Planetary Yogas in Astrology By O.P.Verma, India

Planetary Yogas in Astrology


O.P.Verma, India

Proof By: Jagannadha Rao Eluri

It is presumed that astrology is as old as the Vedas; therefore astrology holds the place of pride in Hindu Vedic culture just like Nature. Mythological stories available in Puranas unfold the secrets of planets, stars (Nakshatras) and signs (Rasis). In Hari Vansha Purana the moon is said to be having 28 wives, which are her lunar mansions i.e. Nakshatras, the root concept of vimashottri dasa system of prognostication of events through Hindu Astrology. These mythological stories are narrated in an interesting manner and cast a lasting impression on the reader. In ancient times astrology was studied to know karmic realities and obligations of that particular incarnation and to know one’s limitations of that particular birth.


A unique characteristic of Indian astrology are the yoga’s. Yoga’s are planetary positions that lead to a certain result. In Vedic astrology associations the planets form or variations of how they are placed in the chart are referred to as Yogas. Yoga means union, or that which joins or yokes. Most yogas are composed of more than one planet. There are literally thousands of yoga’s. In India, an astrologer must know them of by heart & for this the first thing an astrologer needs, is a good memory.

The planetary yogas formed in a particular house by planets lording various houses, good or bad, give an impetus to a particular area of life according to significations of these houses and planets, either for good or bad, which is largely dependent on karmas of previous births, though through cultivation of free will one can change one’s future destiny.

It is rare to find one who has enjoyed only good yogas (combinations of planets) through out his life, while there are many who have faced arishtas i.e. bad yogas through out their lives. Yogas and Arishatas manifest jointly and commonly in the lives of most of the individuals be he a king or an ordinary man. A king may have all the comforts but not a successor to his throne. An ordinary man though not having kingly comforts, may have obedient progeny and this phenomenon seems universal.

Now, let us start a logical and critical study of some of the yogas.

Bhadra Yoga

Bhadra yoga is formed, if a strong mercury is disposed in quadrant from the ascendant identical with his exaltation, moola trikona or own sign.  In this definition strong mercury signifies that besides being strong by sign placement, he should also be strong other wise i.e. he should not be combust or aspected by or conjoined by malefics etc. Mercury has to do with characteristics like learning, intellectual development, communication, wealth and generosity. Strong mercury represents the Vishnu element which is Sattva guna, yajnas and philanthropy. Therefore, the individual with a pure Bhadra yoga will be of Sattvik nature and working selflessly for the social cause. The bad characteristics like greediness etc creep into Bhadra yoga with aspects on mercury of bad planets or planets lording bad houses for mercury is tender and pliable. The individual with a pure Bhadra youg is delicate, has lustrous skin, his arms, chest, intestines or waist are well in shape.

Sasa Yoga

Sasa yoga is formed, if Saturn in strength occupies a quadrant from the Ascendant, identical with his exaltation, moola trikona or own sign. Sasa yoga is formed only when either a movable or a fixed sign rises as the Ascendant. The inherent evil nature of Saturn comes into play particularly when this yoga is caused from the moon, for the moon sign is also ascendant in Hindu astrology. The cruel sinful and mean nature of Saturn is quite evident with the individual having this yoga and he employs every means to have an access to others wealth. He has liaison with other’s woman due to his malicious sex out look. No doubt the person is famous and prosperous but the element of greed and cruelty is always present with him. The persons related to offices (especially govt), where the work can not be done efficiently without taking bribe, usually do have Sasa yoga present in their charts. If moon and mercury are otherwise well placed in the chart in a quadrant to Saturn, then the bad attributes of Sasa yoga get vanquished largely.

Adhi Yoga

Another very important yoga is Adhi yoga which is formed if benefics occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from the moon; it is Chandradhiyoga or the moon’s Adhiyoga. The yoga is lowered a little and loses some of its efficacy if the Sun is in opposition to the Moon and is with the benefics forming the yoga. The benefics here means Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. There can be seven configurations to this yoga ranging from one planet to three planets in the three houses the 6th, 7th and 8th houses. If one planet in strength is there, the native is prosperous through out life; if two planets in strength, a minister and if three planets in strength, the native may enjoy status of a king. If benefics forming Adhiyoga are aspected by or conjoined with the malefics, the results mature belated and after strenuous efforts. See the following chart of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the first home minister of democratic India and a freedom fighter. The Adhiyoga is quite often found in the charts of the Judicial and administrative officers.

Chart 51

Anapha Yoga

There is another very important yoga known as Anapha yoga, caused if there are planets, except the Sun in the 12th house from the moon. An individual born under Anapha yoga is virtuous, eloquent in speech, enjoys good food, drinks, robes and females, and is famous and possesses a handsome body. He renounces the world in advanced age. Anapha yoga caused due to debilitated plants will only yield adverse results. For example Venus in Virgo in the 12th from the moon causes immoral conduct at cost of physical comforts, health and long life; in the later life the native after having lost everything has to renounce the world for spiritual emancipation.

