Malefic Disposition of Mars (Kuja Dosham) in the Horoscopes of the Bride and Groom

Author :

Prof. Ramana Rao  V.  Komaragiri,  Ph.D., F.I.E., F.A.S, Retired Professor (University College of Engineering; Visakhapatnam), India;    Astrologer-scientist.

Hindu astrology is universal and successfully predicted the fates of people for over nine thousands of years. Many people who believe astrology, seriously take into consideration whether the bride and or groom have any Kuja (Mangala) Dosha {malefic disposition of Mars} in their horoscopes. This aspect is widely discussed all over India and also by persons of Indian origin settled abroad. They go to consult astrologers; 95% of the astrologers (millions of quack-atrolgers are there all over the world) are not qualified and they do not have the depth of knowledge; such astrologers can not give correct advice. Also this problem of Kuja dosha (malefic disposition of Mars in the horoscope) is intricate and requires very careful assessment. I prepare this article to highlight the concepts properly, so that the readers are benefited by the clarifications.
Let us consider two teenagers who like to get married; the girl is (say) Gouri (G) and the boy is (say) Bhaskar (B). Marriage is a social event of utmost importance and is above religion, caste, creed, nationality and such aspects; it is advisable to examine the horoscopes of both G and B and assess compatibility of both horoscopes before finalizing their marriage. While assessing the compatibility we have to examine the aspects pertaining to Kuja (Mars), Sukra (Venus) and Chandra (Moon). Mars (Kuja) is the planet which influences the sperm in males; Sukra (Venus) is the planet which influences the ovum in females; and moon causes sexual desire in the couple and urges them to copulate; he acts strongly on the minds of the couple. So these three planets Mars, Venus and Moon play a vital role in the married life of B and G; and in general in all humans. Besides the presiding planet of marriage and conjugal life is Venus (Sukra). So the conjugal life of married couple is ruled by Mars; he can make their conjugal life enjoyable or miserable. Hereunder, I give some examples to stress the need to assess the Kuja dosha before fixing the marriage. If it is not done and marriage is performed, calamities may happen.

Kuja dosha chartExample:1 :-The 7th house (Virgo) is aspected by two malefic planets, Mars & Saturn. Jupiter is the lord of 1st and 10th houses (Kendra-adhipathya dosha) is malefic and stays in 7th house. So she became a widow within a few months after her marriage, during her teenage (19 years age). This chart shows clearly that she will be a widow soon after her marriage.




Kuja dosha chart

Example: 2 :- Venus (significator of husband) is in 12th (Vyaya) & is aspected by Saturn (3rd). Also 7th house is aspected by Saturm (10th).   Moon, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in one house. She is deserted by her husband.  After separation, she indulges in illicit sexual relations with other men.

Example : 3 :- Moon and Mars are conjunct in 7th house, (the house of husband). She is separated from her husband.  Now she leads the life of a prostitute. If an expert astrologer examined the above three horoscopes, he would have predicated the coming misfortunes;  and the groom’s family could have saved the man. Example (3): Rasi chart of a prostitute woman.

