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Saptarishis Astrology has asked me a number of times to write about my experiences with my various teachers. I have made it very clear that I am very bad at writing and that I do not have evidence to prove the predictions given here by these masters, that I have met during my last 30 years of being a student of  astrology.  Most of the events predicted are my first hand experience.

I am a professional astrologer  { by default } though academically a textile Printing master having worked in  textile units as a printing master printing sarees, dress material, bed sheets and shirting. I took to professional astrology as I had to leave my profession to look after my father who suffered a paralytic attack and was bed ridden from 6-may 1987 onwards till 16-march 2004. 

My major reading and understanding { I am still studying } and as a professional astrologer  began from this time onwards. I had to earn a living being restricted to home and also look after him. I got full 17 years till 16-march-2004 { when he expired } to study the subject as I used to remain awake throughout the night and read and also look after his needs if any at night and during the day take up my clients. I remember I used to run to the doctor late in the night many a times over the years as my dad used to complain of chest pain { he was also a cardiac patient } . 

My interest in the mystic science started way back when I was in the school around 1970 and I started reading palmistry especially book by Cheiro. Over the next 5 to 7 years I dabbled into numerology a bit of astrology and around 1978 started reading books of astrology  and especially around 1981 books mainly by K.S. Krishnamurthy and to some extent The Astrological Magazine of Dr. Raman and his Books “How To Judge A Horoscope”

I have a friend whose mother was a well know astrologer and though we were staying in the same colony I never had the opportunity to show my horoscope to her.

Late Mrs. Kalaben Desai

Kalaben Desai    DoB   12-April-1932 at 10 30 hrs. Amalsad { Gujarat }

Around 1981 I had the occasion to show my horoscope to her as I was facing many personal and professional  problems. I was to give an interview with a textile unit and I asked her what will be the outcome. To that she told me that I should ask for at least 2 to 3 times the pay I was previously getting. I told her they will throw me out if I did that. Anyway when I was interviewed I asked for 2 times more the previous pay and to my surprise I got the said amount. 

After this I started visiting my friend’s house to meet his mother quite often and especially when she used to handle her clients. I used to just sit around and hear what was happening and once back home I used to go through my books of astrology mainly K.P. and try to understand what she had predicted for her clients. Once she gave me the horoscope of one of her clients and asked me what was wrong and why he was having family problems. And asked me to check it through K.P. I was just a learner but my instincts { not astrology } told me that some woman was behind all the problems that the person was facing. Next day when her clients came she told them that the family problems were created by some lady and also told them the description of the person. 

From that time onwards over the years I used to have lots of discussions with her regarding astrology and related subjects. I remember many a times when I used to be at her place and we used to discuss about cricket and who would win the test match played at that time she used to put the prasna and tell us in advance the result. She did this even for knowing who would win the toss and bat first. Many a times she used to tell us when a particular player would get out.  I have seen her giving remarkable predictions to her clients. Some of the best I can remember are below.

To a person she predicted and gave in writing that he would be bitten by a dog around a particular year and month. This person got bitten by a dog. I had the opportunity to meet him after the event and see the written prediction.

To a person she predicted that he would meet with an accident and that he will have fixed number of stitches. I was present when this person called from Africa to tell her that he had met with a major accident and when he came to senses in the hospital he asked his wife to ask the doctor how many stitches were there and that the answer got was exact to what she had predicted.

In one case a sweeper who used to sweep her compound, she told him that he will receive a good amount of money in a week’s time. The sweeper told her that no one gave him more than 10 paise to 4 anas { 24 paise }. Towards the end of the week he came running to her place to tell her that a particular bungalow owner gave him Rs. 20.   {Rs. 20 was a very very big amount in those days}.

Indira Gandhi lost an election which she had predicted and we were aware. She showed me that she arrived at the answer through Dowsing {mainly used in Calcutta by some doctors who also know astrology}

To a friend of mine who is a famous doctor in London today she told him that you are going to meet with an accident and hurt your head. His rickshaw banged with another vehicle and my friend was hurt on his head.

To the same friend she once predicted that in one case his patient is going to die. My friend told her none of his patients were serious and the chances are nil. To his surprise one of his patients died.

In one case she predicted to a relative that one of his relative is going to die of Black magic. He died.

Regarding her son {my friend } she drew the horoscope of his to be wife and predicted that her first pregnancy will be a C section . At that time my friend had not even stated his search for a partner. My friend’s wife has the same horoscope as predicted by her. Her 1st delivery was a C section though the doctors kept saying till the end that everything was normal and that she will deliver normally. I remember she telling her son { my friend Dhaval } to go to Bombay to be with his wife as she was to deliver  in 2 days. The doctors had given a week’s time.

Her Son Dhaval

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I had taken a friend of mine who was working with me in textiles. She answered him his queries and she also told him that his second son was mentally challenged and that he will be normal at the age of around 12.  { I was surprised as I was aware that he had only one child }. When we came out of her home I asked my friend about his other son to which he told me that his other son was restricted to one room and that except for his relatives and neighbors nobody knew about it. The child did become normal around the age of 12 but not fully.

