Marvels from Jyotish Ratnakar Part 1 – Karan Khanna

‘Ratnakar’ means ocean and the book Jyotish Ratnakar is indeed an ocean of astrological knowledge. Written by a great master of astrology Devakinandan Singh, the book is a diamond among astrological gems. The book is a single-hand creation of its author and is written in easy Hindi. The author was a student of F.A. and in his student life he received many incorrect predictions from different astrologers. He began losing his faith in astrology and conveyed the same to his father. His father was highly religious-minded, pure hearted person and firm believer of Shastra and Puran. His father told him that it is wrong to show disbelief in knowledge of seers and advised him not to commit mistake of considering Jyotish to be false. His advice left an impression on his mind and then on the author decided that it was not intelligent to criticize a subject without its complete knowledge.

The author of the book was introduced to astrology in 1898. After little study only, his devotion for the science increased. The author was not fortunate enough to receive the knowledge directly from a scholar and had to rely on self-study alone. But the benefit of this was that he got freedom to assimilate any knowledge only after proper reasoning, contemplation and confirmation. The result was that he realized that Jyotish is not only true but also the highest truth, deep and palatable. His study of Jyotish was only out of curiosity of facts and he never thought of commercializing it. After obtaining proficiency in astrology he realized that all his efforts would be in vain if he just kept the knowledge to himself. In 1987 he decided to combine the knowledge he had gathered over his lifetime with charts of great personalities and present it to the world in the form of book.

Just like a diamond, the book throws light on several important facets of life. The book is broadly divided into two parts- Ganita and Phalita. In Phalita part, life of man is divided into eight “waves” and then each of them is considered from astrological point of view.  These eight waves can be roughly titled as Birth/Longevity, Parents/ Relatives, Education/knowledge, Marriage/ Spouse, Progeny, Profession/ Wealth, Spirituality and Death.

Current article presents the third “wave” which deals with education and learning of native. Education is most important aspect of life in today’s world. This is clearly visible by level of competitiveness and the large amounts spent on it.  Good education gives good job as well as respect in society.

In this article, an effort is made to present the enormous amount of information in the book in a systematic, precise and reader-friendly fashion. An astrological rule or yoga is mentioned, which is followed by case studies and it is shown how the rule applies to each case. To avoid any mistakes or confusion the article is written verbatim.

Third Wave

In this wave, subject related to native’s learning, arts, skills, etc. have been written. In olden times, children in this state were sent to Guru’s Ashrama for academic study. Then, after finishing Samarvartanam[1], getting married he used to enter into life of Grihastha Ashrama.  But it’s a matter of grief that that now the world has turned upside–down, however some style of gaining knowledge has remained unaltered.

  • (1) From fourth House, contemplation is done for learning and for intelligence from fifth. There is a close relation between learning and intelligence.
  • From tenth, contemplation is done about success obtained due to learning.

Due to this, contemplation about passing or not passing exams in University is made from tenth house and about intelligence, etc. is made from fifth house. Learning is of several types, for example Literature, Grammar, Mathematics, Law, Astrology, Spiritual Science, Philosophy, Poetry, etc.

  • Contemplation for Veda, Vedanta, Grammar and Astrology is done from Jupiter.
  • Medicine from Mercury,
  • Art of singing, power of giving impressive lecture and literature from Venus
  • Contemplation for law and mathematics is done from Mars.
  • In the same way, contemplation for (knowledge of)Vedanta is done from Sun,
  • Medicine from Moon and
  • Knowledge of foreign science from Rahu and Saturn.
  • (2) Contemplation of wisdom and erudition is done from position of Mercury
  • And that of uncertainty and power of imagination from position of Venus in horoscope, and that of development of learning from Jupiter.
  • Again, from second bhava, fourth bhava and ninth bhava same things are worked out.
  • Because from second bhava contemplation on proficiency, dexterity, etc. in learning is done.
  • From Mercury, power for studying and power of grasping, and from ninth house and Moon efficiency in poetry, religious matters, spiritual knowledge, etc. are contemplated. From Saturn, ninth and twelfth bhava contemplation is done about knowledge. From Saturn, contemplation of English and foreign languages is also done.
  • Keep in mind that from Jupiter (also), if there is relation with second, third, fourth, ninth house through Mercury then there is excellence in learning.

