Marriage Analysis By Bala Subramaniam

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Before going into the actual testing of the BSP principles, it is better to list out the houses, planets as well as their placements in the houses and the Lords of the houses which are responsible for bringing about the event of marriage. I have given a brief list of such possibilities which we may call it as PRINCIPLES and I would like to add the same is not exhaustive.


  1. The natural characteristic of the planets causes the general effects and the distinctive effects are seen from their placements.
  2. Houses to be looked into for marriage are 7th, 2nd, 4th, 11th, 12th, 5th, 9th and 3rd. An explanation here is essential as to how so many houses can be involved in deciding about the marriage. The primary house that denotes marriage is no doubt the 7th. The next step after marriage is sex which is denoted by the 12th As a result of the sexual activity, in view of the physical proximity love is born between the couple and children are born (5th house palys its role) which is the ultimate result of marriage. Now there is addition to his/her family firstly in the form of wife/husband followed by a child. Hence 2nd house comes into the picture. The 3rd and 9th houses become crucial in marriage as these houses the Dharma of marriage and that of the native respectively. Why 3rd house, it is because it is the 9th house from 7th-the house of marriage. The 4th house generally signifies family and settling down in life – when this happens after he/she gets into wedded life, purchase a house/vehicle etc. Hence 4th is also instrumental in giving marriage. According to Parasara 11th house also should be considered for the purpose of marriage.
  3. Placements of Lords of these houses.
  4. Planets posited in the above houses. With regard to planets some explanation becomes essential. Sun is a significator of Dharma and hence cannot be treated as malefic for the purpose of marriage. Moon indicates motherhood and hence will surely give marriage. Mars shows the procreation. Venus ruling semen shows sexuality and physical beauty. Jupiter is a friend of Sun and saves marriage by giving children. The only two planets that oppose Dharma and marriage are Rahu and Saturn. Mercury indicates the adharma marriage and indicates unchaste relationships. The only person who can keep Mercury under control is Jupiter. Ketu is always opposite Rahu and both Parasara and Jaimini say that Ketu gives marriage.
  5. Aspects (Both Rasi and Graha) on the houses or on the Lords of the houses stated above.
  6. Dispositor of planets placed in the above houses and the placement of such dispositor in Rasi as well as in Navamsa.
  7. All these houses/planets involved are to be studied from Janma Lagna, Chandra Lagna and Arudha Lagna.
  8. A similar treatment should also be given to the Navamsa Chart as Navamsa is the fruits/gains of marriage.
  9. The Arudha padas of 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th, 3rd and 9th are also important. Consideration of the Upapada (Arudha of the 12th house) and the Dara pada (Arruda of the 7th house) through light on the conditions applying in the marriage and the behaviour of the spouse. While Dara pada shows the illusory purpose of marriage which is physical sexuality, the Upapada shows the glamour or charm of the native’s marriage.

Keeping the above in mind let us analyse some charts applying BSP rules.

  1. BSP Rule 6: On the 27th Year of the native, Mars influences the 10th house from its placement.
  2. BSP Rule 8: On the 38th Year of the native Rahu influences the 6th from itself.
  3. BSP Rule 9: On the 24th Year of the native, Ketu influences the 12th from itself.
  4. BSP Rule 10: On the 40th Year of the native, Jupiter influences the house it is located in as well as influences the 9th house from its placement with its 9th
  5. BSP Rule 11: On the 32nd Year of the native, Jupiter influences the house it is located in as well as influences the 5th house from its placement with its 5th
  6. BSP Rule 13: On the 20th Year of the native, Saturn influences 3rd from itself with its 3rd

These are the rules which indicate Timing of a certain event. We will study the timing of marriage taking into consideration the above rules. I have included rules 8, 10 and 13 also, in certain cases late marriages happen or sometimes a 2nd marriage after the age of 30 or so and in case of women early marriages also happen by the age 19 or so. BSP rules 7 and 12 will also be considered as they are indicators of activation of the rules using kakshya slots.

It is easy to give reasons or co-relate the events to the planetary placements once we know the outcome or result of an event. But how are we going to apply this to a chart which we call it as blind reading? Normally people approach an astrologer to know the probable period of marriage of their son or daughter. The marriageable age of girl we can take from 20 and at the maximum go to 30. Beyond this it will be treated as late marriage. For a boy the age range can be taken as 26 to 32.

Chart 01

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Let us assume that the above chart is given to us in the Year 2004 and the native wants to know when he is likely to get married. In 2004 he has completed 25 years and is running 26th year. His 27th Year begins from 11=02-2005 and ends in 11-02-2006. So, for the 27th year we have BSP rule 6. We have to look to the placement of Mars.

