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Marvels from Jyotish Ratnakar Part 2 Karan Khanna

‘Ratnakar’ means ocean and the book Jyotish Ratnakar is indeed an ocean of astrological knowledge. Written by a great master of astrology Devakinandan Singh, the book is a diamond among astrological gems. The book is a single-hand creation of its author and is written in easy Hindi. The author was a student of F.A. . During his student life he received many incorrect predictions from various astrologers. He began losing his faith in astrology and expressed the same to his father. His father was highly religious-minded, pure hearted person and firm believer of Shastra and Puran. His father told him that it is wrong to show disbelief in knowledge of seers and advised him not to commit such a mistake of considering Jyotish to be false. His advice left a strong impression in his mind and then onwards he decided that it was not intelligent to criticize a subject without a complete knowledge.

The author of the book was introduced to astrology in the year 1898. After little study, his devotion towards the science increased. The author was not fortunate enough to receive the knowledge directly from a scholar and had to rely on self-study alone. But this gave him an immense freedom and benefit to assimilate any knowledge only after proper reasoning, contemplation and confirmation. This helped him realize that Jyotish is not only true but also the highest truth, deep and palatable. His study of Jyotish was only out of curiosity of facts and he never thought of commercializing it. After obtaining proficiency in astrology, he realized that all his efforts would be in vain if he just kept the knowledge to himself. In 1987 he decided to combine the knowledge he had gathered over his lifetime with charts of great personalities and compiled it  in the form of a book.


Just like a diamond, this book throws light on several important facets of life. The book is broadly divided into two parts- Ganita and Phalita. In Phalita part, life of man is divided into eight “waves” and then each of them is considered from astrological point of view.  These eight waves can be roughly titled as

  1. Birth/Longevity
  2. Parents/ Relatives,
  3. Education/knowledge,
  4. Marriage/ Spouse,
  5. Progeny,
  6. Profession/ Wealth,
  7. Spirituality and Death.

Current article presents the third “wave” which deals with education and learning of a person. Education is most important aspect of life in today’s world. This is clearly visible by level of competitiveness and the large amount of money spent for education.  Good education leads to good job as well as higher respect in society.

In this article, an effort is made to present the enormous amount of information in the book in a systematic, precise and reader-friendly fashion. An astrological rule or yoga is mentioned, which is followed by case studies and it  shows how the rule applies to each case. To avoid any mistakes or confusion the article is written verbatim.


Third Wave- Part 2

Memory Power

Rule 1: If Saturn and Rahu are in the fifth house and does not receive any aspect of benefic planet and if a malefic planet aspects the fifth lord and Mercury is in the twelfth house, then memory is damaged.

Similarly, aspect or conjunction of benefic with the fifth house or aspect or placement of benefic in the fifth house or by placement of lord of fifth house from Jupiter in kendra or trikona, provides a good memory power.

Shri Shiv Kumar Shastriji

Planetary Details

Sun- 10s 18° 15’ Mars- 1s 11° 54’ Mercury- 11s 2° 16’
Jupiter- 2s 17° 18’ Venus- 9s 11° 37’ Saturn- 10s 21° 42’

In the Chart 1 of Shri Shivakumar Shastriji, Jupiter has a full aspect on the fifth lord Moon. Due to this yoga, he never felt short of citations from different religious books during time of eristic.


In Chart 2 of Shri Vallabhacharyaji, Jupiter is exalted and also fifth house is aspected by the exalted Jupiter. Jupiter is with Mars and aspected by Saturn. Mars, the fifth lord from Jupiter is in Trikona. Contemplation of knowledge can be inferred from Saturn also.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya

Planetary Details

Lagna – 3° 17’ Sun – 0s 11° 28’ 7” Moon – 1s 10° 4’ 54”
Mars – 4s 7° 58’ 3” Mercury – 0s 15° 35’ 10” Jupiter – 3s 3° 36’ 12”
Venus – 0s 5° 0’ 25”


Saturn – 6s 8° 7’ 14” Rahu – 10s 29° 3’ 4”

In Chart 3, fifth house has full aspect of exalted Jupiter placed in lagna and from the exalted Moon. Therefore, he had an extraordinary memory

Science of Grammar

Rule 2:   Powerful Jupiter and second lord being aspected by Sun and Venus makes a native a grammarian.

