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Life Span and Unnatural Death

At first we have to consider a person’s life span and then only ascertain which planet causes
death and its dasa (time of death) then should be confirmed.

To predict death we consider the 1st,3rd,and 8th houses from lagna and 12th houses there from.
Chandra sign also is very important like Lagna. The houses, their lords, their occupants and
death karakas to be verified. We can classify the death inflicting planets into three. Primary,
Secondary and temporary determinants. The malefic planets connected with 2 and 7 houses
stand as Primary death causing ones. The benefic planets connected with these 2 and 7 houses,
the planets connected with 3rd and 8th houses become secondary death causing planets. The
weakest planet in the chart, the lords of 6th and 8th houses, Sani connected with the primary or
secondary category death inflicting planets stand as third category.

The strongest among the above mentioned planets can cause death. The planet connected to the
8th house (being its lord or by aspect or situation, association), the lord of 22nd drekkana, the lord
of 64th navamsa, and the strongest enemy of 8th lord.

5th house represents success, 9th house represents origin, 8th house represents death. 5th of 8th is 12th
house. 9th of 8th is 4th house. Therefore when the 4th and 12th houses from lagna are afflicted
heavily, one may have unnatural death.

Kendras of the 4th lord should be occupied or aspected by Sani, Ketu, Kuja and trika lords.

When only the 4th lord is afflicted, the native may meet a violent accident or may suffer from
serious illness in his life time.
1. Lagna, lagna lord, the Moon, the Sun are most important factors. When these are
seriously afflicted unnatural death may be predicted.
2. The nature of death can be judged from the 8th house, 8th lord, 22nd drekkana and its lord
from lagna as well as from the Moon.
3. Lords of 64th navamsa from lagna and Moon got the power of inflicting the death.
4. The powerful and strong among the below listed planets give death in their dasa and
vidasas. The 8th lord, planets in the 8th house, planets aspecting the 8th house, planets
conjoined with 8th lord, planet which is bitter enemy of the 8th lord, (the planets any how
connected with the 8th house), the lord of 22nd drekkana from lagna.
5. Kuja, Sani, Rahu and Ketu play an important role in causing unnatural death.
6. The benefics which are in the stars of Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sat, and connected with
death inflicting zones will kill silently.
7. The dasa and vidasas of the planets related to 6th, 8th and 12 houses denote and cause
accidents. The connection of the above said malefics may prove fatal whereas the
benefics like Guru or Sukra will give minor accidents. If there are strong benefics in
Kendras less evil experiences are felt.
8. Planets connected to the 8th house indicate the cause of death.

The Sun: Fire, fever, bilious troubles, burns, accidents.
The Moon: Blood defects, drowning, watery diseases.
Mars: Weapons, sudden attack, violent death.

Mercury: Fever, smallpox, mental ailments.
Jup: Peaceful death (anayasa maranam), digestive troubles.
Venus: diseases in generative organs, degeneration of life force.
Sat: Hunger, diseases of chronic nature, abnormal habits.
Rahu acts like Sat and Ketu will give results like Mars.


Accidents occur during the major-sub periods of planets related to 6,8,12 houses, and major and
sub periods of maraka and badhaka lords or planets situated in these houses.
The planets which cause these accidents are Sani, Kuja, Rahu and Ketu.
Accidents may occur during the transit periods of the above malefic planets.
There are certain inauspicious muhurthas, tithis, Nakshtras and yogas which cause accidents
during the journey.
Thus accidents occur in one or more of the conditions mentioned above. The severity depends
upon the adverse nature of the planetary combination.
Further the accidents fall under two categories those which lead to injury and those which lead to
death. The individual with good longevity if meets with accident escapes death with injury,
otherwise he may lose life.
The airy, fiery, watery, earthy signs denote the cause of accident through air-crash, fire, water or
on the ground.

If Sani occupies 8th house death due to cart accident.
If the 10th lord is connected to 4th lord, Sani is in 8th house with Ketu.
If 4th lord conjoined with Sani or Rahu and aspected by Kuja death caused by hit of stones.

