his head, the 1st house represents the head and the face, i.e. we learn about the complexion and the nature of the individual.

2nd house is your family and the money that is required to run the family hence also the house of money matters.

3rd house is the house of siblings. As kids we fight with our siblings which is a brave act hence also known as the house of bravery.

4th house means happiness. As one gets happiness from mother it is a house of the mother, which is also an home of an individual as the individual stays in the womb of the mother for 9 months.

5th house is the house of happiness from children, as a person is incomplete without a child. Now, when does one gets happiness from children? only when the children are educated and also gains higher education, hence also the house of the education.

6th house is the house of disease, but we call it a house of illness. Debt is the biggest illness in 21st century hence it is the house of the debt. Debt and illness are enemies hence the house of enemy.

7th house is the house of companionship/partnership hence the house of marriage.

8th house is the house of death but instead we shall call it a house of longevity and the sudden events that takes place, hence sudden gains also.

9th house is the house of Bhagya (fame/luck/fortune) behind which we all run. Today fortune denotes higher education and foreign travel.

10th house is the house of karma (duty), which we get from father, hence happiness from father. Karma in 21st century also means job and occupation.

11th house is the house of all gains

12 house is the house of losses.

All the house indicates the happenings and events of the life. Your horoscope is the chart which indicates destiny of your life.

As the planets are always in motion, the position in which they were moving at the time of birth is reflected in the horoscope according to which the events happens which is known as “future” and which we will learn today.

Human life is dependant on the life-partner they get, whoever gets good life-partner are successful in their lives. We say that the marriages are made in heaven but how strong or weak the knots are can be known  from the horoscope.

Even 21st century,   parents approach  astrologers to check the marriage prospects of their children.  In spite of being highly qualified and tremendous progress in   science and technology   the question with respect to the bride’s   manglik (martian) status is often considered.

This means even today we think about the effect of Mars at the time of marriage.

Presence of Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th  house makes the native manglik (martian).

Mars is decision makers, forceful and dutiful.

Mars in 1st represents decision maker, 4th represents happiness at home, 7th represents physical pleasures , 8th represents longevity and 12th represents ability to get over the problems.

Marital life is dependant on physical pleasures and nature of the individual. But today marital life is more dependant on money, capabilities and health and hence it is essential to match the graha-maitri (friendly relations of planets) as against the guna-melap (matching of scores). This means it is essential to consider the nature, physical pleasures, children, job/business, health and longevity or else the marital problems/differences  of an individual is made open in the society and is often talked about.

To avoid this both the parties should be made aware of each other’s nature and limitations which is often labeled as “marital adjustments” knowing which one can be happy in their marital life.

As the journey to the life of an individual begins with the marital life and then the joy or sorrows depends on the happiness from children, education, higher education, job/occupation, foreign travel, home and health. If we know our future with respect to all these aspects it is possible to make our life happy and prosperous. But while predicting future if other aspects like vastu-dosha, nakshatra-shanti are considered the effects of which  cannot be guaranteed and which information if shared would only create problem to the native need not be informed as the future of the native can be created by guiding him in the right direction.


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