Mars is in the 6th house from Leo Lagna. He is conjoined with Lagna Lord Sun. 10th house from Mars falls in Libra which will be our focus house for study. No planets are placed in that house. Lord Venus is placed in Sagittarius. Dispositor of Venus is Jupiter placed in Cancer along with Moon. Mars is in 23° 37’ and hence falls under Kakshya of Moon.

Rasi Chart:

  1. So, the houses involved are the 3rd (10th from Mars-the focus house), 5th (Lord of focus house placement) and 12th (dispositor of focus house Lord) from Janma Lagna.
  2. These houses are in the 4th (Focus house), 6th (Lord of focus house placement) and 1st (Dispositor of lord of focus house) from Chandra Lagna.
  3. Again, they are in the 5th (Focus house), 7th (Lord of focus house placement) and 2nd (Dispositor of lord of focus house) from Arudha Lagna which is in Gemini.
  4. The focus house Libra has A11, the house where the dispositor of Lord of the focus house Jupiter is placed has A9, A2 and A11.
  5. Focus house falls in the 11th from karaka Venus.
  6. Now once again go through the principles section especially points 2 and 9. Excepting the placement of the Lord of focus house in the 6th from Chandra Lagna all the houses indicate marriage.

Planets involved:

  1. Venus – Lord of focus house as well as Lord of A11 and also natural Karaka for marriage.
  2. Dispositor of Venus is Jupiter – Exalted and forming a powerful Gajakesari Yoga with Moon. Jupiter is also Lord of 7th from Arudha Lagna.
  3. Kakshya Lord Moon – Conjoined with benefic Jupiter and is Swakshetra.
  4. All the three planets are benefic and will be helpful in marriage. Refer Principal No. 4
  5. Both Jupiter and Moon are placed in the 7th from Lagna Lord as well as Atmakaraka Sun.
  6. The focus house Lord Venus is placed in Purvashada Nakshatra lorded by Venus.
  7. The dispositor of Venus Jupiter is placed in the Nakshatra of Pushya ruled by Saturn who is lord of 7th from Lagna as well as Moon.
  8. Moon is in the Nakshatra of Aslesha ruled by Mercury who is placed in the 7th from Janma Lagna and also becomes the 7th lord from Karaka Venus.


  1. Here we have to consider the aspects two planets Venus being the Lord of Focus house and Jupiter the dispositor of lord of Focus house.
  2. Venus has graha drishti on Gemini which happens to be the 12th house from Moon and 11th house from Janma Lagna and house Arudha Lagna. The same applies to rasi drishti also as Venus is placed in Sagittarius – a dual sign.
  3. Jupiter’s 5th aspect falls on Scorpio which houses A7 and its 7th aspect falls on Capricorn where Mars and Sun are placed. So the two Dharma lords Sun and Jupiter are trying to establish Dharma through marriage.
  4. Rasi drishti of Jupiter is on Scorpio again which houses A7 and also on Aquarius which is the 7th house from Janma Lagna and houses A3, A4 and A5.

Navamsa Chart:

  1. Focus house in rasi chart was Libra. In Navamsa this is the 4th house from Navamsa Lagna cancer.
  2. The lord of the Focus house in rasi chart Venus is placed in the 2nd from Navamsa Lagna and 12th from Rasi Lagna Lord and Atmakaraka Sun along with Mars.
  3. The dispositor of the focus house Lord Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house along with Sun (Lord of 2nd in Navamsa) and Saturn (Lord of 7th in Navamsa as well as Rasi Lagna).
  4. The Kakshya Lord Moon is placed in the 7th house from Navamsa Lagna.

Transit Chart:

Let us look at the transit of Jupiter and Saturn in the 27th year. Jupiter will be in Virgo and Saturn will be in Gemini. On the date of marriage Jupiter gets shifted to Libra and Saturn to cancer. Note the signs – Libra is the focus house and Cancer is the house where dispositor of focus house Lord Jupiter and kakshya planet Moon are placed.


Since all of them give a strong indication towards marriage, we can conclude that marriage is likely to happen during the 27th year of the native due to the activation of the 10th house by Mars.

Result: Marriage happened on 24th October 2005.

Chart 02.

Here let us analyse this in a different method. The marriage Date is 05th April, 1976. Age at the time of marriage – 27 years. Hence BSP rule 6 is applicable.

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From Chandra Lagna View:

The 10th house from Mars viz. Aries becomes the 3rd house from Chandra Lagna which is the house of Dharma from the 7th house of Moon. Placement is in a dusthana 6th house from Moon.

