Magi Analysis: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sandy L. Crowther


Sandy L. Crowther CMA

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The Magi Society was founded in 1625 by a small group of Shao Lin Monks.

The Magi Society is now a worldwide organization and has produced three of the most important books ever published on astrology. Four charts are used for Magi analyses: Geocentric longitude and declinations, and Heliocentric longitudes and latitudes.

The primary purpose of the Magi Society is to continue to conduct scientific research to improve and expand our knowledge of astrology and to teach it to Magi Society members throughout the world. The Magi Society is also dedicated to helping bring about a universal acceptance of the validity of astrology. The Magi Society has also taken on a leadership role in the battle against opponents of astrology.

Franklin Delanore Roosevelt:

FDR was born January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, New York, U.S., and died on April 12, 1945, in Warm Springs, Georgia. He was the 32nd president of the United States (1933–45). The only president elected to the office four times, Roosevelt led the United States through two of the greatest crises of the 20th century: the Great Depression and World War II. In so doing, he greatly expanded the powers of the federal government through a series of programs and reforms known as the New Deal, and he served as the principal architect of the successful effort to rid the world of German National Socialism and Japanese militarism.

Preliminary Study Material

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Magi teachings

Although the analysis below is not by any means all-inclusive, my intent is to bring forth a few salient points in the life of FDR, while addressing some of the various concepts of Magi Astrology. I hope that this will be of interest to the reader, while providing the students of Magi Astrology an opportunity for study.

Geocentric Natal Chart: Longitudinal and Declinational Charts

 Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Natal Gifts and Talents:


CindereThe bi-directional applying Jupiter enhancement of Uranus, also known as the Super Fame Aspect and Aspect of Political Power, along with the applying Jupiter and Uranus enhancements of Chiron, two Cinderella Aspects, certainly yields much notoriety, power, and political acclaim in support of being known for famous leadership in his chosen political career. This powerful ChironPlanetary Synchronization forms a Super Conjoined Trine, and connects three super energies forming a powerful alignment of Jupiter, Chiron, and Uranus. This Super Conjoined Trine planetary synchronization is the primary Focus of the natal chart. The joining of these energies suggests that Franklin D. Roosevelt possessed a high degree of gifted talent with respect to a successful political career, along with notable public acclaim as a leader in the political arena. The Chiron Magical enhancement to Uranus also puts the emphasis on fame and success in career, revealing gifts of charismatic political appeal. Clearly, FDR’s chart from birth demonstrates that he was astrologically conditioned to be politically blessed Additionally, we see another planetary synchronization forming a Magi Triangle in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s chart with Mercury, Mars, and Pluto all speaking to powerful and energetic communications. Mars is additionally at EXDEK (extreme declination) in the declinations. FDR’s talents and gifts additionally unfold in his energetic initiative and powerful way with words, coupled with intellectual communication skills.

The applying bi-directional Mercury-Mars enhancement is creating High Balance Aspect on the day of FDR’s birth. Although this particular planetary balance generally recognized in superstar athletes, this type of planetary balance greatly enhanced FDR’s sharp wit, intelligence, and astute communications, along with his ability for being well received.

FDR’s Natal Sun forms an applying aspect to Neptune and is relative to his creative and healing presence, as well as his inner stability, while his applying Venus aspect to Saturn shows his preference for maintaining control of his own financial prospects and affairs. Venus square Saturn is the charts Focus Aspect.

FDR’s declinational Super Aspect of his Uranus applying enhancement of Pluto falls well within the allowable one-degree orb, and is truly a great and powerful aspect for a strong political leader, suggesting both power and fame. He was innovative, and not afraid to use his political power to initiate change of the status quo, thus destabilizing many popular existing states of affairs. As an overall result of both his independent fervor and innovative ideas, he became both the most loved and the most hated President in American history. [1]

FDR’s declinational Neptune proximity enhancement to Chiron, Cinderella and Romance Aspect, further supports his unprecedented long-term political artistry and career charm,

and becomes the declinational Focus Aspect. Even Charles de Gaulle, who well knew Roosevelt’s disdain for him, succumbed to the “glittering personality” as he put it, of “that artist, that seducer”. [1]

Looking further at the declinational chart for Focus, we see another planetary synchronization forming a Magi Pyramid, with the alignment of Mercury contra-parallel both Neptune and Chiron, with Neptune and Chiron proximity enhanced forming the declinational Focus Aspect and a lifetime Cinderella and Romance Aspect. This aspect is further enhancing the prospects of both career and marriage, and further addressing his creative communication gifts and talents with respect to his long-term career and earning power, along with his enduring charismatic public image.

