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A. V. Sundaram

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A. V. Sundaram

Ruchika Yoga

If Saturn aspects there is no Yoga, this yoga comes in this life since you have taken care of brother and if you desert your brother in last life, then in this life there will be yogabhanga (Saturn’s aspect).

Remedy: If there is Yogabhanga then help others in brother-like manner and Saturn would give benefic results of Ruchaka Yoga.

Bhadra Yoga

If Mercury becomes paapi (Lord of malefic house or kendradipathi dosha) & is aspected by either 6th, 8th or 12th lords then it is Yoga bhanga. For a Virgo Lagna, Merc is not paapi as 10L & Lagna Lord. For Jaimini, it is a papi i.e. Kendra adipatidosha and must be aspected by one of 6-8-12 Lords, both conditions must be there. 

Past Life: In past life if you teach your disciples that means what you have learnt if you teach then in this life one gets Bhadra Yoga. If you die without teaching then it’s a YogaBhanga.

Remedy: Teach in this life what you have learnt, teaching with open heart in guru-shishya context – sharing is different: you share with equals.

Hamsa Yoga

Jupiter becoming paapi and joining paapi, that’s a yoga bhanga. The exception here is if Guru aspects those paapis. When Guru joins them, it’s yoga bhanga but when he aspects them, these paapis will give the results of the Hamsha Yoga – that means he transfers the power, with his 5 or 9 aspect, or the result of this yoga. Papi for Jupiter means from Mithuna or Kanya Lagnas or as Lord of 6, 8, or 12 houses. Malefics in 5H or 9H from Jupiter will have the power to give the yoga – Jupiter transfers the results of this yoga to them. So & so has constructed a Shiva temple, he has the yoga. But if he has taken the Shiva temple property, then yoga bhanga applies. Now, the remedy if you can’t give the property back to whom it belonged – do service in the Shiva temple.

Past Life: He has constructed a Shiva Temple, he got the yoga. If he has taken Shiva Temple property then Yoga Bhanga applies.

Remedy: If you can’t give the property back to whom it belonged, then do service to the temple.

An example: Jupiter becoming paapi for the Lagna and joining papis: that’s Yoga Bhanga.

A native has Hamsha Yoga, perfect, no aspect of Saturn-Ketu, but his Guru is vakri – that means, he have some left-over work from his past life. And Guru is vakri in the constellation of Shani. Shani should aspect according to the bhanga rule. So, his left-over work, he is now doing by doing service to the Shiva temple. Though his chart does not show any Yoga Bhanga, because Guru is vakri, in his last life, he should have done this – that means there should have been Yoga Bhanga in his last life. That’s why he is in the constellation of Shani and, Shani is also vakri. So, if a planet is in a constellation and both are vakri, then they have direct relationship with the past life.

Malavaya Yoga

For Shukra, if Mars aspects Yoga Bhanga occurs.

Past Life: You get the yoga since you have taken care of wife properly in past life. If you beat, scold, ill treat your wife you get Yoga Bhanga. Even if Shukra is yogakaraka, he will not give the results.

Even if one has good yoga of Malavaya and even if Shukra is yogakaraka, if one ill-treats the wife then good results of this yoga will not manifest – though it is to do with past life. If anything from the past is repeated here, the effect if felt. All effects of the yogas given, you are not expected to repeat it.

Remedy: take good care of the wife, that’s all. (We can’t say take care of others’ wifes… Shukra is basically one’s wife – younger sister etc. was not given here).

Sasa Yoga

If you take care of your servants in past life then Sasa Yoga occurs in this life. When Mars aspects Yoga Bhanga happens. Why Mars? For all karma, Rahu, Saturn, Mars are the planets to show your past life effects. Mars is your energy right? And Saturn is the 3L – in changing your Fate, we see the 3H and that is the reason why Saturn is given. And Rahu, because it is vakri.  So Bhanga here shows that in his last life, he has hurt servants.

Remedy: Take care of servants

Sunapa Yoga

2nd to Moon except Sun.

Intelligent, self earning, in good ways without cheating others earning things. If Sun is 2nd to Moon then you earned it in the wrong ways. If Sun is there 2nd to Moon then the guidance the astrologer should give is to avoid earning in wrong ways to avoid suffering – that is the message of this yoga.

Anapa Yoga

Any planet except Sun in 12th to Moon.

He is famous, well placed and wealthy in life, disease less body and frustration in late part in life. In last life whatever he has earned he has spent it in charity and dharmic activities. If Sun in 12th to Moon, then he has spent in wrong way.