Shri Vidhyasagar ji


Planetary Details

Moon- Krittika Venus- Ashlesha Mercury- Uttara Phalguni
Mars- Svati Sun- Hasta Lagna- 8s 5°
Saturn- Satataraka Rahu- Hasta Jupiter (retro)-Purva Bhadrapada

See the Chart 4 of Vidhyasagarji. Retrograde Jupiter and second lord Saturn being in its Mooltrikona are together in third house and Saturn has a full aspect on the fifth house.

Rule 3:  To know the yoga for grammatical knowledge of a native, you must analyse the second and fifth house. If powerful Jupiter is the second lord and is conjoined with Sun then the native is an expert in grammar.

See the Chart 1 of Shri Shivkumar Shastriji. Fifth lord Moon is aspected by Second lord Mars and moon is also aspected by Jupiter. Hence, he was a great grammarian.

See the Chart 2 of Shri Vallabhacharyaji. Jupiter is the second and fifth lord and is exalted in the ninth house.

Rule 4:  If Jupiter be the second lord is powerful and aspected by Sun and Venus then the native is pundit of grammar.


Rule 5:  For good mathematical skills, Jupiter must be in a kendra and Mercury must be the lord of second bhava or Venus must either be exalted or be in own house. The native has love for mathematics.

  1. Suryanarayana Rao

In Chart 5 of B. Suryanarayana Rao, Jupiter is in a kendra and second lord Mercury is along with it.


Planetary Details

 Sun- 6s 20° 3’  Moon 11s 15° 55’  Mars 4s 11° 34’
 Mercury 6s 7°  Venus 6s 11° 46’  Saturn 8s 2° 13’
 Rahu 2s 22° 52’  51’Jupiter 2s 1° 56’ (Retrograde)  Lagna 8s 19° 39’

Uttarbhadra Nakshatra Sarvaksha 63|57 (Position of Nakshatra at the time of birth: Uttarbhadra – Full duration – 63 Gh. 57 Vi.) Gatarksha 60|22|30 (Elapsed duration of star Uttarbhadra  – 60 Gh. 22 Vi), Saturn Dasha Varshadi 1|0|13|28| (Balance of Saturn Dasa – at birth – 1 Yr 0 m 13 d)

In Chart 6, Jupiter is in kendra and Venus is in own house. Due to this planetary position the native has special liking for mathematics.

Rule 6:  If Mars is in second bhava along with a benefic planet and  aspected by Mercury or Mercury is in a kendra to the Mars, the native becomes a mathematician.

Shri Ganesh Dutta Singh

Planetary Details

Vargottam Sun- 9s 2° 10’ Moon- 4s 23° 34’  Vargottam Mars- 8s 27° 0’
Vargottam Mercury 8s 28° 0’ Rahu 4s 17° 0’  Lagna 7s 17°
Saturn 7s 10° 6’

Uccha navamsa

Jupiter 10s 15° 0’ Own house in navamsa  Venus 10s 1° 0’

Own   house in navamsa

See the Chart 7 of Shri Ganesh Dutta Singh, Mars and Mercury are placed together in the second house. He had great love for mathematics. See Rule 7.

Rule 7:  If (i) Jupiter is in a kendra or a trikona or (ii)Venus is exalted or (iii)Mercury or Mars are in dhana bhava (second bhava) or if dhana bhava is aspected by Mercury positioned in a kendra, the native becomes a mathematician.

 Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak

Planetary Details

Sun- 3s 8° 19’ Moon- 11s 16° 3’ Mars- 6s 4° 34’
Mercury- 2s 24° 29’ Venus- 3s 10° 8’ Saturn- 2s 17° 18’
Rahu- 11s 27° 39’ Jupiter- 11s 17° 52’  Lagna- 3s 19° 21’

Jupiter according to Indian chronology it is 11s 15° 48’

Shani Dasha Bhogya Varshadi 0|10|9 (Balance of Saturn Dasa – at birth -0 Yr 10 m 9 d)

In Chart 8 of Lokmanya Tilakji, Jupiter placed in own house is in trikona and Venus is in libra navamsa and is not exalted.

