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Nakshatra Padas in Ravana Samhita – Bharani Nakshatra



This is continuation of the nakshatra series from Ravana Samhita.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra

When Sun is in Bharani Nakshatra aspected by Moon, the native is kind hearted. He tries to make others his servant and attains many servants.

When aspected by Mars native is cruel by nature and is expert in dividing people. His eyes are red and native has healthy body.

When aspected by Jupiter the native is ready to help others always, wealthy and gets political fame. He becomes highly educated, doctor or administrator.

When aspected by Venus he lives with mean people, characterless, spends money on prostitutes and has many ungrateful friends.

When aspected by Saturn the native becomes lazy, undutiful, thief and unhealthy.

Sun in Different Padas of Bharani

First Pada

  • Native is highly educated, progressive in thoughts, knows psychology and has expertise in astrology. He is lucky, prosperous and honorable in society.
  • His personality is attractive and behavior is very kind.
  • He has ‘sign of wound’ (scar) on forehead or on eyes. He/she may become a specialist in medical sciences, animal sciencesor in areas that are life related.
  • He can become successful in business when Sun is at 15 or 16 degree. He may be related with fertilizers, agricultural tools, clothes, and fruits.

Second Pada

  • Native enjoys happy home life. He is blessed with good wife and children.
  • He gets wealth through inheritance or windfall.
  • He/she may suffer with problems related with neck, sexual organs and abdomen.
  • He gets benefited with the means of traveling or the water products.
  • When Sun is at 18 degrees native may suffer from the diseases caused by sexual relationship.

Third Pada

  • Native’s life becomes full of struggle. He has immense wealth. However, due to improper use and bad habits his wealth goes to other people’s
  • His major period of Sun and sub period of Sun goes well but other planets major period gives bad results.
  • In Mars major period there is fear of injury to He faces loss in business. Income is insufficient. Nevertheless, if Mars is placed well he gets good financial prosperity.
  • He is aggressive, impatient, and content.

Fourth Pada

  • Native’s childhood is spent in grief.
  • Father meets immature death.
  • If other planets are not helpful then his life becomes like beggar.
  • If one or two planets are in good position then his/her situation will somewhat improve but he remains dependent on the kindness of others.


Moon in Different Padas of Bharani

If Moon is in Bharani Nakshatra and aspected by Sun, the native becomes merciless and of cruel behavior. However, he also helps those in grief. He has to bear punishment. He has fear of poison also.

When aspected by Mars his one body part gets affected by fire, weapon or paralysis. Diseases affect his teeth and eyes. He/she has to face many hardships for even one day meals and has to be dependent on kindness of others.[1]

When aspected by Mercury, native becomes famous and he has specialization in all matters of life. He becomes respected and wealthy.

When aspected by Jupiter, native is beloved to his officers and is faithful to them. He works as the representative of any organization or kingdom. He is blessed with good health and lives happy and prosperous life.

When aspected by Venus he enjoys a good family life with his life partner. However, he does not get full advantage of wealth.

When aspected by Saturn native has the habit of abusing and telling lies.

First Pada

  • Native becomes very wealthy and advances in life with the help of his brothers.
  • He has different kinds of vehicles and many servants. He/she has to face difficulties in religious activities due to investing money in hurry.
  • Native thinks of today only and forgets about future. Due to this attitude he faces lack of wealth.

Second Pada

  • Native’s life is full of happiness. He gets help from maternal side. He may be adopted by his maternal side and gets advantage from them.
  • He gets higher education and enjoys the company of learned people. He gets opportunity of working with high post officers in his service period.

Third Pada

  • v He marries twice. He gets recognition, respect and love from the common people. He helps the deprived people.
  • v He especially likes tobacco. He gets benefited from influential people, gold, silver, ornaments and fertilizers.

Fourth Pada

  • Native’s character becomes suspicious. His behavior is mean, foxy nature, and materialistic.
  • Many a times in life he faces situation where loss of limbs or harm to body can happen.

Mars in Different Padas of Bharani

When Mars is in Bharani Nakshatra and aspected by Sun, the native is talented, intelligent, serves his parents and gets honour by wealthy people.

