Astrology, Vedic Astrology

Medieval Sutras – Norah

All this is from the Junctin de Florence book ( year 1522 to 1590)
this what i find in relation with the Varshaphal, (Sun Return in Western)
i find here in relation with Mercury ruler of the year ( Muntha)

” if Mercury is in a Saturn sign, or in trig.(120*) or Sixtil(60*)or in aspect to Saturn give a very brillant
intelligence and understand about the secret of the Nature, flavor for phylosophics searchs, calm personality and prudent.

If Mercury is in relation with Jupiter, the person will study about sacred, religion and Law.

ir Mercury is in relation with Mars will be good for mathematics ( because the VIII House is the XII of the IX abstraction for the spirit, and the VI is the 3rd of the 3rd related with the concret)

If Mercury is in relation with Venus give poetry, elocuency, and predisposition for languages.

If Mercury is in relation with the Son and not combuste, in his house give study of astrology.

If Mercury is the ruler of the lagna for the year, the person will study a new subject.

Another subjects…

In relation with “profections”, if Jupiter Profected ( moving 1 year = 1 sign) arrive to the place was

Venus in Rasi, in his signs Piscis, Sagg or Cancer or in aspect or Trikone or sextil ( 60 degrees) give marriage or happiness..

When Jupiter is in the 7H in Rasi and profected 7th give marriage.