Heliocentric Chart:

Viewing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gifts from the heliocentric angle of perspective, we note the tight longitudinal Jupiter-Pluto Super Success applying enhancement; supporting the powerful and successful influential political leader. Additionally, his Venus enhancement of Pluto adds to the line-up of Super Aspects supporting that he was natally conditioned to receive, as does his Venus enhancement of Jupiter. These enhancements form a Super Magi Triangle and are relative to incredible benefic influences, surrounding his power and leadership abilities, along with his luck, charm, and his sense of humor in his ability to lead his political public. This is the Focus of the Heliocentric longitudes.

Mercury square Mars is the proximity enhanced Heliocentric Focus Aspect, addressing his high initiative in communications.

There are many more supporting enhancements to be seen from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s heliocentric chart that are indeed in support of his geocentric chart, however, they are too numerous to make mention of each and every one. Suffice it to say, that gifted and blessed he certainly was. However, looking at just one more aspect worthy of mention, we see a longitudinal Uranus and Neptune enhancement, again speaking to his long-term political fame.

Franklin D. Roosevelt certainly was natally well sanctioned with multiple gifts and talents, and his gifted astrological portrait is highly evidenced by more than the above fore-mentioned ideal aspectual alignments. The heliocentric bi-level enhancements of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron alone are quite remarkable, as are the number of applying aspects that the benefits for future positive progressions.

Super Aspects: In conclusion, the line-up of Super Aspects is really quite remarkable. They include a double Jupiter-Uranus (in both geocentric longitude and heliocentric latitudes), Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in geocentric longitudes, and a declinational geocentric Uranus-Pluto. In the Heliocentric longitude chart we find a Jupiter-Pluto, Venus-Pluto, Venus-Jupiter, and in the heliocentric latitudes as mentioned above, a Jupiter-Uranus enhancement.

Summer of 1921: Mysterious Illness afflicts FDR with Poliomyelitis:[1]

Although I will not go into any detail with respect to his paralysis, I have noticed in the past that often Astrologer’s struggle to find the connections for any debilitating illness afflicting FDR. I give the following applying natal aspects that have potential to be harmful for progressions and transits. These, coupled with fraternal aspects, can certainly indicate loss of power and reflexes through deterioration and/or muscle impairment.

a) Geocentric Sun applying square Neptune: Duration of personal power and vitality impaired.

b) Geocentric Mercury applying square Pluto: Impairment of power of reflexes and sense of balance.

c) Geocentric Venus applying square Saturn and Helio Saturn applying parallel Venus: loss of coordination in parts of the body.

d) Heliocentric Earth/Moon Complex applying square Saturn: Unfortunate loss of power.

e) Heliocentric Mercury square Mars within the Magical Time: Hindrances and blockages to body movements, reflexes, and sense of balance.

Multiple Planet Aspects: Magi Quads and Midpoint Crossings:

The charts below show both the longitudinal and declinational Magi Quads and Midpoint Crossings in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s chart.

Above in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Magi Quad longitudinal line-up and based on the Occurring M/Q Magi Sequence, we find [Jupiter conjunct Neptune] + Chiron </L/> Saturn + Pluto, at the top of the sequence, resulting in a Super Aspected Magi Quad. This is indicative of talent in a successful and lasting career because of charismatic leadership, with strong desires for monumental changes in government. His highly inspired creative leadership skills, coupled with a powerful ability to successfully dominate the political arena, resulted in a lucrative political career.

We also see a Magi Pyramid Quad (#17 – longitudes) with the pairings of Mars + Uranus </Pyramid/> Sun + Venus. This relates to his massive amounts of energy and ability to bring about change, as being a reflection of his sociability and public appeal.

Magi Pyramid Quad There is additionally a Magi Quad Yod (#18 – longitudes) Sun + Uranus </L/> Mars + Saturn, while Pluto graces the midpoint of the Mars + Saturn pairing, creating a Magi Quad Yod, speaking to his ability as a famous political figure with the power to control war.

There are more configurations that are also worthy of notice, but I will stop with the listings above.