D.O.B. 9.7.1973,

16.10 31N28 76E19       died 15.08.1990

Lagna Vrischika, Rahu Dhanus, Guru Makara, Kuja Meena, Ravi Sani Ketu Mithuna, Budha
Sukra Karka.
In this chart Sani the 4th lord is with Ketu and 10th lord Sun in 8th and aspected by Kuja.
In Jataka tatwa it is said that the 10th lord connected with 4th lord, Rahu or Sani aspected by Kuja
there will be death from stone hitting. If Sani is in 8th accident by vehicle also is expected. He
died in Rahu dasa Guru Bhukti.
If Kuja or weak Chandra influence the 8th house and its lord along with Ketu or the lord of the
sign is occupied by Ketu the native dies through accidents.
If Ravi Kuja Sani Rah or Ketu occupy 10th or 5th house, then death happens by vehicle accident.
Lagna, 4th and 5th houses or their lords are centres of stronger malefic influences than 3rd and 9th
houses the native meets accident while travelling.
Afflictions to the 3rd and 9th houses/or their lords in the birth charts (especially by 8th lord) are
symptoms for travel disaster by air. The 8th lord with no connection with the 3rd lord/3rd house in
the birth chart keeps life intact in spite of serious injuries in the disaster.

Sani in 8th and 4th lord in 6th indicate death while journeying.

The 4th house rules vehicles and 8th house longevity. If these two are related then accidents
happen. (related to the elements)

Unnatural Time of Death

The unnatural death takes place at a time when critical dasa anthara operates.
1. The 2nd 7th lords are death causing planets. So their dasas and antharas are capable of
abruptly ending the life.
2. Dasa of a planet preferably an evil lord posited in the 2nd house and anthara of another
posited in the 7th house and vice versa can cause death.
3. Dasa of 2nd or 7th lords in the bhukti of their dispositors can also cause death.
4. Planets linked to the 2nd and 7th lords in their dasa and antharas may inflict death on the

5. An afflicted lagna lord in its own sub period in the period of its sign dispositors can give
death like troubles.
6. As lord of 3rd , 10th 11th and situated among one of thee houses Sani gives number of
7. Guru and Budha though benefic planets being the Kendra lords and having double
angular lordship they cause death to the native in their sub periods through the period of
suitable planet imbibed with similar malefic characteristics.
8. Rahu is the main killer in his own dasa and bhukti.
9. When any planet is in 2nd or 7th houses then the dispositors of these houses cause death
with the help of occupants.

The luminaries and the lord of Lagna are called the tripods of Astrology. These three even when
they get maraka powers become more or less evil but never kill, so say classical texts. The
luminaries as lords of the 8th house do not become evil, lords of 8th houses are not evil, provided
they own the lagna, lord of lagna is nowhere ranked as maraka.

Nevertheless, all these three have sometimes behaved as marakas, during their periods in
defiance of the classical injunctions, of course when the class of longevity should permit them to
take away life.

Murder or suicide 

Astrology can be used to know whether the death is due to suicide or murder. There are two
different rules specifically indicating suicide or murder.
Chandra represents mind, Kuja indicates instant death and Ketu is the karaka for suicide or
murder. When Chandra, Kuja, Ketu periods are operating and these planets are any way
connected with maraka and badhaka sthanas or their lords, in Gochara also, the death by suicide
takes place.
The report, which appeared on 4-7-1980 in ‘Hindustan Times’ says, that suicide attempts were
made on Mondays and Tuesdays under the caption “Suicide prone on Mondays and Tuesdays”.
This supports our view that Chandra and Kuja are instigating factors for this type of death.
For murder, Kuja, Ketu and Sani are responsible. Here Chandra’s role is ignorable or negative
also sometimes. Besides these planets, 8th house, 8th lord, badhaka and maraka sthana lords also
are to be considered. The dasa and antardasa also should be of these planets.