Nadi Astrology & Transits – Part 1 By Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja, India


Nadi Astrology & Transits – Part 1


Mrs Satyamma Bharadwaja, India

Copy Editors: Christine Fournier, France/USA                  & Andree Leclerc, Canada

Born in Gadwal AP on 7th October 1935.  Mrs Y. Satyamma Bharadwaja was taught astrology by her late father, Pullagummi Srinivasacharyulu, Aasthana Vidwan and Jyotisha Vidwan of Gadwal, AP, from 1955 to 1965. His teaching was a composite method of Parashara and Jaimini, integrated for prediction. Worked as a Principal for Reddy Women’s College in Hyderabad from 1957-1997 and was awarded Smith Mundt Fulbright Scholarship to do MS at Berkeley University in Berkekey US.  Received the State Best Teacher award in 1986.  From 1990 onwards, Mrs Bharadwaja’s interest in astrology was rekindled in an intensive way. She studied Jyotisha from Potti Sriramloo Telugu University, and then from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, ICAS (Regd) from 1995. She is the founder and chairperson of the Sravana Astrological Research Center, and the author of Jaimini Dasha Prediction* published in 2007

The work on Nadi has been done by many sages. In this Century, Sri R.G. Rao has written a treatise on Bhrigunandi Nadi.

It is my good fortune that Smt Gayatri Devi Vasudev offered me to write Lessons on Nadi monthly for her magazine ‘Modern Astrology’ which along with her book on Jaimini astrology is available in the Saptarishis Astrology Online Book Shop. Fourteen lessons have thus been written and can be obtained via the past issues of the magazine.

Presently, I have taken the task of writing article for Saptarishi Astrology on Transits and Prediction of the various transits which influences persons.  We all know that nothing is stationary.  Right from birth all the 9 planets will move on, some fast, some slow, some very slow.  We should know the time taken for all these to move in each Rasi.

Sun traverses one degree per day and remains in the same Rasi for a month.  Moon travels 12 to 13 degrees per day.  These two are fast moving planets. As for Jupiter, it takes one year to move from one sign to the other while Saturn

takes two and half years to move from one house/sign to another.  Both Rahu and Ketu reside in the same house for eighteen months before transiting to the next house. Our focus in this article will be on the very slow moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. As they remain for a considerably long time in a house in their respective transit, their effects can be vividly felt in our lives. Thus they constitute important event markers for great themes of life such as marriage, childbirth, moving abroad, sickness or even death.

This technique propose to consider that planetary movements for each planet is reflected by an equal number of years as it takes them to circle the zodiac/houses.  Therefore…


As it takes roughly 12 years to circle the zodiac, we consider it influences each house/sign for 12 years each, starting from its birth position.  Given that there are 30 degrees per sign, we can proportionately calculate that Jupiter crosses 2o30 per year (2.5 X 12 = 30 degrees). For example, if natal Jupiter is at 0o10 Scorpio, then its influence lasts for all twelve years in Scorpio starting at birth.  Alternatively, if Jupiter is at 2o30 in a sign at birth, then 11 years of its influence remains on its natal birth sign. Then, the next sign will be 11 to 23 years.  In this way, it will complete its natal sign proportionately according to its degree at birth.


Rahu/ Ketu

As they take 18 years to circle 12 signs, we will consider they influence each house for 18 years. Their proportion by degree is 1o40 per year (1.67 X 18 = 30 degrees – roughly).  For example, the natal Nodes at 8o0 would give us a remainder of 13 years of age left in that house.  The next sign will show 13 to 31 years.



It takes 30 years for one full round so it shows its influence for 30 years per sign starting from its birth sign. This amounts to proportionately 1 year for each degree so, an 11 degrees Natal Saturn indicates 19 years influence left on the natal sign – in terms of ages. Therefore, the next sign as shown in the outer box will then cover ages from 19 to 49.


In Nadi, Trines hold importance.  Planets placed in 1, 5, 9 are important for delineation of the horoscope.  Lagna is not taken into consideration as Jupiter is taken as the starting point for annual predictions.

The Parasari dasa and bhukti should also be considered while predicting events.