From Arudha Lagna view:

Aries becomes the 2nd house indicating addition to family and it is also the Arudha pada of 2nd house. (Because out of the two lords of the 2nd house Rahu and Saturn, Rahu is stronger being aspected by both Jupiter and Mercury (Jaimini Principle)).

Mars placed in Cancer has A11 as well as A4 all related to marriage.

My Guru has told me to look into the 3rd house as well as the 9th house along with their arudhas viz. A3 and A9 for marriage. 9th house is clearly understood. But why 3rd house? It is because it is the 9th from 7th house of marriage. These four houses should have some connection between the marriage houses as explained earlier.

In this chart we note that the 3rd house has Rahu who becomes the Lord of 2nd house and has also AL in it. Its dispositor Jupiter is in the 12th house. The 9th house is with many planets but we also find it has A7 and also its own lord Mercury who incidentally is the owner of the Arudha of 3rd and 9th house. Now see the A3 and A9 – they are in the 12th from the 7th house and the planet Mars about whom we are discussing here.

From Navamsa View:

Mars is placed in the 12th house along with Rahu who is placed in 3rd House in Rasi and its dispositor Jupiter is placed in the 12th house in Rasi.

From Natural Karaka View:

Natural karaka for marriage is Venus and is placed in 11th house in Rasi chart.

From Upachaya View:

7th house is the focus house. 8th from 7th which is 2nd house is the Karaka house for marriage. The Upachayas from 2nd are 4th, 7th, 11th and 12th. Of which the lords of the 4th or the 12th house is always eager to give the result as also the planets placed in these two houses provided they have more than 4 Ashtakavarga points. In the present case Mars is Lord of 4th house.

Kakshya View:

Mars is in the kakshya of Moon who is not only Lord of 7th house but also dispositor of Mars.

Nakshatra Lord View:

Mars is in the Nakshatra of Aslesha ruled by Mercury who is Lord of 9th house placed in 9th house (Dharmasthan) and is in the 3rd from Mars and is also Lord of A3.

Transits View:

On the day of marriage Saturn was in Cancer-the natal 7th house and also dispositor of 7th Lord Moon in Rasi chart. 7th Lord of Rasi Chart was in Taurus on the date of marriage which happens to be the 5th house in natal chart and 12th house in Transit chart. Mars was in Gemini Lagna in Transit chart aspecting the 4th, 7th and 8th houses of transit chart.

Chart 03:

astrology img 13

Marriage happened on 21-08-2004.

27th year is from 04-01-2004 to 04-01-2005. Hence BSP rule 6 applies.

  1. 10th house from Mars is Aries which houses A7 and A11 and Arudha Lagna.
  2. Aries-the focus house is 9th from Janma Lagna, 7th from Chandra Lagna and 1st from Arudha Lagna and also 5th from Karaka Venus.
  3. No planets are found in Aries.
  4. Lord Mars is placed in Cancer in debility (but gets Neecha Bhanga) which happens to be the 12th from Janma Lagna, 4th from Arudha Lagna and 10th from Chandra Lagna and this cancer has A4, A9 and A10.
  5. Mars is in the kakshya of Sun, the Lagna Lord and placed in the 5th from Janma Lagna along with karaka Venus.
  6. Dispositor of Mars-the focus house Lord – is Moon and is placed in 3rd from Janma Lagna, 2nd from Moon and 5th from focus house lord Mars.
  7. Focus house Lord Mars is getting Rasi drishti from Mercury who owns the 2nd and 11th house from Janma Lagna.
  8. Kakshya Lord Sun as well as karaka Venus both aspected by their dispositor Jupiter by Rasi as well as Graha drishti.
  9. Dispositor of Focus Lord Moon is aspected by Saturn who happens to be the 7th lord from Janma Lagna.
  10. Mars-the focus house lord is in the nakshatra of Pushya ruled by Saturn who happens to be the 7th house lord from Janma Lagna.
  11. Dispositor of Mars-Moon is in the constellation of Swati ruled by Rahu who is placed in the 2nd house from Janma Lagna and in turn we find that Rahu is placed in the constellation of Hasta ruled by Moon.
  12. This is a case of love marriage and that too with a foreign national. Note the link between the 5th, 7th and 11th 5th Lord Jupiter is placed in the 11th house aspecting the 5th house as also the 2nd house by Rasi Drishti. The 2nd house has Rahu who happens to be the Co-lord of 7th house from Janma Lagna indicating foreign element. (Of course this is out of point for the subject under discussion)
  13. In Navamsa the focus house Lord Mars is in own house in Scorpio Lagna with Sun-the kakshya Lord in the 12th and Moon-the dispositor in rasi placed on the 5th.
  14. On the date of marriage, Mars was placed in Leo along with Mercury and Jupiter aspected by graha drishti from Saturn and Rahu. Rahu is placed in the focus house indicating foreign nature.

