Nadi Astrology & Transits – Part 2 Timing Of New Job By Mrs. Y Satyamma Bharadwaj, India


Born in Gadwal, AP on 7th October 1935.  Mrs. Y. Satyamma Bharadwaja was taught astrology by her late father, Pullagummi Srinivasacharyulu, Aasthana Vidwan and Jyotisha Vidwan of Gadwal, AP, from 1955 to 1965. His teaching was a composite method of Parashara and Jaimini, integrated for prediction. Worked as a Principal for Reddy Women’s College in Hyderabad from 1957-1997 and was awarded Smith Mundt Fulbright Scholarship to do MS at Berkeley University in Berkekey US.  Received the State Best Teacher award in 1986.  From 1990 onwards, Mrs Bharadwaja’s interest in astrology was rekindled in an intensive way. She studied Jyotisha from Potti Sriramloo Telugu University, and then from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, ICAS (Regd) from 1995. She is the founder and chairperson of the Sravana Astrological Research Center, and the author of Jaimini Dasha Prediction* published in 2007

Nadi Astrology & Transits – Part 2

Timing Of New Job


Mrs. Y Satyamma Bharadwaj, India

In Nadi astrology one can work out the period for getting a job almost as near as to the month.

Of course the Pratyantar dasa (Parashara system) also may be taken into consideration for double confirmation.


Sun takes a month to traverse a sign, Transit Sun can be used to time the month when gain of job would occur.


  • First let us see the Karakatwa (siginificator) in Nadi Astrology for profession. Saturn is Sramakaraka (labor karaka) and invariably plays a vital role in getting a job.


  • Well Saturn linked with other planets, either in conjunction or 1, 5 9 positions should be taken into consideration.


  • Saturn link with Sun enunciates either Government Job or an authoritative position in the organization or father’s profession.



  • Saturn link with Moon denotes Job connected with travelling or dealing in liquids/ beverages, Dairy products/milk products and silver or other white items.


  • Saturn link with Mars shows job connected to Police arms and ammunition, security, CID department, electric and electronic goods company, defense organization and other technical services and also real estate.



  • Saturn link with Mercury denotes Banking accountancy, trade, commerce, teaching, business and sculpture, writing books, articles and other intellectual matters..


  • Saturn link with Jupiter shows interest in taking Astrology for livelihood, teaching profession, Judiciary, Legal Organization, courts etc.


  • Saturn link with Venus demonstrates working with Jewelers, buying and selling Vehicles and property, Luxury articles, Art pieces and other luxury items.


  • Saturn with Rahu denotes Shady deals like smuggling unethical activities, Cinematography as Rahu denotes illusion TV serials and related fields and even magicians.


  • Saturn with Ketu either in conjunction or 1, 5, 9 link shows Medical field, religious activities, service oriented activities and public health activities and augments even quitting the job.


  • If more than two planets are linked, Native may take up multiple jobs either simultaneously or as per Pratyantar and Nadi transits.


  • Mars as a destiny breaker can create situations leading to resignation of a job.We have to very carefully Consider Linking Karakatwas and planets positioning in enemy or placement in friendly Rasi, exchanges of planets and finally meticulously arrive at the prediction.  It is here that the Astrologer’s ingenuity works in giving correct prediction.


The reference is from Mr.Satyanarayan Naik’s Book on “Predictions Secrets on Nadi Astrology” and our classroom notes.

Chart 1:


In this above chart Native tried for many Jobs and finally joined a Medical transcription unit as a Proof Reader after struggling with family problems for two years.

Here the 10th house is Libra and Sramakaraka Saturn as given in the introduction is Retro.  Note any planet in retro denotes balance previous karma brought to complete in this Janma, which indicates heavy load due to fulfill in this Janma.

She joined on April 3rd 2009 when Sun was transiting Pisces and linked to retro natal Saturn in 2nd to it and Saturn link to Scorpio with natal Sun conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio.  Jupiter is twelfth lord and medical transcription is seen from 12th house.  Moreover 10th lord of profession i.e. Venus is in the (related to Foreign).

Medical transcription is outsourced from US to India because of time convenience. We do the work in morning when it is night for them and upload by our evening when their day dawns.

Sun link confirms the month of joining the job. So this coincides with transiting through Pisces.  So in the above way Nadi can help to arrive at the month when a person gets a job.

Chart 2:


Native joined his very first job on August 16th 2003 at the age of 19 years plus i.e. before his 20th birthday and is continuing in the same organization for almost 8 years with no break and improving financially.

At the time of joining the job transit Sun was in Leo and note its link with 10th house of profession i.e. Sagittarius and 10th lord Jupiter is in 12th to Sagittarius.  This clearly establishes the transit Sun link with 10th house of job/career.  This person also works in a medical transcription unit but in administration section.

Study a horoscope for its general strength, the probability for a Job and the likely field of the job, then see the age and Nadi links of Saturn to 10th house and the planet that gives the job and finally arrive at the month based on Sun transit.

Chart 3:

 Joined her job as a lecturer on 15th July when transit Sun was in Cancer, her 10th house of Profession and 10 lord Moon  is aspecting 10th house.

Retro Saturn also links to transit Sun in Cancer and by direct aspect Venus the Lagna lord is linked to Sramakaraka Saturn.   Note that Natal Jupiter in Scorpio aspects 10th house i.e. Cancer besides this Jupiter is in 10th to Saturn Sramakaraka and thus native was qualified for a teaching job and obtained job as a lecturer.

astrology 120

Her planetary position especially 10th house is so strong that she worked uninterruptedly in the same organization getting promotions and rose up to the rank of a Principal and even after retirement was promoted as Director a rare honor achieved and thus served the same institution for full forty years.

Our main focus here is to see the transit link of Sun and joining the job, which correlates with the month. So we can foresee the time of getting a job nearer to the month.  We know that Sun moves one house each month and thus job achievement as close as to a month can be predicted.

Chart 4:

This native is born in Libra Lagna with Venus in Lagna.

One thing significant is that Mercury Jupiter and Venus all good planets are retro indicating a big load of previous karmas to be fulfilled in this Janma.

Our main focus in this article is to find the time of getting a job and the planets involved and more significantly the month of joining the job. .  This lady completed her MS in USA in April 2010. She applied in many organizations, but had to wait till August.  She attended interviews in July job was fructified only in late August when transit Sun moved to Cancer her 10th house and a link with Sramakaraka Saturn was also established. A link with Retro Mercury Saturn and Sun denotes a position in Accounting/Financial. She joined the Job in Seattle Washington and is happy. This is her first Job. . One can understand the thrill of getting the first job in life

astrolgy 121

This Native has Strong Jupiter in Sun’s house and that happens to be the 10th house for Scorpio Lagna-Sramakaraka Saturn is conjunct 12th lord Venus and  its lord is in Lagna thus 12th signifies Hospitals abroad stay/or medical line.

She did Pharmacy and in the beginning started a medical shop but failed in this venture.  This is due to the fact that Budha, which represents business, is in 12th house to Lagna.   Then she started looking for a job in her field of Study.  Well she got a job as a Pharmacist in ESI Hospital in late August when transit Sun entered into Leo and this happens to be the 10th house of profession.

This way a Nadi Astrologer can find out through transit of Sun mainly the month of procuring a Job while other planets as 10th lord planet in 10th house and Sramakaraka Saturn’s placement can indicate the type of job.

Study of many horoscopes can help to give quick insight to an Astrologer be it a Nadi astrologer or a Vedic Astrologer to predict accurately.

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