The effect of transits Nadi-wise will be explained through example charts. In these examples, you will find:

  • the outer 3 boxes showing the respective ages and signs related to Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn;
  • the main chart is in the centre – that is the South Indian diagram. For readers’ convenience, the North Indian chart is also shown.

Chart I – Male

DOB: 8th September 1969 at 10:30, in Guntur, AP, India. Moon is in Pushyami, 3rd Pada


Above is the horoscope of a male who recently got married on December 15, 2010 in his 42nd year.  In this chart, Mars occupies its own house. Venus is mainly Kalatrakaraka (significator of marriage) and in Nadi Astrology Venus represents the wife. Though he was born in 1969, he could not get married till completion of 31 years of age. We see that Venus is in trine to Mars and that Mars’ (7L in 2H of family life) influence was operating from 18 to 30 years of Jupiter’s Age. As shown in the outer box, we see that Jupiter was active in Scorpio where Natal Mars is posited.  Jupiter’s influence then moved to Sagittarius from 30 to 42 years so the present 12 year period augurs well.

Natal Ketu conjunct the Sun influences Leo from birth to 18 years and moves its influence to Cancer from 18 to 36 years.  We see that Moon and Kalatrakaraka Venus, representing wife, are posited in Cancer and are thus constrained by Ketu until this person reaches 36 years of age.

Considering these factors, when Transit Jupiter moved into Pisces (December 7th 2010) it became posited in trine to Natal Venus and Moon enhancing chances of marriage.   Transit Jupiter was also opposite Transit Saturn (Fate) in Virgo where Natal Jupiter is also placed, creating mutual aspects.  Thus Venus’ link with Transit Jupiter and Transit Jupiter’s aspects on Transit Saturn and Natal Jupiter culminated in marriage.  The native was married on December 15th 2010.

So, combining the transits with the planets’ Age which influence the Rasis and natal planets, we can pin-pointedly arrive at events in life.  Only the occurrence of marriage is shown for this chart but other events could also be looked into.

Chart II – Male

DOB: January 6, 1955, at 4:30, in Nellore, AP, India.  Moon is in Rohini, 2nd Pada.

 The chart below shows the following connections.  Venus is in trine to Retro Jupiter as well as Mars. The Jupiter link gave an early marriage at the age of 23 in 1978 when Jupiter’s Age was over Virgo and in trine to Moon in Taurus – which is the 11th House of mental attachments and marriage from Jupiter’s natal position.  

Much later, Mars’ link to Venus resulted in loss of limb to his wife in 2006 when Transit Jupiter was in Libra and linking to Natal Ketu placed in the 12th house from Natal Jupiter.  Then as Mars represents the body, Ketu’s Age over Natal Mars in Pisces from 46 to 64 years immobilized him since Ketu causes Bandhana Yoga and Mars is a destiny breaker.

The Native became sick with urinary and kidney problems in 2009, when Transit Jupiter came to Aquarius and linked to Natal Ketu in Gemini. This was the starting point of a year long illness with weekly dialysis, which became more frequent as months rolled by.

Around the same time in November 2009, Transit Rahu moved to Sagittarius and Transit Ketu to Gemini – back to their birth placements where they also afflicted Natal Sun placed in the 6th House of illness from Natal Jupiter. Thus both Natal and Transit Rahu/Ketu played havoc with his health.  Finally, Transit Jupiter entered into Pisces where the destiny breaker Mars is posited and, from December 1st 2010, Transit Mars also moved into Sagittarius.  This combined with both Natal and Transit Rahu/Ketu thus resulting in complete Bandhana yoga of the body.  Hence his body could no more take the suffering and he breathed his last on December 15th 2010.

Also besides Ketu’s Age being over Natal Mars from 46 years to 64 years, when death took place, Saturn’s Age was over Sagittarius occupied by Rahu, Sun and Mercury.  So the Nodes, both Natal and Transit were sharing influences with Saturn’s Age during the fateful period.


Chart III – Female

DOB 7th October 1935 at 9:00, in Gadwal, AP, India.  Moon is in Sravana, 1st Pada.