To an important congress politician she predicted that he will be the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He was never in the run to that post. Mr. Amarsingh became the chief minister of Gujarat.  This prediction made great waves and she became more popular.

In one case she told our friend {who had problems with his vision. He used to suddenly go blind with both the eyes and that made his going out for work difficult. } that none of the doctors will be able to diagnose the problem till his rahu periods does not get over. She asked him to do Surya Japam and predicted that there was some vein getting pressed behind his ear and that after his rahu periods gets over he will be cured. After the rahu period the same doctors could find the problems and operated him. Today his vision is very normal.

I remember a very peculiar case where my Teacher had gone to Sanyas Ashram near Sabarmati river for darshan and the Lady Guru in the ashram came to know about her. The lady Guru instigated and jealous of my teacher’s popularity challenged her to predict what will happen to a particular person who was serious. My teacher was not in the mood as she had come for darshan but when she was challenged again and again she immediately put a prasna and told the lady Guru that the patient will die tomorrow and that they will start the cremation rites at 2 in the afternoon. The lady Guru in front of every one challenged her and told her that with her spiritual powers she will cure the person and will prove my teacher wrong.  The patient died next day & exactly at 2 pm the last rites started. The lady Guru came running to my teacher’s home and prostrated in front of her and asked for forgiveness. My teacher showed her the door.

My teacher herself was an intensely religious person and used to do her sadhana every morning at 5. She was a simple lady and never published or talked about her talents in astrology.

In many cases when her male clients used to ask about some lady’s character she used to get angry throw the horoscopes at their face and show them the door. [1]

Some of the best predictions I remember is she asked her son who was away on tour to come back home as his father { her husband } was not going to live beyond 2 days. My friend came back home the next morning. The next to next evening his father expired.  After the last rites were over { after 13th day } she asked me to open a particular book where she had drawn her sons horoscope and written there that when her son reaches a particular age his father will expire. She also showed me how she had calculated his longevity and how to calculate but I am and was a total duffer in maths and could not understand or remember the calculations.

When my father got the paralytic attack and when all doctors had given up hopes of his survival I went to her with my brother In Law with my father’s horoscope to know what was going to happen. After just studying the horoscope { she was herself suffering from Cancer at that time } she told me that he will not die.  2 days later my father went into coma for 7 days. Once out of the coma we realised that he was totally paralysed and that he had a stroke of paraplegia. After initial physiotherapy the doctors and the physiotherapist told us that there will be no improvement and that we should not continue physiotherapy. I asked my teacher at that time again and she told me that he will definitely walk.  We continued his physiotherapy for 2 years after which even the physiotherapist told us that we were wasting money as there was no improvement.  After 2 years I took over the physiotherapy and started giving him exercise and within 6 months his limbs started responding and he gradually started walking with a splint { to hold his knees } on his leg.

The best prediction my teacher gave was about herself. She started getting swelling on the knees and used to tell me that she was going to suffer cancer. Initial 2 biopsies did not indicate any cancer. But her health was gradually failing. She used to keep on telling me that the doctors were wrong and that she will have cancer.

The 3rd biopsy confirmed by the same doctors that she was suffering from cancer.  I remember in her last days she used to tell me the transit of ketu is creating problems for her and that if she could sustain the transit she will live for another 12 years. Unfortunately she could not sustain and breathed her last on 21-jun-1987 at 4 hrs.

My teacher had met K.S. Krishnamurthy personally when he came to Ahmadabad. My Krishnamurthy after seeing her horoscope told her that he had to learn astrology  but that she was a born astrologer.

My teachers Guru was Mr. Balige from Mumbai and used to reside in matunga.  I remember whenever she used to visit him when in Mumbai he used to always tell her that he was a better astrologer than her but his fate was bad and that he would never earn enough money and that she had good planets and whatever she would predict would come true.

I remember her telling me that when she started learning from her Guru her Guru had strictly ordered her not to read any book on astrology till he permits and if he ever came to know that she was reading any literature on astrology that will be the last day for her with him. He used to make her sit when he used to attend his clients and ask her to note down the predictions and the reason for them.

After 7 years he permitted her to read books on astrology. She went running to her Guru to tell him that whatever she was reading from books she already knew.

After she died my friend asked me to take away all the books I wanted on astrology that she had collected over the years. Her entire cellar was full of books right till the ceiling. Some of the rare classics mainly in Sanskrit were there but as I was staying in a small house I had no place to keep them { It would have required me a spare room to keep them } so some of them I gave it to an astrologer  I knew who used to visit Ahmadabad, who later I learned died in 1992 itself.  

[1] One should note that 95% of the astrologers today leave no stone unturned in degrading a womans character based on her horoscope even though the woman is not in front of him. These are the commercial astrologers who never had the good karma of having a honest teacher. – Saptarishis Astrology Editor

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