I want to cover as many charts as possible; hence I am not going into the linkage of houses and/or planets with their indications at each and every step. Readers are requested to keep that in mind the detailed explanations given at the beginning part of the article while reading the analysis.

Chart 04:

astrology img 14

This is the chart of wife of the native given under Chart01 above. Hence the marriage date remains the same which is 24-10-2005. Age at that time was 24 years (From 17-11-2004 to 17-11-2005).

Applicable BSP rule is 9 which states that Ketu influences the 12th from itself in the 24th year.

  1. Ketu is placed in Capricorn (4th house from Janma Lagna) and the 12th from itself which is Sagittarius is the focus house.
  2. Sagittarius is the 3rd house from Janma Lagna, 6th house from Chandra Lagna, 11th house from Arudha Lagna and 1st house from karaka Venus. If we consider Jupiter as the karaka being the chart of a female, Sagittarius is the 3rd house from Jupiter.
  3. Sagittarius has A5 and A7 in it.
  4. Karaka and Lagna Lord Venus is placed in the focus house.
  5. Venus is in his own constellation Purvashada.
  6. Venus is also in his own Kakshya.
  7. Dispositor of Venus is Jupiter and is placed in Janma Lagna aspecting the 7th house by Graha drishti and Lord of 7th house Mars by Rasi Drishti.
  8. Such a powerful Venus is placed in the 7th house in Navamsa in debility. The 7th lord Mercury in Navamsa is also debilitated. Both gets Neecha Bhanga too.
  9. The Lord of the focus house Jupiter is placed in the 9th house in Navamsa becomes Navamsa Lagna Lord and 7th Lord from Venus therein.
  10. On the date of marriage, Venus was in Scorpio (2nd house from Janma Lagna in rasi chart) and Jupiter was in Libra (Janma Lagna).

Chart 05:

astrology img 15


The date of marriage was 26-01-2004. 24th age is from 30-09-2003 to 30-09-2004. Hence BSP rule 9 applies.

  1. Ketu is placed in Capricorn and hence the 12th house from Capricorn viz. Sagittarius becomes the focus house.
  2. Sagitarius is the 2nd house from Janma Lagna, 7th house from Chandra Lagna, 4th house from Arudha Lagna and 5th house from Karaka Venus. Being a lady, if we take Jupiter as the karaka Sagittarius becomes the 4th
  3. There are no planets in Sagittarius.
  4. Lord of Sagittarius Jupiter is placed in the 11th house and he also owns the 5th house from Janma Lagna and 7th house from Chandra Lagna.
  5. Jupiter is conjoined by Saturn (3rd and 4th house Lord from Janma Lagna) and Sun (Dispositor of the 7th house Lord Venus (from Janma Lagna).
  6. So the link between 5th, 7th and 11th is established indicating it is a love marriage.
  7. Jupiter is in the kakshya of Saturn.
  8. Jupiter is in the constellation of Uttara Phalguni owned by Sun. See how the 12th house from Ketu gets activated through its Lord, its kakshya planet as well as the lord of the constellation he is placed in.
  9. All the three planets viz. Jupiter, Saturn as well as Sun are placed not only in the 11th but it also becomes the Arudha Lagna.
  10. The focus house is aspected by Rasi drishti by all the three planets.
  11. Dispositor of Jupiter-Mercury is placed in the 12th from Janma Lagna, 5th from Chandra Lagna and 2nd from Arudha Lagna.
  12. In Navamsa, there is parivartana between Saturn and Jupiter but placed in the trik houses of 6th and 8th. Saturn is the 7th Lord of Navamsa Lagna. Here the more than the placement, the parivartana gains importance. Since the parivartana is in Navamsa, which generally deals with our relationship especially with the spouse, it can indicate a change in the quality of people involved. Since the Parivartana occurs between Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna, the change can be in relation to pwer and wealth also. This is further confirmed as HL has A2 and GL has A10. Hence, at the most this indicate the postion obtaining after marriage.
  13. On the date of marriage Jupiter was transiting Leo and thereby casts Graha drishti on focus house Sagittarius. Saturn was transiting Gemini and hence aspects both by Rasi and graha drishti the focus house Sagittarius and also aspects Jupiter by graha drishti.

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