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According to B.V. Raman, add the longitudes of Sat, Jup, Sun and Moon. This gives a point in
the Zodiac after expunging multiples of 12. Whenever Saturn transits over this point in the
first/second/third cycles based on short life/Medium life/Long life.

Dr. S.S. Chatterjee found a formula which works with perfect accuracy to know the death time.Add together the longitudes of Lagna, Sun, Moon and Jup.  This gives a point on the Zodiac which  may  be  called death  point  or  Mrityu  Sahama. Death  occurs  when  Saturn  connects  this point by aspect or situation or posited in 10th  house to this point.

Sanjay Gandhi    14.12.1946   9.27 A.M.Died   23.06.1980 Lagna  Makara, Rahu  Vrisha, Sani  Karka, Moon  Simha, Sukra, Guru  Tula, Ketu  Sun  Budha Vrischika, Kuja Dhanus.

His birth lagna and lagna lord are devoid of any benefic influence. Sat was afflicted by 8th aspect
of Mars. The lord of lagna his dispositors are devoid of benefic aspects. The sign lord where
lord of lagna is posited is Moon, who is posited in the 8th house and posited in the star of Ketu
with no benefic influence. His 6th house is hemmed between malefics. 8th house is squared by
Rahu and Ketu axis. Mars is in 12th house. So he died early in agreement with the rule.
If 8th house, 8th lord are afflicted, malefics occupy 12th, one dies early. 7th lord is posited in the 8th
house , 8th lord Sun afflicted by Rahu and Ketu axis and by 6th lord Mercury.

His 3rd house is afflicted by Mars and 9th house by Sat and Rahu.

He died Moon-Merc-Sat period. Merc is lord of 6th. Moon is in 8th. Sat is lagna lord afflicted by
Death point =Long. of Lagna + Moon + Sun + Jup= 126 degrees. At that time of death Sani was
transiting on 27 degree of Simha.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad    3.12.1884 died 28.02.1963 Lagna 295.04 + Chandra + 55.28 + Ravi 229.18 + Guru 133.06 = 353.26. On 28.02.1963 Sani was transiting on 293.23.

Jawaharlal Nehru 14.11.1889      died 27.05.1964 Lagna 113.54 + Chandra + 99.00 + Ravi 218.15 + Guru 255.14 = 327.23. On 16.8.1925 Sani was transiting on 311.00.

Smt. Indira Gandhi 19.11.1917 died 31.10.1984

Lagna 117.13 + Chandra 275.27 + Ravi 214.08 + Guru 45.01 = 282.19. On  31.10.1984 Sani was transiting on 203.27.

Lal Bahadur sastri 09.10.1904      died 31.01.1966 Lagna 240.59 + Chandra + 173.05 + Ravi 177.59 + Guru 3.56 = 230.50. On 31.1.1966 Sani was transiting on 319.00.

C.R. Das 05.11.1870 died 16.08.1925 Lagna 207.50 + Chandra 344.47 + Ravi200.34 + Guru 63.55 = 187.10. On 16.8.1925 Sani was transiting on 195.24. Aravinda Ghosh  14.08.1872 died 05.11.1950 Lagna 116.35 + Chandra + 260.10 + Ravi 121.17 + Guru 111.47 = 249.53. On 5.11.1950 Sani was transiting on 155.21.