Obama’s Raja Yogas & U.S. Affairs By Gayatri Devi Vasudev, India.

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Mrs.Gayatri Devi Vasudev is the Editor of  Modern Astrology, the successor to Dr.B.V.Raman’s The Astrological Magazine which closed down in December 2007 following her resignation from its Editorship in June 2007. As Editor (January 1999 to July 2007) of The Astrological Magazine, the world’s foremost and most authentic journal on Jyotisha or Indian astrology, and earlier as its Associate Editor  Gayatri Devi Vasudev was actively involved with her father— its Founder and the Father of Modern Astrology Dr. B.V.Raman,—- from 1972  to  until his death in December 1998, in his mission to bring astrology into the comity of sciences. She continues his mission. She is also the National Vice-President of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences founded by Dr. B.V.Raman in 1984 to organize the study and practice of astrology. Gayatri Devi Vasudev has authored many books on astrology that include  The Art of  Matching Charts, The Art of Prediction in Astrology, Advanced Principles of Prediction, Clues to Interpreting Charts, Practical Horary Astrology , The Story of Dr. B.V.Raman for Children and How to Judge a Horoscope– Volume II. 

Obama’s Presidency comes at a critical stage in the history of the United States of America. The global financial meltdown will be its greatest challenge as will the burning Af-Pak problem. Does Obama’s chart carry the strength he needs to handle these and other grave crises that are building up to the consternation of the United States? And what are the Yogas that have placed Obama where he is today?

The Ascendant Capricorn in Obama’s horoscope (Chart 1) is occupied by its ruler Saturn(R) and malefic Jupiter(R).  Saturn in the 1st is welcome as the Ascendant lord in his own sign. He forms a Sasa Mahapurusha Yoga in Lagna Kendra. As 3rd and 12th lord, malefic Jupiter cannot be expected to be of any great help in generating Raja Yoga. The Ascendant is aspected by benefic 9th lord Mercury and with him is the Sun, a malefic 8th lord. Hardly the kind of combination to show the extraordinary Raja Yoga Obama currently enjoys. But a closer look shows an equally extraordinary, if lesser known, Raja Yoga at work.

The Ascendant lord Saturn in Lagna Kendra renders the foundation of the chart very powerful under what is known as the Veeryotkata principle enunciated by Varahamihira in his Brihat Jataka (I-19) according to which, WûÉåUÉxuÉÉÍqÉaÉÑÂ¥ÉuÉÏͤÉiÉrÉÑiÉÉ

lÉÉlrÉæ¶É uÉÏrÉÉåïiMüOûÉ – if the lord of the Ascendant, Jupiter or Mercury occupy or aspect the Ascendant, the Ascendant is greatly fortified.

But planets other than these in the same positions do not contribute to such strength.

Chart 1: Barack Obama[1]

[1] We cannot vouch for the correctness of the birth particulars. — Gayatri Devi Vasudev

chart 155

Obama has Saturn, the Ascendant lord, and also Jupiter in the Ascendant which has strengthened the Ascendant according to Varahamihira.

                     Phaladeepika (VII-31)

Even a single planet, though in depression, is capable of making the native a king’s equal, provided he be with brilliant rays, retrograde in motion and occupy an auspicious house (other than a Dustana). Two or more such planets make the native a king.

 Jupiter who is in depression fulfils all the conditions of this Shloka. He is free of combustion, retrograde and in the 1st house where he gets Digbala or directional strength.  The result is a Raja Yoga for one to be equal to a king. 

There are five independent conditions according to Phaladeepika that cause Neechabhanga and if more than one condition obtains, the Neechabhanga Raja Yoga is strengthened proportionately. The results of Neechabhanga Raja Yoga are far superior to plain Raja Yogas. If the latter produce kings, the former are said to show emperors (cÉ¢üuÉiÉÏï) according to classical works. The U.S. Presidency certainly equates with the emperor’s.

                    Phaladeepika VII-30

If a planet in depression and if the lord of the depression sign as well as that of the planet’s exaltation sign, or at least one of them be in a Kendra, the native will become an emperor and will be saluted by other kings.