Kuja dosha chart

The nature of Mars (Kuja) is fire. He is deemed to be malefic. He is the lord of two houses in the Zodiac, namely Mesham (Aries) and Vruschikam (Scorpio); Makaram (Capricorn) is house of exaltation (Utacha) and Karkatakam (Cancer) is the house of debilitation for Mars. Budha (Mercury) is enemy to Kuja (Mars). Ravi (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Guru (Jupiter) are friends to Mars (Kuja; Mangala); Sani (Saturn) and Sukra (Venus) are neutrals (neither friend nor enemy) to Mars. But Mars is enemy to Saturn. Mars is neutral to Raahu and Kethu. Venus and Mars are mutually neutrals. Sun and Mars are mutually friends. Mars is neutral to Moon. Mars and Jupiter are mutual friends. Mars has retrograde (vakra-gathi) motion and also stand-still (sthambhana) state. Due to this stand-still characteristic Mars (Kuja) can stay in a house (rasi) for more period than is usually destined).
If Mars (Kuja) is ill-disposed in any horoscope, some remedies are prescribed in Hindu astrology.
(1) Recite Japam (recitation with devotion) of Sri Subrahmanya manthra 108 times thrice a day. Perform milk abhisheka and ashtothara puja to Lord Subrahmaneswara on one Tuesday every month. Do japam (recitation) of Kuja sthothra manthra 7,000 times every month during Kuja periods.
(2) Wear a gold ring with a coral (pagadam) to the left hand ring finger (anamika).
(3) Give (alms-offering) daanam 7oo gms. of redgram (Kandulu) to a temple-priest / purhohit / Brahmin ; the sincere practice of these three remedial measures can reduce the ill-effects.
(4) You can chant the following mantra for Kuja dosha nivaaranam, 108 times daily, during malefic periods of Mars: “Om Namo Mangale, Mangala-adhaare, Maangalye, mangala-pradhe, Mangala-artham, mangaleshi, soumaangalyam che dehi me; aayu, arogya, aiswaryam dehime dhiyam !”Now we explain briefly what is Kuja-dosham in the horoscopes of B and G:
It is stated in Astrological texts, that the horoscope (birth chart) of a person has Kuja-dosham (defective disposition of Mars) if Mars is present in one of the following houses 1,2,4,7,8,12 counted from the house of birth (ascendant) and the house of Moon (rasi) and the house of Venus (Sukra). It is described as follows: BIRTH LAGNAM (ASCENDANT) (BIRTH HOUSE) is denoted as body; MOON is denoted as mind; SUKRA is deemed as giver of spouse & marriage causing planet. It is described in ancient Sanskrit text MUHOORTHA-CHINTHAMANI* : slokam : LAGNAE VYAYAECHA, PAATHALAE, JAMITHRAECHA, ASHTAMAE KUJAE STHREENAAM BHARTHRU VINASAAYA: PUMSAA BHAARYA VINASANAM; The famous ancient Saint-Astrologer Sri Agashtya Maharshi wrote in his text on Astrology, *AGASHTYA SAMHITHA; “ DHANAE , VYAYEACHA, PAATHALAE, JAMITHRECHA, ASHTAMAE KUJA STHITHU, KUJA-DOSHA MUCHYATHAE”. The malefic-effect of Mars is strongest (100%) when Mars is positioned in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from the house of Venus (Sukra); the ill-effect of Mars is very strong (about 75%) when Mars is positioned in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from the house of Moon: the ill-effect of Mars is moderately strong (about 66%)when Mars is positioned in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from the house of birth birth lagnam (ascendant). But 75% of the general astrologer are quacks and do not possess the depth of knowledge and experience in Astrology; so they explain the Kuja dosham taking the moon-position or birth lagnam (ascendant) as the starting point to count; this is not at all correct in our opinion. We must take the position of Venus (Sukra) as the reference house, because Sukra is the ruling planet for conjugal life and marriage.

We give hereunder six horoscopes (birth-charts) to illustrate our explanations. We showed the positions of planets Moon, Mars and Venus and birth birth lagnam (ascendant) only. We also showed other planets which are in association (staying in the same house) with birth lagnam (ascendant), Moon, Mars and Venus. We specified clearly, in each case, the nature of Kuja-dosham : is it from birth house (birth lagnam; ascendant) or from Moon’s house (raasi) or from Venus’ house.
The houses (bhaavas) 1,2,4,7,8,12 from Birth lagnam (ascendant) in the horoscope (birth chart) of B and G denote the following aspects. (a) 1. Birth lagnam (ascendant) is thanu-bhaavam (house of body). So birth lagnam (ascendant) denotes the health, sturdiness of body, appearance, and nature of the person. (b) 2nd house from Birth lagnam (ascendant) explains the family, happiness in home, riches and money, talking power, eyes, and death of the person. © 4th house from Birth lagnam (ascendant) gives information about the person’s education, own house, mother, car (vehicle), lands, and conjugal happiness. (d) the 7th house from birth lagnam (ascendant) tells about the person’s spouse, mutual love and affection among the married couple, their health, lust, prostitution (adultery), sperm, ovum and death of the person (maarakam). (e) the 8th house tells about the person’s longevity, married life and conjugal bliss and life-style.(f) the 12th house from birth lagnam (ascendant) tells about expenditure, waste, characteristics / qualities, sexual happiness, losses, fame and moksham (liberation).

malefic from Moon

Example:5 :- Mars malefic from both Lagna and Venus.                                                                            Example: 6:- Mars malefic from both Venus and Moon

If Mars (Kuja=Mangala) stays in any of these houses, we can assess how far these bhavaas are spoiled by Mars (malefic planet); so we can tell how far the person’s horoscope is damaged & the ill effects caused to the person in his / her life.

It is desirable to perform marriage of the girl G, (with Kuja-dosham) with the boy B with Kuja-dosham.  Kuja-dosham (malefic disposition of Mrs) must be present in both the horoscopes of B & G; or must be absent in both.

