sudhindra kumar

18 deg .12 mts. to 18 deg. 24 mts.

  1. When birth is at mangala amsa ,sani at 10 th to ravi in yugma amsa ( mithuna navamsa ) – father of the native will be diseased. Father will be black and thin structure but rich person .

The native will be devoid of resources in childhood . In the middle age the native will be rich and ambitious . the native will have a younger brother but no elder brothers.

If the birth is in PURVA BHAGA ( 18 deg. 12 18 deg. 18mts.) one of his sisters will become widow and another sister will be short lived  .

If the birth is in UTTARA BHAGA ( 18deg. 18 mts. To 18 deg. 24 mts.) both the sisters live as sumangali (  enjoying long happy  auspicious life ).

2.Birth in PURVA BHAGA ,  guru in simha rasi and mesha amsa , if aspects the 9 th house , the father of the native will become – rich,interested in learning science , technicians loves him , will do all type of jobs slowly in the beginning ( aprentiship-early days) and will be happy in middle part  of life . will donate for construction of ponds and gardens ,will have plenty of friends ( supporters )  and he treats them as his own children.

  1. Birth in PURVA BHAGA and if moon is in balarishta and mrutyu bhaga , in the janma dasha or in the first year of life will suffer from small pox ,wounds , indigestion.


  1. Birth in PURVA BHAGA and If lord of lag is with sukra if janma dasha is kuja dasha , in the middle or end of that dasha , or in thr third dasha and shubha bukthi beginning he will suffer from BALARISTA.

This can be cured by shanti , pitru punya , donation of kala chakra , 16,000 mrutyunjaya japa.

The BLARISTA will be shattered like a mountain blown by the VAJRAUDHA (powerful  nuclear bomb ).

Birth in DHANANJAYA amsa ( 24deg.00 mts to 24 deg. 12 mts.)

5.If sukra is in 11 th bhava ( shubha amsa) in meena rasi and conjunct with moon , or the lagna lord conjunct sukra – the native is born in a Brahmin family, having a personality of a real Brahmin. He is born out of the 5th or 6th pregnancy. Will have a elder brother , no younder brothers ,

If born in PURVA BHAGA ( 24 ddeg.00 mts to 24 deg. 06 mts.) , the delivery will be near the banks of a river .

If born in UTTARA BHAGA ( 24 deg.06 mts to 24 deg. 12 mts) , then he is born out of 7th or 8 th pregnancy in a big town.

6.If born with sun and budha in first bhava , and 9th bhava lord if in Kendra or kona ,the father of the native will have some fortune.

The native will have better qualities compared to father, native will do jobs which are slowly productive. He worships both VISHNU and SHIVA. finds happiness in agriculture. Little happiness in childhood.ambitious. Happy in middle age.In old age he will be a happier father because of his son. By this way father is pious.

In the SAMPATH dasha and sani  or budha bhukti of the native ,in transit when sani comes to tula rasi , the father of the native will die. Or else  when sani comes to bhavadhipathi rasi of 9th lord or when sani enters 8th house from Chandra lagna ,  then within 3 months ( mesha to mithuna ) the father of  native will die.

If , at birth time , sun in vrischika rasi thula amsa , then the native will destroy the father and like.


  1. If the lagna lord is in Kendra shubhamsa and aspected by shuba planets, and 4th lord in uccha amsa , will take birth on the banks of a great the east – west road , near to shiva temple in the north ,in the house of mother ( maternal ) or in the house having the door  direction represented by the planet of the navamsa amsa of the 4th lord in natal chart.

If born in PURVA BHAGA , the mother suffers a little during delivery and birth in the west facing house located in north – south street . and no bala arista., where as if born in UTTARA BHAGA the  child suffers bala arista.


Case 1.

Lagna – Meana – 17 – 54. – KUTILA amsa .

SURYA –simha – 19 – 57 –  GAHWARA amsa.

Chandra – Mesha – 14 – 02  -NADI amsa.

Kuja    –  simha  – 13 – 14  -BALA amsa.

Budha – kanya  – 13 – 55 – SATYAJNA amsa.(SHATA YAJNA)

Guru  – Karka – 25 – 00 – AMBHUJA amsa.

Sukra – simha  – 21 – 44  – VIBRAMA amsa.

Sani  -Tula –       23 – 11    ACHALA PRABHA amsa

Rahu  – Vrischika – 29 01   SANKARI amsa

Ketu   – Vrishaba  – 29  -01  SANKARI amsa.

chart 223

Analysis – Because  Meena Lagna is in KUTILA amsa – the native is a hard worker required to put always efforts . Budha from SATYAJNA amsa in kanya rasi aspects lagna indicates that the native is educated and truthful.

Because GURU in AMBHUJA amsa and dhana karaka – whatever lot he earns completely spends like water as lord of lagna is guru  and lagna in KUTILA amsa..

Sani In ACHALA PRABHA amsa aspects guru  indicates the truthful and honest way of earnings. And exihibits his capability and speciality .

 Because budha in SATYAJNA amsa in kanya rasi the native is well educated , good analyst , searcher and therefore he is working as a CA.

Because Sukra in VIDRUMA amsa , being a kalatra karaka  and gruha sowkya karaka , there is no happiness in family life even after marriage.

Because SURYA in GAHWARA amsa , the native have to work hard way to get work done by government .

Because KUJA in BALA amsa the native is destined to work more tough and strenuously and added to it the lagna also is in KUTILA amsa and kuja aspects lagna also .

Because Chandra in NADI amsa , he gets good appreciation from public but the aspect of sani from ACHALA PRABHA amsa makes him unsettled in life

Case 2.

Lag.    – Tula  – 14 – 50  – MAYA amsa

Surya –  Meena -25 – 40  – NIRMADA amsa

Chandra  – Mesha – 18 – 56 – MOKSHAPAVARGA amsa

Kuja ( vakra ) – simha – 15 45   – SADAMRUTHA amsa

Budha  – Mesha – 0  – 20 VAISHNAVI amsa

Guru  – kanya  – 8 – 38  – MAITRI amsa

Sukra  – Kumbha  – 12 – 38 – JWALA amsa

Sani  -Mithuna  – 10- 42       SHIVA amsa

Rahu  – simha    – 24 -02     KAMALA  amsa   

Ketu  –  kumbha  – 24  – 02  KAMALA amsa

Analysis –

Because lagna is in MAHA MAYA amsa  , the native have developed many type of richness and earned by many techniques but lost everything in the end .

Because lagna is in PURVA BHAGA , the richness is hereditary.

Budha from VAISHNAVI amsa aspects the lagna and therefore earnings by business by using his lntelligence.

Chandra in MOKSHAPAVARGA amsa  aspecting the lagna and therefore , native spends for public cause in the interest of cleansing his karma.

Surya in NIRMADA amsa and therefore the native maintains a robust health and guru in MAITRI amsa aspects surya helping him to develop  dharmic attitude and also the native have helped the government by many means and suggestions for the benefit.

He was very comfortable with every body , friendly and excellent earnings.

Kalatra karaka sukra in JWALA amsa made him to have many women and kuja in

SADAMRUTHAM amsa  aspects sukra making him excellent lover always .

Sani in SHIVA amsa and in bhagya rasi made him having the blessings of lord shiva.

Sani aspects  vakra kuja made him to forego all the properties to government in the

fag end of his life.


( The above details are from the book and analysis compares the life events to chart reading .

But further it can be analysed based on the aspect points of grahas on other rasis and tatwas and also the jamini aspects can be adopted to go deeper analysis based on the interest of the divers ).

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