Again, in Chart 3 of Adi Guru Shakaracharyaji, Jupiter is in kendra, Mars is in second house and Mercury is in kendra.

Rule 8: If the moon is combined with Mars in the second house and aspected by Mercury or Mercury is in kendra or Mercury being second lord is exalted and Jupiter is in lagna and Saturn is in eighth house, the native becomes a mathematician.

Hyder Ali

In Chart 9 of Hyder Ali, according to Rule 5, Mars is present in its own house, in second bhava and conjoined by Jupiter and Mercury. According to Rule 6, Moon, Mars and Mercury are combined  together are in second house. Hyder Ali, as written by historian, he could orally perform big calculations due to all these reasons, in spite of being illiterate. He could immediately understand the most complicated matter.

Swami Rama Tirtha

 Planetary Details

Sun- 6s 7°2’ Moon- 6s 18° 38’ Mars- 8s 15° 38’
Mercury- 6s 24° Venus- 5s 7° 30’ Saturn- 9s 2° 8’
Rahu- 0s 25° 19’ Jupiter- 4s 29° 38’ Lagna- 11s 21° 40’

Sarvaksha 64|29 (Full duration of Nakshatra – 64 Gh. 29 Vi.)   Gatarksha 57|56| (Elapsed portion of the Nakshatra – 57 Gh 56 Vi)   Rahu Mahadasha – Varshadi 1|9|29| (Balace of Dasa at birth – Rahu – 1 Yr 9 m 29 d)

See the Chart 10 of Swami Rama Tirtha. Second lord Mars is in a kendra and receives the full aspect of Jupiter gives full aspect on Mars and second house. Again, debilitated Venus is in kendra but is exalted in navamsa. Second house has aspect of both Moon and Mercury. Due to effect of all these yogas, Swamiji not only loved mathematics but he has also written books on this subject.

Rule 9: If Moon and Mercury are in a kendra or if third lord is with Mercury in Kendra then the native becomes mathematician.

Rule 10: If Mercury is in sixth place from Saturn and Jupiter is in second house from Lagna then the native is pundit of Predictive Astrology.

Shastra Yoga

Rule 11:  If Jupiter and Venus are in a kendra and second lord is of Leonsha or Gopuransha and Mercury is in Janma-Navamsa then the native becomes a Shat-Shastri (Master of six Shastras).

Swami Vivekananda

Planetary Details

Sun- 9s 0° 15’ Moon- 5s 21° Mars- 0s 7° 0’
Mercury- 9s 12° 42’ Venus- 9s 7° 40’ Saturn (retro) – 5s 15° 0’
Rahu- 7s 24° 21’ Jupiter- 6s 3° 20’

In Chart 11 of Swami Vivekananda, Jupiter and Venus are placed in a kendra and the second lord-Saturn being retrograde in Dreshkan of Capricorn and Dwadashamsa of Aquaris. Janma navamsa is Capricorn and Mercury is placed in Makar.

Rule 12: If Jupiter and Venus being in Leonsha or Gopuransha are placed in kendra and Mercury is in second house in navamsa, the native becomes a Shat-Shastri.

Rule 13: If Jupiter is in a kendra or a trikona and is aspected by  Venus or Mercury and Saturn is of Parvatansha, the native becomes a Vedantist.

Rule 14: If Jupiter being powerful is placed in second house and lord of navamsa, in which lord of second house is placed, is in kendra or trikona or if it has aspect of a benefic, the native becomes a Vedantist and devoted to shastras.

Rule 15: If Moon and Venus are together in a kendra from lagna and Moon is in Devlokansha then the native becomes a Vedantist. Again, if Venus being Uttamansha is in lagna then also the native becomes proficient in Vedas.  A P

In Chart 11 of Swami Vivekananda, exalted Venus is in the lagna in navamsa i.e. a kendra.

Rule 16: If lagna lord is in second house or if some benefic planet is exalted in a kendra or lagna lord is in Parvatansha and Venus is in 12th House then the native becomes a Vedantist. It is necessary for Venus to be in 12th House for all three yogas.