When aspected by Moon native becomes characterless and has bad habits. He is cruel, takes bribe and works in army or treasury department.

When aspected by Mercury the native is interested in others wealth, characterless, outspoken and leads to bad path. The native born in this yoga can be dacoit or smuggler.

When aspected by Jupiter native takes birth in a big family. He becomes the highest earning person and serves at highest post among his family members. He gets wealth in middle life but his nature is arrogant and hard.

When aspected by Venus the native is fond of sweets and foods. His nature is selfish and materialistic yet he is helpful to his family and society.

When aspected by Saturn the native is forced to depart from his family or society. He is deprived of happiness from mother. He has weak body and he is filled with feelings of revenge. He is always against his society and enjoys this act.

First Pada

  • The life span of native is around 50 years.
  • He meets with death in foreign land or due to accident on the way. Even very mild diseases affect his health.
  • He may face accidents due to vehicles.
  • He must refrain from narcotic drugs.

Publishers Notes: Mars in Bharani, charts with accidents cum deaths.

  • The following chart native is of an Italian Royalty died at age 53 (Ravana samhita says around 50 for Bharani 1st pada mars) due to an accident satisfying above criteria, his Mars is in 3rd pada of Bharani.

Name: Borbon, Prince Alfonso Di
Date: 04/20/1936
Time: 16:00 MET (-1:00)
Gender: M
Place: Rome, Italy
Lat: 41 N 54
Lng: 12 E 29
RoddenRating: AA
Data Source: Quoted BC/BR
Source Notes: Bordoni quotes B.C.
Biography: Italian royalty who died while skiing in Vail, CO on 1/13/1989; he was decapitated by a ski cable.

  • Mars in Bharani 1st Pada, we found 6 such charts where accidental death has happened though above criteria is only for accidents, below one such chart.

Date: 07/18/1943
Time: 00:20 CWT (+6:00)
Gender: F
Place: Beaumont, TX
Lat: 30 N 05
Lng: 94 W 06
RoddenRating: AA
DataSource: Quoted BC/BR
She died in a car accident on 9/09/1966, Houston, TX.

Second Pada

  • The native’s body is weak due to this he feels fear in doing heavy work.
  • He is affected from different diseases. Still he is hard working and honest.
  • Always gets good ranking in education. He/she has special attraction towards opposite sex.
  • He/she has diseases related with sexual organs.
  • He earns money with business of iron materials.

Third Pada

  • The native gets negative results. He/she has to undergo lots of hardship until the age of 50 years.
  • He has to be dependent on others for living. After 50 years his life changes and he gets happiness and prosperity.
  • He/she lives up to the age of 84 years.

Fourth Pada

  • The native gets the highest honour of the state or country.
  • He should be attentive in foreign country. He has the fear of accidents or death in foreign land.
  • He earns fame and money by doing the research on incurable diseases.

Mercury in Different Padas of Bharani

When Mercury is situated in Bharani Nakshatra and aspected by Moon the person is interested in music, acting and others related to folk arts. The person is considerably respected among wealthy women. He is blessed with house, vehicle and servants.

When aspected by Mars, the native gets blessings from senior administrative officers. Using their blessings he earns lot of wealth but he will be found involved in destructive work.

When aspected by Jupiter native’s life is full of happiness. He is blessed with ideal wife and children.

When aspected by Venus, the native remains in contact with elite people. His behavior and character gets applaud. He is discussed among his relatives with honour.

When aspected by Saturn the native is characterless and cruel.

First Pada

  • Native has not long life.
  • He gets grief in period of malefic planets.
  • Native earns through writings, teaching, spiritual activity or by selling technical substances.

Second Pada

  • Native has medium span of life.
  • He starts more than one work at a time and does not get success in any of them.
  • He has not cordial relationship with father and other relatives. But still he helps his family and relatives.

Third Pada

  • Native has long life.
  • He is blessed with lucky and highly educated wife. He gets help from wife in his progress.
  • He earns in his life through small business or technical work.

Fourth Pada

  • The native becomes administrator.
  • His life span is 45 years. He meets with death due to paralysis or other serious physical diseases.