Next is an example of how Foreign Travel can be foreseen in a Horoscope. The combinations or links should be between Jupiter, Moon and Rahu. Moon is a must as this planet shows change of place. Event takes place at the opportune time of links occurring between of these planets either in their natal position and/or by transit.

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Between February 1961-February 1962, Jupiter was transiting Capricorn occupied by Natal Moon with Natal Rahu 12th to Moon. This link clearly establishes foreign travel especially as Moon, denoting travel, also occupies the 3rd house of travel from Natal Jupiter.

 Additionally, Rahu was transiting Leo from April 1960-October 1961.  Note the link between Natal Rahu in Sagittarius and Transit Rahu in Leo where Venus is posited. Natal Venus has a direct link to Natal Saturn placed in Aquarius which is the 4th house of education from Natal Jupiter. Thus due to the Natal Venus and Transit Rahu link, this native was awarded the prestigious Smith Mundt Fulbright Scholarship for postgraduate studies at the famous University of California, Berkeley. 

Included as part of the prestigious aspect of this scholarship is complete travel both ways and a monthly two hundred and fifty dollars scholarship for one-year – which was pretty good way back in 1961. It is half a century ago.

In later years she visited many foreign countries as basic foreign travel is seen in the natal horoscope.

She had more travel opportunities during the Rahu transit of January 1985 in Aries which links in trine with Natal Rahu in Sagittarius. 

And during Rahu’s transit in Aquarius in 1988 over Natal Saturn that also links to Natal Ketu, she took an orphan child from India to his adopting parents in US – we see that Natal Moon, an indicator of travel, is placed in the 12th of foreign lands from Transit Rahu.  Then in 1992, when Transit Rahu met Natal Rahu, she visited UK for the birth of a grandson.

In Feb 2002-September 2003 Transit Rahu came to Taurus and linked with Moon in Capricorn.  Moon shows travel and change of place. Then in March 2005-October 2006 Transit Rahu reached Pisces and established a Trinal link with natal Jupiter. She traveled on all of these occasions.

More recently, Transit Rahu moved to Sagittarius in November 2009 joining Natal Rahu with Natal and Transit Ketu naturally being in Gemini and this until June 2011. The Native and her husband went to Nepal in March 2010 and to Malaysia in August 2010.  This was a pilgrimage trip to Pashupatinath and Muktinath in Nepal.

Thus although she has completed 75 years, this native is still going abroad whenever the opportunity knocks at her door from 24 years of age onwards. In fact, of late foreign travel has become frequent as compared to a half-century back.  The native is prosperous in her life.

Only Foreign travel is discussed in this female chart.  Note that she went abroad mainly for study between 26 to 28 years of age while Jupiter’s and Rahu’s influence were seen on natal 4th house with natal Moon posited there.

Chart IV – Female

DOB January 22, 1974, at 11:45, in Pune, Maharashtra, India. 

Moon is in Purvasadha, 4th Pada.

Now we’ll see the example chart of a female who was a doctor, fell in love, got married and within 4-6 years went for divorce and later went abroad and studied PG there and remarried recently.  In this we shall note how transits resulted in a love marriage and later divorce.  Foreign travel will also be seen and finally remarriage.

Note that in the natal chart Moon, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are linked. This points out two features – Mars for a female chart represents the husband and its link to Rahu and Ketu spells break in marriage.  Secondly, in the 2nd house to Moon and Rahu, we find Jupiter posited in a Chara Rasi.  This denotes foreign travel.

Jupiter, Venus Kalatrakaraka, Mercury and Sun are together and linked to Retro Saturn the Karmakaraka, which shows that she will have a good career.  The Sun denotes medical profession.

Now let us see the effect of the transits for Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.

 Jupiter was in Pisces from May 2010-November 2010. The second marriage took place in August 2010. This time, unlike the first marriage affected by Sun, there is no such link thus this marriage will prosper well.

Jupiter is in Virgo from August 2004-September 2005.  She went abroad for higher studies – see the Natal and Transit Jupiter link.

Jupiter transited over Taurus from June 2000-2001 thus linking with Natal Jupiter in Capricorn along with Venus, Mercury and Sun. At this time, Transit Jupiter was clearly under the combined influences of both Saturn and Ketu’s Age as she was 27 years.  With this, plus the Sun’s influence as a separative planet, her love marriage that took place in May 2001, could not last long.