Rule: If fifth lord from Chandra Lagna and Janma Lagna is with Mercury, Jupiter, Venus in Kendra, Trikona, Ekadasha(11th) then the person becomes a great scholar.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya

Lagna – 3° 17’       Sun – 0s 11° 28’ 7”          Moon – 1s 10° 4’ 54”    Mars – 4s 7° 58’ 3”   Mercury – 0s 15° 35’ 10”   Jupiter – 3s 3° 36’ 12”   Venus – 0s 5° 0’ 25”   Saturn – 6s 8° 7’ 14”   Rahu – 10s 29° 3’ 4”


Look Kundli 7 (Chart 1) of Jagadguru. It has been written above that contemplation of proficiency, etc. in learning is done from second house. In this horoscope, second lord-exalted Sun is in a Kendra i.e. tenth house. Again it is written that from fourth and ninth bhava also contemplation about learning is done. Fourth lord Venus, who is the giver of scholarship, imagination power and uncertainty, is also in tenth house and conjoins Sun. Again, ninth lord from which contemplation of knowledge especially spiritual knowledge is done, is exalted in Kendra and fully aspects ninth and fifth bhava. Giver of intelligence, Mercury, is also along with Sun and Venus in tenth and Jupiter being in Lagna, again same Yoga is applicable. In the same way, Mercury, the fifth lord from Moon is with Venus in Kendra and also exalted Jupiter is in Lagna. And fifth lord from Lagna, Mars, is in Kendra from Moon.  Hence, because of all this reasons it is deduced that Shankarcharyaji was great and was an unmatched scholar of his time.



  1. Suryanarayana


According to all these same rules if the horoscope Kundli 25 (Chart 2) of B. Suryanarayana is considered then it will be known that in the mentioned Kundli, the lord of fourth house(learning) conjoins with lord of fifth house(intelligence) in tenth i.e. place of success due to learning. Again, Mercury is lord of fifth and second house also. Mercury is significator of learning and Buddhisthana(fifth house) and second house are significator of speaking power and according to rule 2, being the significator of scholarship, uncertainty and imaginative power is in tenth house along with Jupiter. And Sun the fifth lord from Moon and Mercury the fifth lord from Lagna are both with Jupiter in Kendra. Hence, it is apparent that due to all these beautiful yogas, he is considered to be a great scholar not only in entire India but also in many other countries. A small conspectus of his learning reputation is given below his horoscope.


Sir Ashutoshji


Again, attention of readers is drawn to the horoscope Kundli 34 (Chart 3) of Sir Ashutoshji. In this horoscope, fifth lord Mercury is in Lagna, fourth and Lagna lord is in second bhava and second lord is in Lagna and lord of second bhava is Mercury. Ninth and tenth lord Saturn, the significator of English language, is in fifth house and fourth lord is aspected by Jupiter. Hence, he had erudition, proficiency in learning and excellence in learning and he was a great scholar of Bengal and head of a learning center, which can be known from his brief biography.

 Shri Krishnasinghji

Jyestha Gatarksha 45|13   Sarvaksha 57|32   Lagna 5|1   Sun 6|04|31   Mars 4|11   Mercury 6|29   Jupiter 6|19|40   Venus 4|28|40   Saturn 3|15|35   Rahu 3|23|2


Look Kundli 48 (Chart 4) of author’s younger brother, Bihar-keshar Babu Shri Krishnasinghji. Mercury of Mithuna’s (own House) Navamsa is in second house and fourth lord Jupiter of Dhanu’s (own House) Navamsa ia also along with it. Fifth lord from Lagna-Saturn is in eleventh and fifth lord from Moon- Jupiter is in second house along with Mercury. Due to the effect of these yogas, people of Bihar province are very well familiar with his grasping power and wisdom. When he used to lecture on some political issue in Bihar Council, then he used to stream out definite theories of scholars of several other countries for confirmation of his opinion.


Babu Aghornath Banerjee


Look Kundli 47(ka) (Chart 5) of Babu Aghornath Banerjee. In this horoscope, from the position of second, fourth, ninth bhava, Mercury and Jupiter, it is apparent that he was an extremely good orator. Again, fifth lord from Lagna- Mars and fifth lord from Moon- Jupiter are in tenth and fourth house respectively. Due to these reasons, his extraordinary tactics in advocacy and his deep-thinking in justiceship were drawn on the criterion of learning and intelligence.


In book named “Sarvarth Chintamani” it is written that if significator of learning-Jupiter and significator of intelligence-Mercury are both conjoined (or mutually aspect each other) as is the case in aforementioned Kundli 25, 47, 48(Ka), then the native receives lots of respect in King’s court and in public. It is apparent from simple thinking that excellence of learning and intelligence definitely makes native respectable. If these two planets are well-placed in Navamsa, etc. also, then results are according to their harmony.  But even by yoga alone there is sharpness in intellect of native.


