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Kemudruma yoga exists if the 2nd & 8th houses from Ascendant & Arudha Lagna are occupied by malefics. The malefics needs to be equally balanced in both the houses. According to Somanatha (one of the commentators on Jaimini Sutras) the effects become more malefic if aspected by Moon…………..
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It must be remembered that Rasi Chart is more powerful than the Drekkana chart in deciding malefic and benefic effects. So the evil effects for Drekkana & Arudha lagna may be ignored.
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According to Raghava Bhata the association of Sani with Moon is bad, but if Moon is exalted the evil effects are not there.

According to Kalpalatha for natives born in fixed signs the Argala effects are increased. – heard from Old Astrologer.

If Sun is the yogada planet, well placed and is in the 2nd House from the 7th arudha, the native prospers after marriage if other factors also point to the same.

Saturn as Putrakaraka & Chandra as Amatyakaraka if placed in the 11th house from Sun, prosperity increases with the birth of children.

Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala 7-15 states that Lagna, Yogada & Vilagna (Ghati & Hora Lagnas) must be studied for assessing the effects of the different houses as per some sages. It is essential that the strongest of these must be taken before arriving at a final conclusion.

If Guru the karaka for wealth is in trine to Sun the benefic effects for acquisition of wealth become very powerful. The same combination will confer great intellectual acumen, scientific outlook & moral discipline.

While timing death, do not ignore the Varnada Rasi or its trines, whichever is most spoilt by malefics.

If Sun is the Atmakarka and placed in Aquarius (Kumbha) Navamsa the native will be an evolved soul & a Vedantic, not in the sense of profession but as one practicing the doctrine of non-attachment, there would be danger from water.

Important Rule: Malefics in the 5, 8th & 9th from any planet cancels its benefic effects.

Dhana Yoga – According to Jaimini Sutras 1-3-22 and 1-3-23 if either the Jamna Lagna and the 7th house or Arudha Lagna and its 7th houses have pure Argala influences without the cancelling effects, the native must be wealthy.

Argala influences must be studied both for the lagna & the 7th house before studying the good and bad points of a horoscope.

There will be Dhana Yoga if benefics & malefics ‘Alternately’ occupy the signs from the Lagna or the Rasi occupied by the Yogada Planet – Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala Chp:9 Verse: 3 & 4 .