If one person has Kuja-dosham in his / her horoscope and the other person has no kuja-dosham, it is not desirable to perform their marriage; then their conjugal life is spoiled; they suffer.  According to Kerala Astrology, the woman G has Kuja-dosham and the man B has no Kuja dosham, and if Kuja period occurs in her youth years, her conjugal life is spoiled: her husband may die or get separated from her.  During the past 45 years of my experience as Astrologer, I found this happened in the lives of dozens of married couple.


Great sages of ancient times had profound knowledge of Hindu astrology;  Athri, Naarada and such Maharishis  (saint-astrologer) suggested some remedies and exemptions for this Kuja-dosham.  Here we summarise some of those exemptions :  There is no Kuja-dosham in any of the following case and Mars does not harm.  The great Saint-Astrologers of ancient times  mentioned :   slokam : ARKA, INDU KSHETHRA JATHANAM  KUJA-DOSHO NA VIDYATHAE;  SVA, UTCHA, MITHRA BHAJATHAANAM PEEDKO NA BHATH KUJA :                                                                                  

(1) If Mars is in his own house; Mesham (Aries) and Vruschikam (Scorpio) are own houses for Mars.

(2) If Mars stays in one of his friends’ houses, Kuja dosahm is not applicable; Karkatakam (Cancer)  is own house of Moon (Chandra); Simham (Leo) is own house of Ravi (Sun); Dhanasu (Sagittarius) and Meenam (Pisces) are own houses of Guru (Jupiter).

(3) If Mars is in the own house of Sani; namely Makaram (Capricorn) and Kumbham (Aquarius), Mesham (Aries), Karkatakam (Cancer), Thula (Libra), and Makaram (Capricorn) are movable signs (chara-raasis); if Mars stays in one of these houses and that chara-raasi (house) is 1, 2,4, 7, 8, 12th house from the house of birth lagnam (ascendant)) or the house of moon (raasi) or the house where Sukra (Venus) stays, there is no Kuja-dosham; Mars does not harm.

(4)  If Moon and Kuja are together in the same house, there is no Kuja dosham.

  • If Sani (Saturn) & Kuja (Mars), or if Kuja & Raahu or if Kuja & Kethu pair in same house.
  • If Mars & Guru (Jupiter),or Mars & Budha (Mercury) are together in the same house. Or if Guru or Budha are aspecting (drushti) Mars.
  • If a person is born in Karkatakam (Cancer), or Simham (Leo), or Makaram (Capricorn) lagna
  • If Mars is in 2nd house from the houses of Guru (Jupiter), Budha (Mercury) or Sani (Saturn).
  • If Sani (Saturn) is aspecting (drushti)  Mars (Kuja).
  • If birth lagnam (ascendant) (birth house) or Moon (Chandra) or Sukra (Venus) is in the houses of Venus (Sukra), Vrushabham (Taurus) or Thula (Libra), and if Mars is in 4th or 7th house from the above.
  • If Mars is in 2nd or 12th house from birth lagnam (ascendant) (ASC) or Chandra (Moon) or Sukra (Venus) and  those houses are own houses of Budha (Mercury), Mithunam (Gemini) or Kanya (Virgo).
  • If Mars (Kuja) is in 4th or 7th or 12th house from Birth lagnam (ascendant) (ASC) or Chandra (Moon) or Sukra (Venus) and those houses are own houses of Sukra (Venus), Vrushabham (Taurus) or Thula (Libra).
  • If Mars is in 8th house from birth lagnam (ascendant), or Moon or Venus and that 8th house is the own house of Guru (Jupiter), Dhanasu (Sagittarius) or Meenam (Pisces).
  • The 7th house from birth lagnam (ascendant) (birth house=ASC=ascendant) is the house of spouse (kalathra); if Mars (Kuja) is in 7th house, the spouse may die in periods of Kuja (Mars).  If that 7th house is Mesham  (Aries) or Karkatakam (Cancer) or Vruschikam (Scorpio) or Makaram (Capricorn), no Kuja-dosha
  • Well-known astrologers of present times, Relangi, Tangirala, Pidaparthi Poornaih wrote in  their  Panchangams (Ephemeris) and books, that Kuja-dosham is not applicable if there is Kuja dosham from birth lagnam (ascendant) and from Moon house and Venus house – all three houses in same horoscope.

Their opinion appears to be justified; but that opinion has no support from the standard works (writings) of great sages, and profound scholars of ancient astrology.

