Medieval Astrology & US Elections By DiNorah – Kitchener

Medieval Astrology & US Elections


DiNorah – Kitchener

(as written on March 23rd 2008)

Who will be the president? Sen Obama or Sen Clinton?

The idea is simple – to determine the next president, of the USA  following a Medieval Astrological Method called ‘Profections’.  We will proceed by examining the charts of the 2 candidates to determine who is more compatible with the country’s chart

Attention!! We are ‘Only’ here looking at the planetary positions in sign and the movement of the planets 1 sign = 1 year… Not the houses.

European Classical Traditional Medieval Astrology.   Junctin de Florence method.

This article is about PROFECTIONS.

Etymology:  Pro = before // Fection = fact – before the things happens.

Is not same as progression, pro = before // gression = movement

Junctin de Florence lived in Lyon France (1522- 1590) was an astrologer in the Europe the XVI, Middle Age Period. This method is stated in his book “Speculum Astrologiae”. Quod Attinet ad Iudiciariam Rationem Nativitatum atque annuarum revolutionum: cum nonnullis approbatis Astrologorum sententiis…” in the French translation Which is a recompilation from other astrologers works before him, he did the translations from Arab, Latin, Greek and Persian, and in this book talks about: Sun Return[1] (Varshaphal in Jyotish) [..]

How Profections works:

  • v The entire Zodiac is moving 1 sign equal 1 year. Then 12 sign, 12 years.
  • v Hence the planets movement will be in cycles of 12 years. At age 13 (12 +1) birthday, 25 age (12×2 +1), birthday, at age 37 (12×3 +1) birthday, 49 etc the elements of the chart will be in the same natal position.
  • v Each year will be = 30 degrees = 1 sign. – Each month, 30 days will be 2 degrees 30’ of the sign.

Let us consider here for this explanation only the movement of the planets. The interesting thing to note about this method is that we work without the time of birth = without houses.  Indian astrologers might find this difficult to accept, but Western astrologers know the difficulty in determining the exact time of birth. This is the only method this scribe is aware of doing charts when time of birth is not known. From the moment we were born to the first birthday is 1 year, the birthday is the Last Day of the year. After the birthday we need to add one year, the person start the 2nd year of life.

The differences between the 12 years cycles are given by the transits. [2]

Once we have the new Profected position of the planet we take a look at the transits to know how the planets are affected this year, Every 12 years the profected planets are in the same positions, but the transits are different. When an important transit touches the profected planets, events happen.

You can see that in the Sen. Obama chart, the profected Sun at the moment of the elections in Nov 2008 will be at 26* Sagittaire under the Jupiter transit in  Sagittaire.

Now we will take a look this chart.

Sen Barack Obama. Solar Chart, Sidereal Zodiac – NO TIME

[1] from Aberangel book, Divisor from Aberangel, Chronocrates from Firmicus Maternus book 6, Fridaires (similar to the Dasha system) from Jean d’Espagne book 2 chap 21 et Profections from Aberangel (Ali Aben Ragel – 1274) book 6 chap 10

[2] Publishers Comment: This is an important point do not ignore.

chart 132

The Sun is at 18* Cancer for the 1st year, the second year (the birthday) 18* Leo, the 3rd 18* Virgo, the 4th year at 18* Bal. and so on.  Jupiter in Capricorn 7* first year, 2nd year at 7* Aquarius & so on…

Born Aug 4 1961 – exact time not known     2007 Aug 4 – 1961 = 46 years old, for the profections 47 subtract 36 from 47

47 – 36 (3×12) = 11, we move the planets 11 signs.

Born                                     Aug 4 2007 (11 signs far)       Aug 4 2008  (here will be 12 signs)

Moon                       Taurus                                 Piscis –                     no time, not exact position of the moon.

Sun                19* Cancer            19* Taurus                         19*Geminis

Mars             29* Leo                   29*Geminis                      29* Cancer

Rahu            3* Leo                      3* Geminis                        3* Cancer

Jupiter        7* Sagittarius      3* Scorpio                          3* Sagittarius

Saturn         2* Capricorn        2* Scorpio                          2* Sagittarius

Mercury     8* Cancer              8* Taurus                           8* Geminis

Kethu          3* Aquarius         3*  Pisces                            3* Aries

Venus          8* Geminis            8* Aries                              8* Taurus

Profected planets in 2007 birthday

2007           Aug 4th.     

                                    Pr.Sun conj. natal/rasi Moon (people)

                                    Pr.Mars  going to the conj with Mercury

                                    Pr.Rahu  just past the conj with Venus

                                    Pr.Jupiter opposite to the moon

                                    Pr.Saturn   opposite to the moon

                                    Pr.Mercury conjunction with the moon

                                    Pr Kethu opposite to Venus

                                    Pr.Venus in Aries  (Opposite to natal Neptune 15*Bal)

2008 – Planet profected positions for Aug 4th 2008 birthday.

