Non-Pre-Programmed Observational Astro Methodology By The Kid

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The Using Only Houses & Lords Technique

The Key to astrology is to maintain the KISS rules. Most professional astrologers do not go into too much of details when trying to decipher dasas whereas theorists go into too much analyzing while seeing a chart and thus get confused thereby not being able to arrive at a decision on the phalit (result) of the dasa. This aspect needs to be highlighted if one is to become a good predictor and unfortunately no one writes on it. Years back when this scribe was studying Chara Dasa of KNR, I followed a simple rule taught to me by one of the main volunteers & publisher of Saptarishis Astrology which is what I call the ‘Non-Pre-Programmed Observational Astrology Methodology’ and it is as follows: –

‘Observe events via a dasa but do not read the book on it, just keep on seeing atleast 100-200 charts on only that dasa and one will develop one’s own methodology, after 7 months of this read the book on it.’

I tried this technique on various dasas and techniques and it has helped me become a better student of this science. For me this was my Guru for all techniques and dasas and I would just use software to see the dasa pattern and learn a new dasa on my own and then read the book. The joy one gets to see & compare one’s own derived methodology of 100 charts experience vs what is written in the book (in this case Vemuri Shastri’s Chara Dasa). The special point is what is not written in the book is gotten by self if one follows the above ‘Non-Pre-Programmed Observational Astrology Methodology’. K N Raos chara dasa has oflate received a lot of criticism from friends in Andhra and U.P for having non classical basis. So, this scribe decided to write on one of simple methodologies developed long back by scribe on his own of

  1. Observe houses of MD & AD of chara dasa
  2. Observe the lord of those houses and its placement
  3. Try to guess what type of event can be determined.

Practice this on 100 charts then go to PD, if you find inclusion of PD too much then ignore it for now.

Example1: Tiger Woods

chart 252

Chara dasa of K.N. Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

Pi MD/ Li AD:  2008-12-29  –  2009-12-30

Pisces is 7H of marriage and public life, where 4L of vehicle is placed and Libra is 2H of Family life and Name where Rahu (bad name/scandals) is placed whose lord Venus is in the 3H of community where Venus Moon (licentious combo) is placed. During the AD of Li his sexual scandal broke out and came out in the open when he was driving and had an accident kind.

Example 2: Michael Jackson

He died on the 25th June 2009 when he was running Li MD/Vi AD:  2009-02-27  –  2009-11-28

Libra MD is 9H whose lord is Venus in the 6H of medical/doctor and accidents and Virgo is the 8H of longevity and its lord Mercury is strong by being in the 7H of maraka along with Sun who is karaka for longevity, thus he died. You can see the AD if seen with less complication can give strong indication

Example 3: Berlusconi, Silvio – Italian PM

His time of birth given in Astro Data Bank is 5.40 am but as per the famous Italian Astrologer Ciro Discepolo in his personal correspondence to Saptarishis Astrology, he writes ‘Dear Admin,

Silvio Berlusconi, First Minister, was Born in Milan, October 29th, 1936 at 6.00 AM, by birthday certificate.

Best wishes,


chart 254

The rasi chart does not change with both birth times and the Chara Dasa running on 3rd May 2009 is of Ge MD and Cn AD. Now note the AD it is of Cancer, which is 11H of wife and children as per BPHS and ignored by observational astrologers and also scholars. So note that an event concerning wife or children can happen and its lord Moon is in the 6H of past life debts and also being made strong by Aq lord Saturn which is retro, this happens in the 6H of divorce. Incidentally ‘On May 3, 2009 his wife publicly announced that she was seeking a divorce because she was tired of his flirtations with other women. He quickly responded in the media demanding her apology.’ Thus you can see the house position and its lord position of Chara Dasa can indicate the event. If you want to go more deeper then go into the PD which was of Aq on 3rd May, you can see Aq is the house of 6H of divorce and she asked for a divorce.

Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

Ge MD: Cn AD:  Aq PD:  2009-04-29  –  2009-05-07

To divert use BCP method taking 7H of marriage as the lagna and this event happened in the 73rd year of his life which in rotation of 12 will come to the 7H only, which means an event concerning his marriage will occur, its lord Jupiter is in 3H of communication (written apology and public announcement) aspected by Rahu (scandal) so a scandal in marriage happened.

At times it has been found that combining BCP with Chara Dasa of Vemuri Shastri (revealed by K N Rao) gives one excellent clues to time an event.

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