16   If Mars (Kuja) is in 12th house from birth lagnam (ascendant), Moon or Venus, in both the horoscopes of the male B  and female G, the remedy / exemption of Kuja-dosham  in both horoscopes is same; the  dosham (defect) in one horoscope is remedied by the dosham in the second horoscope.

  • Some astrologers are of opinion, that Mars in 1st, 4th or 8th house from birth lagnam (ascendant), or Moon or Venus in horoscopes of the male B, does not harm the wife G.  Similarly, the Mars in 2nd or 7th houses from birth lagnam (ascendant), Moon or Venus in the horoscope of female G, does not harm her husband B.

18) Well known contemporary astrologers and writers of Panchangam books published by  Tirupathi-Tirumla Devasthanam of Bhagavan Sri Venkateswara express their opinion as follows: a)  If  Mars (Kuja) is in 2nd or 12th houses from birth lagnam (ascendant), Moon, or Venus in the horoscopes of male B,  Mars harms the person B , also his wife G in periods of Mars.  (b)  If Mars is in 4th or 7th houses from  Birth lagnam (ascendant), Moon or Venus in the horoscope of female G. also her husband B, Kuja harms in his periods.               ( c ) If Mars in 8th house from the birth lagnam (ascendant), Moon or Venus, in the horoscope of B or G, Kuja dosham  exists and it harms the person B or G, in the periods of Mars.

chart of Groom

(19)  According to Prof. B. V. Raman, world-renowned expert astrologer.  Kuja Dosha is removed in the following conditions :
a. If Mars is in 2nd house in any of the signs of Mercury, i.e., Gemini or Virgo.
b. If Mars is in 4th house in own sign, i.e., Aries or Scorpio.
c. If Mars is in 7th house in exaltation or debilitation, i.e., Capricorn or Cancer.
d. If Mars is in 8th house in any of the signs of Jupiter, i.e., Sagittarius or Pisces.
e. If Mars is in 12th house in any of the signs of Venus, i.e., Taurus or Libra.
f. If Mars is in any house in Aquarius or Leo.
However, some believe that these conditions though weaken the Dosha, but do not completely remove the dosha. I believe that this might be correct.

During the past 45 years, we studied many books and horoscopes carefully, but could not find uniformity of opinions among scholars; we found no guidelines to adopt from their books.    Among the 6 examples, we gave above, there is Kuja-dosham in the horoscope chart of 2; by the  position of Mars   in the birth lagnam (ascendant)-house (ASC);  the distance between Kethu and Kuja is considerable;  the pairing effect of Kuja and Kethu is absent.  In the other 5 examples, the Kuja dosham is remedied, due to the application of rules of exemption, we cited above.

So it appears to us that there is no need to fear too much about Kuja dosham (mal-dispositon of Mars) in the horoscopes of bride and groom.

Late Dr. B.V. Raman, world-renowned astrologer, presented a unique formula to measure the exact intensity of “Mangal-dosha“, on a scale of 100 points for each of the concerned malefic planets causing the dosha, in his books “Jaataka-Nirnay” and “How to judge a horoscope (vol. II)“. Based on this formula, maximum “Mangal-dosha” in a chart may reach up to 337.50 points.
Though, many astrologers (specially in Northern India) do not consider 2nd house while assessing the “Mangala-dosha“,  Dr. B.V. Raman and many other scholars of astrology insist on  considering the 2nd house also.    While, the 2nd house represents family and wealth on the one hand, it is also the “Marak-bhava” of the native.  Based on the principle of “Bhaavat Bhavam“, it is also the 8th from 7th house and thus represents the longevity of the spouse.    If Mars is posited in the 2nd house, Mars aspects the “Saubhaagya sthaan” or “Mangalya sthaan” of the wife through its 7th aspect.  Through its 4th aspect, Mars afflicts the 5th house (house of progeny) and through its 8th aspect, it afflicts the 9th house, the most important house representing the father, destiny, fortune and Dharma / Bhagya (Prosperity and luck) of a person.

The following explanation is based on Dr. B.V. Raman’s formula and hence considers the 2nd house also.  It calculates “exact intensity” of “Mangala-dosha“/ “Kuja-dosha” (Malefic effect of Mars) in pure numerical terms in Rasi-charts / Bhava charts (Lagna kundli) of both the bride and groom and presents the detailed results in a tabular form. Lesser the difference in net intensity of doshas in both the charts, the better it is.

