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Placement of Bhrighu Bindus

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Sent: Thu, March 10, 2011 9:52:44 PM

Subject: [vedic-astrology] Cerebral Palsy Will he ever walk?


This is the date of Birth of my cousin’s son Nakul, Born 7.20am March 20th 1998,

Mysore, karnataka.

Since birth baby has not been able to move hands and legs. Not sure if the baby

was born defective, or the something happened after birth. It was a cesarean

birth. Doctor a relative, (may have had a grudge???)

Now he will be 13 this march, going on to teenage, but cannot walk or take care

off his daily routines. He is very intelligent and doing well in school.

Botox treatment has helped move hands a little. Please help analyse his chart,

will he ever walk? Any remedies to be performed. he is only son. paternal

grandmother passed away Jan 28th 2010, 9.05am Bangalore.



Our Notes:

1)  Now note the BB it is in the 8H of chronic diseases with A6 (ailments), which is what the child has

2) D9 is correct since it has so many planets sitting in the 3H and afflicting the 3H of movements plus Saturn sits over there

As per BSP rule 3 or 4 as already published, wherever Saturn sits there is huge pending karma and this is what seems to be the case.

3) In D60, Saturn the 8L of chronic diseases sits in the 2H aspecting the Sun who is sitting in the 8H of chronic ailments and Sun is the 3L of movement. Now use the BSP of 2nd from Saturn one point will be destroyed by Saturn and here the 2nd house from Saturn is the 3H of movement and the child is not able to move.

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