Parasara’s Hora Chart Decoded: Uma-Shambhu Hora By P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

Maharshi Parasara taught many divisional charts at the beginning of his masterpiece “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram”. Hora chart is one of those charts. Parasara recommended seeing wealth in that chart.


Computation of hora chart has become controversial. This is what Parasara said:

süryendvorviñame räçau same tadviparétakam| pitaraçcandrahoreçä deväù süryasya kértitäù||

räçerardhaà bhaveddhorä täçcaturviàçatiù småtäù| meñädi täsäà horäëäà parivåttidvayaà bhavet||

Literal meaning: Lords of horas are Sun and Moon in odd signs and reverse in even signs. The deities corresponding to lunar and solar horas are pitris (ancestral manes) and gods. Half of a sign is a hora. There are 24 of those remembered. Starting from Aries, two cycles of horas occur.

Current Interpretations

View 1: Some scholars interpret Sun and Moon being the lords of horas to mean that planets occupy either Cn or Le in hora chart and no other signs.

Weakness: This interpretation ignores the expression “parivritti dwayam”. There are no two cycles starting from Ar here. More fundamentally, a chart that uses only two signs always is not too logical.

View 2: Some scholars interpret Sun and Moon being the lords of horas to refer to day strong signs (Sun) and night strong signs (Moon). For example, the two halves of Ar are mapped to Sc and Ar, day & night strong signs (respectively), the two halves of Ta are mapped to Ta and Li, night & day strong signs (respectively), and so on.

Weakness: This interpretation ignores the expression “parivritti dwayam”. There are no two cycles starting from Ar here.

View 3: Some scholars use other definitions based on other classics, e.g. a definition based on 1st and 11th houses or 1st and 3rd houses or 1st and 7th houses, etc.

Weakness: This ignores both the Sun-Moon link and the expression “parivritti dwayam”.

View 4: Some scholars give extra weight to the expression “parivritti dwayam” (two cycles). They map the two halves of Ar to Ar and Ta, two halves of Ta to Ge and Cn, two halves of Ge to Le and Vi, and so on. Thus, we indeed get two cycles starting from Ar, when we find the 24 horas.

Weakness: This interpretation ignores Sun and Moon being the lords of the two horas of a sign. There is no link to Sun and Moon here.

Bottomline: There is no interpretation that reconciles both the Sun-Moon link and the expression “parivritti dwyam” (two cycles starting from Ar).

An Idea from Krishna Mishra Navamsa[1]


There is a navamsa chart taught by Krishna Mishra. The nine parts of Ar are mapped to Ar, Ta, Ge, Cn, Le, Vi, Li, Sc and Sg, as in standard navamsa chart. But, the nine parts of Ta are mapped in reverse compared to the standard navamsa chart. Instead of being mapped to Cp, Aq, Pi, Ar, Ta, Ge, Cn, Le and Vi, the 9 parts of Ta are mapped to Vi, Le, Cn, Ge, Ta, Ar, Pi, Aq and Cp. A similar reversal happens with the 9 parts of each even sign.


Even Parasara’s verse indicates reversal of order of navamsa deities in even signs. That could be used to support Krishna Mishra’s teaching. One should keep in mind that maharshis do not teach every little detail explicitly.


Hora Chart: A New Interpretation


The same idea behind Krishna Mishra navamsa can be extended to the hora chart. It may be noted that the rulers (Sun and Moon) and deities (devas and pitris) are reversed in even signs.

The basic idea is this: We can go through two cycles of the zodiac and map those 24 signs to the 24 horas, i.e. 24 halves of 12 signs. The order of reckoning the 24 halves can be as follows: the first half of Ar, the second half of Ar, the second half of Ta, the first half of Ta (reversed for Ta as it is an even sign), the first half of Ge, the second half of Ge, the second half of Cn, the first half of Cn (reversed for Cn as it is an even sign), and so on. This does obey Parasara’s guideline of “parivritti dwayam” (two cycles) of signs from Ar being mapped to the 24 horas. This also reckons the horas (halves of signs) in even signs in reverse order as Parasara said.

But, how does this obey the Sun-Moon link? One may note that Sun and Moon rule over the masculine and feminine natures. Odd and even signs represent those two natures. So a hora being ruled by Sun could mean hora falling in an odd sign and a hora being ruled by Moon could mean hora falling in an even sign.

The first hora of Ar is Ar, an odd sign (masculine, i.e. Sun). The second hora of Ar is Ta, an even sign (feminine, i.e. Moon).

The second hora of Ta is Ge, an odd sign (masculine, i.e. Sun). The first hora of Ta is Cn, an even sign (feminine, i.e. Moon). [Note: Order of horas is reversed as Ta is an even sign.]

The first hora of Ge is Le, an odd sign (masculine, i.e. Sun). The second hora of Ge is Vi, an even sign (feminine, i.e. Moon).

The second hora of Cn is Li, an odd sign (masculine, i.e. Sun). The first hora of Cn is Sc, an even sign (feminine, i.e. Moon). [Note: Order of horas is reversed as Cn is an even sign.] And so on.