Declinational Magi Quads: MDQ’s

First in the declinational Occurring M/Q Magi Sequence we find Jupiter + [Chiron parallel Neptune] </D/> Mars + Uranus, resulting in an Aspected Magi Dek Quad. This is relative to a distinguished and fearless successful public image coupled with charismatic long-term leadership, and enabled FDR to successfully direct his massive amounts of energy and courage to significant and noteworthy future endeavors. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, said Isiah Berlin, was one of the few statesmen in any century “who seemed to have no fear at all of the future.” [1]

Jupiter + Uranus </D/> Pluto + [Chiron parallel Neptune] follows next, resulting in an Aspected MDQ, and indicating that FDR was politically talented at dealing with the public and recognized for his achievements and enduring successes. This Magi Dek Quad brings both power and charisma along with extraordinary qualities that total up to a very famous public image.

The Primary Focal Planet for the longitudinal M/Q’s is Pluto.

The Primary Focal Planets for the MDQ’s are both Jupiter and Neptune.

The planetary energies of Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune are perfect for describing FDR and his talents and accomplishments. He was a long-lasting, successful, powerful, political figure, with exceptionally gifted personal attributes for outstanding leadership.

Midpoint Crossings: (MDX’s)

 Below please find the charts and tables of the MDX’s relative to FDR’s chart. Again, I will briefly demonstrate my understanding of MDX’s using just a few samples from the many available in FDR’s chart.

First in the sequence, we see that the Sun is trine by both the Mars – Pluto, and Mercury / Pluto midpoints, and both MDX’s form a semi-sextile to Neptune. These are Aspected MDX’s and show, first, that this type of supercharged energy, relative to power and politics in the Mars – Pluto MDX, would bring FDR lasting and long-term personal success through his outgoing nature. The Sun is additionally parallel the Mars/Pluto MDX in the declinations, and widely contra-parallel Jupiter, as Jupiter is additionally parallel the Mars – Pluto midpoint. We might call this as Aspected Bi-level MDX Enhancement.

The second Aspected MDX, Mercury / Pluto midpoint trine Sun semi-sextile Neptune indicates that his commanding speech and powerful political skills are a vital part of his political gifts, and support his abilities long-term as a creative individual who can both command and receive attention.

Further down in the sequence of MDX’s, we note in FDR’s MDX lineup an Aspected MDX of Saturn – Pluto (#33). The Saturn – Pluto midpoint is both conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus. Through aspect transformation, we can safely conclude that his elevated desires for enforced political change were best realized through his political fame and skills in leadership.

Aspected MDX of Saturn
Aspected MDX of Saturn

Marriage Chart of Franklin D. Roosevelt to Eleanor Roosevelt – 3/17/1905 [1]

Below please find the Marriage Chart of FDR and Eleanor, in addition to the Magi Quad Timed Sequence relative to my analysis of the most exact Magi Quads. Also, please see the separate charts with the inclusion of Juno.

With respect to the Marriage Chart, there are many factors that need to be synthesized and balanced for overall integration, as far as what the Marriage itself brought to both of them publicly and personally. What first catches our attention is the Dynamic Symmetrical Turbulent Planetary Geometry in the form of a T-Square involving Uranus and Neptune, with Mercury at the apex. This pattern sets up immediate conditions for stress within the marriage. They had trying communications about freedoms within the marital union, versus long-term commitment. The negatized symbolisms (or offsets) to these planetary representations in this symmetrical pattern, reveal an inability to successfully communicate with one another for a long-term about personal commitments, resulting in an unchangeable need for satisfying ill fated urges for bouts of independence and freedom, further suggesting instability with respect to both commitment, and truthful communications. The union may have been unsettling in many respects, lacking contentment.

It is no secret that FDR had a long-term love affair with his wife’s secretary, Lucy Mercer, so this planetary geometry speaks clearly to a need for freedom, along with years of untruthful communications, right from the onset. Absent were Venus – Jupiter enhancements to remotely hint at, or suggest loyalty and faithfulness, and no apparent counter-balancing aspects are seen to offset the negativity of this symmetrical pattern.

