Limitation of SAV Nadi Ashtakvarga

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

Dear Jay, I am writing this to you and to others to whom this was earlier given and the same question was asked by all.

See the basic problem I have found in my studies of jyotish is whenever I get a technique of ‘Timing Of Events’ I feel that’s the whole and soul of jyotish and everything in jyotish in terms of timing of events needs to be explained with it. Which is not the case and hence there are so many dasas. In the Telegu Commentaries of Jaimini Astrology, it is clear that in what condition should one see natal chart or Navamsa or Drekkana, though here Iranganti and Maduraji and even Irangantis student Shiv Kumar is divided, but Kalpalatta even goes further and gives us some different conditions wherein the Asc itself changes, that means one does not consider the normal asc that we know of and use some other Asc as the main Asc.

Anyways, when it comes to Vimshottari the classics are silent of what to do after 120 years and same in terms of Yogini dasa (what to do after 36 years) and others. The Late Col Singh was the only astrologer who had cracked Yogini Dasa and he had written about it to Gayatri Devi ji the calculation of it in a very off beat manner which she published it in 2005 I think so in the AM. Mr Singh had learnt it from an Ashram in Guwahati, the exact location of the ashram I don’t remember now but mentor remembers since he was his friend. Anyways, Nadi Ashtakvarga on the face looks as a technique that is limited to 42 years of ones life but it does go beyond it and I have experimented with doubling the SAV (example in Indira Gandhis case) and many others. Sometimes I halved it and it gives results but that’s fixology.

What I do surely do is follow the Faith. That’s what I learnt from C S Patels more than 60 years of astrology and that was Faith is more important than logic when it comes to anything to do with Gods and Jyotish is the Game Plan of God, that’s his system of retribution.

With Nadi Ashtakvarga I always use more of Faith. Let me give example of Faith via Lomash Ansak Paddathi which I released it in the last issue I think so. Here is a case that happened day before.

Example 1: Pankajs wife

See this chart, while showing me this chart he said he has not shown this chart to anyone. For me this was a chart one does not look since it has some problems and though the problems look mundane, still I realized there was something esoterically wrong. So I asked him how is ur wifes back he said terrible, that’s it Ketu has done it so don’t look further in this chart. Now what I said to the man who was sitting with me at Pizza Hut (a pizza shop here) with another SA Volunteer is, ‘would u know what happened to your wifes father at the age of 13 of your wife, something very significant’. He started thinking as to what could have happened and I felt stupid as to how can a young man remember what happened to his wife’s father when she was 13 and that too without him talking to her how can he remember. When he took more time thinking I felt real stupid and wanted to retract the statement I had made on her chart. Then he thought and said, well it must be when she was 13 or 14, when her father left the household for several months and disappeared to become a Yogi and later came back. Bang on, for me this was the most brilliant prediction via Lomash Rishis system that I had come closer too.

See how I did it and it took me exactly 2 seconds to make the prediction of age 13- 9H has Jupiter retro placed there at 12.35 degree in the sign of Gemini (travelling and subconscious) hence I said at age of 13 (12.35). Jupiter is retro so it won’t let me get the exact age and also it being retro he came back.

You might have noticed that earlier I said I should not look into this chart as I sensed some problem, later he told me his wife gets possession and Mata (Mother Goddess) comes in her and she then reels off predictions and solves peoples problems. (In India during Navaratri or during some specific days of every week, Mother Goddess comes in many people and they then solve peoples problems). Such charts astrologers must bow and move out.

Example 2: Pankaj’s chart

I saw this chart and said in the 27th year how was ur finances and family life, was it terrible. He said Most terrible and said he had only Rs 8000 per month to manage all his family and that’s too small a money here in India Jay, atleast for a upper middle class citizen of costly india. See in his SAV there is 27 in 2H of money and family and Rahu Saturn, seeing Rahu Saturn and their dispositor in the 6H of obstacles and debts I said this prediction and how long did it take 2 seconds.

Infact when I am in hurry I never use even BSP I use only Lomash Ansak Paddathi and Nadi Ashtakvarga. Infact only twice I have failed with Nadi Ashtakvarga and that too the reason was I did not use basics of astrology in determining the correct decipheration of lordship but someone experienced than me would have done this well. For me its my faith in Nadi Ashtakvarga, Lomash System, BCPs and BSPs – these are my soul mates of techniques, they stand in good stead with me and I don’t bother about 100s of dasas or transits, who has time for them, here in India if one does not open ones mouth in 20 seconds or max 30 seconds they don’t like it.

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