Remedy: spend it out in charity purposes

Durdhara Yoga

Moon having planets in 2nd and 12th from it excepting Sun. A combination of the two yogas above.

Kemudruma Yoga

Moon having no planets on either side. Aspiring for others’ property and giving pain to others in the past life is the reason for this yoga in this life. No specific remedy given as these Bhangas mean “don’t do it”.

Vesi Yoga

Planets in 2nd to Sun except Moon.

Good education, good position. Even if he doesn’t have wealth, he is helping others out of good heart despite the fact that he may not have sufficient wealth – this is the good karma for which he has gotten this yoga.

Vashi Yoga

Planets in 12th to Sun except Moon.

Good wealth, good children.

Just keeping his own earnings, leaving his father’s property to others, getting the blessings of elders in the past life. One with Moon in 12th to Sun, if he takes the father’s property for himself, he’ll suffer.

Ubhayachari Yoga

Planets in 2/12 to Sun except Moon.

Atma balam, good food, good sleep

Staying with Father, taking care of parents’ sukha dukha in past life, you get this yoga in this life. Anyone with this yoga should be advised to take care of father to avoid spoiling this good yoga.

Subha Kartari Yoga

Sun is with benefic planets and benefics are on both sides of Sun.

He is a prophet, a vaidya, good person. In past life, he has taken care of the father-in-law like one’s own father hence this good yoga is gotten. So, one with this yoga should be advised to take care of his father to continue the yoga so that one need not suffer – this auspicious activity should be continued life after life. And if malefics are there, then Yoga Bhanga occurs like in the next yoga…

Papakartari Yoga

Both sides of the Sun having paapis.

Cleverly doing sins, fighting with enemies, insulting parents one gets this yoga.

Remedy: Every amavasya one must fast

Subha Yoga

Benefic in 2nd from Lagna without malefic aspect.

Speaks nicely, good education, respects woman – he must have done this in the previous life to get this yoga.

Mahabhagya Yoga

Sun Moon Lagna should be in odd rasis, birth in day time for males. Sun Moon lagna in even rasis, night birth for females.

Will do every job without creating any obstacles, doing it complete. Mahalakshmis blessings, make lot of money, except his wife he did not think of others and vice versa.

Gajakeshari Yoga

He will talk with authority in Hall, he will have pride, wealth. If Jupiter or Moon are in 6th ,8th or 12th  to Asc or debilitated or combust, then its yoga Bhanga.

Past Life: Gave education to others, was good teacher so this yoga came, but because he taught for money, it is now Yoga Bhanga.

Remedy: teach free of cost.

We will note that teaching by charging a fixed cost is referred as teaching for money whereas teaching and accepting dakshina (whatever the student gives) is not considered teaching for money. One result of the Bhanga is that the teacher might get insulted in public – then he should know he has done it wrongly.

Also, for the yoga (link) to occur between Jupiter and Moon, Moon should be behind of Jupiter in degrees. Because Moon moves faster, it will be join Jupiter and create that Gajakeshari link. If Moon is ahead of Jupiter in degrees, then there will be problems in Moon and Jupiter dashas, bhuktis.

Sakata Yoga

Jupiter 6th ,8th or 12th  to Moon.

He lose whatever he has earned little by little and getting it back occurs slowly, like a wheel.  The mind is wavering. If Moon or Jupiter occupies a Kendra to this Yoga, then Yoga Bhangha occurs.

Sakata Yoga came from earning by cheating others. Suppose one with Sakata Yoga is doing business in this life, he should be advised not to cheat others.

If Yoga Bhanga occurs, then he should have spent money for charity. So this can also be a remedy in this life.

Remedy: Fast every Monday or Thursday and pray to Gauri and Shiva. Why Gaury and Shiva? Guru for Gaury and Moon for Shiva.

Aadama Yoga

Sun and Moon in Kendra (4, 7, 10) to each other (not conjoined).

He cannot get money, vehicle, education. It came because of neglecting parents. If Jupiter is aspecting the Moon then its yoga Bhangha.

Why Yoga Bhangha, since he helped the parents through somebody (not directly) – such as children putting their parents in elder’s residences, they take care of parents through the help of others.

Remedy: Amavasya Fasting, Til Homam

Sama Yoga

Moon in 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th from Sun.

Results: Like previous yoga but less effect. Taking care of parents for sometime and then neglecting them. Above one was neglecting parents completely, here he takes care of them for some time.