Theoretically, The “Mangala-dosha”or “Kuja-dosha” or “Bhauma-dosha”), should not only be measured in Rasi / Bhaava chart (Lagna kundli) but also in Moon-chart and Venus chart too.   But, in practice, it becomes too complicated to adopt these calculations.   The Rasi / Bhaava chart has got the maximum importance in all matters and thus most of the astrologers consider Rasi / Bhaava chart only. However, if you wish to get these tabulated calculations for Moon chart and Venus chart also, we can provide then at an extra fees.   Hereunder we give a sample of Kuja-dosha  assessment.

chart of Groom

Out of the maximum possible points of Kuja-dosha (which is 337.50), the gross total of Kuja-dosha in Groom’s chart is 82.50 (24.44%).  However, after considering the inclined benefic aspects of concerned planets also, the net value of Kuja-dosha comes to 92.60 (27.44%). Groom’s would-be-bride should also have the equal (or, nearly equal)  ‘Net value’ of Mangal(Kuja) dosha for prosperous and fortunate married  life.  Lesser the difference between the two values, better it will be for their married life and conjugal relations. The allowed range of ‘net intensity of Kuja-dosha’ in the horoscope of prospective bride is between 69.45 and 92.60. The prospective bride’s Kuja-dosha intensity should not be more than 92.60 in any case.


Sample analysis of Kuja Dosham – No: 1.  

My advice :  Hearty Greetings;   Marriage is life-long, for another 60 years or more from now on.  So you get the detailed analysis of both the horoscope by some expert astrologer and after studying them thoroughly, you can take a final decision of celebration of marriage.  It is desirable to examine the 12 bhavas in each horoscope and know about longevity, health, wealth, children, welfare of spouse, profession and prosperity, luck and success and children and their welfare and longevity thoroughly.  Best Wishes, Prof. Dr. Ramana Rao, Ph.D.,  Astrologer-Scientist. June-31-2008. Frederick; Maryland; U.S.A.

Planetary Positions

Planetary Positions

Kuja Dosham :- Malefic disposition of Mars :         1) Groom : In Bhava chart (which is more accurate, because the Lagna point 140*41’ is taken as the reference point),  there is Kuja dosham from Venus;  Mars is in 2nd house from Venus;  that is Venus (the significator of wife and marriage and married life) is in Vyayam (12th house) to Mars; the dosham is about 35% strong.   There is no Kuja dosham from birth birth lagnam (ascendant) (ascendant) (Leo) or from Moon (Taurus).. Kuja dosham is not remedied in Bhava chart.   But in Rasi chart Mars and Mercury are conjunct; so the Kuja dosham appears as remedied. There is no Kuja dosham in Nava Amsa chart (chart used for marriage purposes).

2)  Bride :- Both Rasi and Bhava charts are identical.  Mars is in 12th house from birth-birth lagnam (ascendant); Mars is in 12th house from Venus; Mars is in 7th house from Moon. So she has Kuja dosham in all three aspects; the dosham is about 90% strong.        But Jupiter aspects (sees) Mars; Mars is in 9th house from Jupiter.  So Kuja dosham appears to be partially remedied.  In Nava amsa chart she has Kuja dosham from Moon and is not remedied.  I do not think remedies can be effective, when the malefic effect is about 90%.   These are truths; I wrote them honestly (no offense).

In my opinion  Kuja dosham is very strong in her chart, so the marriage can not be performed.  It is always better you follow the advice of your parents.  They are, in my opinion, Gods given to you in this life by Creator Brahma.  Their hearty blessings are more powerful than God’s blessing.  (Please do not be offended)}.

Marriage Compatibility Study (Sample case)

Bride :                Sou.  Aiswarya Rai :  

Bride-groom :  Sri. Abhishek Bachan.

Important Note:–    I take Bhava chart for predictions; but not Rasi chart.  Bhava chart takes the birth lagnam (ascendant) position as standard reference point and gives more accurate predictions.   This is my experience during the past 45 years of practice as Astrologer-Scientist.   For Abhishek the birth-lagna (ascendant) is at 188*–42’ and for Aiswarya the birth-lagna (ascendant) is at 274*–47’.