Jupiter transited Leo between July 2003-August 2004.  She went abroad in September 2003 to the UK and remained there working as a doctor till August 2004.  We’ll note that Leo links with Moon and Rahu in Sagittarius.  Thus this link of Transit Jupiter in Leo to Natal Rahu and Moon in Sagittarius gave her foreign travel.

When the second marriage took place in August 2010, Transit Jupiter was in Pisces and Transit Saturn was in Virgo along with Venus and Mars – and in trine to Natal Jupiter and Venus, Mercury and Sun.  However, this time, no Ages of restrictive planets came as afflictions and these transits were favorable to pave the way for a successful second marriage.

In this case, the above transits of Jupiter have been favorable for two foreign travels, two marriages and also success in Career.  She has been my consultee for more than 15 years. 

Chart V

DOB: November 12, 1955, at 8:30, in Hyderabad, AP, India.   Moon is in Chitra, 2nd Pada.

In this horoscope, Jupiter is in Leo a friendly house.  There is link only between Moon and Mars in Virgo with Ketu in Taurus.  No other links are seen.

So, Mars and Moon in Virgo are placed next to Jupiter whose influence is on Leo from birth to ten years of age.  During this period, in 1964, her only younger brother died with brain problem causing grief to both father and mother.  This occurred when the native was 9 years old. Note Jupiter is in Sun’s house representing father and second to it is Moon representing mother.  Mars any way represents younger brother and is a destiny breaker placed in an enemy house here.  Transit Saturn was in Aquarius aspecting Natal Jupiter and in trine to Natal Sun and Mercury, the latter being dispositor of the Natal Mars and Moon combination. Transit Ketu in Sagittarius was in trine to Jupiter afflicting it further.

Between 10–22 years of age she completed her education and, diploma in hand, started a medical shop which ran into debts and so, she had to wind up. 1965-1977 was an unfavorable period when Jupiter’s Age was influenced by Mars, Moon and Ketu.

Later at 22-34 years of age between 1977-1989, Jupiter’s Age was influencing Sun and Mercury and vice versa.  This period proved very favorable as she got a job in ESI in 1978/1979, Mercury paperwork and Sun big enterprise or government.  Later in March 1986, when Transit Jupiter was in Aquarius and thus in trine to Jupiter’s Age, at the age of 31, she got married to a bank employee.  By then, Transit Saturn had left Libra and entered Scorpio removing its obstructive planetary influence.  Although it was late in life, she was blessed with a son in October 1988 – Transit Saturn as Fate was in Sagittarius, in trine to Natal Jupiter and Transit Jupiter was opposing Natal Saturn – fate need not be bad.

Jupiter’s influence over the next 12 years i.e. 1989–2001 was on Saturn and Venus in Scorpio during which period she gave birth to a girl in 1991 and built a house in March 1991.  Still in 1991, she added the second floor to this house.  We see the presence of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio where the influence Jupiter’s Age is present.

After 2001, the influence of Jupiter’s Age moves to Sagittarius and is in trine to Natal Jupiter in Leo i.e. 2001-2013. This was a highly prosperous period as Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own house and the 5th of children from friendly Leo, where Natal Jupiter is placed.  During this period, her son Joined IIT Madras and fared exceedingly well while her daughter joined engineering – Jupiter is karaka for children. Her son was sent abroad twice from IIT and obtained Campus selection.  They built another house on the first floor of their mother’s house in 2010.

From 2013-2015 i.e. 58-70 years of age, the influence of Jupiter’s Age going to Capricorn will be in trine to Natal Ketu. It is expected that during this period, she will become more philosophical. Concentration on Numerology will help her to divert her mind fruitfully. Her children will be settled by then. The Ketu effect will give her retirement from her job.

The Native basically has a philosophical bent of mind and, in the later years of life, will lead a spiritual life.

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I have made my best attempt to explain Nadi astrology through the Transits and Ages of Jupiter primarily, along with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, and with five examples to help shed light on various facets of life. I hope the explanation is comprehensible to anyone with knowledge of basic Astrology. This method can be used to give snapshot predictions.