Jupiter is the planet in depression. The lord of that sign (Capricorn) is Saturn. The sign of Jupiter’s exaltation is Cancer ruled by the Moon. Of the three planets identified in this Sloka, two, namely, Jupiter and Saturn are in Kendras. Another important factor contributing to the Raja Yoga strength of the chart is the fact of retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter. Both are in a state of Ativakra being in a sign diametrically opposite that occupied by the Sun. Such a disposition endows the retrograde planet with unusual strength. Mercury as 9th lord aspecting the Ascendant lord Saturn from a Kendra in the 7th is also a Raja Yoga but of a lesser kind, formed due to Kendra and Trikona lords being in mutual aspect.

In brief, it is the extraordinary strength of Jupiter (Neechabhanga Raja Yoga) and of Saturn and their retrogression that has raised Obama from humble origins to the world’s most powerful office. The Raja Yoga surfaced in Mars Bhukti of Jupiter Dasa. The Dasa and Bhukti lords are in mutual trines, Mars being Labhadhipati or the 11th lord. The present Bhukti which covers the initial years of the Presidency is of Rahu. Rahu is in the 8th in a Dustana in a solar sign Leo ruled by his bitter enemy Sun. There are two ways Rahu can operate. One, he can function as his sign dispositor Sun and the other, as Saturn, according to the dictum sanivadrahu. Here Rahu can be expected to reflect the results of both the Sun and Saturn. Saturn as the Ascendant lord is the center of a Sasa Mahapurusha Yoga. The Sun, though 8th lord, is the planet who invests both Jupiter and Saturn with extra strength due to Chestabala or retrogression.

Rahu Bhukti is the last Bhukti in Jupiter Dasa and brings the chart under the shadow of Dasa-chidram. More so, as Rahu occupies the 8th from the Ascendant Capricorn and the Dasa lord Jupiter. This may make the Presidency a tough one for Obama. Jupiter, Neecha, as the treasurer, does not help the economy recover sufficiently from the recessionary trap in which the U.S. is caught. Nor does Rahu in the 8th in an inimical sign Leo and the Nodal axis cutting across his 2nd house. More problems are likely to hit the Administration than it is currently geared for.

Chart 2: USA Independence Chart

chart 156

Moving on to the U.S. Declaration of Independence horoscope (Chart 2) Mars as Dasa lord is in Mrigasira, his own Nakshatra, in the 7th in the house of combat and confrontation. Even before moving into Mars Dasa, the U.S. was inextricably caught in a war with Iraq and still continues to be stuck with its troops in the Middle East. And with Afghanistan too beckoning the U.S. it may get dragged into a greater mess.

Saturn, the Bhukti lord, is in Chitta, also ruled by Mars. Saturn is the 2nd and 3rd lord. As 2nd lord, Saturn has primary control over ÌuÉ¨É or finances. The mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn is likely to reflect in the economy continuing to be a matter of grave concern in the coming months. As 12th lord Mars could sting the U.S. exchequer even more severely.

The fact that the July-August 2009 eclipses occur across the 2nd and 8th house of the U.S. Independence chart are disquieting features. Mars as 12th lord in the 7th is aspected by 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn and involves the 10th house. From the Moon-sign, Mars, the 10th lord, aspects Saturn who is in the 8th. This disposition could indicate violence directed at the top executive of the state.

Transit Mars enters Cancer on October 3, 2009 and continues in the same sign till about May 24, 2010. This period could see the financial crisis worsen. Factories, big business houses and industries may be forced to lay off large numbers of employees. For the first time in recent U.S. history, people — families and children — may suffer great privation in terms of food and shelter. The period may also see a spurt in violent crime especially in educational institutions, libraries and hospital-nursing complexes.

A new strain of virus could emerge affecting either the lungs or the digestive tract or both and also the eyes. Vision problems may peak up. Medical researchers may come up with alarming facts on chemotherapy. Mars, being the Karaka for blood, conditions related to blood and arterial clogging may show a spurt in the senior citizen population of the country.