The following table shows how the 24 signs obtained by going through two cycles of zodiac starting from Ar are mapped to the halves of various signs.


 Hora First Cycle Second Cycle
Ar First half of Ar First half of Li
Ta Second half of Ar Second half of Li
Ge Second half of Ta Second half of Sc
Cn First half of Ta First half of Sc
Le First half of Ge First half of Sg
Vi Second half of Ge Second half of Sg
Li Second half of Cn Second half of Cp
Sc First half of Cn First half of Cp
Sg First half of Le First half of Aq
Cp Second half of Le Second half of Aq
Aq Second half of Vi Second half of Pi
Pi First half of Vi First half of Pi

The complete hora map is shown in the table below.

Sign Hora of First Half Hora of Second Half
Ar Ar (odd, Sun) Ta (even, Moon)
Ta Cn (even, Moon) Ge (odd, Sun)
Ge Le (odd, Sun) Vi (even, Moon)
Cn Sc (even, Moon) Li (odd, Sun)
Le Sg (odd, Sun) Cp (even, Moon)
Vi Pi (even, Moon) Aq (odd, Sun)
Li Ar (odd, Sun) Ta (even, Moon)
Sc Cn (even, Moon) Ge (odd, Sun)
Sg Le (odd, Sun) Vi (even, Moon)
Cp Sc (even, Moon) Li (odd, Sun)
Aq Sg (odd, Sun) Cp (even, Moon)
Pi Pi (even, Moon) Aq (odd, Sun)

This is the only interpretation that does justice to each point mentioned by Parasara. It uses two cycles of the zodiac as horas; maps them in reverse order for even signs; and, uses a link to Sun and Moon.

We will call this “Uma-Shambhu Hora” or “US hora” in the rest of this article.



 The ayanamsa used in calculations does not matter in most cases. It changes calculations only in border cases. However, if one uses divisional Vimsottari dasa based on Moon’s longitude in divisional charts, ayanamsa matters a lot.

I am experimenting with an ayanamsa that will not be revealed for some more time. Here I will use Rohini-paksha ayanamsa, which is pretty close to that ayanamsa. Rohini-paksha ayanamsa is obtained by fixing the bright red Aldebaran star (Alpha Tauri) in the middle of Rohini nakshatra (i.e. 16Ta40). Rohini is the star owned by Creator. While all nakshatras are supposed to be Moon’s wives, Rohini is his favorite wife. Rohini is the only fixed nakshatra lying entirely in a fixed rasi.


(1) Bill Gates

Birthdata: 1955 October 28, 9:21:30 pm (8 hours west of GMT), 122w20, 47n36

US Hora chart is shown below:

The 9th house of fortune is very strong with 2nd and 9th lord Venus and 5th lord Saturn conjoined within 3 degrees. Venus and Saturn give a powerful raja yoga. Jupiter is in moolatrikona in a quadrant. This is a powerful chart.

Moon is at 15Pi22. In hora chart, Moon is at 0Aq44. That corrsponds to Dhanishtha star. Starting Vimsottari dasa from Moon in hora chart, Saturn mahadasa has been running since 1992. This dasa has been very good and has increased his wealth. He was the world’s richest man as per Forbes list during 1995-2007 and 2009-2010. The peak of his wealth came in Venus antardasa during 1999-2002, when Microsoft stock was at its peak.

(2) Dhirubhai Ambani

 Birthdata: 1932 December 28, 6:37 am (5.5 hours east of GMT), Chorwad, India (70e14, 21n01)

US Hora chart is shown below:

He was a great gambler with a midas touch, who built a big Indian business empire starting from scratch. Note that Jupiter in own sign in 8th house gives Gaja-Kesari yoga and Viparita Raja Yoga (VRY) with 12th lord Moon. That shows an investor who takes risks and becomes very famous. Exalted yoga karaka Mars in 6th house with nodes shows one with many rivalries and one who destroys rivals. Lagna lord Sun in lagna shows one with political influence. The 11th lord Mercury in 11th shows one who gets what he wants. Overall, there are 4 planets in own or exaltation signs.

As per hora Vimsottari dasa, Jupiter dasa ran from 1965 to 1981. This was a golden period for him. He left his partner who believed in cautious trading and started his own venture in 1965. He took risks, built inventories and made a lot of money. Reliance textiles started by him in 1966 was very successful and the basis of his many ventures later on. The unafflicted 8th lord in 8th, giving VRY, can explain all the risk-taking and success.


The pinnacle of this dasa came in 1977 when his company went public in a landmark event, in which 58,000 small investors (many of them first-time investors!) invested in his private company. His was the first private Indian company to hold its annual general meetings at stadiums. This IPO came in the Jupiter-Moon AD, giving Gaja-Kesari yoga.


(3) Lottery Winner

 Birthdata: 1957 February 2, 7:54:30 pm (5.5 hours east of GMT), Tiruchirapalli, India (78e41, 10n49)

US Hora chart is shown below:

The person won a lottery in 2002. The 8th house of sudden wealth is aspected by its lord Moon and two planets in own houses, Jupiter and Mars, while nodes in 8th house can show sudden wealth. Jupiter’s hora Vimsottari dasa gave the result. A strong and unafflicted planet in a quadrant in own sign can give sudden wealth if he aspects the 8th house.