Rule 17: If second lord is Sun or Mars and if it is aspected by Jupiter or Venus then the native becomes a pundit of Shastras.

In Chart 8 of Tilak Maharaja, second lord Sun receives a full aspect of Jupiter and Venus is conjoined with Sun.

In Chart 10 of Swami Rama Tirtha, second lord Mars receives a full aspect of Jupiter. Hence, he became pundit of Shastras.

In Chart 3, Second lord Sun is in tenth house with exalted Venus.

Rule 18: If planets placed in second, fourth, fifth and tenth and lord of lagna, lord of ninth house and lord of tenth house are powerful, then the person becomes a Shat-Shastri (Master of Six Shastras).

Rule 19: The lord of rashi in which lagna lord is placed in navamsa, the rashi in which this lord is placed, the navamsa in which the lord of this rashi is placed, the lord of that navamsa if exalted or in Veshishamsha and if it be the lord of second house then the native becomes a king or is equivalent to Brihaspati.

See the Chart 3 of Shankaracharyaji. Lagna lord Moon is in Aries in navamsa. Lord of Aries- Mars is in Leo rashi. Lord of Leo- Sun is in Cancer in navamsa. Its (Cancer) lord- Moon is exalted (but it is not lord of second house). So, Adiguru becomes equivalent to Brihaspati in virtues.


Planetary Details

Sun- 0s 0° 49’ 31’’ Moon- 1s 22° 51’ 21’’ Mars- 11s 26° 20’ 0’’
Jupiter- 2s 29° 8’ 56’’ Venus- 10s 14° 1’ 3’’ Saturn- 9s 5° 11’ 10’’
Rahu- 0s 24° 22’ 36’’ Mercury- 11s 25° 26’ 0’’ (Retrograde) Lagna- 3s 7°

Again, in Chart 12 of Ramanujacharyaji, Lagna Lord- Moon is in Cancer in navamsa. Its (Cancer) lord – Moon is in Taurus rashi. Lord of Taurus- Venus is in Aquaris in navamsa and lord of Aquaris- Saturn is in his own house and is placed in own Dreshkan. Hence, the yoga is not fully applicable.

Rule 20: If Jupiter, Moon and Lagna (all three) are aspected by Saturn and ninth house has Jupiter and if a Raja yoga is also present in the chart, such a native becomes maker of Shastra, like Kanaad, Varah Mihir, etc.

In Chart 2 of Shri Vallabhacharyaji, Saturn’s full aspect is on Jupiter, Lagna and Moon and also Jupiter is placed in ninth house. This chart also has following Raja yoga:

(1) Fifth lord- Jupiter is with a kendra lord – Mars in bhagyasthana (9th House), (2) Lord of a kendra- Saturn, aspects lord of a trikona- Jupiter,

(3) Moon, lord of a trikona is aspected by Mars, lord of a kendra,

(4) Moon, lord of a trikona is aspected by Saturn, lord of a kendra,

(5) Moon, lord of trikona and Venus, lord of kendra are together,

(6) Mars, lord of kendra is in trikona and Moon, lord of trikona is in kendra,

(7) Rahu is placed in kendra and Moon, Lord of a trikona is also with it. Due to these factors he became a great maker of Shastras.

Rule 21: If Jupiter is in ninth house and if Lagna, Moon and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn then the native is Tirthkrut i.e. Creator of shastras and equivalent to a king. (See Rule 20).

Rule 22: If Jupiter is in kendra or trikona then the native becomes Vedanta Parishil (scholar). It is said that this yoga is applicable in Chart 3 and Chart 8.

Rule 23: If lord of 5th house from Venus is associated with a benefic in kendra or trikona then the native is very clever in understanding meaning of books.

In Chart 3, Lord of 5th house from Venus,  Sun is with a benefic planet in a kendra. See Rule 17.

In Chart 2, Fifth lord from Venus- Mercury placed in trikona is aspected by Jupiter.

Yoga for Power of Speech

Rule 24: If second lord is in second house and conjoined with Jupiter without any aspect from a malefic, then the native becomes a big rhetorician and is able to use his own remarks unflinchingly in his lectures.