The weather pattern in the U.S. could get disturbed in distinctly destructive manner. Hurricanes and tornadoes may rip across heavily populated zones, more especially in October-November 2010 when Mars moves into an exact opposition with Rahu on October 9, 2009. The period between December 21, 2009 to March 10, 2010, when Mars turns retrograde needs to be noted as pointing to destructive winds and or heavy seismic activity.

Chart 3: Obama Swearing In Chart

The Muhurta chart cast for Obama’s swearing-in (Chart 3) has interesting features, predominantly the Sun-Mercury combination in the 10th. Jupiter also there could have been a blessing (with his Neechabhanga strength) but being combust is a worrisome factor in some ways.

chart 157

The Panchaka[1] can also help in assessing the Muhurta. The Agnipanchaka exposes the President to risk or danger from firearms or blasts. The element of Akasha (air and space) may also figure in this context and show up as an aerial attack or an attack while on board Aircraft One.

The Ascendant Aries, a fiery war-like sign, only seems to confirm the country getting more embroiled in embattled regions. Despite Obama’s conciliatory rhetoric, circumstances may so propel the U.S. that it may have little choice but to continue a policy of brutal might in sensitive zones of the globe.

The Sun and Mercury in the 10th and their very close conjunction within minutes of arc emphasizes the growing intellectualism of the country – it will be apparent in extraordinary research findings, but Jupiter being combust, oftentimes bordering on the bizarre and with little respect for the human element or ethics.

The 4th lord Moon is in the 8th in his house of depression. Mental sickness, depressive moods and fragile ties and dysfunctional families may push more and more people into addictions. Ketu in the 4th shows attraction towards weird cults and practices that could ultimately only undermine one’s psyche and erupt in gore and violence. It also shows a cultist figure coming to prominence who could attract federal police action.

Reverting to Obama’s horoscope (Chart 1), the Bhukti lord Rahu in Leo is in the 8th from the Dasa lord Jupiter. The period up to July-August 2011 therefore comes under Dasa-chidram. The eclipses of July-August 2009 have a direct bearing on his Ascendant Capricorn and Dasa lord Jupiter. Obama is likely to find his first two years in office both challenging and disturbing as crisis after crisis may erupt. The White House may also see the very unlikely event of a burglary taking everyone by surprise.

A daughter or spouse may suffer a serious injury or illness. A bereavement cannot be ruled out with Rahu in the 8th showing participation in funeral ceremonies.

The Moon is at 8° 18′ Aquarius in Chart 2. Post August 2009, transit Saturn moves into Virgo bringing the U.S. chart under ashtama sani. Markets may tumble and the recession worsen. The dollar is likely to be affected adversely. The new chapter that Barrack Obama was expected to script in American history may not be as exciting or positive as his campaign promised.

Summing up:

(i) Obama is exposed to gandantara or physical danger and his personal security needs to be beefed-up.

(ii) The fixed stimulus plan for the economy may not fall into place. It will be hard, if not impossible, to hold the falling American economy under the Dasa of 12th lord Mars. Saturn in the 10th as Bhukti lord controlled by Mars and abetted by ashtama sani can hardly help restore job losses. If anything the coming months may only see worsening conditions.

(iii) Mars and Saturn are no agents of peace and can do little to help the winding down of the war in Iraq. The troop withdrawal deadline of 16 months will not be easy to implement.

(iv) The U.S.’s attempts to engage Iran are not likely to make much difference and could affect its Iraq-exit strategy adversely.

(v) Obama may be forced to soften his belligerent approach to the Afghan war, though the war itself seeing an end is unlikely.

Astrological indications are more in the nature of identifying trends and not deterministic. As always, the role of purushakara or right effort in handling these trends can never be overlooked.

[1] The lunar day is Krishna Ekadasi (15 + 11 = 26), the Nakshatra is Anuradha (17), the weekday is Tuesday (3) and the Zodiacal sign is Aries (1), all adding up to 47 which divided by 9 gives a remainder of 2 or Agnipanchaka.

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