No Item Gentleman Lady Remarks
1 Name Abhishek Aiswarya   —
2 Date of birth 5-2-1976 1-11-1973   —
3 Time of birth 23-56 night 12=10 noon   —
4 Place of birth Mumbai Mangalore   —
5 Birth lagnam (ascendant) Libra = Tula

4th (Kendra)


10th (Kendra)



6 Lagna Lord Venus Saturn Friends
7 Raasi Aries

10th Kendra


4th (Kendra)

8 Raasi Lord Mars Saturn Neutrals
9 7th house Aries Cancer Good
10 Lord of 7th house Mars Moon neutrals
11 Birth star Revathi




12 Points of agreement 30 / 36 32 / 36 Very good
13 Vasyam Jalachara Chatushpa average
14 Naadi Anthya Madhya Good
15 Varnam Brahmana Kshatriya Good
16 Yoni Gaja Vanara average
17 Ganam Deva Manava good
18 Kuja dosham Present

Details below


Details below

19 Planets in Birth lagnam (ascendant) Nil Moon; Jupiter Good
20 Planets in 7th house Moon; Jupiter Nil good
21 7th house in Nava-amsa Gemini Leo Good
22 Planets in 7th house Nil Nil good

The overall agreement is about 80% and is excellent.  They are expected lead a happy and fruitful married life.

Sample analysis on Kuja Dosham – No: 2.  


(Based on birth stars of bride and groom)

Koot Abhishek Bachchan (Revati- 3) Aishwarya Rai (Poorvashadha-4) Max. Marks Marks Gained Dosha Area of Life
Varna Brahmin Kshatriya 1.0 1.0   Work
Vashya Jalachara Chatushpada 2.0 1.0   Dominance
Tara Vipat Mitra 3.0 1.5   Destiny
Yoni Gaja Vanara 4.0 2.0   Mentality
Graha-maitri  Venus  Saturn 5.0 5.0   Compatibility
Gana Deva Manushya 6.0 6.0   Guna level
Bhakoot Pisces Sagittarius 7.0 7.0   Love
Nadi Antya Madhya 8.0 8.0   Health

Kuja Dosha  analysis :  According to ancient Rishis , Mangala Dosha can occur when Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the birth-lagna, Moon. Venus.   It is described in ancient Sanskrit text MUHOORTHA-CHINTHAMANI* : slokam : LAGNAE VYAYAECHA, PAATHALAE, JAMITHRAECHA, ASHTAMAE KUJAE STHREENAAM  BHARTHRU VINASAAYA: PUMSAA BHARYA VINASANAM;   The famous ancient Saint-Astrologer  Sri Agashtya Maharshi wrote in his text on Astrology,  *AGASHTYA SAMHITHA; “ DHANAE , VYAYEACHA, PAATHALAE, JAMITHRECHA, ASHTAMAE KUJA STHITHU,  KUJA-DOSHAMUCHYATHAE”; The malefic-effect of Mars is strongest (100%) when Mars is positioned in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from the house of Venus (Sukra);  the ill-effect of Mars is very strong (about 75%) when Mars is positioned in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from the house of Moon: the ill-effect of Mars is moderately strong (about 66%)when Mars is positioned in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from the house of birth (Janma-birth lagnam (ascendant)=  ascendant).  But 75% of the general astrologer are quacks and do not possess the depth of knowledge and experience in Astrology; so they explain the Kuja dosham taking the moon-position or birth lagnam (ascendant) only as  the starting point to count; this is not at all correct in our opinion.  We must take the position of Venus (Sukra) as the reference house, because Sukra is the ruling planet for conjugal life and marriage.

Kuja (Mangal, Angaraka, Mars) Dosha (Malefic Effects) :–  Kuja dosha  affects the married life of a person in many ways – it creates delays, cheating, hurdles and obstacles in getting married.   After marriage one of the partners or both the partners can suffer physical, mental or financial hardships.  It causes mutual disputes, allegations and counter-allegations and may even lead to separation of the couple. If  Kuja Dosha is pronounced, one of the partners may remain ill or there may be untimely death of either one or both the partners.

1) Abhishek :  Mars is in 8th house from birth birth lagnam (ascendant) (ascendant);  Mars is in 2nd house from Moon.  Mars in 5th house from Venus (so there is no Kuja dosha from Venus)

2)  Aiswarya :  Mars is in 4th house from Moon as well as birth-lagna.  Mars is in 6th house from Venus (so there is no Kuja dosha from Venus)

So according to many astrologers, we need not be scared of Mangala Dosha.  Efforts should be made for a person having Mangala Dosha to marry another person with Mangala Dosha because when the dosha is similar, it gets nullified and the couple leads a happy married life.  In my opinion, the Kuja dosha is reduced in intensity but not totally removed.  In this case, their married life shall be happy and fruitful, because Kuja Dosha is reduced to minimum level in the aspect of marriage.

Dedicated with devotion to Bhagavan                                                                Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara 

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