Rule 25: If Jupiter and Mercury are in second house and are not aspected by malefics, then the lecture delivered by the native is captivating and extraordinary and he is able to profess his statement with composure.

Shri Krishnasinghji

Planetary Details

Lagna- 5° 1’ Sun- 6s 4° 31’ Mars- 4s 11°
Mercury- 6s 29° Jupiter- 6s 19° 40’ Venus- 4s 28° 40’
Saturn- 3s 15° 35’ Rahu- 3s 23° 2’
Jyestha Gatarksha 45|13 – (Elapsed duration of star Jyeshta – 45 Gh. 13 Vi)   Sarvaksha 57|32 (Full duration of star Jyeshta 57 Gh 32 Vi –at the time of birth)

In the Chart 13 of Babu Shri Krishnasinghji M.A., B.L., ex-leader of Swarajya Party in Bihar Council, Mercury and Jupiter are placed in second house. Mercury is in Gemini navamsa and Jupiter is in Sagittarius navamsa i.e. both the planets are in their own house in the navamsa. These planets are not aspected by any malefics. Only Sun is with Mercury and Jupiter. If you read the lectures he delivered  in the council, the authenticity of Jyotish becomes apparent. Every person in State of Bihar knows that he is an extraordinary, impressive and spirited speaker.

Again, in the Chart 10 of Swami Rama Tirtha, second house receives full aspect of Mercury and Jupiter. The second house is also aspected by Sun and Moon. In his lectures, he used to profess his remarks with great composure in such a way that the audience used to shed tears out of joy.  But from his yoga, we can understand that his oratory power was not the one causing turmoil.

Rule 26: If second bhava is of auspicious varga, then the native is definitely adept in delivering lecture. If lord of second house is in kendra or trikona and has some relation with benefic, he has the ability to deliver a powerful speech.

In his book “Acharya Shankara and Ramanuj” Shri Yut Rajendranath Ghosh has written that if lord of second is aspected or conjoined with benefics or placed in kendra or trikona or exalted then the native is tactical and orator.

In Chart 13, the second house is placed in first degree of libra (shubha varga) in dreshkona, saptamamsha, navamsha and dwadashamsa which made him  a very good speaker.

Again in Chart 11 of Swami Vivekananda, second bhava is of Libra navamsha i.e. of shubha varga and lord of second house- Saturn, is placed with auspicious Moon in house of religion (ninth house) i.e. in a trikona. He was extremely accomplished in power of speech.

In example Chart 6, Lord of second house-Saturn is in lagna (kendra) and receives full-aspect of Jupiter. Hence, the power of speech of this native is  very good.

Rule 27:  If lord of second house is in eighth house and is conjoined with Jupiter then his power of speech is extremely bad.

Rule 28: If Jupiter is with lord of second house or lord of second house is aspected by Mercury or Venus, then the lecture of native is impressive and he is feeder of clan and many people are his followers.

In Chart 3, Lord of second house-Sun, is with Mercury and Venus. Due to this, his effective arguments uprooted Buddhism from India and re-established Sanatana Dharma and made people follower of Vedas. Although he was a Sanyasi, he often visited his mother every year.

Mahatma Gandhi

By looking at Chart 14 of Mahatma Gandhi it is known that his Venus is placed in his own house in Second, Mercury is along with it and lord of second house receives a full-aspect from Jupiter.  (See Rule 24). The fact is not hidden from anyone that although he could not be said as a good speaker but there was a  remarkable impact generating power in his speech that made people follow him. Remember that Mars is also present in the second house. As per Jyotish Shastra  Mars in second house is ineffective. However, we must note that in the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, lord of second house is not with Jupiter but lord of Second house receives full-aspect from Jupiter and second lord Venus does not have aspect from Mercury but is conjoined with Mercury. Hence, the yoga is applicable. It is great secret of science of Jyotish that planet placed in bhava is most powerful. The planet aspecting that bhava  is less powerful than that.

See the Chart 5 of B. Suryanarayana Rao. Lord of second house- Mercury is with Jupiter. The author had a previlaged opportunity to listen to his lecture. He is an extremely impressive speaker.

Rule 29: By aspect or yoga of benefics in house of wealth (second house) the native becomes sweet speaking and truthful but by the yoga or aspect of malefics he becomes foul mouthed.