Jupiter in Different Padas of Bharani

When Jupiter is situated in Bharani Nakshatra and aspected by Sun the native is lucky, truthful, social worker and famous.

When aspected by Moon, the native respects his elders. He becomes famous at very small age by doing good deeds. He is of content and peaceful nature.

When aspected by Mars, hard, cruel and spends money in unnecessary activities. He is able to dominate his senior officers and others. At his middle age he becomes administrator or work related with inspection. Many people work under him.

When aspected by Mercury, the native is not very truthful. He is clever in speaking and creating differences between others. He remains in contact with several women at a time and he cheats people with his artificial behavior.

When aspected by Venus, the native gets all types of happiness. His wife is beautiful and impressive. He is fond of clothes and ornaments. He is blessed with house, vehicle and servants.

When aspected by Saturn, the native has to spend unpeaceful and struggling life.

First Pada

  • The native becomes a good orator, loved by his father and he is the only base of his family.
  • He gets recognition and fame everywhere.
  • He has more than one wife.
  • He works on high post in business organization.
  • He suffers from diseases due to fits, accidents, and mental weakness.

Second Pada

  • The native is blessed with sons and grand sons.
  • His life span is 55 or 60 years.
  • He is involved in criminal activities.
  • He pretends to be religious.
  • He earns money with works related with lands.

Third Pada

  • The native travels much.
  • After 32 years his life becomes happy and prosperous. He is much interested in materialism.
  • He escapes from accidents many times in his life in very surprising ways.
  • He gets victory in competitive exams.
  • He earns through tax, constitution related work, gold, silver, or by the business of clothes.

Fourth Pada

  • The person has long life.
  • He earns money through food related business. He is skilled in Tantra, Mantra and astrology. However, he indulges in exploiting others.

Venus in Different Padas of Bharani

When Venus is in Bharani Nakshatra and aspected by Sun, the native gets money from the government. He has special work ability. His married life is full of sorrow. He has to bear a lot due to his wife.

When aspected by Moon, the native gets high honour in society. However, due to more attraction towards women he becomes characterless.

When aspected by Mars, the native is poor. His life is full of struggle at every step. His life is devoid of peace and happiness.

When aspected by Mercury, the native has to change his life path many times because of many hindrances. His life is not in accordance with his wishes.

When aspected by Jupiter, the native is famous, and having attractive personality. He is blessed with lucky wife and sons. He gets all types of happiness and materials.

When aspected by Saturn, he keeps stolen materials or steals the materials of others who leave these materials trusting him. He is peaceful by nature and is respected among the people. He is filled with kind feelings for others.

First Pada

  • The native is skilled in music and poetry. He delivers very good lecture, incomparable in classical singing and famous among people.
  • He smokes much. He has scar near his forehead or near eyes. He becomes famous as artist. He has great desire of materialistic pleasure. He earns through the business of music instruments.

Second Pada

  • He has special attraction towards women. He suffers from sexual diseases.
  • He has weak eye sight. He earns through the business of female related materials or as a doctor of female related diseases.

Third Pada

  • The native is of short height but sweet spoken. He gets beautiful and social wife.
  • He is skilled in work and responsible towards his duties.
  • He earns through communication, entertainment media.

Fourth Pada

  • The native lives in foreign land. He becomes priest and does yagnas and homam.
  • He becomes chief of religious organization. Native gets recognition in society.

Saturn in Different Padas of Bharani

When Saturn is in Bharani nakshatra and aspected by Sun, the native earns through animals, farming or building construction. There is the possibility of losing limbs due to accidents.

When aspected by Moon, the native has bad habits from childhood, undutiful, cruel, merciless, and poor. He helps unsocial activists for money. He is characterless, ungrateful and finds hindrances in life every moment. He indulges in theft many times and gets exile from the society.

Note: Effects of aspects of Mars, Mercury are not given in the Samhita.

When aspected by Jupiter, the native is high state government officer. He is blessed with beautiful wife, servants and wealthy.

