New Horary System Revealed by Paul Langeveld, Netherlands

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Paul Langeveld is from Netherlands, born in Amsterdam on the 7th of October 1916. After being forced to work for the Germans during the 2nd World War in Munich (South Germany) where he had to endure all bombardments he came home after the war, mentally and physically in a bad condition. Still he had to go into military service for the third time and after training with the new weapons in Scotland for six months he had to go for two years to South East Sumatra in the Dutch East Indies. You ‘ll understand that during those horrible years he had numerous moments of peril in his life and when he came home at last he was really fed up with the set back in life and wanted to know urgently why all this happened to him. He was 32 years old at the time and had no future at all. Then after trying several religions he finally met an old lady who was a theosophist and taught him to make his own Natal chart. Then he bought all the books of Alan Leo and locked himself up to study, after which he soon understood why he had all that misery. At the age of 72 and some courses wise he changed to horary which he has been practicing for the last twenty years now. His email id is

New Horary System Revealed


Paul Langeveld, Netherlands

For some years I have been busy trying to find a way in timing of the moment of the outcome in horaries because at a certain moment the same clear indication seemed to demonstrate itself. Unfortunately I have not yet succeeded in finding the absolute infallible system but considering my age of 92 years I think it’s time to reveal it to you all before it is too late so that with your help my system may once become infallible indeed, if only after my death !

After having been working on hundreds of them I found by accident that the good ones did have one thing in common by which you could tell for certain if the answer was right or not!

I don’t have to tell you how important this is! Up to this day I did not tell anybody of this with the exception of Caroline Allen, whom I told everything in order to save the “system” in case I would die before I had published it myself.

And up till now nothing has come off it for some reason or another but now the time has come I think to publish it! Before I start explaining I want to confess that the system won’t work in charts with a very speedy outcome because the Moon did not have the time to progress and also there are two ways the chart has to be made as soon as you think this is it, namely single or in biwheel, and the reason for this is also an enigma up till now. I have chosen an example which is rather recent, can be traced easily and has the advantage to have a long term solution so that many directions can be given.

The question was: “Will the insurance company pay?” 22 September 2008 1645 ACST Adelaide SA – AC 12Pi 20 – Moon 00 Can 50.


chart 66

I approached this question in a way that querent had only one desire not to have to pay and secondly that she only had to do with her own Firm and nothing with the Insurance Cy so it would come down to Jupiter (10 ruler) and Saturn her income from the firm (11 ruler). Both rulers are less than 2 degrees apart but we don’t know the exact day and as both rulers are still a long time not in aspect, an aspect of the Moon to Saturn before that would be possible !

This is the moment of telling the quintessence of the system and it’s very simple as always if you know it namely when both planets concerned are in partile aspect or with the Moon the answer ‘ll be right if the Moon ‘ll be in an Angle within 8 or preferably less degrees from the Angle – if not it won’t be right !

That’s all ! Simple n’ est-ce pas ?

Now I’ll show you.

I am working with Solar Fire Gold, a program with the possibility of proceeding a chart by seconds up to years in any speed you want. I trust your programs’ll have the same possibility. So we put the horary into this form, called “Animate chart” situated left of the “Astrologer Assistant” and put in Days.

By proceeding days we soon come to 23 Sept. with the Moon at 14 Can 55. We now change days (right above) into minutes and press < accelerated backwards> till we stand on 14 Can 19 in partile sextile to Saturn Natal. This looks very good but as you can see now this is not because the Moon is Not in an Angle so we are looking further with days till we come to 28 Sept and Moon in Virgo as far as possible and we proceed with minutes to the partile conjunction to Saturn, one of the best aspects there are, but the Moon is at this moment NOT in an angle and so you know that this answer is not right either so we proceed with days again till we arrive at 2nd October at 19:53 we see that is ‘s Not a good solution !

Now you know how to proceed and for first exercise you might go on till you arrive at 21 November at 23:45:12 when you see that Saturn and Jupiter are in partile trine and the Moon conjunct Saturn on Cusp 2! This is too nice to be not true but the Moon is not in the right place! Then now is the moment to make also the Biwheel of this outcome and then we see to our joy that here the Moon is within 8 degrees of Cusp 7, right in the Angle so this answer is good!

You can imagine that I have not been surprised at all when I received a mail from the astrologer in question that I had been right because the Company paid for everything including the car hire!

I hope to have explained this phenomenon in a way that all of you’ll be extraordinary successful in horary in the next future!

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