98yr Old Gets Vision, Chart of our Author Norah Nasturas’s Mother

Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings

Norah as you know is our author and one of the team members of Saptarishis Astrology. This is what Norah wrote :-

Norah Nasturas’s Mother

Hi S….

\only checking mails

Mom is ok, surgery was Tuesday 11th Nov 2008, we went yesterday Wednesday to see the doctor he find everything ok she is happy, she can see, the doctor says in some days will be better. Monday we need to go again to see him i am going out now, sorry i will write more long this afternoon



Now see 98th year will be the 2nd house as per BCP and the sign is Taurus and as per BPHS Verse 8. Chp 4 it is a sign rising with its back (Preestodaya). Now note this reverse aspect of its rising, see 2H is eyesight & it is the sign Taurus which again stands for eyes in Natural Zodiac. So the strengths of Venus in this relation (eyes) will be more stronger compared to other Venus of Taurus of other Asc. This Venus joins the 6th lord of operation Mer who is dispositor of A8(chronic) and is with A6 in the 9H of blessings along with Sun whose signification stands for eyes as we all know. Now calculate the date for all the 3 planets, to make it short let’s take Sun as it is close to Ven the dispositor of a reverse rising sign, there are two dates it will give one through straight calculation and other through reduction from 30 degrees due to Pristhodaya effect of Venus who is 5 deg away.


Sheersodaya Calculation Sun: 3° 24’= 28th Jan 2008

Pristhodaya Calculation Sun: 30 – 3° 24’= 26 °36 = Converted to days from her last birthday = 6th Nov 2008 whereas she had a successful eye operation for cataract on 11th Nov 2008.


The BCP calculator released on download section of the magazine does not contain this method of calculation whereas our private test version created specially by Jay Weiss (Sweden) has this Pristhodaya version and you can’t make Jay do anything unless you share the methodology which we had to way back in July/Aug 2008

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