In western astrology planets rising ahead of the luminaries in a clockwise direction i.e. planets placed in the 12th house from the luminaries affect the career of the individual and indicate the profession and individuality of the person. The planet is called “the Scout planet”. If Mercury is the second planet, the native’s course of action is related to the books, communication, media conversations with coborns, neighbours and persons in immediate environment. See the following chart of the contributor of this article, Mercury is rising ahead of the sun. For comprehensive understanding of the yoga, the reader may have recourse to author’s “Yogas, The Marvels of Hindu Astrology”, published by M/s Ranjam Publications, 16 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi -2.

chart 52

Vasumati Yoga

There is another very important yoga is known as Vasumati Yoga, frequently ignored even by learned astrologers, it has been found to be giving its results without failure. If all the planets are in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th houses from the lagna or the Moon, Vasumati yoga is caused. Vasumati yoga is chiefly concerned with wealth than any thing else. The yoga is present freely even if the planets are in enemy signs. The wealth will be proportionate to the number of natural benefics are in the four houses. In the horoscope of the contributor of this article this yoga is partially present.

Kapata Yoga

Kapata Yoga for deceiving disposition is caused if Mars and Mercury are related or Saturn and Rahu be related especially when one of them be in the 4th house or afflictions to the 4th house are there. Kapata is the product of hardened emotions and desirous nature. The desires (Mars) compel the rational mind (Mercury) to adopt wrong course; the accompanying condition is that the horoscope should be weak from social angle i.e. Venus should be in destroyed condition. See the following chart.

chart 53

Saturn in Aries is highly greedy, so is Rahu in the 4th house. Moon in Cancer is afflicted and Venus is destroyed by Mars and Saturn. Sun and Jupiter gave him lofty ambitions; being less qualified, he tried to fulfill those unscrupulously and ultimately was lost in the middle.

Pravrajya Yogas                                             

Then there are Pravrajya yogas which cause an access to renunciation.  These are formed if the Moon be conjunct with or aspected by Saturn; the Moon is occupying Navamsa of Mars or Saturn and is aspected by Saturn; the Moon occupies a decanate of Saturn and is aspected by Saturn or the Moon’s dispositor be neither conjunct with any planet nor aspected by any planet except Saturn.

Sanyasis (renunciates) have been commanding more respect than kings from time immemorial.  Sanyasis do have Raja yoga for fame, prosperity and kingly status but they also have Pravarajya yoga as well, which lead them to know the final truth and thus lead the world, on how to get rid of ones sorrows? The urge to know the ultimate truth emanates from Saturn when he afflicts the mentality i.e. the Moon.  In the horoscope of Swami Vidyaranya who was instrumental in establishing the Vijayanagar Emperor in South India, Jupiter aspects the Sun making the ninth house and ninth lord powerful, the Lagna Lord & Jupiter both are aspected by Saturn, more over Saturn is also the scout planet to the Moon, signifying no inclination for family life.  Mercury and Venus being scout planets to the Sun signify and element of benevolence for the cause of royal people.  Mars in the third house gave him unending energy for this cause.

chart 54

Quadrants & Trines

All cardinal houses or quadrants in a chart are Vishnu sthana i.e., Houses Of Environment and all trinal houses i.e., 1st, 5th and 9th houses are called Lakshmi Sthanas or Houses Of Merit. With the combination of both house factors, there is produced a Raja yoga i.e. combination for prosperity ‘Arising Out Of Exploiting One’s Environment Through One’s Merits’.  This kind of Raja yogas are yogas for self created affluence.  See the following chart of a female who is the highest paid among her batch mates.

chart 55

Though she has some psychological aberrations, for there is Kala Sarpa Yoga; the Moon is aspected by Mars, she loses temper just on triffles; she is of a little shy nature, for Saturn is with Mercury but very thorough in her work.  The Sun is hemmed in between Mars and Saturn. She is a nursing educator, for all her trinal and cardinal lords in Virgo, the hospital of Zodiac. The conjunction of all trinal and cardinal houses lords forms an exceptional Raja yoga. She was born at the fag end of Mars Dasa, had various kinds of phobias and inferiority complex during Rahu Dasa, gathered confidence during the Jupiter Dasa and started earning handsomely during the start of Jupiter Dasa. Since coming dasas will also be of yoga causing planets, she will be paid handsomely throughout her life.

Transit of planets also have a role in activating the results of Raja yoga causing planets, as we have seen above how dasas manifest the results of Rajayogas.

For more elaborated & detailed understanding of Transits and Vimshottari Dasa system, readers may advantageously go through the books of this author which are ‘Secrets of Vimshottari Dasa System’ & ‘Text Book of Transit of Planets’ published by M/s Ranjan Publications, 16 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi -110002

In the end the contributor urges the readers to not underestimate the potential of yogas and never try to apply yogas verbatim, rather the readers should try to stick to basics while delineating yogas. If one is strong at his basics in astrology he will be able to come out of any complex horoscope while delineating yogas.