According to aforementioned rules, if fourth lord is in Lagna or if Lagna lord is in fourth bhava or Mercury is in Lagna and fourth house is powerful and is free from aspects of evil planets then the native is successful in learning. If fourth lord is in fourth and Lagna lord is in Lagna then also native is successful in learning.




Look Kundli 20 (Chart 6) of late Keshavchandrasenji.  Fourth lord Saturn is in Lagna and Mercury is also in Lagna. Again, Mercury and Venus being in Lagna bestow power of thinking. Ninth lord is in second house. Hence, he was highly successful in learning and was a founder of a religious institution based on his thinking and was an extraordinary person.


Rai Bahadur Suryaprasadji


Anuradha Sarvaksha 62|24 Gatarksha 50|2 Shani Dasha Bhogya Varshadi 4|5|18     Sun 7|04|57   Moon 7|13|35   Mars 7|2|42   Mercury 7|25|14   Jupiter 8|9|57   Venus 6|14|51   Saturn 6|14|51   Rahu 5|8|12   Lagna 8|24|5


Rai Bahadur Suryaprasadji , lawyer in Bagalpur, who was also a government lawyer for many days and who is nowadays visiting Kashi, in his Kundli 35 (Chart 7) fourth lord Jupiter is in own house in Lagna and has a full-aspect of exalted Saturn, the significator of English language. Sun, Mercury and Moon, givers of spiritual knowledge, are in twelfth or Parlokasthan(other world). He is B.A., B.L. and was an unmatched lawyer of Bagalpur in his time.


Sir Ganesh Dutta Singh


Vargottam Sun 9|2|10   Moon 4|23|34   Vargottam Mars 8|27|0   Vargottam Mercury 8|28|0   Own House in Navamsa Jupiter 10|15|0   Own House in Navamsa Venus 10|1|0   Uccha Navamsa Saturn 7|10|6   Rahu 4|17|0   Lagna 7|17|


In the same way, in Kundli 37 (Chart 8) of Sir Ganesh Dutta Singh, Minister of Local Self Government, Bihar, ex-lawyer Calcutta and Patna High Court, fourth lord Saturn- the significator of knowledge of other countries is in Makar (Capricorn) Navamsa in Lagna and Jupiter is with second and fifth lord Venus in fourth house.


Shri Shiv Kumari Shastriji


Sun 10|18|15   Mars 1|11|54   Mercury 11|2|16   Jupiter 2|17|18   Venus 9|11|37   Saturn 10|21|42


Look Kundli (Chart 9) of Shri Shiv Kumari Shastriji. Lagna lord Jupiter is in fourth and fourth lord Mercury is in Lagna. By presence of single yoga alone there is success in learning but he has both of them. Keep in mind that Jupiter (retrograde) – the significator of learning and Mercury- the significator of intelligence, have such a relationship that they are placed in each other’s house. Mercury being in Lagna, alone gives success in learning. Even though Mercury is debilitated it has got Neecha-Bhanga-Raja-Yoga. Even then it is also observed that Mercury in Lagna does not have any malefic aspects. Again, fifth lord Moon is in Kendra and is also aspected by Jupiter. Hence, due to effect of these yogas, Shastriji was an unmatched scholar of his time and had great success in learning.




Again, attention of readers is drawn to Kundli 9 (Chart 10) of Vallabhacharyaji. In this rule it has been written that learning is to be contemplated from Mercury, Venus, second, fourth, ninth lord and Jupiter. In this horoscope, Mercury is in house of intelligence. Venus, along with ninth lord Moon is in fourth house and exalted Jupiter is in ninth house along with Lagna lord. Again, fifth lord from Lagna- Jupiter, fifth lord from Moon – Mercury, are in Trikona. Due to such beautiful placement of planets he became a great scholar. Exalted Jupiter in ninth took his intenseness in learning towards religious contemplation. Venus and ninth lord Moon placed in fourth gave imagination and poetry skills, bent his inclination towards religious thoughts so that he made 24 religious books and not novels. Mercury and Mars are debilitated. Because he was born long time ago it is impossible to say whether both of these planets are in Ucchadi navamsha or not. But Mars has Neecha-Bhanga-Raj-Yoga.