In Chart 14 of Mahatma Gandhi, Venus is powerful in different ways. It is placed in Dhanasthana (second house) and  aspected by Jupiter and it has Mercury and malefic Mars. Mars is ineffective in second house. Due to this Mahatma Gandhi is a resplendent symbol of truth. It can be said that Mars made him a harsh truth speaker. His Autobiography is the evidence.

In Chart 3 two malefics planets Mars and Rahu are in second house.  Was it due to this yoga that Shankara while doing eristic with Vedavyasa in Kashi gave him a slap? And while doing eristic with Mandan Mishra made use of harsh speech?

In Chart 11 of Swami Vivekananda, second house receives full-aspect of Jupiter and there is no aspect from malefics.  Hence, he was extremely sweet speaking and honest.

Again look Chart 13. Mercury and Jupiter are placed in their own navamsha in the second house. Due to this he was sweet speaking and honest is his inherent nature. But Sun is also in Libra and is away by  15 degrees. Hence, being an important worker of political movement sometimes he has to speak harsh truth.

In Chart 10 of Swami Rama Tirtha, there is full aspect of Jupiter on second house. Jupiter is in house of great friend and is in own house in navamsa. Due to this he was obviously sweet speaking and honest but by aspect of malefics placed in eight house on second house if he is a harsh truth speaker then it won’t be a surprise, but the author is not aware of it.

Rule 30: By placement of Moon in house of wealth (second house) the native is hesitant in speech but Moon being of Dhana rashi (second house) the native becomes lecturer, scholar and articulate speaker.


See the Chart 15 of Shri Keshavchandrasena. It can be found that his power of speech is indeed given by Moon placed in house of wealth.

By placement by Moon conjoined with Saturn in house of wealth, the speech is stammering.

Rule 31: (i)If third bhava is strong and if Mercury and Jupiter are placed there or (ii) if they aspect the third house, or (iii) Jupiter and Mercury are in kendra from third house i.e. they are in sixth, ninth and twelfth house from Lagna, then the voice of that native is very sweet and comely.

Other Yoga for Learning

Rule 32: If Jupiter is in ninth bhava and is aspected by Moon and Saturn then the native lives in foreign and does work related to law.

Rule 33: If Venus is placed in ninth house, along with Mars then also native performs a work related to law in foreign country.

Rule 34: By placement of Moon and Mercury in ninth house, the native becomes skilled in arts and his power of speech is also good.

Rule 35: If Mercury is in kendra and second lord is powerful, or Venus is in second house and a benefic planet is in third house, or Venus is exalted in second house and second lord is powerful then native is knower of Jyotish.

Rule 36: If Mercury is in kendra, second lord is powerful and Venus is in the fifth house then the native has excellent knowledge and is knower of Jyotish.

Rule 37: If Sun or Mars is lord of house of wealth (second house) and is aspected by Jupiter or Venus then the native is logician.

In Chart 8 of Lokmanya Tilak, second lord Sun has full-aspect of Jupiter. Due to this he was a very good logician.

Again, in Chart 3 of Shankaracharyaji, Lord of second house- Sun is exalted and is conjoined with Venus. Again lord of house of intelligence (fifth house) is in second house. He too was a serious logician.

Purposeful tactic or plea is called logic. It is possible only by predominance of intelligence. Mercury is the significator of intelligence. The fifth house is house of intelligence. Hence, the house in which Mercury is placed, if lord of fifth from that house is in auspicious kendra, trikona, etc. with benefic then the person is an excellent logician.

See the Chart 3. Lord of 5th house from Mercury – an exalted Sun, is with Venus and Mercury. See Rule 23.  On observing carefully there is a remarkable yoga.

In Chart 8 of Tilak Maharaj, Venus in kendra is aspected by Jupiter.

Rule 38: If third house is powerful and if it is aspected or occupied by Mercury and Jupiter or if Mercury and Jupiter are in kendra from third house then the native has very beautiful voice.

Rule 39: If Venus is exalted in navamsa and tenth lord is in fourth then the native has all kinds of musical equipment in his home.

