Now is the winter of our discontent

hand 12

William Shakespeare. the play Richard III 1594

These handprints were sent in by a reader who felt his life had come to a standstill, and he was making no progress and everything he did bore no positive results, and this made him anxious and fearful for the future.

So what can we see ?

I always tell people do not give your reader any details about you at all, but first we establish his age to that on the lifeline and the fate line,  and we have a crossing bar that cuts both these major lines at this time, age 38. (1)

This cross bar is also part of a large square on the fate line, this is called the sign of the flag as it looks just like a flag on a flagpole and is a very auspicious sign, it means you are as it were, kept safe within a box at this time on your fate line, so although our subject feels he is not making the progress he thinks he should be making nevertheless, behind the scenes things are moving and kept safe within the square for as long as the square lasts, this square covers part of the headline which shows his intellectual or present head decisions are covered and safe, but just above this the fate line splits into two which normally suggests two jobs or career challenges simultaneously, so in short he needs to take a part time job as this will with what he does now then bring in two small incomes, and remember this split is still within the square.

Squarish palms and short fingers often show the skilled manual worker, and this man is good at working with his hands.

His hand and sun lines suggest money has been tight,  changes at age 25 and approx 34-35 are bringing him to a point where he will gain some success here in the future. 

Marriage could have been at age 25 as changes show here, this is the hand of the Tortoise in Tibetan palmistry and they never marry too young.

Karmicly he should have gone into some aspect of medicine, my guess here is osteopath or chiropractor would have been best, the slightly short fingers give inspiration and intuition, which is essential for diagnosis, and the hand is strong with a square-ish palm, his father could have been a farmer as the outdoors shows in his genetics, and he must guard against heart trouble.

The father like son would often bottle things up and then explode in temper and often at the wrong target, this is a symptom of psychological type A.

The fate line disappears for a while but just under the central or Saturn finger we see another box, (2) this means that he will end his career in financial safety something which worries him today, so between now and age approx 44 he needs the caution of the tortoise and to not make any sudden moves away from his karmic path.

It should be said he bears one of the luckiest marks, that of Ganesh the elephant god,  the giver of wisdom for making right decisions only appears according to ancient Indian tradition in the hands of those who in a past life were kind to elephants, the gods favourite animal, this usually gives the trust of animals. 

But they must be treated kindly, it also gives the memory of an elephant,  but not look back too much on what might have been, tortoises do this and its often not good to live in the past.

The thumb has a heavy tip which is slightly longer than average and thicker, this means he can at times ride roughshod over people when hes impatient, this can be family members, such as his wife, this show  a stubborn attitude to change,

Asian men tend to have smaller thumbs than westerners, but this is a strong thumb and thick through, this is willpower and a rigid attitude to what he feels is right.

 Tortoise people are meant to  move slowly, they can cross any kind of terrain but they must move carefully and with precision.

His Apollo finger has a curve in its central sector  (3) with a low set Mercury or small finger, this allied to the start of the lifeline  (4) shows that this part of the lifeline is  covering soft ground while the rest of the hand is firm, firmness gives strength resilience and resistance but softness under any part of the lifeline shows helplessness sometimes laziness and acceptance, so this means a time when

he was very small that he felt abandonment anxiety from his mother, this usually infers a difficult birth or a mother who also had other small children to look after, whatever the reason this boy felt alone, the reverberations of this are still felt today at critical times in his life.

hindus are vegetarian and have very good health, but some gastric problem shows here at ( 5 ), this may be colon or bowel area not a big problem but a nuisance. which could manifest at age approx 53, my guess from this palmar patterning is that anti-biotics have been used, this kills off all gut bacteria good and bad, so I would recommend here a live acidophulus yoghurt taken last thing at night so the stomach can work on this during sleep, a probiotic can be helpful here, but not one of the yoghurts with aspartame and fake fruit, it must be real.

The small of the back could give problems while lifting make sure you lift straight and bend your legs as 

sciatica could be a problem.

 Present worries have clouded his emotional life, and he is very lucky to have the wife he has as she seems uncomplaining and supportive, this hand shows he is  not sharing as much as he should, he must share his worries and know that long term their is success and stability, so the present worries are unfounded.

So his winter of discontent looks like turning into a calm summer of happiness. 

I would suggest a fish oil every day something like an omega 3 tablet is ideal and helps the spine in particular.

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