Nepali Jyotish

I have brought some gems of astrology from the land of gods & goddesses, Nepal it is said that more temples than houses & more gods & goddesses than people. The land of peace love & devotion has variety of tradition in every aspect of human life. Such one is astrology. The Nepali astrologer have long been practicing it in solace, without exposing them .For The First Time .I am here to share these experiences with you of all.
If Any Evil Planet is in Lagna fall down from height in childhood.
Again Rahu & sun fatal to father, with mars fatal to mother, Saturn & Venus fatal to uncle. Sun & Moon suffers from spouse.
If any Evil Planets is in 2nd & 6th house, he will die in foreign land. If Sun is in 2nd house snake bite & Saturn dog bite.
Generally in astrology, 3rd house represent brothers & sister, but Nepali astrology counts 8th house for sister. If Rahu is in 8th house, his/her sister will be widow in short period of marriage.
Again any Evil planet is exalted on 8th house & aspects another malefic planets, he/she should take responsibilities of unmarried sister or due to their widowhood.
Again in astrology, 5th house represent son & daughter. But in nepal 11th house for daughter. If there are any evil planets he/she will suffer from them. Saturn causes disabled, Rahu widowhood & mars separate from husband.
According to Nepali jyotish to know which direction he/she will get married, add birth Tithi day, Nekshetra & divide it by 9, is reminder is 1-east, 2-south, 3-west 4-north, 5-agneya, 6-nairetya, 7-vayavya & 8-ishan and reminder is-0 own place.
If Saturn Rahu or Ketu is 7th from Sun, he/she will get marred with older person.
Again we can know the family member of his/her spouse, by adding Lagna & 3rd house, if Saturn, Rahu or Ketu aspects, take half of above number & if sun or mars subtrat-1.
Again to know where persons lives, if 4th house is moveable sign near a main road, dual sign by crossing two roads. To know which direction is main Entrance of house, add Lagna & 9th house. Is the number is greater than 12, deduct 12 & reminder will do 1-Aries East face, 2- Taurus south face, 3-gemini west face & so on.
If sun & Rahu is in 2nd imprisonment. If 6th house is dual sign, there is the witch right direction of his/her place. Again if the lord of kendra is in 6th or 12th, witch is left direction from his/her place.
Nepali astrological prediction has a tradition of giving importance to angular sign house & Nakshatra.every kundali has twelve house rashi & nakshatra .In vimshottari dasa calculation .the triangle’s nakshatra plays major role. While in predictive astrology triangular rashi & the house plays important role.
Like Wise,The First House of The Kundali is in Mesh Rashi Then The Triangular Rashi Will Be Simha & Dhanu,It has similar Bhava & nakshatra also. Similarly if the nakshatra of lagna is swati The fifth will be satvisha & ninth will be ardra , All Are Rahus’s nakshatra.
The Three Triangular Rashis , Nakshatras & Bhava are actual rulers in everybody’s life.
The Frist trangle Shows Native’s Will Power, Second trangle Shows Knowledge Power, & 3rd triangle is performance power. Similarly The First Triangle is Nature (prakriti) Second is Saskriti ( culture) & Third is samsakara. First Triangle means 1,5,9 house Second 2,6,10& Third Means 3,7,11 house of horoscope.
In Nepali Predictive astrology, if the planet has no harmonious relation with the planets in next triangle then the horoscope is considered weak.

The planet cannot give it’s full power, if it is not in friendly with the planet in triangular nakshatra and such condition, the planet is considered weak. for example .Saturn is in the first house of tula lagna in swati nakshatra & sun is in the Fifth house in satvisha nakshatra . here sun is considered weak , sani cannot give support natives luck.
Similarly, if any evil planet is is tne triangle of seventh (elevenn & third) house, the native has to suffer in domestic life, late marriage & not conjugal happiness therefore ,if any one house if the trangle is weak in horoscope .the combination of will power Knowledge power &performance is considered weak and native alwaya meet failure in his life. thus the comparative study of Rashi, Nakshatra & bhava Of every house in triangle can only determine the good & bad result.
There are unique remedies for such weak planets, which is being practiced By nepali Astrologer From Very long. if any planet is weak or evil. the native should appease that house ruler. The house ruler are follows:
House Ruler
1 Shiva
2 Kamala
3 Tara
4. Brahmayani
5 Dhumawati
6 Bangalamukhi
7 Parvati
8 Kali
9 Matangi
10 Swadhashi
11 chhinamastadevi
12 Bhairavi

This DasMaha viddhyadipati are worshiped by devotee to remove evil effect of yogani dasa system, but in vimsotarry dasa system ,
House ruler are as follows
House Ruler
1. Shiva
2. Kuber
3. Kumar
4. Brahma
5. saraswati
6. varun
7. parvati
8. Yam
9. Laxmi
10. Visnu
11. Ganesh
12. Agni
For This Explanation you must be known that how to remove evil effect of planets in horoscope. For example if yogani dasa ruler is third house lord or posited in third house,& not giving good result, in that time you can worship Taradevi .Again in vimsotarry dasa system First house ruler is shiva ,if you are expiring dasa connected with first house , you should worship lord shiva to get good result.