Rule 40: If ninth lord and tenth lord are placed in fourth house and lord of a kendra is placed in a kona then the native has all kinds of musical instruments in his house.

Rule 41: If lagna lord is in Upachaya and tenth lord, Moon is conjoined with some malefic in some kendra then the house of native is filled with musical instruments.

Rule 42:  It is written in ‘Jaimini Sutra’ that after knowing sphuta (degree-minutes-sec, etc.) of all planets it should be seen that which planet (not rashi) has the highest degree. The planet which has the highest degrees is known as the Atmakaraka planet. But Rahu is always retrograde in motion. Only if Rahu has the least degree, it will be the Atmakaraka planet.

It is written that navamsa in which this Atmakaraka planet is placed, in that navamsa, or when moon is placed in the fifth house from that navamsa  the native is a singer i.e. he is skilled in knowledge of music.

Manohar Barwe


Planetary Details

Lagna- 5° 1’ Sun- 8s 5° Mars- 7s 7° 7’
Mercury- 8s 25° 2’   48’ Jupiter- 6s 15° Venus- 8s 10°
Saturn- 0s 7° 3’ (Retrograde) Rahu 0s 28° Moon- 3s 28° 40’ (approx.)

See the Chart 16 of Manohar Barwe. His birth is approximately in remaining 9 danda of Ashlesha nakshatra. Because of being in last navamsha of Cancer, Moon is in Pisces navamsha and Moon is also the Atmakaraka. Moon is in its own house in 5th house from Pisces. Due to the effect of this yoga he is skilled in musical knowledge.

Rule 43: If Sun is placed in navamsha of Atmakaraka or in fifth rashi from it, then the native becomes an expert in music. Music has two divisions. One that is produced by an instrument and second that is created by mouth (vocal). Here, the signification of music is its both forms.

Rule 44: In addition to the aforementioned yogas, Jyotish Shashtra also states that if Sun is in Taurus rashi or Mars is in Gemini or Kanya rashi then the native is skilled in music.

Again, if Moon is in the navamsha of Mercury and has aspect of Venus or is conjoined with Mercury and Jupiter then also the native has the knowledge of music.

In the same way, by conjunction of Saturn and Mars or Mercury and Venus, the native becomes singer.

By placement of Moon in Makara, there is interest in knowledge of music. Also by birth in month of Falgun same result is obtained.

If Mars is conjunct with some powerful planet then the native loves to listen to music.

A Venus placed in eleventh house sometimes provides wealth through musical knowledge.

Valki yoga which is the placement of each planet in each rashi, indicates the native is lover of music.

Babu Gopikrishnaji

In Chart 17 of Babu Gopikrishnaji, Moon is of Makara rashi and according to Rule 38 Mercury is in kendra from third House. After listening to his songs people usually get overwhelmed with emotions.

Rule 45: If Sun and Mercury are in second house and aspected by Jupiter or Venus, or if Sun or Mars is of Paravatamsha then the native is logic oriented. It is said that this Yoga is applicable to the charts of Shri Shankaracharya and Shri Ramanujacharya.

Test of Knowledge

Rule 46: It has been written earlier that from second house and tenth house, contemplation for success in knowledge and examinations is done. Also, auspicious effect of Mercury and Jupiter is helpful in qualifying examinations.

See the Chart 3. In time of Shri Shankaracharya, there were no exams like those in current education system. In that time, scholarly people, for purpose of presentation of their views, travelling from one country to another, used to debate with other scholars. Whoever wins this debate, were considered to be qualified in eristic examination. In ‘Shankara-Digvijay’ it is written that Adi Guru, travelling from one corner to another of India, obtained victory eristic. Only while debating on Kamashastra with scholar wife of Mandan Mishra- Ubhaybharati who was believed to be an incarnation of Saraswati, he had to take a recess of one year. By entering his soul into the dead body of Amuru Raja, he obtained knowledge of Kamshastra and thereafter defeated Ubhaybharati. In his chart, second lord is exalted and is in tenth house and tenth lord is in second house and is in friend’s house. There is exchange between second lord and tenth lord. Venus and Mercury are also combined in the tenth house. There is perfect yoga from every side but the exalted Saturn in fourth house aspects the tenth house. It is believed that it was this Saturn that made him ask for the (break) time of one year from Ubhaybharati.