Nakshatra of Moon 3   Mars 15   Venus 9   Sun 13   Mercury 12   Jupiter (retro)   25   Saturn 24   Rahu 13   Lagna 8|5


Look Kundli 16[2] (Chart 11) of Vidhyasagarji. According to rule 1, it is observed that fourth lord Jupiter has full-aspect on fifth lord Mars and tenth lord is in tenth and which is Mercury itself.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Sun 7|0|18   Moon 3|20|0   Mars 5|9|36   Mercury 6|15|40 (but 18 degrees in Kundli received from them)   Jupiter 8|14|45 (but 8|16|15 in Kundli received from them)    Venus 6|7 (but 6|8 in Kundli received from them)   Saturn 4|13|40   Rahu 2|16|18 (but 2|14|30 in Kundli received from them)


Herein, attention of readers is drawn to Kundli 49 (Chart 12) of patriot Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. In his horoscope, fourth lord Venus is in fourth house. Lagna lord Moon is in Lagna and Mercury with his friend Venus is in fourth house and is in friend’s house also. Lord of English knowledge, Saturn, sitting in second house puts a full aspect on fourth house and Saturn has full aspect of Jupiter placed in his own house. It is written in his biography that Professors of Cambridge University used to marvel on his exceptional aptitude. Hence, those people bestowed degree of M.A. (honors) on him without even taking exam.


Babu Bhagvandasji

Again, in Kundli 38 (Chart 13) of well-reputed Babu Bhagavandasji of Benaras, Jupiter is in own House in fourth who is also the lord of Lagna. Mercury and Moon are in second and Sun is along with them. Hence, due to effect of this yoga (Mercury, Moon and Sun placed in second House), he is always immersed in spiritual contemplation.


Swami Vivekanandji


 Sun 9|0|15   Mars 0|7|0   Mercury 9|12|42   Jupiter 6|3|20   Venus 9|7|40   Saturn (retro) 5|15|0   Rahu 7|24|21   Moon 5|21|

Look Kundli 32 (Chart 14) of Swami Vivekanandji.  According to rule (1) and (2), his Mercury and Venus are in Lagna(Kendra), second lord is in Trikona, fourth lord is in fourth and ninth and tenth bhava lord is in Lagna. That is, due to all these yogas there was predominance of learning, power of imagination, etc. According to rule (3), fourth lord is in fourth and it has full-aspect of Jupiter, the significator of learning. Hence, he was complaisant in learning also. If Lagna is taken to be Dhanu, according to forthcoming rule (4), fourth lord Jupiter has full aspect of Mars. Therefore, Dhanu Lagna is not proper because Jupiter falls in enemy’s House.

(4) If fourth lord is in 6th, 8th, 12th House or is conjoined with malefic or is aspected by malefic or fourth lord is in evil Rashi then native is devoid of learning or gets obstacles in learning. Fourth lord, Jupiter or Mercury falling in third or 6th, 8th, 12th or in an enemy’s House is harmful for learning.

Swami Ramatirthaji

Sun 6|7|2   Moon 6|18|38   Mars 8|15|38   Mercury 6|24   Jupiter 4|29|38   Venus 5|7|30   Saturn 9|2|8   Rahu 0|25|19   Lagna 11|21|40   Sarvaksha 64|29   Gatarksha 57|56|   Rahu Mahadasha – Varshadi 1|9|29|


Look Kundli 44 (Chart 15) of Swami Ramatirthaji. Fourth lord Mercury is in eight and Jupiter is in sixth. But Jupiter is in House of great friend and is in own Navamsa, Mercury is not combust by Sun and lord of house of intelligence-Moon is also in Eight. Because of all these reasons, though he did not get devoid of learning but he had big obstacles in his learning. It is written in his biography that his financial state was so bad that during student life he had to live on just Roti of 2 paise for many days and at same time in such bad conditions he had to do maintenance of his wife. Fever of learning, heat of digestive fire, maintenance of his woman and accompanying unbearable troubles kept persecuting him from everywhere.



Again look Kundli 20 (Chart 6), in that fourth lord Saturn is with malefic Sun in same Nakshatra and Mars placed in tenth have a full aspect on fourth lord Saturn as well as on fourth House. Due to all these reasons, he kept on having many troubles and obstructions in his learning.



In the same way, by looking at Kundli 16 (Chart 11) it is known that fourth lord Jupiter is conjoined with Saturn and Saturn’s full aspect is on fifth House. He too had to face big troubles in learning.

