Maha Rajayoga in Obama’s Chart

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Dear Sunil Ji,

As discussed, I was trying to include Obama’s chart in Mandooka Dasa article. Then, I suddenly got an idea to analyze the rajayoga according to Jaimini principles. My analysis is attached with this mail. Of couse, the draft article is just vaguely written. I know, it needs to be elaborated a lot in order to make sense to the readers. May be we can preserve this article for our next volume. I am just curious to let you know the rajayoga of Obama according to Jaimini. Though, I have not followed any discussion on Obama’s chart on forums, I wanted to tell you how Jaimni comes to rescue in explaining the Rajayogas. I think how difficult it would be if we try to apply Parasara principles.

I have included the Sanskrit slokas in the Mandooka dasa article. Addition of more charts is yet to be done. I am attaching Mandooka dasa article, an excel file on Mandooka dasa. Please go through.

Let me know your feedback.

Maha Rajayoga in Obama’s Chart

Barak Obama was elected as next president of United States of America. In the following lines, the Argala Rajayoga in his horoscope is explained according to Jaimini principles. The principle use of Argala lies in analyzing Rajayogas in the chart. For this purpose a number of divisional charts are used. Their method of construction can be learnt from standard texts on Jaimini system.

The following are the divisional charts exclusively used for this purpose.

  1. Rasi chart
  2. Navamsa chart cast according to Krishna Misra’s Phala Ratnamala
  3. Parivrittityaya Drekkana chart
  4. Somanath Drekkana cast according to Somanatha Misra’s Kalpalatha.

Obama, Male, 08-04-1961, 19:24 hrs, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Atma Karaka – Venus, Amatya Karaka – Sun, Dara karaka – Mecury

chart y8y
  1. Ascendant in Rasi is not aspected by ant planet excepting Rahu – Ketu, hence either 5th house or 9th house is checked.
  2. 9th house Gemini in Rasi chart is aspected by Sun Mecury, Venus from Pisces.
  3. 9th house Cancer in Krishra Misra Navama (Jaimini Navamsa) is aspected by Venus from Scorpio, hence Venus become Yogada (AP-5) planet.
  4. 9th house Gemini in Parivritti tyaya Drekkana chart is aspected by Venus from Pisces, hence becomes Yogada (AP-5) planet.
  5. 9th house Gemini in Parivritti traya Drekkana chart is aspected by Sun from Pisces, hence Sun becomes Yogada (AP-5) planet.
  6. Since, Venus aspects 9th house in Rasi, Navamsa, and Parivritti traya Drekkana charts, Venus becomes MahaYogada (AP-6) planet.

Maha Yogada Venus is Atma Karaka and exalted in Pisces in Rasi chart.

Now, Argala Rajayogas from aspecting planet are to be calculated from aspecting planet. Sage Jaimini explained that Argalas are to be calculated only from aspecting planet vide the following sutra.

दारभाग्य शूलस्थार्गला निध्यातुः

dārabhāgya śūlasthārgalā nidhyātuḥ

  The word निध्यातुः (nidhyātuḥ) in the above sutra clearly explain that argalas to be reckoned from aspecting planet only. But, now most astrologers are missing this principle. Now, I am explaining the Rajayoga in Obama’s horoscope by taking Argala into account.

Principle Argala 4th house Gemini, is occupied by Mars, with no planet in Virodha Argala sign Sagittarius.

Principle Argala 11th house Capricorn, is occupied by Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, with no planet in Virodha Argala sign Taurus. Jupiter, though debilitated in Capricorn, gets cancellation due to Saturn occupying Capricron, a Quadrant from Ascendant.

Maha Yogada Venus, is placed in Pisces a Dual sign, hence Ardharga Rajayoga forms. Since two Argala signs are involved, this Rajayoga transforms into Tripadargala Rajyoga of superior order. Now, this Rajayoga gets intensified for the following reasons.

  1. Yogada planet is Venus, transformed into Maha Yogada for the reasons explained above.
  2. Maha Yogada Venus exalted in Pisces.
  3. Venus is associated with well placed Sun and Mercury.
  4. Involvement of two principle argala signs and no planet in virodha argala signs.
  5. The planets involved in Argala signs are Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, 4 planets in total.
  6. Sun and Mercury conjunct Venus à 2 planets.

Hence, excepting Rahu and Ketu all other planets are associated/ involved with Maha Yogada Venus. This clearly explains the Maha Rajayoga conferred on Barak Obama.

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