However, the tight Neptune/Chiron Double Direct Quincunx and Cinderella Aspect is additionally a Double Cinderella Aspect – as it is also present in the declinations of FDR’s natal chart and therefore excellent for both their Marriage Chart and Franklin’s career, as it addresses the Union of Marriage itself along with the success the marriage brought to his career. This configuration therefore overwhelmingly supports and stabilizes the capacity for holding the marriage together for the long term – regardless of the difficulties in the marriage – while promoting unprecedented career longevity in the political arena and enhancing his political public image for years.

Jupiter applying trine Uranus creates a Magical Angle, gives positive progressions and is additionally a mirrored natal aspect – is a Super Fame and an Historic Aspect, addressing the super fame and tremendous leadership that resulted from this union, in addition to the successful global changes that result from the combined creative geniuses that this union creates. Recognized as an historical couple, the marriage certainly enhanced his career; this couple was one for the books.

Jupiter applying square Chiron results in romantic marital tensions and implies a lack of future trust and fulfillment in the union.

Mars enhancement Additionally, the Sun – Mars enhancement can indicate the natalization of a union that is empowered with high energy and initiative, and therefore suggesting that the Wedding Chart enforced their combined drives and passions as a couple, introducing action as opposed to indecision in their union – perhaps energized with a bit of martian tension and irritation at times. Overall, they could accomplish much together. 

In the declinations, we have Saturn applying parallel Chiron, the Heartbreak Clash, and Eleanor certainly did have her heart broken upon finding the love letters addressed to her husband, from her secretary. Although FDR did not want a divorce [1] when she offered that up as a solution, and he promised to end the relationship with Lucy Mercer when his wife, Eleanor, found out, the words were just words. He could not end the affair, as the irresistible temptation continued to carry on into the future. This betrayal resulted in Eleanor focusing on her own personal and public interests and prospects, and ended any intimacy [2] that was left in the marriage. [3]

Lastly, we have Sun applying contra-parallel Mercury, suggesting that the marriage provided terrific success in intellectual endeavors and common pursuits, resulting in an intellectually compatible union.

Sun applying contra-parallel Mercury
Heartbreak Clash


Although not much has been written about Juno as of yet, it has been revealed by the Magi Society to be representative of a mistress…So I thought it both relevant and interesting to include Juno in this particular chart.

In FDR’s personal chart, we have the planetary synchronization of Saturn trine Juno, and Juno applying semi-sextile to Venus. Using Saturn – Juno as the nucleus of the synchronization, and Juno as the central focus by virtue of being connected to both Saturn and Venus, I would read this planetary geometry as an irresistible temptation and an uncontrollable desire for extra-curricular involvement with a mistress. In FDR’s natal chart, Mercury is applying contra-parallel Juno, supporting communications with mistress.

In FDR’s Marriage Chart, in the declinations we see that Juno is also involved in a planetary synchronization with Sun and Mercury, with Sun at the apex, therefore I translate this as – the Union of Marriage would include correspondence with a mistress, supported by the confluence of declinational Mercury – Juno in his natal Geocentric chart.

natal Geocentric chart
natal Geocentric chart
natal Geocentric chart

Magi Quad Time Sequence

The Magi Quad Timed Sequence (above the declinational MQ sequence) will show the most exact Magi Quads and what type of successes the Marriage Chart may have brought to the individual. The longitudinal Timed Magi Sequence will illustrate the more precise nature of Roosevelt’s success based on the timed MQ astrological influences.

In order of exactness for reference, please see that the longitudinal MQ’s follow in the order of # 11, 10, 12, and 13.

11) Jupiter + Saturn <//> Sun + Mercury: Here we have a Magi Quad suggesting exceptional leadership qualities of grace and dignity fully supporting his natural and powerful communication skills.

10) Neptune + Chiron <//> Mercury + Venus: Inspired and long lasting career because of articulated intelligence and enhanced communication skills.

12) Venus + Mars <//> Saturn + Chiron: Grace of action and love of movement results in strong abilities resulting in charismatic career.

13) Saturn + Uranus <//> Mercury + Mars: His charismatic and commanding ability to move the country through quickness of action and a lightening fast mind.

What we cannot help but notice is the Saturn pairing predominance in the M/Q’s, coupled with a high degree of Mercury pairings. The Saturn – Uranus pairing is quite common in the political arena. Saturn additionally signifies that FDR relished being in control – in fact succeeding at three unprecedented consecutive terms in the highest office in the country. Mercury brings about a high degree of intelligence and versatility to his speech.

political arena
political arena
political arena
political arena