Remedy: Fasting on amavasya

Varishta Yoga

This is a benefic yoga. Moon is 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th from Sun.

Getting education, money, vehicle. The bad things of Aadama yoga are not there.

Thought he is away from parents – out station, he still helps the parents directly.

Vasumati Yoga

From Moon or Lagna, all benefic planets are in Ubhachaya Rasis. Having wealth in his own house, gave Daan (charity), performed Dharma, received blessings of Dharma Devata.

Amala Yoga

Benefics in 10th to Lagna or Moon. Owner of lands, children, fame.

Why he got the yoga? To start business for others he helped in past life. His motto and aim is that others should come up in life. There is no Bhaga for this but if a malefic is also there, then it is reduced.


Pushkala Yoga

Asc Lord and Moon’s dispositor should be in Kendra to Lagna or Moon, this gives name, fame, jewels. It came because for Vishnu Temple, the person offered Pushpa Daan (flowers) and service to the temple.

Subhamala Yoga

All planets in 5th, 6th, 7th to Asc. Results are that he becomes a man of authority, has a good wife and children. This Yoga came from treating everybody equal and not doing any harm.

Asubhamala Yoga

All planets in 6th,8th,12th to Asc. Durmarga: evil minded fellow, causing trouble and pain to others, ungrateful person, trying to make trouble between people. This yoga came because, in spite of having lot of property, the person did not do charity and dharma work and was only interested in making money, injuring the wife, taking father-in-laws property.

Remedy: Daily 24 times Gayatri mantra

Source: Most of it is Brahma Rishi Vakhya

Lakshmi Yoga

9th lord and Venus in own house or exaltation, in Kendra or trikona. Nitya mangalam, arogayam, wealth, good life. Without fail every Friday doing Lakshmi Pooja in the house and serving Sumangalis.

Gauri Yoga

Moon exaltation, own house or kendra trikona and aspected by Dhanakaraka Jupiter.

Nice body, good character equal to a King. Every Monday fasting and evening going to Parvati Parmesharwaram Temple and serving Shiva Shakti devotees, got this yoga for him in this life.

Saraswati Yoga

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in kendra or 2nd with Jupiter in own house or exaltation. Highly intellectual, mathematical knowledge, drama, world famous and praised by everybody. Came from supporting pundits, constructing education institutions, giving education to students in past life.

Srikantha Yoga

Lagna Lord, Sun, Moon in kendra trikona in own house or exaltation or in friendly house.

Wearing Rudraksha mala, white body (fair complexion), complete devotee of Shiva and does not accept other sects. Serving Shiva devotees he will reach Shiva Pada without rebirth.

Sri Naga Yoga

Venus, 9th lord, Mercury in Asc, Kendra or Trikona, own house or exaltation or friendly house. Very intelligent, clever talker, recitation of puranic stories, giving lectures. This man is totally Vishnu Bhakta, he will reach the Parama Padam without next birth.

Vringi Yoga

Guru, Shani, Lagna Lord in Asc, Kendra, Trikona, own house, exaltation, friendly house. He will be very intellectual, vaidicka karma, he will do religious activity, good wife, children, name fame. He was taking care of Veda Brahmins who were involved in ritual things, he got the blessings of Brahma Deva.

So, Sun and Moon in the Lagna becomes Shiva, Venus, 9th lord, Mercury becomes Vishnu and 5th Lord, Guru, Shani become Brahma.

Asubha Parivartana

12th lord in any one of the houses but that house lord in the 12th, same way for 6, 8, 12 Lords. The person is paapi, with wavering mind, whenever he starts work there will be problems, separating good families, making wife to suffer, giving troubles to the neighbors etc. etc. done in past life.

Remedy: 24 times Gayatri and on Janma Nakshatra to do Till Homam

Sama Parivartana

3L in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or 11 (removing houses 3, 6, 8 and 12) and that house lord going in 3rd house.  In past life, sometimes he spoke good words, sometimes bad words, sometimes he had a good life, sometimes difficult life, and so on in this way.

Remedy: Doing Kula Devata Pooja every year.

Maha Parivartana Yoga

Parivartana between any two of houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11. Blessings of goddess Lakshmi, jewelry, good children, did not think bad of others, showed affection to everybody, free medical help or aid to others.

Kakala Yoga

Dispositor of either Lagna lord or dispositor of 7th lord, should be in a trikona or kendra, which should be own house or exaltation.  Will have good children.  In past life, husband & wife were very attached to each other.

Parvat Yoga

Lagna lord or 7th lord should be in Kendra or Trikona to Lagna.  Steady finance, comfort.