When aspected by Venus, the native has to travel distant countries for governmental cause or due to his own reasons. He is of mean behavior, black colored, ugly and indulges in bad practices.

First Pada               

  • The native takes part in religious work and earns money.
  • He lives in company with intelligent, famous people and gets respect from society.
  • He has a sign on his forehead. He suffers because of surgery.

Second Pada

  • The native is intelligent, high post officer in government. He becomes the counselor of medium class families.
  • The native spends happy life. Sometimes suffers from fever and the female natives have the fear of abortion.

Third Pada

  • The native remains under others always.
  • He has two fathers or two mothers. One of them passes away in his childhood.
  • The native’s life is baseless and devoid of materialistic happiness.

Fourth  Pada

  • The native has to seek help from others even for day to day meal. He is undutiful by nature.
  • At young age works in army at ordinary post. If this Saturn is aspected by Mars he becomes a dacoit.

Rahu in Different Padas of Bharani

Note: No results given for aspects of the planets on Rahu in Samhita.

First Pada

  • The native gets honour. He is skilled in wrestling.
  • By taking huge amount of money he works as the guard of the person.
  • His last part of life is full of disputes. His death happens due to lack of nutrition.
  • He suffers from diseases resulting from dog biting.

Second Pada


  • The native gets high honour. He has huge self-earned money.
  • He earns through vehicle business.
  • He also earns through the business of selling animal flesh and skin. He suffers from leprosy.

Third Pada

  • The native becomes a famous poet or singer.
  • Even if he is not highly educated yet he earns respect due to his singing or poetic abilities among highly educated people.
  • The native also works as army officer.

Fourth  Pada

  • The native earns through the oil and milk products business.
  • The native helps others in their bad days. The native is wealthy and concentrated in his work.
  • The marital life remains unhappy.

Ketu in Different Padas of Bharani

Note: No results given for aspects of the planets on Ketu in this Samhita.

First Pada

  • The native takes food on lotus petals (general meaning: wealthy).
  • If Ketu is aspected by benefic planets he lives up to young age only.
  • He spends life by educating and auspicious work.

Second Pada

  • The native lives up to 60-65 years. He suffers from water related diseases.
  • He has injuries on head or other parts of body. He has the fear of falling or of accidents.
  • He suffers from mental imbalance and unconsciousness. He gets job in army.
  • Some of them have weak eye sight and some have the tendency of doing tantra mantra on others.

Third Pada

  • The native knows Yogashastra.
  • He may become doctor. He is interested in medical treatment of others. He has the knowledge of medicines as well as mantra-tantra. He understands himself as the servant of God and helps others.

Fourth Pada

  • The native has long life. He becomes building or temple constructor.
  • The native suffers from leprosy.
  • He has broken teeth and forehead due to accidents.

Publishers Comments:-

For years, we spent not reading articles like above as who will remember so many combinations and does it work or not, who knows. Who is going to do extensive testing of it? It is most normal for us to ignore such material. However, over the years we have heard so many village astrologers swear by Ravana Samhita hence we will reproduce many articles on it.

Let us take the example of Moon in Bharani nakshatra aspected by Mars, scribe does not know if it is true as to what the text says re such a native having financial struggle whereas right from childhood we have been taught by all elders that moon aspected by Mars is a wealth combination (Laxmi yoga) and to come to think of it Moon is in Taurus which is near his exalted position and considered a powerful position even by our ancients.See chart below, it belongs to a famous woman of yesteryears of the Catholic Worker fame, whose life was nothing but struggle and is listed in ADB (astro data bank software) under financial struggle.


‘The family moved to San Francisco when John took a job to write racetrack news, then was ‘plunged into poverty’ after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake which destroyed the newspaper plant. Still, they opened their home to worse-off neighbors, before eventually moving to Chicago.’ – Quote from ADB

Moon is in Bharani Nakshatra aspected straight by Mars from Libra thereby satisfying the condition laid out in Ravana Samhita. We are unable to test this extensively on more charts if the condition works satisfactorily.

Pls refer to footnote at the end of this article.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Band Fame has Rahu in Bharani in 3rd pada, so also does Steve Winwood 1987 Grammy winner

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