Hyder Ali

Look Kundli 12 (Chart 16) of Hyder Ali. House of learning is very weird. Fourth lord, fifth lord, ninth lord, second lord, Mercury and Jupiter- all planets who are giver of knowledge are in second House i.e. in House of power of speech and imagination.  Lagna lord[3], Venus is in fourth (according to article 129 (2)). Again (according to article129 (4)) fourth lord Saturn. The result of this contrary yoga is that Hyder Ali did not get time for learning due to being a son of an ordinary soldier i.e. he had obstacle in learning. But historians have written that he could fluently speak five languages and all work of state was done only after his consultation. He used to personally look after every matter. That is, though not being literate he was a scholar.


(5) If Mercury is exalted or in own House in Kendra or Trikona from Lagna then there is greatness of learning, vehicle and property. In Kundli 22 (Chart 9) of Shri Shivkumar Shastriji, Mercury is in Lagna but is neither exalted nor in its own House. But Mercury has Neecha-Bhang-Raj-Yoga. Hence, by effect of Mercury he obtained greatness of wealth and learning.


Sir Prabhunarayana Singhji

Again, in Kundli 24 (Chart 17) of Sir Prabhunarayana Singhji , paying attention to aforementioned rules it is seen that fourth House lord, learning and ninth House lord –Mars and lord of House of intelligence  i.e. fifth House-Jupiter  while being placed in Kendra have mutual aspect among them.   Lord of second and lord of fourth also have full aspect of Jupiter on them. From this it is clear that, the said Maharaja, though being rich, not only did learning but also obtained power/ability to write book, etc.


(6) If Jupiter in ninth has aspect of Mercury and Venus then the native becomes complete scholar.


-120 (1) (ka) If Mercury is the lord of fifth House and if he is with some benefic planet or has aspect of a benefic planet, (kha) if fifth lord is surrounded by benefic planets, (ga) if Mercury is exalted, (gha) if Mercury is in fifth House, (nya) lord of Navamsa in which fifth lord is placed is in Kendra and is aspected by benefic then by presence of any of the aforementioned yogas , native is understanding,  clever and intelligent. In Kundli 32 of Swami Vivekananda, fifth lord Venus is not only in Kendra but is in Meena Navamsa i.e. in exaltation and lord of Meena-Jupiter is in Kendra. But it is not aspected by any benefic but fourth lord is aspected by Mars.

(2)The House in which fifth lord is placed, if that place’s lord has aspect of benefic or has benefics sitting on both sides, then his intellect is very subtle and sharp.

Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak

Sun 3|8|19   Moon 11|16|3   Mars 6|4|34   Mercury 2|24|29   Jupiter 11|17|52 (but according to Indian chronology it is 11|15|48)   Venus 3|10|8   Saturn 2|17|18   Rahu 11|27|39   Lagna 3|19|21   Shani Dasha Bhogya Varshadi 0|10|9


Look Kundli 26 (Chart 18) of late Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak. Fifth lord Mars is in fourth and its lord Venus is in Lagna and it has full aspect of Jupiter placed in his own House.

Look Kundli 25 (Chart 2) of B. Suryanarayana Rao. Fifth lord is in Kumbha and lord of Kumbha-Saturn has full aspect of Venus and Jupiter.

Look Kundli 34 (Chart 3) of Sir Ashutoshji. Fifth lord Mercury is in Lagna. Lagna lord Venus is in second House and is aspected by Jupiter. Due to this he was one of the remarkably intelligent people of country.


Raja Bahadur Harihar Prasad Narayan Singh

Sun 4|25|11|18   Moon 3|13|57   Mars 8|5|2   Mercury 5|18|4   Jupiter 9|2|15 (retrograde)   Venus 6|11|17   Saturn 4|18|49   Rahu 1|27|4   Lagna 11|29   Gulika 4|3|0   Shani Dasha Bhogya Varshadi 3|10|16


Again, look Kundli 50 (Chart 19) of Raja Bahadur Harihar Prasad Narayan Singh Amava-Tikari Naresh (Bihar). In this Kundli, fifth lord is in fifth and it has a full aspect of Jupiter. He was a king with an exceptional intellect.


(3) If fifth House is between two benefics and Jupiter is in fifth and Mercury is unafflicted the native has a sharp intellect.


(4) If Lagna lord is debilitated or conjoined with malefics then his mind is not good.

(5) If fifth lord, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus are in evil House or are combust then also native has clouded/sombrous mind.

[1] The Samavartana also known as Snāna, is a sacramental ritual that was performed at the close of the Brahmacharya period and marked the end termination of the student life.It signifies a person’s entry into grihastashrama.

[2] Misprint

[3] Mistake, Lagna lord is Sun.

[4] Mistake, Fourth lord is Mars.

























































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