It came because of providing free marriages for others and helping needy people. The blessings of Parvati Parmeshara have come in this life.

Now, if the Lord creating this yoga is vakri, we can expect the native to carry on with these activities in this life.

Raja Yoga

9th and 10th lords in good bhavas.  Building a Temple, donation of Food.

Sangha Yoga

9th and 10th lords to be in Kendra, Trikona to Lagna.  Lot of wealth, native not only built a temple he also took care of it.

Dhama Yoga

7 planets are placed in 6 Rashis from Asc.  Helpful person, sacrificing tendencies, in last life he was faithful to the king.

Pasa Yoga

All 7 planets placed in 5 Rasis from Lagna.  Enjoying life, individuality, lot of relatives, last life he has taken care of relatives.

Kedara Yoga

All 7 planets placed in 4 Rasis from Lagna.  Lot of wealth, landed properties.  Last Life got profit and spent for Dharma.

Shoola Yoga

All 7 planets placed in Lagna to 3 Rasis.  Angry temperament, hurting others, poor.

Last life did badhaka (sins) like murder, etc. etc.

Remedy: every Poornima Satyanarayana Pooja

Now doing Satyanarayana Katha removes murder-like sins. Interestingly, there are areas in India where this pooja is popularly performed – somehow, people are attracted to doing it while in other areas, it is completely unknown.

Yuga Yoga

From lagna to 2 Rasis all 7 planets

Effect in this life is spendthrift, cannot hold on to cash.

In last life, whatever he has earned he has miserly kept for himself.

Remedy: 9 weeks in Vaishnava Temple he must do Anna Danam (donation of food).

A person who is a miser should do Food donation.

Gola Yoga

All 7 planets in one Rasi.

Poor, Mandha Buddhi.  In last life not taking of the family, he became fake sanyasi and left away.

Remedy: Amavasya do Shiva Pooja, in Poornima he should do Satyanaraya Katha.


Asc should have a benefic and Asc Lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.

He will grow daily like the waxing Moon, he will get blessings of Lakshmi. In last life what he earned he did 9 Fridays Lakshmi Pooja.

Dhehnu Yoga

Same way, 2nd house having a benefic and 2nd lord should be in own house, exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.

He will live like a King, will know all arts. Last life he was worshipping cows and giving greens to cows.

Souri Yoga

3rd House having a benefic and 3rd lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Name, fame and love from brothers.

In last life he did service like Lakshmana to Rama, this life Krishna praising Balarama (elder brother), your younger brother will praise you.

Jaladi Yoga

4th House having a benefic and 4th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Gets all the comforts of life, praised by the King, keeping drinking water shed for people, digging well.

In last life mother was left by father and he has taken care of her.

Sastra Yoga

5th House having a benefic and 5th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Good family, children, like a minister to give good advice to people.

In last life he had built an orphanage, taking care of children, for this he got Dharma Devata blessings.

Astra Yoga

6th house having a benefic and 6th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  He will win over all enemies, body has with scars or some kind of injury, wins debates.


In last life he has treated enemies as friends.

Kama Yoga

7th house having a benefic and 7th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.

Good fortunate wife, good children, better than father in finance, wealth. In last life did not look at others’ wives. He was very loving to his wife.  The blessings of Patni Deva.

Asura Yoga

8th house having a benefic and 8th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Spoiling others’ works, spoiling the family name by doing inter caste marriage.

In last life he has instigated somebody to kill a good person so curse of Kala deva and hence he will suffer a lot in this life.

Bhagya Yoga

9th house having a benefic and 9th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Steady income, good mind, satisfaction in doing poojas, jana priti – loved by people.

In last life he was obedient to his father and did Daan Dharma so Pitri Devas blessings are on him.

Kyadi Yoga

10th house having a benefic and 10th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  This man will be world famous like a King and protect people, has bhagya to do Dhaan Dharma.

In last life he visited 108 temples of Vishnu, bathed there, known and unknown sins are gone and thus he got Raja Yoga.

Parijata Yoga

11th house having a benefic and 11th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Auspicious living, grandeur, good name fame in society, elite of the society.

In last life he did justifiable and fair profit in business which was not exorbitant so Dharma Devata has protected him.

Musala Yoga

12th house having a benefic and 12th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or 12.  Struggling hard to get money, shame, not in one place – vagabond-like, doing work without thinking, in the end reaching Swarga Loka.

Whatever he has earned in last life, he spent for himself and people around him.

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