(4) US President Barack Obama

 Birthdata: 1961 August 4, 7:24:20 pm (10 hours west of GMT), Honolulu, Hwaii, USA (157w51:30, 21n18:25).

US Hora chart is shown below.

The strongest planet in this hora chart is Moon in own sign in a quadrant. His dasa started in 2005. A book authored by him in 2006 (“The Audacity of Hope”) became a bestseller and his annual income had a steep jump in 2007. Moon is the 3rd lord in dasamsa, in a quadrant from his own sign in an adhimitra rasi, and shows activities like writing. In hora, he is the strongest planet in 10th and shows significant improvement in finances due to some public activities.

(5) Mitt Romney

 Birthdata: 1947 March 12, 9:51 am (5 hours west of GMT), Detroit, Michigam, USA (83w02:45, 42n19:53).

US Hora chart is shown below:

Lagna contains lagna lord and exalted 9th lord Jupiter, making him very fortunate. The 4th lord of properties, Venus, is in moolatrikona and unafflicted (whereas Moon and Jupiter in lagna are afflicted by 8th lord Rahu).  Being an unafflicted planet in a quadrant in his moolatrikona, he gave great financial success in his hora Vimsottari dasa during 1980-2000. The 4th house shows properties and wealth was made by buying and selling companies, which can be viewed as “properties” in a financial sense. While the 4th house in chaturthamsa (D-4) would show houses and real estate owned by one, the 4th house in hora chart could perhaps show generic possessions/properties for the purpose of increasing wealth.


(6) The 14th Dalai Lama 

Birthdata: 1935 July 6, 4:38 am (6:44:48 hours east of GMT), (101e12, 36n32).

For a comparison, we will see the chart of a spiritual leader who renounced material wealth. US Hora chart of His Holiness is shown below:

While lagna in his rasi chart is strong with lagna lord Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu, showing an intelligent and articulate spiritual leader, his hora chart is very weak. Lagna has 12th Sun eclipsed by nodes. The exchange between lagna and 12th lords is a duryoga.

Though 11th lord Moon aspecting 11th shows getting what one wants, Moon is afflicted. He is in an inimical sign with enemy Saturn. This perhaps shows that he does not need much and has renounced. Overall, one can contract this chart with hora charts of wealthy people we have been seeing so far.


(7) John Edwards

 Birthdata: 1953 June 10, 7:02 am (5 hours west of GMT), Seneca, South Carolina, USA (82w57:12, 34n41:08).

US Hora chart is shown below:

He ran the hora Vimsottari dasa of Moon from 1992 to 2002. After gaining national prominence as a trial lawyer representing plaintiffs against big corporations, he started his own law firm in 1993. Till he ran for Presidential elections in 2003, he made a lot of wealth through his law firm.

With about one-third fee in several cases where his clients received millions of dollars in compensation, he made a lot of money. With Moon being in own sign in the 11th house of profits with exalted Jupiter, this dasa gave him tremendous success as a lawyer. With Gaja-Kesari yoga, he became very famous also, for the kinds of awards he was winning for his clients in lawsuits.

The biggest case was a $25 million award in a personal liability lawsuit in a 1996. The same swimming pool drain cover firm won 12 prior lawsuits against other plaintiffs, but John Edwards succeeded in winning a $25 million award for a 3 year old girl’s family, getting him so much national prominence in legal circles. This was in Moon-Jupiter AD.


When Rahu-Rahu AD was running, he faced a tough lawsuit personally for allegedly breaking campaign finance laws. Debilitated Rahu aspecting Moon can give scandals (relating to finances of course, as this is the hora chart). However, 6th lord Rahu in 3rd shows winning in the end. Had he not been debilitated, the win would have been smoother and less tortuous.



The hora charts defined by various scholars until now ignore one or more points in Parasara’s verses. They do not do justice to all the factors. This is the first interpretation that makes holistic sense of Parasara’s teaching. It is hoped that astrology students and researchers will benefit from this definition and use it to see financial matters of people. A lot of people are concerned about their finances now-a-days and hora chart was clearly recommended by Parasara for seeing wealth and finances. Thus, having the correct hora chart is very important.


As a generic point, it is possible that computation of several other divisional charts taught by Parasara is erroneously understood today, especially with respect to planets occupying even signs in rasi chart. The instruction to reverse the order is applied only to deities ruling divisions and not to the signs that those divisions are mapped to. It is possible that there are some errors there. More research may be needed there.

When it comes to hora chart, there is no doubt that there is no definition out there that is logical, coherent and completely consistent with Parsara’s teaching. All those attributes can certainly be used to describe the definition proposed in this write-up.


[1] Shri Iranganti Rangacharya has mentioned Krishna Mishra Navamsa, an article on this navamsa was released under the title ‘Real Jaimini Navamsa Revealed’ by Shanmukha in the old issues of Saptarishis Astrology and also Shri Chandrashekhar Sharma has translated most of the chapters for the first time of Krishna Mishra’s Phala Ratnamala in English, which was has been published in Saptarishis Astrology old issues. – SA