Sir Ashutoshji

See the Chart 18 of Sir Ashutoshji. Tenth Lord, who is also the ninth lord, being placed in fifth house throws a full-aspect on the lord of knowledge i.e. Sun who is placed in second house and is also aspected by Jupiter. Also there is exchange between Lord of second house and lord of lagna. Due to all these reasons, he usually passed in all examinations with highest grades.

Rule 47: If Saturn is placed in placed in second or tenth house and is devoid of aspect from a benefic then the native faces troubles and obstacles in obtaining knowledge and performing well in exam.

Rule 48: Second lord and tenth lord being in sixth , eighth or twelfth House, or being aspected by malefics or being placed in between malefics, the native faces many troubles in learning.

See the Chart 10 of Swami Rama Tirtha. Second lord is in tenth house (kendra) and receives full aspect of Jupiter. Tenth lord Jupiter, placed in very friendly house occupies his own navamsha, and fully aspects his own tenth house. Due to this he kept on passing into higher grades and also properly obtained scholarships. But because of placement of tenth lord Jupiter in sixth house and placement of malefic Mars in tenth house, caused many inconveniences during period of learning and made him bear the stigma of failing once in B. A. exam.

Shivshankar Babu

Planetary Details

Lagna- 9s 28° Sun- 1s 27° 42’ Mars- 3s 16° 30’
Mercury- 1s 24° 6’ Jupiter- 7s 15° 45’ (Retrograde) Venus- 1s 20° 45’
Saturn- 1s 5° Rahu- 11s 27° 46’ Moon- 0s 25° 30’

Bharani Gatarksha 55|33 (Elapsed portion of the Nakshatra – 55 Gh 33 Vi)   Sarvaksha 59|27 (Position of Nakshatra at the time of birth: Bharani – Full duration – 59 Gh. 27 Vi.)  Venus Dasha Varshadi 1|3|11| (Balance of Venus Dasa – at birth – 1 Yr 3 m 11 d)

Again, in Chart 19 of Shivshankar Babu, lord of the house of knowledge i.e. lord of fourth house is not only debilitated (although being in his own house in Navamsa) but also aspects the tenth house. Although the lord of tenth house is in own house and in own navamsa, it is combust with Sun. Also the second house is aspected by Saturn and Mars i.e. both second and tenth houses are aspected by malefics. It indicates that he is facing troubles in exams.

Babu Katyayani Shankar Singh


Planetary Details

Lagna- 8s 19° Sun- 7s 29° 1’ Mars- 7s 16° 14’
Mercury- 7s 13° 38’ (Retrograde) Jupiter- 8s 4° 0’ Venus- 9s 9° 33’
Saturn- 1s 7° 17’ (Retrograde) Rahu- 11s 18° 1’ Moon- 10s 0° 29’

Dhanishtha Sarvaksha 66|32 (Position of Nakshatra at the time of birth: Dhanishtha – Full duration – 66 Gh. 32 Vi.) Gatarksha 35|45 (Elapsed portion of the Nakshatra – 35 Gh 45 Vi)  Mars Mahadasha Varshadi 2|6|22 (Balance of Mars Dasa – at birth – 2 Yr 6 m 22 d)

In Chart 20, second lord is placed in sixth house and tenth lord into twelfth house. Both houses are aspected or associated with malefics. Due to improper and deranged thinking, this boy switched from one school to another school and from one educational institution to another educational institution has not been able to attend any examination till now, passing out is totally a different matter. Fourth Lord Jupiter is in own house in a kendra, due to which there is definitely a yoga for obtaining knowledge. Lord of house of Intelligence- Mars is not only in his own house but is also in vargottama navamsa. But because of mars in twelfth house, intelligence is deranged. In spite of having sharp intelligence, he is corrupt in its utilization.

Rule 49: If dasha or antardasha of planets bestowing knowledge does not come during childhood days (student life) then the native gets obstacles in obtaining knowledge in spite of  having best yoga for gaining knowledge. If such a planet’s dasha or antardasha arrives (during student life) then there is gain of knowledge depending on them being benefic or malefic.


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