                                    Pr. Sun 19*GE  conj. Venus

                                    Pr.Mars 29* Cancer (natal Uranus is at 1* Leo)

                                    Pr. Rahu 3* CA going to conj with Mercury

                                    Pr. Jupiter 7*SA in Sagittarius opposite to Venus

                                    Pr. Saturn 2* SA in Sagittarius opposite to Venus

                                    Pr. Mercury 8* GE conj Venus

                                    Pr.Kethu3* CA  opposite to Sun.

                                  Pr. Venus 8* Taurus conj. Moon

2008 Nov 4th, elections days, will be 3 months after his birthday 2008.

  1. Each month the profected planets are moving 2 degrees 30min. (30* div 12 months)
  2. 3 months will be between 7* 30 and 8* far than the place they were at birthday 2008. to be exact: 90 days = 7 degrees 19 min.

Transit for the month of November 2008

B.Obama profected planets                                       USA chart. Rasi/Natal


Prf Sun will be 26/27* GE (Jup transit at 24/26 Sag)     Sun 22* Geminis

Prf. Moon in Aries                                                           Moon 7*Aquarius

Prf Mars at 8* CA, where is Mercury                       Mars 0* GE

Prf Rahu 10/11 CA                                                       Rahu 15* Capricorn

Prf Jupiter 14/15 sag                                                   Jupiter 15* Geminis

Prf Saturn 8/9 Sag                                                      Saturn 24* Virgo

Prf Mercury 16/17 GE                                                Mercury 3*Cancer

Prf Kethu 10/11 Ca                                                      Kethu 15*Capricorn

Prf Venus 15/16 Taurus                                              Venus 12*Geminis

Note: for Sen.Obama, 2009 Aug 4th the profected planets will be in the same radical position, he will start his 49th year.


Sen. Clinton, Solar Chart, Sidereal Zodiac. We are not considering their time of birth.

Now Mme Clinton DOB Oct 26. 1947 we take only the planetary positions of the profected chart in November 4th 2008.

She was born Oct 26, then on 2008 Oct 26, will be: 2008 – 1947 plus 1 = 62 years old

Now 12×5 = 60, move the planets 2 signs forward for the birthday, but Nov 4/08 will 2 years and 9 days later.

For 9 days (October 26 to November 4th) move 0 degree 45 min of degree.

Natal position             Sen Clinton profected Nov 4/08          USA


Sun 9* Bal                    Prof Sun 9* Sag.                                         Sun 22* Geminis

Moon 6* Pisces            Prof Moon 6* Taurus                                Moon 7* Aquarius

Mars 21* Cancer          Prof Mars 21* Virgo (conj. natal Nept)          Mars 0* Geminis

Rahu 0* Taurus           Prof Rahu 0*Cancer                                 Rahu 15*Cancer

Jupiter 7* Scorpio       Prof Jup 7* Capricorn                              Jup 15* Geminis

Saturn 28*Cancer      Prof Sat 28*Virgo                                     Sat 24*Virgo

Mercury 28* Bal         Prof 28* Sagitt                                           Merc. 3* Cancer

Kethu 0* Scorpio        Prof 0* Capricorn                                     Kethu 15* Capricorn

Venus 23* Balance    Prof 23* Sagittaire                                   Venus 12* Balance.

Sen Obama. Profected Nov 4/08                                      USA


Prf Sun will be  26/27* GE                                  Sun 22* Geminis

Prof. Moon in Aries                                                       Moon 7*Aquarius

Pr Mars at 8* CA, where is his Mercury natal                  Mars 0* GE

Prf Rahu 10/11 CA                                                       Rahu 15* Capricorn

Prf Jupiter 14/15 sag                                                   Jupiter 15* Geminis

Prf Saturn 8/9 Sag                                                      Saturn 24* Virgo

Prf Mercury 16/17 GE                                                Mercury 3*Cancer

Prf Kethu 10/11 Ca                                                      Kethu 15*Capricorn

Prf Venus 15/16 Taurus                                              Venus 12*Geminis

Here is possible to see where are the strength points of each of them:

In Medieval Astrology the Sun shows the government and as you can see here, the profected Sun of Sen. Obama is in relation with the Sun of the USA chart.

Moon of Sen Clinton with Moon of the USA chart – people

Sen Obama has Rahu (foreign politic) Jupiter –government in relation with USA chart Ma/Me en relation with Iraq war, more diplomacy and dialogue than war.

Sen. Clinton has Saturn communications, health (12H) diplomacy, and communications and Kethu in Sat sign. She will put her experience in the work.

The perfect combination is, these two persons working together, him as president, she as vice-president will be the perfect relationship.

As this is new concept for the Indian readers it is slightly difficult to understand or accept especially since the Asc, MC or other houses are not taken into consideration.  If you have questions about Profections or you would like more explanations please email me at


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